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Bonus … Everyone loves highlights! If you can find me a YouTube video of a CU game (or highlights from a game) which has not already posted in the Archives, I’ll send you a CU at the Game mousepad. Just post the link with a comment, below, or at the gamesite in the Archives, and the mousepad is yours for the asking. You can also send me the link by sending me an email at

More stories to check out … John Hessler shuts up Howard Schnellengberger in a record-setting debutThe Buffs shake off 1-10 1984 season with a victory over CSU in the 1985 opener The 27-24 upset of No. 3 Oklahoma in 2007 … The 1990 win over No. 10 Illinois (and the farewell to Sal Aunese) … and even the infamous 82-42 loss to No. 12 Oklahoma in 1980 … What game do you want to write about?

The 1994 CU miracle victory over Michigan already has eight memories posted … but Rashaan Salaam’s run to 2,055 later that season against Iowa State has already picked up three stories.

Not every story comes out of a big CU victory. The brawl against Miami in 1993 has merited three stories, while CU at the Gamer Rob still has fond memories of a loss to Iowa State in 1982.

Last spring/summer, the first CU at the Game contest, the “CU at …. ” photo contest, was a great success. I received CU photos from every continent (including Antarctica!), from over two dozen countries, and from over half of these United States (the winners are still posted in the “Gallery” section of the website, if you would like to take a look).

This spring/summer, all you need to do is win is be a Buff fan.

Okay, so you are checking out a website dedicated to CU football … and it’s months before the start of the season. I’m guessing you qualify as a Buff fan.

As a Buff fan, you undoubted have many stories about following your team.

Were you there for the Buffs’ first win over Nebraska in 17 seasons (in 1986)? For the national championship game? Where were you for “The Catch”? How about when Rashaan Salaam went over 2,000 yards in the 1994 finale, only to have his headline taken away a few minutes later when Bill McCartney announced his retirement? Have you been to Miami for the Orange Bowl? Tempe for the Fiesta Bowl? Honolulu for the Aloha Bowl?

And then there are the stories which are more personal to each of us – Do you remember your first game at Folsom? Your all-time favorite game? I’m guessing you also have a favorite player or a favorite play.

All of the above is what makes you a loyal Buff fan – your history with the team. All I’m asking is that you share.

Here’s all you have to do to enter the contest:

1) Go to the “Archived Seasons” section of the website (link is on the front page);

2) Find the game which you wish to tell us about (the CU at the Game archives goes all the way back to 1980);

3) Click on “Post your own memories“, which is at the top of each game story; and

4) Tell us your story.

Your story doesn’t have to be long, and you are not being graded on style points (this is a football website, after all). Your story doesn’t have to be long or “special” – just as long as it’s special to you.

Winners will receive a “CU at the Game” mousepad (okay, it’s not much, but I am hoping to have a lot of winners!). The best stories will be posted on the front page, under the “Archive Game of the Week“.


2 Replies to “CU at the Game Contest”

  1. Hey Phil,
    Though I have a write-up for every game since 1980, not all have been edited and uploaded. I have put up the 1997 K-State game, so it’s ready for your story!

    If anyone else has a game they would like to write about, but can’t find it in the Archives, just post a note here, or send me an email at

  2. Stuart,

    I am trying to find the 1997 CU vs. Kansas State game. I click on the 1997 Season on the Archived Seasons page but only get the CU vs Wyoming game. This is the game I would like to write about.


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