In-Depth Depth Chart – Quarterbacks


Quarterbacks … 

Fall “Pencil” Depth Chart:

1. Steven Montez, Jr.

2. Sam Noyer, So. … or … Tyler Lytle, R-Fr.

4. Blake Stenstrom, Fr.

5. Josh Goldin, So.


By the Numbers (2017):

— Steven Montez … 228-377 for 2,975 yards … 18 touchdowns; nine interceptions

— Sam Noyer … 13-27 for 119 yards … no touchdowns; no interceptions


Pac-12 coaches talk (anonymously) about Steven Montez

From Athlon … It’s not easy getting college football coaches to honestly comment on another coach, player or team. Most coaches don’t want to give opposing teams billboard material, which is why there is a lot of coach speak or overused cliches used during the year.

In order to get an accurate assessment of teams heading into 2018, Athlon asked coaches in the Pac-12 to talk anonymously about their opponents

… “As a coach watching quarterback Steven Montez, he just makes me crazy. He clearly has a ton of talent. Big arm, moves well in the pocket, can hurt you in the run game. But my gosh, he has to stop making dumb decisions. He’ll throw a beautiful deep ball, and the next series come out and make a throw he has no business throwing. One of those, ‘What are you seeing?” throws. That has to frustrate the hell out of that staff.”

… “Their offense runs tempo really well, better than even Washington State at times. Steven Montez looks comfortable doing it, but their offensive line just has to get better.”

… “I’d love to have Steven Montez because most times, guys like that can be coached out of that stuff. This is Year 3 for him now. He has to be more mature.”



Reasons to be excited:

— The rest of the college football world doesn’t seem to have a great opinion of Steven Montez. Athlon, for example, rated Montez the 8th-best quarterback … in the Pac-12.

The Buff Nation, knows Montez is capable of more than inconsistency. The physical tools are clearly present – it’s now a mental game.

“I’m excited for Steven, just because he’s played a lot of football now in our offense and he knows what’s expected of him, from (head coach Mike MacIntyre), from myself, from his teammates,” CU co-offensive coordinator Darrin Chiaverini told the Daily Camera. “I’ve been watching that guy put on muscle, put on size and he’s got himself in really good shape.”

If Steven Montez can consistently be the quarterback Buff fans have seen on occasion the past two seasons … the 2018 campaign could be special.


— Fall Camp will also be a battle for the backup position. Sam Noyer is the sophomore, but Tyler Lytle graduated early, and has been with the team since January, 2017. Both were a full go for spring practices, and both have had an opportunity to impress the coaches over the past two springs.

“I think it’s going to be a great competition with Sam and Tyler, and you’ve got Blake Stenstrom in the mix,” offensive coordinator Darrin Chiaverini said. “Those are really good players.

“What’s great about the way we practice is our quarterbacks get a lot of reps. They’re going to get a lot of throws, a lot of visuals.”

It seems as if the quarterback roster is being upgraded each season. Tyler Lytle was more hyped than Sam Noyer … true freshman Blake Stenstrom is a Denver kid with worlds of potential … and Monument’s Ty Evans (Class of 2019 who participated in the Elite 11 competition this summer) is rendering Buff fans giddy with excitement.

The future at the quarterback position is bright at Colorado … Darrin Chiaverini, Kurt Roper & Co. just have to get the most out of it so that the team can be successful.


Reasons for concern:

— Colorado named seven team captains for this fall. Normally, there are six, but the players convinced the coaches that that the 2018 Buff team needed seven.

None of them are named Steven Montez.

The means by which CU chooses its captains is unique. The coaches leave the room, and each player who believes they have what it takes to be a captain steps forward. The team then has an open and honest discussion about which of the candidates meets the criteria of a captain.

The Buffs went through the process in July, and came up with seven names of players who had earned the votes of their peers.

None of them were named Steven Montez.

Is it required that a quarterback be named captain? Of course not.

Does Steven Montez have to have the leadership skills of Sefo Liufau or Phillip Lindsay to lead the team to victories? Not necessarily.

Was the vote for captains a sign that Montez does not have the confidence of his teammates? Perhaps; perhaps not.

But it did raise some eyebrows …


Bottom Line

CU’s bottom line: The Buffs need to post a winning record and prove to the nation that the Buffs are back.

No player on the roster will play a greater role in deciding CU’s fate than will Steven Montez.

As Montez goes, so will go the Buffs.

Darrin Chiaverini, who has coached NFL talent (Davis Webb; Patrick Mahomes), is now in charge of the play-calling.

Kurt Roper, quarterbacks guru, has been brought in to tutor Montez to make the most of his potential.

“I’m excited to see him compete this fall,” said Chiaverini of Montez. “Going through the kind of season he went through last year, the ups and downs that he went through, it helps you mature as a quarterback, too. I’m excited to see his maturation process, as well.”

