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April 19th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Phillip Lindsay: “I’ll be able an example of ‘you don’t need to go to the combine to have a great NFL career’ ”

From Mile High Sports … Former Colorado Buffalo running back Phillip Lindsay is an NFL prospect hoping for the chance at a football future at the next level and is not going to let a lack of an invitation to the NFL Combine stop him.

The Denver-native grew up playing at Denver South, moved on to be a Buffalo at Colorado and now uses his lack of NFL combine invite as motivation for his career.

In an interview with Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of Mile High Sports AM 1340 | FM 104.7, Lindsay says the lack of an invite will be a chip on his shoulder as he wants to show future non-invitee’s that you can have a great NFL career without the NFL combine.

“I’ll be able to show an example of ‘you don’t need to go to the combine to have a great NFL career,’” Lindsay said. “To show people that you deserve to be there and deserve to be playing at the next level.”

Lindsay says not being invited to the combine will carry into his NFL career as motivation and another chip on his shoulder.

“I’m going to carry it on into the NFL and it just adds another chip on my shoulder, and just prove people wrong. Prove everyone wrong and prove the doubters wrong.”

Click here to listen to the full interview with Phillip Lindsay,


April 18th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Offensive lineman Isaac Miller to medically retire 

… Not really a surprise … best wishes to Isaac as he heads off to medical school …

From the Daily Camera … Isaac Miller has the size, talent and ability to be one of the top offensive linemen in the Pac-12 Conference.

His right knee just won’t allow him to get there.

Colorado head coach Mike MacIntyre said Wednesday that Miller is planning to medically retire from football and focus on his academic future.

“Isaac is not going to play anymore,” MacIntyre said. “He’s going to go ahead and graduate and go into medical school.”

A 6-foot-7 tackle that would have been a redshirt junior next season, Miller graduated from Silver Creek High School in 2014 and has shown great potential during his three seasons with the Buffaloes. Health, however, has been his biggest hurdle.

He had a great spring in 2016, but injured his right knee during the spring game. It was believed to be an MCL sprain, but he ultimately developed tracking issues in his knee cap.

Miller wound up missing the entire 2016 season and then was on and off the field last year. He started four games at right tackle, playing 390 snaps overall.

After Miller missed the entire spring this year, MacIntyre said he for sure would not play in 2018, while leaving the door open for the future.

It appears Miller is ready to close that door.

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Buffs host sixth annual Be the Match registry

From … For a sixth year running, the Colorado football program hosted its Be The Match registry drive in conjunction with the both the Colorado Marrow Donor Program and the national one, which the event is named after.

Tuesday, the Buffs were out for five hours inside Balch Fieldhouse on the west side of Folsom Field and signed 295 new members up for the marrow donor registry.

Every year, more than 10,000 people from all ethnic backgrounds are diagnosed with life-threatening blood diseases and those people hope for a marrow/stem cell donor who can make their transplant possible. And that is what this program is aimed at, increasing the pool of potential transplant donors for those facing these illnesses.

In its first five years of the program, started by head coach Mike MacIntyre, has added 818 people to the Be The Match registry and of those, five people have gone on to donate – that’s five lives saved through the program. Two of them making the donations were football players, Derek McCartney and Danny Galloway.

“We are excited about what is going on today and it is fun to be able to truly give back and truly be able to have a part of saving someone’s life,” MacIntyre said. “That is really neat.”

More recently, as in this spring, current student-athletes Chance Lytle and Lyle Tuiloma have matched with patients as well but have not gone on to or reached the point of donation.

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April 17th

… CU in a few minutes … 

One proposal for eliminating kickoffs

Related … “Rooney: New NCAA kickoff rules fall short” … from the Daily Camera

From CBS Sports … The kickoff is not dead, but it’s terminal.

Last week, the NCAA’s Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved a new rule that will allow teams to fair catch any kickoff inside their 25-yard line for a touchback to the 25. The intent of the rule is clear, as kickoffs have proven to be one of the more dangerous plays in football thanks to the high-speed collisions that frequently occur during the play. The problem with this rule change is it won’t get rid of those high-speed collisions.

… You see, if the NCAA were to eliminate kickoffs entirely, there would be backlash from a lot of people. Never mind that over 40 percent of current kickoffs already result in touchbacks; change can be scary, particularly when it’s swift. What these new rules will do is cause so many kickoffs to result in a touchback that eventually kick returns will be a rarity. It’s at that point that kickoffs will be removed entirely.

And, honestly, it makes sense. I love football, and kickoffs can provide some of the most exciting plays in the sport, but the truth is that if this sport is to survive long-term, changes will need to be made. Those changes are more than likely going to include the death of the kickoff.

But what will they do to replace them?

… It’s a simple premise and one that would be easy to implement. Here’s how it would work.

Field goal 30-yard line
Touchdown (red zone) 25-yard line
Touchdown (21-40 yards) 20-yard line
Touchdown (41+ yards) 15-yard line
Touchdown (defense / special teams) 15-yard line

With this proposal, most drives would begin at the 25-yard line just as they do now because most touchdowns are scored from within the red zone. The reason I have teams starting from worse field position following a longer touchdown is as a minor penalty for giving up a long score. While all touchdowns are worth the same on the scoreboard, they aren’t all equal, and the chance to pin your opponent deep could provide an incentive to take more shots down the field. That leads to big plays, and big plays are exciting. It’s not rocket science.

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April 16th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Neill Woelk: Relationships still the cornerstone of recruiting success

From Neill Woelk at … While the “game” of college football recruiting continues to change — think social media, ever-changing NCAA rules and the evolution of camps, satellite camps and more — there is a constant that has remained the same for decades:

Relationships. More specifically, the relationships between college coaching staffs, high school coaches and players.

The importance of those relationships, built over years, hasn’t changed. It involves constant communication, a strong level of trust from all sides involved and sustained cultivation of those elements.

It is a process that will be front and center over the next couple of months as CU coaches hit the road beginning this week for the spring evaluation period.

“I’ve always taken pride in going to places and maintaining relationships,” Colorado assistant coach Gary Bernardi said. “That means going to places where they may not have a player this year, but they may have one next year or the year after. You still want to stop by there because historically, they have players and you want to keep up that relationship.”

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April 14th

… CU in a few minutes …

Mel Kiper breaks down CU cornerback Isaiah Oliver

ESPN draft expert gives a 47-video review of Isaiah Oliver, including ‘he’s got length, he’s got awareness and anticipation. He can close quickly on those short and intermediate routes, which is what the NFL is all about”.

Check out the review here.


