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CU At The Game Podcast – Schedule Countdown – Ranking the Buffs’ 2024 Opponents

Welcome to our CU Schedule Countdown episode. I am joined for this podcast by Brad Geiger and Neil Langland, and we are going to take a stroll through Colorado’s 2024 schedule, ranking the Buffs’ opponents from the easiest game on the calendar … to the most difficult.

I had thought there would be consensus, at least at the start of our discussion, but, as it turned out, we came up with three different choices for CU’s easiest game, with Baylor, Cincinnati, and North Dakota State being our respective choices.

If possible, I would recommend having the Colorado 2024 schedule at your fingertips as we go through the calendar, or, better yet, make out your own list of easiest to most difficult games, and see if you agree with our choices.

So … Where do rivalry games on the road against Nebraska and Colorado State fall on our lists? Which game will prove to be the most difficult to win for the Buffs this fall? … And, once our lists are made, which are the critical 50/50 games in the middle which will ultimately decide CU’s season? …

Let’s find out …

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Below is Episode 13 of Season 5 for the CU at the Game Podcast. You can listen to the podcast simply by clicking on the play button below, or listen to it at Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio … or wherever you find your podcasts!

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  1. I’m nervous about NDSt. There is a culture entrenched there and if there is any team in the country that wont have the first game of the season jitters they have to be one. Everyone is going to ne motivated to take down Prime. Buffs probably have superior talent but it will take that and perception by the coordinators to put this one away.
    It will be a good test to prep the Buffs for the rest of the season.

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