CU At The Game Podcast – The In’s and Out’s of CU Spring Football

Spring has arrived on the calendar, as well as on the practice fields at the University of Colorado. I am joined for this episode by Brad Geiger and Neil Langland, and we are here to discuss the ins and outs of CU football this April.

[Program Note … During the off-season, a new episode of the podcast is posted every other Friday. In two weeks, however, CU will be conducting its Spring Game. As a result, we will be waiting a extra few days to post. The Spring Game recap podcast will be up on the CU at the Game website on Sunday, April 28th, and available at your favorite podcast sites on Monday, April 29th].

While your Buffs have been engaged in the first few weeks of spring practices, Coach Prime has added three new players to the Recruiting Class of 2024. CU is bringing in two new cornerbacks and a very, very under-the-radar offensive lineman, coming to Boulder from the NFL Academy in England … by way of Austria and Egypt.

CU has also added new two members to its coaching staff. Both have NFL experience and ties to Coach Prime, but it’s the hiring of graduate assistant Warren Sapp which has created – at least in the mind of one local sportswriter – controversy in his hiring.

Not willing to leave news on the field alone, we also discuss what news of note we have been able to filter out through the process stories which are all too commonplace this time of year.

So … Is Coach Prime to be praised for bringing in freshman recruits to develop – after being criticized for not doing so on Signing Day? Or … Are these potentially wasted scholarships with the Transfer Portal about to reopen? … Is the hiring of Warren Sapp a coup, with CU’s defensive line benefitting from the experience of a Hall-of-Famer? Or … Is the hire a disaster in the making from a former player who has a history of legal issues – and no coaching experience? … And … Are the stories we are hearing about promising true freshman a sign of how much depth is being developed on the roster? Or … Are stories about freshmen doing well a sign that the Buff Nation may be disappointed this fall with yet another rebuilding season?

Let’s find out …

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