April 13th

… CU in a few minutes … 

The Keg won’t be the Coors Events Center after this summer

From the Daily Camera … After nearly three decades of playing in the Coors Events Center, the Colorado basketball and volleyball teams will soon have to get used to a new name for their home arena.

CU’s partnership with the Coors Foundation expired long ago, and the Coors name will soon be removed from the building and advertising materials, possibly as early as this summer.

The athletic department is actively trying to find a new naming rights partner, but by fall, the building is likely to be re-named the CU Events Center.

“The Coors family has been an incredible partner with us for a number of years, but as we look to upgrade that facility and upgrade some of the things that we’re doing, we need somebody that wants to get invested in helping us do that,” CU athletic director Rick George said. “My discussions with Peter Coors and the Coors family and the Coors Foundation, we started those three or four years ago.

“At some point we’ll take the name off because we think it would make it easier for us to sell something that doesn’t have a name on it.”

After 28 years, it may take a while for fans to get used to a new name, but associate athletic director Lance Carl said, “It’s about us marketing it, messaging it and getting it out to our constituents and our fans and our alums and they’ll get it.”

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Kickoff rule change adopted … fair catches inside 25-yard line = touchback

From CBS Sports … Last month, the NCAA Football Rules Committee proposed a significant tweak to kickoffs, calling for any fair catch made between the goal line and the 25-yard line to be treated as a touchback.

On Friday, the NCAA’s Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved that suggestion — along with other changes.

The NCAA’s lone message in the rule change is player safety, which has been an overriding issue for football at every level in recent years. The association’s goal is to increase the number of touchbacks, which start an offense at the 25-yard line, while reducing the number of potential hits a returner receives.

By association, it should theoretically reduce the number of sky-high pop-up kickoffs designed to either put a receiving team in poor field position or create frantic, live-ball situations. Keep in mind, too, this is in addition to recent rule changes to kickoffs. Before the 2012 season, kickoffs were moved from the 30-yard line to the 35-yard line and touchbacks were moved up five yards to the 25-yard line.

Whether it will actually make the game safer … who knows? There are still players running a dead heat down the field. There will still be collisions. But with so many incentives to start on a touchback, it’s well within reason to wonder if football will have kickoffs at all within the next decade.

Other rule changes approved by the committee include …

  • Offensive players will not be allowed to block below the waist when the block occurs more than 5 yards beyond the line of scrimmage.
  • Play clocks will be set at 40 seconds after touchdowns and following kickoffs to expedite succeeding plays.
  • A 10-second runoff has been added for when instant replay overturns a ruling on the field inside of one minute in either half, and the correct ruling would not have stopped the game clock.
  • Continued experimental collaborative decision-making model on instant replays.
  • Leaping rules on field goals and extra points will mirror those on punting plays.
  • Penalty enforcement on successful field goals will mirror extra points (i.e. the option to be enforced on ensuing kickoff).


April 10th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Bill Connelly takes a look at Colorado State

From … CSU went 7-6 for the third straight year under Mike Bobo. He is sustaining the progress that Jim McElwain had made, and the Rams have now put together top-50 performances (per S&P+) in back-to-back years. But they’ve put those rankings together by blowing out bad teams and losing tight games to good teams. In the last two years, they’re 4-12 vs. the S&P+ top 100 and 10-0 against everyone else. In one-possession finishes, they’re 1-6 against the top 100 and 5-3 against the others. They are the “can’t quite get over the hump” program.

And now they’re starting over.

Gone are quarterback Nick Stevens (8,550 career passing yards, 70 touchdown passes), receiver Michael Gallup (2,685 receiving yards in two seasons), and running back Dalyn Dawkins (3,185 career rushing yards). The Rams replace four of their top five receiving targets and three line starters (including two first-team all-MWC guys). The defense returns a decent amount, but per S&P+, CSU hasn’t had a top-80 defense since 2006 anyway.

Mind you, there’s plenty of talent. Bobo has recruited as well as anyone in the MWC not named Bryan Harsin and signed 52 three-star prospects over the last three classes.

There are exciting sophomores everywhere you look — running back Rashaad Boddie, receiver Warren Jackson, tight end Cameron Butler, nose tackle Ellison Hubbard, linebacker/end Emmanuel Jones, nickel back Darius Campbell — and Bobo has added a couple of key graduate transfers to stave off some of the offensive drop-off.

In theory, the product doesn’t have to regress all that much, and better close-game execution could make up the difference. Still, Bobo’s benefit of the doubt has become burden of proof.

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April 9th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Athlon ranks football/basketball coaching combinations … CU in at No. 29

From Athlon Sports … Rankings are nothing new when it comes to college football and basketball, but what about combining the two sports? That’s what Athlon Sports has set out to do once again this offseason, sizing up the coaching tandems in both for the Power 5 conferences. With spring practice starting up across the country and March Madness just around the corner, there’s no better time for this type of exercise.

So when it comes to coaching bragging rights, which school gets top billing? For the third year in a row, Michigan State’s dynamic duo of Mark Dantonio and Tom Izzo comes out on top. The Spartans are one of three Big Ten teams in the top 10, joined by Ohio State (No. 4) and Michigan (No. 10). The SEC also has three teams in that range, led by No. 3 Alabama. In between the Crimson Tide and Spartans is Duke with Auburn rounding out the top five.

Each year, Athlon Sports ranks the coaching tandems from each Power 5 league. A variety of factors are considered for this exercise. It’s important to note that we are attempting to value balance — i.e., which schools have an above-average coach at both position? That’s why some programs with an elite football coach and a new (or struggling) basketball coach will be ranked lower than one might expect.

From the Pac-12 … 

9. Washington

14. UCLA

15. Utah

29. Colorado … Football: Mike MacIntyre … Basketball: Tad Boyle

MacIntyre earned several National Coach of the Year honors after guiding the Buffaloes to the Pac-12 South title in 2016. The Buffs took a step back last fall, going 5–7 overall and 2–7 in the league. Next season will be key for MacIntyre and the Buffs. Boyle has done a very good job with the basketball program, leading the Buffs to the NCAA Tournament four times in his first six full seasons.

30. Stanford

37. Oregon

Not ranked … Arizona … Arizona State … USC … Oregon State … Cal … Washington State …

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April 7th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Will Phillip Lindsay hear his name called in the late rounds of the NFL draft?

From Bleacher Report:

23. Phillip Lindsey, CO

David Zalubowski/Associated PressPOSITIVES

—Impressive compact frame with ability to take major hits and continue running hard between the tackles.

—Solid receiver out of the backfield with explosiveness and acceleration to be dangerous after the catch.

—Lindsay’s competitive toughness is apparent on film with effort and energy through the whistle every play.

