CU At The Game Podcast – Fall Camp Unit-by-Unit Preview: Offense

You know that football season is getting close when we start in on our Fall Camp previews. I am joined for this episode by Brad Geiger and Neil Langland, and we work through a unit-by-unit preview of the Colorado offense.

Our yardstick for success? Whether each unit should be ranked as one of the top six units in the Pac-12, or whether each room is still to be considered inferior by Power Five standards.

So … Is Shedeur Sanders one of the top six quarterbacks in the Pac-12? … Will the improved quality of the running back room produce a “bell cow” back to carry the load as the featured back, or will CU ultimately choose to go with a running back by committee approach? … Are the wide receivers too similar in size and style to produce break out players, or should this be considered one of the most talented rooms on the roster? … Does CU even consider tight ends to be a part of the team? … And … Ultimately, the most important question: Can the Buff coaching staff cobble together an offensive line which will allow CU’s highly rated skill position players to shine, or will ineffective play along the line prove to be CU’s Achilles heel in 2023?

… Let’s find out …

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2 Replies to “CUATG Podcast: Fall Camp Preview – Offense”

  1. Who pi$$ed in Neil’s wheaties? He obviously has no faith in Prime or the new coaches. So be it. I disagree with almost everything he said in this podcast.

  2. Lotta gloom and doom there
    Be prepared for failure and surprised at success? Very pundit like.
    I skipped ahead a few times (gotta get back to work) but I didnt hear much about the coaches….more of a jimmy and joe analysis.
    Once again we are in a position where the head coach’s son is the starting QB. Shedeur has already proven he is light years ahead of the last sonny boy. Once again we have a question of depth at that position.
    Whereas the slow midget’s competition at QB was either convinced to become TEs or seek employment elsewhere, Prime never did find (or look for?) a semi-vet with a little proven record as a back up.
    Of course any semi-vet or above won’t be thrilled o become a back up let alone to the coach’s son.
    And just maybe they are comfortable with what they see in Staub. Stranger things have happened. It wasn’t that many years ago There were, I think, 3 starting frosh QBs in the PAC.

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