CU at the Game going mobile!


July 30th

An update … Getting close to 100 total donors, and close to $5,000 donated!

If you are one of those who likes to wait until the last minute to donate, well, you’ve done it.

The fund-raiser is coming down August 1st … to coincide with the opening of Fall Camp. So, if you would like to be a part of the CU at the Game upgrades (scheduled to be ready August 15th!), check on the status of the “GoFundMe” campaign, or read some of (very nice!) comments, click here.



July 28th

An update … Just a few days left to be a part of the CU at the Game upgrades.

Thanks to you, the CU at the Game website will be going mobile in a few weeks. I am very grateful to those of you who have donated. If you haven’t had the chance yet, and would like to participate, you need to do so soon, as I will be taking down the headline on August 1st, when Fall Camp opens.

If you want to check out the status of the “GoFundMe” campaign, read some of the comments, or make a donation, click here.


July 18th

An update … Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

In working with my website guru, we set a target date of August 15th to go live with the new CU at the Game website. I thought it would take a month to raise half of the money required to pay for the upgrades, so I put the “GoFundMe” fundraiser in place this past weekend.

Instead of a month … it took less than five days to raise $3,500.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the generosity of the CU at the Game family. I am inspired by your faith in the website to not only continue on with the website, but to keep trying to make it better.

If you want to check out the status of the “GoFundMe” campaign, read some of the comments, or make a donation, click here.


July 17th

An update … I very much appreciate all of you who have donated to the CU at the Game upgrades. In three days, over $2,700 has been raised!

Also very heartening have been some of the comments you have been leaving along with your contributions. Sitting isolated up in Montana, it’s sometimes hard to remember how many great and loyal readers there are out there – thank you, thank you, thank you!

We’re almost to the $3,500 goal (I am matching donations, as the bill for converting the website to make it mobile friendly will run about $7,000). If you would like to donate – or check out some of the nice comments which have been posted – you can do so at the “GoFundMe” site here.

Go Buffs!



July 14th

Yes, it’s finally time.

A decade into the internet version of CU at the Game, the website is going to get an upgrade.

Much of the content will be the same throughout the year. During the season, there will be “Colorado Daily” and “Pac-12 Notes” updates throughout the week, with the “T.I.P.S.” preview coming on Wednesdays; “Friday Fast Facts” on Fridays; the game review and game essay coming after the Buffs take the field.

What will be different will be the presentation. The website will now be mobile friendly, meaning that you will be able view CU at the Game much more easily than before on your tablet, phone, ipad or other mobile device. Hopefully, this will make checking in with the website a much more enjoyable experience.

Of course, there has been a good reason why I haven’t had these improvements made much sooner.

Actually, it’s about seven thousand reasons.

My website handler has projected that it will cost about $7,000 to upgrade CU at the Game (there will also be new background photos, greater prominence for the daily poll, and more articles available on the front page of the website).

CU at the Game is, has been, and always will be, a free website. There is some advertising on the site, but those revenues cover the administrative costs. This bill will be coming out of my pocket.

Toward that end, I have set up a “Go Fund Me” campaign. You can access the website here.

I am looking to raise $3,500 with the “Go Fund Me“. I am willing to match, dollar-for-dollar, those dollars which are pledged.

Thank you for your interest in CU at the Game!

Go Buffs!



6 Replies to “CUATG Site Upgrades”

  1. Stuart, you shouldn’t have to dig in your own pocket for what you do. If we can’t help, we shouldn’t prevail on your generous time to add interest for all of us to enjoy.

    What you do is more than enough…it’s your passion and we are the benefactors.

    I didn’t attend CU but I’ve been a loyal fan for 69 years and have great memories of Zim creating a beautiful image with his classy style and voice…. and great memories of Benardi, Bayuk, Hardy and more. Now, you make those memories even more cherished.

    Go Buffs.

  2. You are gonna make $3500 easily.

    Don’t you dare shut it off at $3500. Don’t you frigging dare.

    You will get more and deserve more.

    Make sure you get your lovely wife’s’ permission before you make that decision.

    Okay Thanks.

    Buffalo Up readers.

    Note: Vacation time travel time folks getting back etc.

    Note 2: You need to change it from a $3500 goal to say a cutoff date ….say August 1

    Note 3: Hey, talk to your wife she will agree with me cause I am right. The $3500 you want to put up is hers as well.

    Note 4: You cannot cut out the late bloomers who will contribute late Eh?

    Note 5: Be fair Stu (you’re a fair guy except when you don’t post my beautiful comment) you gots to give everyone a chance to contribute. It would be very selfish on your part to cut this off too early dang nab it.

  3. Nice Stu. IN.

    Buffalo Stew.

    Note: Shocking…………… Some Days you have 400 votes on your poll…Minimum usually 125 plus……….Cursory review of the data ( I love data and facts as you know) says the average is 200 votes.

    Yet you get only 39 contributors as of Tuesday 7-17 at 8:15 am.?

    Come on you Buffmeisters get your CC out and ante up.

    Note 2: But this is just like Buff fans. CU way behind the donations to the Athletic dept. Hey you buy the Brick or what?

    Note 3: Sheesh if the “400 voters” each put in $20 you would be done.

  4. Stuart, I will be embarrassed for the CU community if you have to pay a penny out of your pocket for these upgrades. Come on CUATG users, Buffalo Up!

  5. Thank you Stu! Best Buff website on the net! Thank you for all of your hard work! Hoping you achieve your goal and more!

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