—Willing pass protector who relies on energy and aggressiveness; his stout frame (5’8″, 190 lbs) helps him win leverage early.

—Immediate burst through line of scrimmage is impressive and creates explosive plays often.



—Looks to do too much, often creating dangerous plays by treating every play like a highlight.

—Utilizes spins too frequently, leaving the ball susceptible to trailing defenders and unforeseen contact.

—Runs feel hurried and can push pace sooner than necessary in outside zone plays.

—Quite a few carries over last two years combined with serious hits on a small frame make durability a concern.


Phillip Lindsay is an absolute competitor who, at worst, will rely on sheer energy and toughness to be an adequate NFL running back. At his best, he’s a complementary piece who can handle 10-15 snaps per game as a versatile runner and receiver out of the backfield. His energy is both a blessing and curse and will help him secure a spot as a primary backup on a team within a season or two if he can work within an NFL scheme requiring him to trust his offensive line more.

GRADE: 5.20 (Priority Free Agent)

PRO COMPARISON: Jacquizz Rodgers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

If Isaiah Oliver doesn’t join Chidobe Awuzie in Dallas, he could join Akhello Witherspoon in San Francisco

From the Sacramento Bee … This item is part of a series on the positions the 49ers will look to fill in the upcoming draft and the players that best fit those spots. They will be published in order of need.

Next up: outside cornerback.

Description: During the 2017 season, only one defensive back under 6-1 — Asa Jackson, who stands 5-10 — played outside cornerback for the 49ers. He stepped into that position in Week 4 when Rashard Robinson left the field with an injury. Jackson ended up playing exactly one snap before Robinson returned. The others who played the position last season all had the height and long arms typical of a cornerback in the Seahawks-like, press-coverage defense: Dontae Johnson (6-2), Ahkello Witherspoon (6-2), Robinson (6-1), Greg Mabin (6-1) and Tyvis Powell (6-2). The cornerback San Francisco signed in free agency last month, Richard Sherman, measured 6-2 and 5/8 inches before he was drafted in 2011. All of which makes the blueprint for the position abundantly clear: The 49ers want a long, strong cornerback who can play press coverage and re-route receivers to the boundaries.

Who’s there now: Witherspoon and Sherman are penciled in as the starters for 2018. Witherspoon seemed to get stronger and more confident with every start last season, and the 49ers love the dynamic between him and the confident but equally cerebral Sherman.

Best fits:

* Isaiah Oliver, Colorado. He played with Witherspoon at Colorado and has a similar height-agility combination as Witherspoon. He also has nearly 34-inch arms, which is extremely long — and coveted — at the position. The problem is that he’s unlikely to be available when the 49ers pick in the second round. The 49ers recently conducted a workout with Oliver in Colorado.


April 6th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Klayton Adams on offensive line: “It’s been fun to watch those guys improve”

From the Daily Camera … With several key players not on the field this spring, Colorado co-offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Klayton Adams has yet to get a look at his full complement of tools up front.

As the Buffaloes wrapped up spring practices last month, however, Adams came away feeling good about the foundation being set.

“I’m really excited about it,” he said. “I think I made the comment going into spring this is as excited as I’ve been to go into a camp and it lived up to it. It’s been fun to watch those guys improve.

“Hopefully I feel even more excited about training camp (in the fall). I’m pretty sure I’ll be excited about it going into the summer, too.”

Although Colorado’s offensive line will be a work in progress into the fall, this spring was an important developmental step for several of the Buffs.

Juniors Aaron Haigler and Brett Tonz shared the Joe Romig Award, presented to the team’s most improved offensive linemen in spring. Both are potential starters in the fall, with Haigler spending much of the spring at left tackle and Tonz at left guard.

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April 5th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Football team hosting “Be the Match” registry event

From … The Colorado football team will host its sixth annual Be The Match registry event with the Colorado Marrow Donor Program on Wednesday, April 18 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. inside Balch Fieldhouse next to Folsom Field.

Every year, approximately 12,000 patients are diagnosed with life-threatening blood cancers—like leukemia and lymphoma—or other diseases for which a marrow or cord blood transplant from an unrelated donor may be their best or only hope of a cure.

Colorado under head coach Mike MacIntyre starting hosing this donor registry drive to get classmates, friends and members of the community to join the Be The Match Registry® and bring hope to patients in need of a transplant.

MacIntyre was honored by the Be The Match Foundation on March 17 with the Rod Carew Leadership Award for his program, which dates back prior to his days when he was head coach at San Jose State. It has been responsible for creating 1,600 entrants in the Be the Match database, and those have resulted in eight matches that have saved lives.

One of those made national headlines last fall when Derek McCartney met his match after his donation helped save a man’s life. Read more on McCartney’s story here.

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April 4th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Buffs spend the day giving back to the community

From … The Colorado football program spent Wednesday morning spread out across Boulder and its surrounding towns to give back to the communities that provide such strong support to the Buffaloes.

Head coach Mike MacIntyre titles this day leadership through service.

“It’s extremely important for people to give back to the community and it is extremely important for our players to understand this,” MacIntyre said. “For them to learn this in college so when they graduate and move on, where ever they go live, they are going to give back to their community.

“So it is important that they learn to give, they learn to care and they learn to be a big, vital part of their communities. At the same time, the Boulder community means so much to the University of Colorado and to our football program for all their support and the people that care about our program and we want to just give back all we can.”

The team was split into groups that spent the morning at five different locations; two in Boulder and then one each in Louisville, Broomfield and Erie.

“We are excited about our football team and everything that happened this spring and this is a part of building men,” MacIntyre said. “That is what we are trying to do and for them giving back.”

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Australian kicker James Stefanou knows what to expect this year

From the Daily Camera … James Stefanou finally felt some comfort this spring.

The sophomore kicker on Colorado’s football team, Stefanou packed a lifetime’s worth of changes into last summer and fall, but came away from spring football last month feeling a little more at ease.

“Coming back and being settled and being on the field in the spring and the offseason training, I wouldn’t say it’s easier, but I’m definitely settled and you know what to expect,” he said.

Stefanou wasn’t sure what to expect last year.

The Australian native, who turns 31 on April 15, grew up playing soccer in his home country. He played professionally for about a decade before deciding to give American football a shot.

After learning the game at ProKick Australia — which has sent several kickers and punters to colleges in recent years — Stefanou earned a scholarship offer from CU a year ago.

That all led to him playing a new sport in a new country, while returning to school for the first time in years. Throw in the fact that he and his wife, Laura, were married last May and 2017 was quite a whirlwind.

