CU At The Game Podcast – Crystal Ball: Game-by-Game Predictions for CU’s 2023 Season

For this preview episode, I am joined by Brad Geiger and Neil Langland. We will be taking you through the 2023 CU campaign, and giving you our game-by-game predictions.

Vegas has the over/under for Colorado at 3.5 wins, and the Pac-12 preseason media poll has CU finishing 11th in the conference. Meanwhile, there are many in the Buff Nation who have declared that anything short of a winning season and a bowl bid in Coach Prime’s first season must be considered a disappointment. Who’s right?

So … Can the Buffs overcome a brutal September, which includes three ranked opponents and two games against bitter rivals? … Will the Buffs be able to overcome inevitable losses to injury, which may be suffered by players at key positions? … Will Coach Prime lead the Buffs to only their third winning season as a member of the Pac-12?

… Let’s find out …

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6 Replies to “CUATG Podcast: Previewing the 2023 Season”

  1. Totally agree with your assessments for the first 2 games. Talent leaves (at least for TCU), coaches come in (Nebraska, almost annually for the last forever years) and you don’t know what you have until you’re on the field. That’s the beauty of college football. Hope and tradition keep bringing us back.

  2. I think everyone, including Stuarts crew, are over estimating TCUs talent level. The still have some good players but unless someone steps up to the level of the critical guys they lost, I doubt its going to be a 3TD wipeout. The fact that vegas is predicting the score similar to last years 1-11 team is foolish. If you are going to bet take the Buffs and the points.

  3. I forgot to add:

    And the Rams will have the neb game film to study too, so no rush to practice for the Buffs before the WSU game. All of their focus is on opening the season against the Cougars.

  4. Stuart, the WSU game was talked about as being a tough time of year weather wise but…

    “During El Niño, the southern part of Alaska and The Pacific Northwest tends to be warmer and drier than average,… (per google)” But you live up there you know too.

    And this is an El Nino year.

    So does that come into account if it’s a warmer drier fall up there? Doesn’t have to be real warm, just not brutal. And WSU’s season is 50/50, it can go either way in their “farewell you basters tour” yes, they have a few easier games in CSU, N Colorado, Cal (espn predicts WSU loses) & Stanford, but they also have Wisconsin, Oregon, UW, OSU & UCLA and an early game at UofA (espn predict WSU the winner) before the Buffs. Add to it the LAST Apple Cup the next week after the Buffs go there.

    So… Any thoughts on the weather changing things?

    Also I just checked, WSU opens against CSU and then plays Wisconsin, meanwhile CSU has a buy for week two, so the Rams have two weeks to prepare for the Buffs after that game. An improved Rams team has one big game to start the season, like they done against CU, against a somewhat down PAC12 team that plays Wisconsin the next week. There’s no need for CSU to worry about the Buffs until after the WSU game, they know nothing about the brand new Buffs and will have two weeks to study the Buff’s first game film.

    I see this as a tougher game for WSU and a possible 1-2 start, the Rams really scheduled as well as they could for these first two games.

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