Welcome to the new and improved CU at the Game!


It’s here!

CU at the Game has gone mobile.

You will now be able to view the website much more easily on your phone, tablet or iPad. Instead of trying to expand the screen, you will be able to scroll down and read stories posted on the website.

When you log on, instead of five headlines, you will see a “Featured Article”. This will be the most recently posted article. When you scroll down, you will have your choice of the twelve most recently articles. All will be time-stamped, so that you will be able – at a glance – to see what articles and headlines you may have missed.

Multiple article headlines, like the “Colorado Daily” and the “Pac-12 Notes” will continue with one main headline, so that if you want to keep up to date, you will need to keep checking those headlines on a regular basis.

The “Poll of the Day“, a popular feature on the website, will continue to have a front page presence on your laptop, and will be the first new “article” you will see when you check out the website on your mobile device.

The “Archive Game of the Week” will also continue, as will access to the CU at the Game Archives. The “Archive Game of the Week” will be beneath the posted articles on the website, so you can scroll down either on your desktop or mobile device to find it. The Archived seasons (which contains every game CU has played, dating back to 1980, if you haven’t checked it out), will be a click away, with a link on the front page of the website, as well as at the bottom when you scroll down.

Finally, thanks once again to all of you who donated to the “GoFundMe” campaign to help pay for the upgrades. I started a $3,500 campaign on July 15th, with hopes of raising the funds by August 15th. CU at the Gamers rallied, though, raising the $3,500 in less than a week, with over $5,000 donated overall. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you for your support of the website.

If you have any difficulties with the new site, drop me a note at cuatthegame@gmail.com, and we’ll see what we can do to address your issues.

Go Buffs!



13 Replies to “Welcome to the new CU at the Game!”

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the new site! It looks GREAT and is very easy to navigate both on my laptop and on my phone.
    THANK YOU STUART for all your efforts. Living in NC, this is my GO TO method for keeping up with the Buffs. GO BUFFS!!

  2. I’ve given it time but I like the old design better. This is prettier, but I could find things and see thigs of note much easier with the former design. Form should follow function, not other way around.

  3. Always read. Only occasional comment. Love the new site and looking forward to the easy access to soooooo much. Anxious for the season to start and want some KICK-ARSE the first two games and on and on. Go Big Buff

  4. Yo, you need to make the space for the comment bigger.
    Now as you (I) type in that space
    You get only
    3 lines before you have to start using the arrows on the right to scroll up and down.

    Too small of a space. The old one was bigger and more writer friendly


  5. Congrats on the fund raising Stu! The new website looks great! I appreciate the time and effort you put into this. It’s obvious to anyone that spends time over here that you really care.

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