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Dante Sparaco is transferring to … Montana State (his father’s school)

From … The Montana State Bobcats are getting a big boost to their linebacker corps from a big school.

Dante Sparaco, an outside linebacker from University of Colorado, is leaving Boulder to transfer to Montana State. In his true freshman year, Sparaco played in seven games before being sidelined due to a broken hand. He recorded four tackles in that span.

Entering this fall, Sparaco was poised to compete for a starting spot in the Buffaloes’ defense.

Sparaco had a decorated high school career, playing at three different schools. But his senior year he finished at IMG Academy in Brandenton, Florida. During his senior season, the Englewood, Colorado native helped lead his team to a 12-0 record and a No. 2 national ranking by USA Today. In his college recruiting, Sparaco was offered by five Ivy League schools. He also drew interest early on from schools like Florida, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Texas, and Oregon, but didn’t receive offers from those programs.

The rising sophomore has strong ties to the Bozeman, his father Dino played linebacker at Montana State in 1990.


April 3rd

… CU in a few minutes … 

Isaiah Oliver could join Chidobe Awuzie as a Dallas Cowboy

From Dallas … Isaiah Oliver, Cornerback

Where He’s Projected:

Most draft observers believe Oliver is a starting-caliber cornerback prospect who could go off the board in the late first or early second round. Oliver comes from a football family (his father Muhammad played four seasons in the NFL) and he was highly productive at Colorado alongside several future pro defensive backs, including the Cowboys’ 2017 second-round pick Chidobe Awuzie. Oliver’s outstanding speed (he was a two-time all-conference decathlete in college) and long arms (reportedly close to a seven-foot wingspan) make him an ideal press corner prospect.

Bottom Line:

  • Smooth pedal. Patient in the way he plays with his feet.
  • Impressive how he can deny the slant. Hands and length helps him here.
  • Does a good job of playing those inside routes.
  • Doesn’t have great deep speed when guys get behind him. Will struggle to catch up. When he does maintain his position, can play the high ball.
  • Physical at the line. Some start-stop quickness.
  • Not a great tackler but doesn’t shy away from it.
  • Best when he can play as a press man corner. The closer that he can get up on a receiver, the better chance he has making a play. Don’t want him playing much off coverage.


April 2nd

… CU in a few minutes … 

Sophomore linebacker Dante Sparaco to transfer

Related … “Buffs’ linebacker Dante Sparaco to transfer” … from the Daily Camera

Related (from last December) … “Buffs’ Dante Sparaco turning disappointment into positive” … from the Daily Camera

From … University of Colorado head football coach Mike MacIntyre announced Monday that sophomore outside linebacker Dante Sparaco informed the program he intends to transfer.

“Dante is a fine young man and we wish him well with his future endeavors,” MacIntyre said.

Sparaco informed MacIntyre of the decision he had reached after consulting with his family over spring break.

Sparaco enrolled at CU in January 2017 and played in seven games as a true freshman last fall in his only season with the Buffs. He gained quality experience right out of the gates to his career, playing a total of 32 snaps on defense in the first four games and he recorded four tackles, one for a loss, a half sack and a third down stop in that early action. Sparaco was also credited with three special teams points on the season, coming on the hands of three knockdown or springing blocks while he was on the Buffalo kickoff return unit.

He had a half sack and a third down stop against Colorado State in his first collegiate appearance, becoming the third known CU freshman since 1984 to record a sack in their first game (joining Addison Gillam in 2013 and following up classmate Jacob Callier, who had a sack the play before his).

He went through all 15 of the spring practices with the Buffaloes, which CU concluded on March 23. Spring break for campus was March 26-30.

CBS – Phillip Lindsay draft profile

From CBS Sports

Draft Prospect Outlook:

High-energy, pass-catching specialst at the running back position. Springy but not very powerful through tackles. Flashes breakaway speed just not consistent in that area. Above-average make-you-miss skills in space. Better in space than between the tackles. Scat-back option.

College Recap:

A 247Sports Composite three-star recruit out of Denver who tore his ACL as a high-school senior, Lindsay played in all 12 games as a redshirt freshman, totaling 509 yards on 93 offensive touches and seeing extensive work on kick returns, where he racked up 849 yards on 36 attempts. He made six starts as a sophomore and saw his usage on offense increase, rushing for 658 yards on 141 carries with six TDs and adding 216 yards on 27 receptions with another score. Lindsay exploded as a junior, earning second-team All-Pac-12 honors after leading the conference with 16 rushing touchdowns and adding another score as a receiver. He totaled 1,252 yards on 244 rushes (a 5.1 yard average) while adding 493 yards on a career-best 53 receptions. His totals included a 219-yard rushing performance against Arizona State (with three TDs) and an 11-reception game against UCLA.

Lindsay was again named second-team All-Pac-12 as a senior, setting career highs in rush attempts (301) and rushing yards (1,474) while picking up an average of 4.9 yards per carry. He added 23 catches for 257 yards while scoring a total of 15 touchdowns. Lindsay delivered a massive performance in a 45-42 loss to Arizona, rushing for 281 yards and three touchdowns on 41 carries (a Colorado record) and adding 39 yards on three catches. Lindsay didn’t show any ill effects of the heavy workload the following week, rushing for 185 yards on 28 carries (6.6 YPC) with two scores in a win over Oregon State. — R.J. White

Legacy Brick program returns

Press release from … The University of Colorado Buff Club is happy to announce the return of the Legacy Brick Campaign on Monday, April 2. Make sure you secure your legacy today.

The Legacy Brick Campaign initially launched in 2015 and sold close to 2700 Legacy Bricks, creating the Buff Walk at Folsom Field. The Buff Walk is a featured landmark on the east side of Folsom Field that has quickly become a favorite game day experience and tradition for many CU football fans, welcoming the team as it enters the stadium. The Buff Walk also serves as a unique passage way, connecting Colorado Avenue all the way to Boulder Creek.

After collecting more than 500 names on an interest list, the Buff Club decided to bring back the Legacy Brick Campaign in order to complete the Buff Walk with this second campaign. With a limited number of bricks available, alumni, fans, and supporters will not want to miss out on this opportunity to pave their way into history on the Buff Walk.

Beginning today, fans can choose from the following three brick styles:

• 4″x8″ Paver – $150 (includes up to three lines of text)
• 8″x8″ Paver – $325 (includes up to six lines of text)
• 8″x8″ Logo Paver – $425 (includes Ralphie logo and up to four lines of text)

Each brick can be inscribed with a personal message and will tentatively be installed late spring 2019. Replica bricks, display cases, and gift certificates are also available for purchase.  The cost of each brick directly supports the Golden Buffalo Scholarship Fund, which exclusively provides funding for CU’s student-athletes.