Will the Montez who became the first Buff to post a 300-yard passing/100-yard rushing game, the first to post three-consecutive 300-yard passing games, and a school-record 172 consecutive passes without an interception be the Montez of 2018? Or will it be the Montez who led the Buffs to a paltry 26.8 points per game in 2017 (11th in the Pac-12), the Montez who made mistakes in big games and was pulled in a disastrous shutout loss to Washington State last November?

We’ll find out, starting August 31st …


16 Replies to “In-Depth Depth Chart – Quarterbacks”

    1. Yup and hopefully an offensive scheme that takes advantage of his talent and can minimize the o-line concerns.


  1. I believe we have had several starting QB’s through the years that were not team captains. At the same time, have we ever had Seven captains?

  2. I’m buying Montez’ stock this season. He’s said last year he couldn’t recognize what the safeties were doing (among other things, I’m sure). That sounds more like a fan, than a D1 QB.

    And, you know that’s not that he wasn’t being taught that, but by his own admission, he felt his athleticism would get him through.

    He knows that’s not the case now, and seems to have taken that to heart.

    The next piece of that puzzle is not only being able to read the defense, and their adjustments, correctly, but also then being able to process that information and make quick decisions based on those reads, so he can react accordingly.

    If you can do one, but not the other, you’re still going to make more mistakes than you should.

    But, I do think he’ll pick up those mental components, and could very well have a special year, putting his name at or near the top of Pac-12 QBs by year-end.

    I love hearing he’s watching film at all times of the day and night, and pinging Mr. Roper when he has questions. That sounds like good progress, to me.

    We’ll see soon enough. When is August 31st?

    Go Buffs.

    1. The key to the offense is not Montez, but the braintrust: Adams, Chiv and Roper.There is a reason Lindgren is no longer here; too conservative, limited as a teacher of QBs and little fire in the belly.

      I see no way this newly aligned “O” staff won’t result in the kind of improvement in all phases of offense, that will lead to more points.

      Think back two years ago, when Chiv first arrived: almost all comments about the offense came from Chiv rather than Lindgren. Then, last year while HCMM was distracted by the Tumpkin matter, Lindgren re-emerged and tried exert his control over Chiv and the O. It affected Chiv’s coaching—witness how the Sr-led WR group showed up mediocre and the play-calling lapsed into standard tempo/standard concepts. Have to think that Lindgren was handed the reins and told “Show me”. He failed both as QB coach and as overall OC leader resulting in his departure.

      Now, QB Whisperer Roper is on board, Chiv re-takes the reins of the playcalling and Adams gets a bump in responsibility, which is his call to a “Show me” season. In poker, that’s called flopping a set. Now we’ll see what happens on 4th street and the River.

      1. Interesting perspective, Codger. I just disagree.

        How does that explain Sefo’s progression under the prior guy?

        Now, does that mean that Mr. Roper won’t have a marked impact on Montez? Of course not. Sometimes a new voice is very effective, even if saying the same sort of stuff as the old voice.

        But, I don’t expect the offense to look drastically different from what we’ve seen. Will there be some changes? Absolutely. Different guy/s running that show. But, most of it will be driven by their pace and tempo.

        And, as always the case in that type of system – or any system – if the QB cannot read the defense correctly, and react quickly, making the right decisions more often than not, nothing will work.

        I’m betting Montez’ new focus on those aspects of his game will pay huge dividends – and would have regardless of OC/QB coach.

        And, of course, that doesn’t even begin to talk about the O-line… Gotta keep the kid upright, and create some running lanes for whomever to run through, to do much of anything on offense.

        So, when is August 31st again?

        Go Buffs.

        1. still carrying the Lindgren water. Who picks up the check when you 2 have a beer? Bud light for Lindgren I’m sure. Wonder who you will be rooting for when the Buffs play the Beavers.
          to answer your question Sefo had the “fire in the belly” that Lindgren doesnt

          1. Well? Those that know me, know I rarely let anyone pick up the tab when we go out.

            As to your comment about Sefo and his “fire in the belly”? I could not agree more, and once again you are helping make my point. Montez didn’t have that yet. Does he now? We’ll see.

            Admittedly, mentorship/coaching/management matters. But at the end of the day, the dude on the field has to want to be better. Every day and every play. That “fire in the belly” is what separates a lot of people from being average to being exceptional. Coaching can only provide the tools in the toolbox. Dudes still have to choose to use them.

            Go Buffs.

          2. “tools in the toolbox”

            Yup the good news is that “that ol midland to poor tool supplier” is no longer a Buff.

            Took 5 years.

            Clearly stereoisomeric implications influenced this decision. Fortunately Montez and the Mighty Buffs have elastomeric properties.

            Lindy has a mesmeric hold over the less informed and knowledgeable and combined with their chimeric aspect, this situation is understandable.

            Treatment is available.


          3. Yes LaVark, the film room is a tool in the toolbox. Some players use it more than others.

            So you’re saying if your starting qb can’t read what the safeties are doing when they line up, any better than you can, let alone why the the other 9 guys are doing, the offensive scheme and play call can fix that?


