“The Rise” – A compilation of the 2016 CU Video series

The CU Video department has won at least one Emmy three straight years, for “Season”, “Forever” and “Forward”.

This past fall, the CU Video crew, headed by Jamie Guy and John Snelson, should make it four straight … unless the voters take pity on the competition. “The Rise”, chronicling the Buffs’ 2016 season, proved prescient. Had the CU football team, coming off of ten straight losing seasons, gone 4-8 and finished the season in search of a new head coach, “The Rise” would have been a tough sell.

Instead, “The Rise” will be bringing smiles to the faces of Buff fans for years to come.

In case you missed an episode, or need a weekend lift, here is the full series:


“The Rise – Episode 1”

Mike MacIntyre in August: “We’re going to continue to get better, and when we hit November, we’ll be peaking” … Mark Johnson in August: “There have been times, when I’ll have had is hope … I will tell you this, the feel, after all the years I’ve been doing this – It’s real. It’s happening, so get on board because the Buffs are coming” … Sefo Liufau: “There’s been a different feeling in this camp” … Episode 1 takes you through preseason camp, with eerie predictions of success … MacIntyre: “There’s a championship football team sitting in this room … Let’s go have a phenomenal season. One which, when you are 75, you’ll call each other …” …



“The Rise – Episode 2”

A detailed look at the 44-7 blowout win over Colorado State … Halftime speech by Mike MacIntyre, with CU up 31-0: “You finish this second half like uncommon men … I’m not calling the dogs off! You got it? Welcome to the Fight!” … Plus highlights of CU’s win over Idaho State, 56-7 … Darrin Chiaverini pre-game: “This ain’t a game about X’s and O’s today. It’s about smashing someone in the face every … single … play … until they quit … ’cause they will quit!! Get your ass ready because you are about to kick someone’s ass!!”. Episode 2 concludes with highlights from CU’s loss to Michigan in Ann Arbor.



“The Rise – Episode 3”

Opening with a speech from Mike MacIntyre post-Michigan, pre-Oregon … MacIntyre: “Since Colorado came into the Pac-12, we’ve basically been a laughing-stock … got to look reality in the face, right? … Now we’re going to be the ones laughing. We’re not fragile anymore” … Then there are extensive highlights of CU’s upset win over Oregon … “Intercepted! Colorado got it! Witherspoon – With the biggest play in Colorado football for years!!” … The Buffs then returned home to rout Oregon State, 47-6 … “The Buffs are playing not like members of the Pac-12, but they are playing like contenders” … The Episode concludes with the Buffs’ trip to Los Angeles, coming home with a disappointing 21-17 loss to USC … “This Colorado team is for real, even though we are watching their second loss of the season”.



“The Rise – Episode 4”

The 4-2 Buffs take on 5-1 Arizona State … Jimmie Gilbert: “Our goal is to be in the Pac-12 championship. People might doubt us, but we don’t doubt ourselves” … Five rushing touchdowns against the No. 1 rushing defense in the Pac-12, as CU routs Arizona State, 40-16 … The Buffs take to the road, taking down Stanford, 10-5 … MacIntyre pre-game: “This is why you do all the hard work. ‘Cause these games matter!” … Jimmie Gilbert: “In order to make CU great again, we have to get everyone thinking, ‘Aw, crap! We gotta play these guys? Dang, they never stop!’. Once we get back to that point, we’ll know we are great again” … The now No. 21 Buffs then return home to take on UCLA, with the Buffs earning a 20-10 win over the Bruins … MacIntyre: “To achieve anything great, you’re going to have to step through a lot of doubt … now we’ve got a different kind of fear. A fear of being great. You’ve made yourselves very good. Now, take the step to be great” …



“The Rise – Episode 5”

The 16th-ranked Buffs, at 7-2, take to the road to face Arizona … MacIntyre: “Arizona is going to try and take something from you – that they can’t get! … Don’t let them take it! Play Colorado football!” … The Buffs respond with a 49-24 domination of the Wildcats … Coming home for the final two regular season games, though, nothing was guaranteed. Joel Klatt: “Colorado, while in a great spot, is also in a precarious spot, because they have got to take care of business on the field, or else all of this will just go away like the wind. The measure of a team is how they answer the bell … The question for the Buffaloes is whether they will answer the bell, or won’t they?” … Colorado answers the bell with its first win over a ranked team since 2009, a 38-24 win over No. 20 Washington State … Up next? A game against No. 21 Utah for a berth in the Pac-12 championship … MacIntyre pre-game: “We’ve talked all year. We’ve talked since last December 31st … we’re coming back to be Pac-12 champs” … The Buffs take the Pac-12 South with a 27-22 win over No. 21 Utah



“The Rise – Episode 6”

The season comes to a close with two losses, to No. 4 Washington in the Pac-12 championship game, and then to No. 13 Oklahoma State in the Alamo Bowl … Not worth re-living? Check out the post-game speeches by Mike MacIntyre after the Washington game: “You’ve been amazing. Only seven teams in the history of Colorado football have done what you’ve done. Seven … I can’t tell you how proud I am of you … You made CU great again …” … Mike MacIntyre after the Oklahoma State game: “It didn’t end like we wanted it to … I’m so proud and honored to coach you guys … You made people believe again, and not just in Colorado football. You’ve inspired people … You showed them something special … We’ll be back again, and we’ll triumph next time …” …





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