For more information about the Legacy Brick Campaign, visit or call 1-844-BUFF-BRX.


April 1st

… CU in a few minutes … 

Quarterbacks coach Kurt Roper: “These guys are a lot of fun to be around”

From the Daily Camera … At the time he was hired as Colorado’s quarterbacks coach three months ago, Kurt Roper didn’t know much about the players with which he would work.

After 15 spring practices and numerous meetings and film sessions, Roper is now confident that the Buffaloes have talented quarterbacks that, if they continue on their current path, can help CU win this fall.

Led by incumbent starter Steven Montez and backed by youngsters Sam Noyer and Tyler Lytle, the Buffs came out of spring pleased with the work of their quarterbacks.

Of course, there’s still plenty of work to be done, but Roper’s first impression is a good one, particularly of Montez. In his first year as the full-time starter, Montez threw for 2,975 yards, 18 touchdowns and nine interceptions last season, and he took a step forward in spring.

“He’s really talented,” Roper said of the junior. “I think he has a good command of our system, which helps you go fast and use the tempo which you want to use. I think he’s growing in the sense of how to apply our system, our plays to what the defense is doing. I think his understanding of protections is growing, which is key.”

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March 31st

… CU in a few minutes … 

College Football News – Ten Pac-12 Teams projected to go bowling (but not Colorado)

From College Football News … The early projected win totals and three key swing games – the 50/50 battles that should make or break the season – are …



Early Projected Win Total: 6


Early Projected Win Total: 8


Early Projected Win Total: 3.5


Early Projected Win Total: 8


Early Projected Win Total: 10


Early Projected Win Total: 7



Early Projected Win Total: 8


Early Projected Win Total: 6.5


Early Projected Win Total: 5.5
Swing Games: at Nebraska (9/8), Arizona State (10/6), Utah (11/17)
– Spring Analysis | Schedule Breakdown


Early Projected Win Total: 8


Early Projected Win Total: 9.5


Early Projected Win Total: 7.5


March 30th 

… CU in a few minutes … 

Phillip Lindsay preparation for NFL draft mental as well as physical

From the Daily Camera … A play from the most recent NFC Championship game is paused and projected onto the white board, while Matt McChesney breaks down the formation with a dry erase marker.

McChesney rattles off the terminology and then turns to Phillip Lindsay, whose eyes haven’t left the board.

“What are your reads on this play?” McChesney asks.

For an hour, McChesney and Lindsay — two of the most passionate players in Colorado Buffaloes history — studied a handful of plays from that game, breaking down every aspect of each one.

“I get a lot out of it,” Lindsay said. “It’s good to get on the board and hear the terminology that’s going to be said in the NFL. I’ve been picking a lot of people’s brains, from players to coaches. Anything that can put an extra step on my game, I’m going to do.”

For Lindsay, this is preparation for his next step. One of the greatest running backs in CU history, Lindsay is training — physically and mentally — for the NFL draft, which is now less than a month away, April 26-28.

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March 29th

… CU in a few minutes … 

College Football News: CU not bowl-worthy in 2018

From the College Football News … Yeah, at this time of the year the bowl projections are all about getting them close to the pin, but these feel right … sort of.

There are are few admitted problems to deal with when doing bowl projections this year – beyond these being created in late March, and with about a gajillion potential changes in the bowl business world.

… Depending on the dates, timing, and which bowls still have sponsors, these are the matchups so far, and for the 2018-2019 College Football Playoff and New Year’s Six bowls, too.

1. Rose Bowl vs. Big Ten
2. Valero Alamo Bowl vs. Big 12
3. San Diego County Credit Union Holiday Bowl vs. Big Ten
4. Foster Farms Bowl vs. Big Ten
5. Hyundai Sun Bowl vs. ACC
6. Las Vegas Bowl vs. Mountain West
7. Cactus Bowl vs. Big 12


Motel 6 Cactus Bowl

Chase Field, Phoenix, AZ
Big 12 vs. Pac-12
(Mountain West the conditional tie-in)
Projection: Iowa State vs. Washington State

Las Vegas Bowl

Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas, NV
Mountain West vs. Pac-12
Projection: San Diego State vs. Utah




Hyundai Sun Bowl

Sun Bowl Stadium, El Paso, TX
ACC vs. Pac-12
Projection: NC State vs. Arizona

Foster Farms Bowl

Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, CA
Big Ten vs. Pac-12
Projection: Iowa vs. Oregon

San Diego County Credit Union Holiday Bowl

SDCCU Stadium, San Diego, CA
Big Ten vs. Pac-12
Projection: Michigan vs. UCLA

Valero Alamo Bowl

Alamodome, San Antonio, TX
Big 12 vs. Pac-12
Projection: West Virginia vs. Stanford

Rose Bowl

Tuesday, January 1st, 2019
Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA
Big Ten vs. Pac-12
Projection: Wisconsin vs. Washington

Fiesta Bowl

Saturday, December 29th, 2018
University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, AZ
At-large vs. At-large
Projection: USC vs. Boise State



March 28th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Pac-12 “Hot seat” coaches rankings … Mike MacIntyre No. 3

RelatedCoaches Hot Seat Rankings website: Mike MacIntyre No. 26 nationally (No. 2 in Pac-12) …

From College Football News


This is a free pass season, but the Arizona team in place is good enough to at least come close to winning the South. He’s got Khalil Tate and a running game – don’t ruin it.


It’s the USC head coaching job. Helton is an 8-4 season away from calls for the return of Lane Kiffin. Maybe not Kiffin, but USC is supposed to do more than just win the Pac-12 Championship.


With four losing seasons in his five years, McIntyre needs to prove that the 2016 10-4, South-winning run wasn’t a quirky blip. It’s time to get the fan base into Buff football again.


Oregon has on its third head coach in three years, but considering Chip Kelly is down in Los Angeles, Willie Taggart is off in Tallahassee, and the program that was in the national championship a few years ago couldn’t win the Las Vegas Bowl last year, Cristobal has to prove he’s the right man to make the Ducks special again.


It’s a rough, rough situation. Arizona State won enough last year to go to a bowl, and it beat Arizona to do it. Considering Edwards was an out-of-leftfield hire, this has to work right out of the box. A losing season would look disastrous.

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March 27th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Buffs pick up preferred walk-on tight end

From the Daily Camera … On Sunday night, tight end Vincent Colodny of Los Altos (Calif.) High School announced he has committed to CU as a preferred walk-on with plans to join the Buffs this summer.