            Go Buffs.

        2. Nah Earache, you’re saying that.

          Lindy is a mediocre tool box supplier. And even though Sefo had good talent and used that lindy box the offense was middle of the pack in the 12. Every year.

          Last year Montez did the best he could with that lousy tool box and coupled with the “Mickey-Mac” coaching leadership (admitted by him) disaster the Buffs got what they could. Those last two games were the hallmark of the Lindy/MickeyMac lost season of football.

          But Mac appears to be back and Lindy is gone. There is a new toolbox suppler in town and he has some modern stuff.


          Note: The cannons are there. Lindy never saw them (like you) This group does.

          1. Ok, LaVark, how many Buffs from the offensive side of the ball have made it to the NFL lately?

            On the defensive side, more than half who played an integral role in the 2016 defense got a shot. Several are now starting.

            How many kids on the current offense have a legitimate shot at making the NFL? I think several.

            Without talent, and execution, scheme and play calls are largely irrelevant. Now, can scheme and calls compensate for less talent? Definitely. And I would argue that the past five years the CU offense did pretty well given the players they had.

            As the players with more talent get recruited, the amount of players making plays and winning games likewise increases.

            Go Buffs.

          2. Yehaw, forever a lindy lover. Freaking amazing.

            Hey the defefnse sucked last year so many to the pros according to you.

            The defense should be great this year…11 players with significant experience….your logic.

            The offense should have been great last year. Look at all those that went pro last year… agent. your logic

            The offense should be poor this year lost so much so few with real game experience………..

            Predict……..The offense will be great this year….(no lindy addition by subtraction)

            The defense will be much better… coaching………


            The canons……..the Canons…………they gonna get you again.

            Your circle jerky logic is well…………so banker like

            And don’t forget your wishy washy projections etc etc.

            You are a funny duddette.

            Earache note………..And I new you would blame the mediocre performance of the lindy offense on the players….yup you did……you ol back handed slammer you.


      2. That is the right perspective.

        Lindy Lu was the issue.

        2016 was a result of the defense.

        There was no improvement of the offense. Some ol midland lindy junk. Sefo was Sefo. Lindy and his mediocre crap abused Sefo. Sefo up the middle Sefo up the middle Sefo up the middle. Lindy is a perfect fit for OSU.

        The unknowing will give credit to loserlindy for Sefo?

        Out to lunch perspective.


        1. LaVark, you’re one twisted dude. Allow me to respond to each of your points, in turn:

          You say: Yehaw, forever a lindy lover. Freaking amazing. – I say: I appreciate what Lindgren did at CU. He brought the offense to levels never seen in Boulder before. Now, compared to current Pac 12 offenses? Middlin’ no doubt. Still, huge progress from where they’d been doing.

          You say: Hey the defefnse sucked last year so many to the pros according to you. – I say: No idea what you’re saying here. The “pros” were gone after 2016, which is my point. The 2016 defense was loaded with not only experienced players, but… Players loaded with NFL talent.

          You say: The defense should be great this year…11 players with significant experience….your logic. – I say: No. That’s not my logic. Nice try. Experience matters, but talent – particularly NFL talent – matters more (as long as they also understand the playbook and their responsibilities).

          You say: The offense should have been great last year. Look at all those that went pro last year… agent. your logic – I say: What are you talking about? Two free agent signings? Yeah, that’s some NFL firepower, baby. And as to Lindsay, he’s all world, and will have an NFL career; which speaks to why he is the first back IN CU HISTORY to get 1000 yards rushing, back to back.

          You say: The offense should be poor this year lost so much so few with real game experience……….. – I say: Not sure that’s even a coherent thought. But, I will reply anyway. What I’m saying is that Montez had NFL potential; if he realizes is, that will be huge. I think we’ve got some O-line guys who can make the NFL; I think there’s at least one tailback with NFL potential; I think there are several WR’s with NFL potential, both after this year, and beyond. So…. yeah, talent, with some experience. Come again?

          You say: Predict……..The offense will be great this year….(no lindy addition by subtraction) – I say: I agree, for different reasons. You seem to think it’ll all be because of Chev, but? Seems it’s his third year being Co-OC, right? And, last year, wasn’t his group of WRs one that under-performed?

          You say: The defense will be much better… coaching……… I say: Ok. Also better players, with more experience. And, some great new coaching additions. Brought in by Mac.

          You say: Buffs.

          The canons……..the Canons…………they gonna get you again.

          Your circle jerky logic is well…………so banker like

          And don’t forget your wishy washy projections etc etc.

          You are a funny duddette.

          Earache note………..And I new you would blame the mediocre performance of the lindy offense on the players….yup you did……you ol back handed slammer you.


          I say: Go Buffs.

  3. Not concerned about the missing captain thing. All Montez has to do is his job and not have a negative effect on team chemistry. If he needs to focus more on the “mental” thing to increase his success as a QB perhaps its one more distraction that he doesnt need.

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