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CU At The Game Podcast – Spring Flings: CU football and basketball programs make national news

March was a kind month to the University of Colorado, with the CU ski team winning its 21st national championship, and the CU men’s and women’s basketball teams both earning NCAA tournament berths for the first time since 2013. The CU football team, not to be outdone, opened its second set of spring practices under Coach Prime, earning some national headlines of their own.

I am joined for this podcast by Brad Geiger and Neil Langland, and we begin by taking a look at some of the national stories surrounding Coach Prime this spring, including his book tour, the national story about his not taking off-campus visits to the homes of potential recruits, and his weighing in his players and the NFL Draft.

We then shift back to campus and CU’s spring practices, with a review of the comments made by Coach Prime, offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, and defensive coordinator Robert Livingston.

We next discuss whether CU fans should be raving about men’s basketball coach Tad Boyle’s accomplishments … or whether this season is further proof that the Buffs under Boyle have a glass ceiling of success. We finish up with a tribute to the remarkable tournament run made by the CU women’s team after a rough end to their regular season.

It’s always great to be a Buff, but even more so this spring. But … is this as good as it gets for CU fans, or are there even greater achievements ahead?

Let’s find out …

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5 Replies to “CUATG Podcast – Spring Flings: CU programs make national news”

  1. Stuart, can you get us some background on why guys who were such a close knit team and seemed to really like Tad are transferring? Sometimes the school hints they should move on, but we had a good looking team for next year, but now we don’t. Did NIL lure Eddie, Luke, and Hadley off to greener pastures? Why not stay here as the fans loved them and they got a lot of good press and NBA exposure. Inquiring minds want to know, and no other writers are touching the subject.

    1. maybe or maybe not but I get the feeling writers, at least the buffzone ones, walk on egg shells around the coach in fear of restricted access. Maybe they let pissla do their dirty work. Problem there is pissla doesnt know whats happening in the first place

    2. Adam had a piece, free one, that I can’t find anymore talking about those guys getting nil $ to transfer. So? Interesting offseason, for sure.

      Go 5430.

      Go Buffs.

    3. Anyone that gives you an answer on why Eddie is leaving is just speculating. We’ll see how the roster shakes out.
      I see no reason to believe that the stories about the team being unified and close knit are false. They played as a team despite the injuries (and perhaps because of), and seemed to genuinely enjoy each other.

      One thought on Eddie. Coming from a dysfunctional situation at TCU, he was looking for stability and a place to do his thing. With Coach Boyle and two strong leaders already in place, in KJ and Tristan, Eddie didn’t have to be the leader of the team. He had a well-defined role, and he did well within that system.

      With three of the top players heading off to the NBA, Eddie could look around the locker room and see that, if he stayed, he was going to be called upon to be the leader of the 24-25 team, a role he may not have been comfortable in assuming.

      We’ll see. Just because a player enters the Portal doesn’t mean he has to leave (though the school has the option of not renewing the scholarship). The 2024-25 season was going to be a transition year regardless of how this March played out. CU will be shopping for transfer talent (and leadership), and we’ll have to see what a 26-win season is worth in the open market these days (because CU certainly doesn’t have the $$$ to simply reinvent the roster each year, like Oregon and Altman do)

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