A 6-foot-3, 230-pound prospect, Colodny had offers from FCS schools, but ultimately chose CU over a preferred walk-on opportunity at Utah, according to

Colodny gives the Buffs much-needed depth at tight end. They are set to have just three tight ends on scholarship: juniors Chris Bounds and Darrion Jones and sophomore Jared Poplawski, who is coming off an ACL injury. CU also has walk-ons Derek Coleman and Brady Russell.

Colodny is the fifth player to commit to CU as a preferred walk-on for the 2018 class, along with inside linebacker Jake Yurachek from Friendswood, Tex.; safeties Dustin Johnson of Cherry Creek and Ethan Villarreal of Fairview; and kicker Evan Price of Evergreen.

Linebacker Jonathan Van Diest recovering from third surgery in three years

From the Daily Camera … In looking ahead to the upcoming season, Colorado assistant coach Ross Els said last week he feels very good about the depth the Buffaloes have developed at inside linebacker.

Returning starters Rick Gamboa and Drew Lewis, both seniors, and talented sophomores Akil Jones and Nate Landman give the Buffs four players that Els feels comfortable putting on the field.

When the Buffs get into fall camp, that number could grow to five if redshirt freshman Jonathan Van Diest can get healthy.

“I think he’s going to be a heck of a football player for us,” Els said. “I’m really excited to see what he can do, hopefully pretty soon.”

CU likes the potential of Van Diest, but the Cherry Creek High School graduate will have some ground to make up in the fall.

Van Diest, who redshirted last year, tore the ACL in his left knee in November and sat out spring practices.

Van Diest was able to work on the mental part of the game this spring, but Els said, “Unfortunately, it’s not a video game. You ask him questions out on the screen and the majority of the time he gets the right answer, but he’s got to get those reps (on the field).”

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March 22nd

… CU in a few minutes … 

CU No. 11 nationally in Learfield Directors’ Cup standings

Press release from … The first set of winter Division I standings in the Learfield Directors’ Cup was released Thursday and has Colorado positioned at No. 11 with 412.5 points, one of five Pac-12 schools ranked in the top 20 on its leaderboard.

The 11th-place standing is close to the highest CU has ever been positioned after the completion of winter sports. CU was ranked ninth three times and then 16th would be the next highest standing behind this current season.

The Buffaloes were unofficially as high as No. 3 following the 2018 NCAA Skiing Championships that CU hosted March 7-10 in Steamboat Springs. Finishing as runner-up in the skiing national championships, Colorado picked up 90 points in the Learfield Directors’ Cup Standings, jumping from ninth place after the fall into third with 359.5 total points; skiing was the first NCAA winter championship completed.

After the completion of the indoor track championship, where CU’s women scored 53 points, and the hockey/rifle/swimming/wrestling championships (none of which CU fields a team in), the Buffs jumped back to its current 11th-place standing.

Other Pac-12 schools inside the current top 20 standings include No. 1 Stanford (784.5), No. 4 USC (507.0), No. 8 UCLA (425.0) and No. 19 Oregon (360.75) trailing the Buffaloes.

Colorado finished ninth in the fall standings with 269.5 points, which was the best fall finish since being sixth in 2006-07. In the fall CU earned 85 points off its third-place NCAA finish in women’s cross country, 70.5 from the men’s cross country eighth-place showing, 50 points from women’s soccer team who made its fourth NCAA Tournament appearance in the last five seasons and 64 from volleyball after its Sweet 16 run (first time in 20 years the Buffaloes had made the Sweet 16).

The next Division I winter standings will be released Thursday, April 5.

The Learfield Directors’ Cup was developed as a joint effort between the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) and USA Today.  Points are awarded based on each institution’s finish in NCAA Championships. To review the updated scoring changes for the 2017-18 year, please click here.

Please note, standings published midseason are unofficial. Official standings will be published upon the completion of the spring season. Complete standings and the scoring structure can be found on NACDA’s website at


March 21st

… CU in a few minutes … 

Mock Drafts have Isaiah Oliver in the late first round or early second round

From draftwire.comFirst Round No. 22 – New York Giants (from KC via BUF)* | Isaiah Oliver | CB | Colorado

With the release of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, the Giants don’t have a reliable starter at cornerback alongside Janoris Jenkins anymore. Expect that to change when the draft rolls around.

Oliver has an impressive frame at 6’1″ and 190 pounds with long arms. He’s a great athlete who has fluid hips, changes directions fairly well and has great straight-line speed for his size. He’s also a decent tackler, has very good ball skills and plays with solid physicality. Oliver also has value as a punt returner.

The Giants already have Jenkins and Landon Collins in their secondary, but their unit isn’t necessarily a finished product. Oliver has the potential to develop into a lockdown corner in the pros.

From Pro Football Focus First Round No. 31 – New England Patriots 

 CB Isaiah Oliver, Colorado

New England adds a press corner in Oliver who can step in on the outside opposite of Stephon Gilmore. He has good size and ball skills, as he broke up 23 passes on only 146 targets over the last three years. Oliver plays vertical routes well and he’s allowed a completion percentage of only 45.5 percent on passes into his coverage.

From CBS Sports … Round 2 … 33. Cleveland Browns

Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado. The Browns add another talented corner even after bringing in T.J. Carrie as a free agent.

From Walter Football …  Round 2 … 35 … Cleveland Browns: Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado 

Cleveland made two upgrades to its secondary, trading for Damarious Randall and signing T.J. Carrie. The former will play at safety, so cornerback help is still needed after the Browns inexplicably dealt Jason McCourty.

From Draftsite.comRound 2 … 42 … Miami Dolphins: Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado

Isaiah Oliver draft profile

From … Isaiah Oliver is a prototypical NFL corner with the potential to turn into a superstar. He’s a three-year starter at the University of Colorado, who made first-team All Pac-12 during his junior year. He racked up 27 tackles, two interceptions and 13 passes defended. He did all this while nursing a leg injury through most of the season.

Oliver comes from a super athletic family, and those genes definitely rubbed off on him. His father, Muhammad, was an All-American track and field athlete in the decathlon at Oregon, while he also played cornerback. Muhammad went on to play in the NFL for five seasons. Oliver’s uncle, Damon Mays, also played in the NFL after playing receiver at Mizzou.

Oliver is a super athlete, as he competed on the Colorado track and field team during his freshman year. He competed in the heptathlon as a sophomore and finished seventh in the Pac-12 in the decathlon as a freshman.


Oliver is an excellent corner prospect, who should be taken at the end of Round 1 or beginning of Round 2. He would work best with a team that loves to jam off the line and plays a lot of man coverage. He has number one corner potential and should be a great asset for whoever picks him up.

NFL Player Comparison

Stephon Gilmore

Teams With Need At Cornerback

New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, Houston Texans


Kansas City Chiefs

Read full profile here


March 20th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Hope Solo speaks to CU Sports Governance Class

From … Hope Solo, considered to be among the best women’s soccer players of all time, told a University of Colorado class Tuesday, “Your message is heard all over the world. That’s cool to see. Yours is a generation I am inspired by.”

Solo, the starting goalkeeper for two U.S. Olympic gold medal-winning teams and a World Cup championship team, spoke to Prof. Roger Pielke‘s Intro to Sports Governance class. Approximately 200 CU students and staff heard Solo’s presentation, then engaged in a question-and-answer session

Pielke’s class studies and discusses a wide variety of issues regarding sports, ranging from performance-enhancing drugs to NCAA issues to gender controversies. It is also quickly becoming known for its prominent speakers, a list that has included cyclist Lance Armstrong, NCAA executive Oliver Luck, and Yuliya Stepanova, a former Russian athlete who helped blow the whistle on her country’s extensive doping program.

Solo kept Tuesday’s class in rapt attention with her talk, centering mainly on her pursuit of bringing equality to women’s soccer in America, particularly as governed by the U.S Soccer Federation.

Solo, whose long and decorated career also included her share of controversy, has been an outspoken critic of the USSF, which oversees both the women’s and men’s national teams. She and some of her teammates three years ago began an “Equal Play, Equal Pay” campaign after the women won the 2015 World Cup title, demanding that members of the U.S. Women’s team be paid and receive the same perks as the men’s team.

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March 19th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Aaron Haigler: “I really enjoy being a leader”

From … After two years as one of the youngsters on the offensive line, Colorado junior Aaron Haigler is making the transition to elder statesmen.

It means Haigler, whose 16 career starts are the second-most on CU’s line (trailing only Tim Lynott‘s 24), is stepping into a leadership role. It is something Haigler is embracing, and a role that will be vitally important as an overall young offensive line tries to bounce back from a sub-par 2017.

“I really enjoy being a leader and being someone to look up to,” Haigler said. “In years past, we’ve had a lot of good older guys and different styles of leadership. I think I’ve gotten a good sense of what everyone is doing. But I’m also trying to work in with what I know and improve myself at the same time.”

With Lynott out this spring rehabbing an Achilles injury, Haigler and fellow tackle Josh Kaiser (the only senior on CU’s line) have been tasked with the role of providing daily guidance. It means providing everything from advice during practice to helpful hints in the film room to simply a little encouragement in conditioning drills.

“Josh is also a leader and I can learn from him,” Haigler said. “I think it’s a good situation when you can be a leader, but you also have someone you can look up to.”

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March 18th

… CU in a few minutes …

Jake Moretti a pleasant surprise from the spring scrimmage

From the Daily Camera … It’s been a long time since Jake Moretti has been able to practice full time and even longer since he’s played in a game.

The former Pomona High School star is finally on his way to doing both, however.

During Colorado’s annual spring showcase on Saturday at Folsom Field, fans got their first look at the former four-star recruit, who lined up at left tackle with the Buffaloes’ starting offense.

“Jake’s a dog,” quarterback Steven Montez said. “He’s going to be something special for us, definitely, up front. He’s very dominant.”

Throughout the spring showcase, the Buffs’ offense and defense took turns having their good moments. And, while there’s not a lot that can be gleaned from the spring scrimmage, the fact that Moretti participated and lined up with the first team offense is a big deal for CU.

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… More on Moretti … 

From … CU’s young offensive linemen are showing they are ready to grow up in a hurry. Perhaps most pleasing was the appearance of Moretti at left tackle. The redshirt freshman returned to a game/scrimmage situation for the first time since his junior year in high school and got in approximately 20 snaps on the field.

Moretti has come back from a horrific knee injury that forced him to miss his senior year in high school and freshman year of college and he finally returned to full contact just this week.

“He’s passed every test so far,” MacIntyre said of Moretti’s return. “The little bit I saw him out there today, he looked pretty good. Hopefully he’ll keep going, because he’s extremely talented. It’s exciting to see it, not only as a coach, but I’m really more excited just for the kid, for all he’s been through.”


March 17th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Spring practice awards announced

From …  Here is the roll call of this year’ spring honors as determined by the coaching staff:

Eddie Crowder Award (Outstanding Leadership) …..  ILB Rick Gamboa & OT Josh Kaiser
Fred Casotti Award (Most Improved Offensive Back: QB/RB) ….. TB Alex Fontenot
Dan Stavely Award (Most Improved Offensive Receiver: WR/TE) …. WR Laviska Shenault
Joe Romig Award (Most Improved Offensive Lineman) ….. OT Aaron Haigler/OG Brett Tonz
Hale Irwin Award (Most Improved Defensive Back) …. CB Chris Miller
Greg Biekert Award (Most Improved Linebacker) ….. ILB Akil Jones
Ron Scott Award (Most Improved Defensive Lineman) ….. DE Chris Mulumba
Bill McCartney Award (Most Improved Special Teams Player) ….. SN J.T. Bale
John Wooten Award (Outstanding Work Ethic) ….. OL Colby Pursell
Dick Anderson Award (Outstanding Toughness) ….. ILB Nate Landman
Jim Hansen Award (Outstanding Academics) ….. DL Jase Franke

Injury list updated

From …  The Buffaloes had no spring-ending injuries over the first 11 practices, as those on the injury list had previous
injuries and did not overly participate in spring drills (if at all):

Pos      Player      Injury      Notes     Status for August Camp

WR – Jaylon Jackson – Ankle – suffered a fracture/ligament damage in August – PROBABLE
OL – Tim Lynott, Jr.  – Achilles – suffered a torn Achilles in November; underwent surgery on Nov. 8th – PROBABLE
WR – Jay MacIntyre  – Foot – suffered a Lisfranc injury prior to camp; has been undergoing rehab – PROBABLE
DB – Aaron Maddox  – Shoulder – PROBABLE
TE – Jared Poplawski – Torn ACL – injured against USC (Nov. 11); surgery post-Thanksgiving break – PROBABLE
OL – Kanan Ray – Knee – PROBABLE
DB – Ray Robinson – Knee – PROBABLE
ILB – Jacob Stoltenberg – Torn ACL – injured in practice on October 18; surgery on Oct. 31 and lost for season – PROBABLE
ILB – Jonathan Van Diest – Torn ACL – injured in practice on November 8; surgery on Nov. 17 – PROBABLE

S – Jaisen Sanchez – Torn pec – Out for the entire 2017 season; participated on a limited basis this spring – QUESTIONABLE

OL – Casey Roddick – Knee – DOUBTFUL

OT – Isaac Miller – Knee – chronic issues – OUT/SEASON

What to watch for during Spring Showcase

From …  It’s a safe bet you won’t see anything too fancy in Saturday’s Colorado football Spring Showcase at Folsom Field, set to begin at 1 p.m.

But if you would like to get an early look at what the Buffaloes will be working on next fall, Saturday should provide that opportunity. The Buffs will conduct about an hour of drills to start the session, then wrap it up with roughly 50 minutes of full-contact scrimmage work.

Earlier this week, Colorado head coach Mike MacIntyre said the Buffs will “be pretty vanilla out there” in their 12th practice of the spring.

No surprise. For starters, coaches aren’t fond of tipping their hands when it comes to any scheme changes they may have made in the spring. But it’s also a time of year when coaching staffs are stressing fundamentals, finding out how some younger and more inexperienced players might react in the spotlight, and getting in some “situational” work — red zone, goal line, short-yardage, end-of-game, etc.

Saturday will have plenty of those types of things, as well as a full crew of officials to give players some work with the men with flags looking over their shoulders.

But that doesn’t mean there won’t be anything for fans to see. Rather, there should be plenty of areas to watch closely. CU fans will have their first chance to get a good look at a number of youngsters and newcomers who have had impressive springs, as well as a look at positions where competition has been intense.

A few things to keep an eye on Saturday:

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March 14th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Details for the spring showcase this Saturday

From … The Colorado football program is set to host its Spring Showcase on Saturday from 1-3 p.m. and invites all fans to attend the free event in Folsom Field to get a final glimpse of the 2018 Buffaloes before they break for the offseason.

The Spring Showcase is the highlight of the day that has numerous other activities coinciding with the event.

For kids sixth grade and under, CU is hosting a Healthy Kid’s Day sponsored by Children’s Hospital Colorado. It will run from 12-1 p.m. inside CU’s Indoor Practice Facility in the Champions Center and admission to that is free. Colorado student-athletes will be running skills and fitness stations with the participating children and there will be inflatable games set up for the hour segment aimed at promoting health and exercise in a fun atmosphere.

For more information on Healthy Kids Day, email or call 303-492-1976.

During the Showcase, CU will open up its Bryon White East Stadium Club to all fans, giving all the opportunity to see CU’s premium seating experience. Green beer will be sold in the stadium club in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

Also in honor of the day, Colorado’s team store will be selling varieties of Colorado Buffaloes St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts.  Those will be located at Gate 6 in Folsom Field as well as in the team store in the Champions Center.

Colorado Athletics will be giving away sandwiches from Half Fast Subs of Boulder to the first 250 students arriving at Folsom Field. A select group of students will also run out behind Ralphie and the team to open up the Showcase.

CU’s ticket office will have representatives located at Gates 2 and 8 to assist any fans looking at ticketing options for the 2018 season. Also in Folsom Field, certain seats that are available will be tagged with balloons to highlight options throughout the stadium at various price points.

On the concourse outside of Folsom Filed fans will find posters and schedule cards as giveaways and in the stadium the Golden Buffalo Marching Band along with the Cheer and Dance squads will be performing.

At the conclusion of the Showcase, fans will be allowed on to the field for a postgame selfie session and meet and greet with the Buffs.

Free parking is available for fans in select areas on Regent as well as all of Lot 169, which is on the west side just off Folsom Street at the bottom of the hill between Colorado and Arapahoe Avenues. Paid parking is available in the Folsom parking garage.

The Showcase is being televised on the Pac-12 Network with Mike Crispino and former Colorado Buffalo great Jeremy Bloom calling the action. Its broadcast will feature special interviews with the players and coaches throughout the Showcase and its production is being put on by CU’s own BuffVision.


March 13th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Report: Paul Richardson to sign with Redskins

From Pro Football Rumors … The Redskins are expected to sign wide receiver Paul Richardson to a five-year, $40MM deal, according to Mike Garafolo of (on Twitter). The deal includes $20MM in guarantees. Adam Caplan of SiriusXM (on Twitter) first reported that a deal could be on the horizon.

Richardson has reportedly been on the Redskins’ radar  for awhile. The Redskins were also targeting Allen Robinson, but this year’s top free agent wide receiver has agreed to terms with the Bears. There aren’t a ton of quality WRs available in this year’s crop, but Richardson is among the best.

Richardson stepped into a larger role last year after the Seahawks shipped Jermaine Kearse to the Jets. Richardson, who doesn’t turn 26 until April, averaged 16 yards per grab for Seattle.


26 Responses to “Colorado Daily”

  1. VKBerlin

    I can answer every question Mac2 is asked.


    Note: So can you.

    • AZBuff

      Answer this question then. I recall some sarcastic, snarky comments by some (not naming names right now but I know who they were) when it was announced that Roper was probably coming to CU. I know, I know the proof will be this fall, but it sounds like some important teaching that most likely didn’t happen under the favorite QB coach/OC from these same sarcastic snarky Monday thru Sunday QB commentators re: the hiring of Roper.

      There is the first question that Mac can’t answer but others that post here can.

  2. VKBerlin

    Yo go Big Lindsay…….LINDsay……….LINDSAY. (That was a great call eh)

    He did good.


  3. VKBerlin

    What a great day/week Wednesday yehaaaaaaaaaaa Week………March time……….it just never ends Hump day…………Camel Day

    NCAA ski championships start today
    Pac 12 MBB tourney starts today
    NCAA Indoor Track champion starts 2 days
    Lacrosse has Stanford and Cal in town
    Tennis AZ and ASU in town
    Golf Teams looking good….Yup Right Yup.
    Buffs Football 5th practice today then 6th friday 7th saturday


    Note: So there is a feeling/rumor/speculation/facts/knowledge that the Mighty Buff offense from a structure and scheme and play design and plays called will kinda be like last year except this year the offense will “play faster”………. Hmmmmm don’t believe it…………….Playing faster will happen…………faster offensive mind running the show……plays and play sequences are better designed…….. Chev in the box……..Adman and “The Rope” on the sidelines………..No more “deer in the headlights” in the box…Mein Gott ……………The Mighty Buffs offense has been freed…………Freed Freed………yehowwwwwwwww



    • buffnaustin

      Nice. Makes me want to put the pads on and run into someone. Or at least put the pads on and sit on the couch.

  4. tom

    ok, so again csu is getting a game before the showdown. that seems sneeky and a bit underhanded – not in the spirit of the agreement that both teams would open their seasons with this game. so, …
    should cu move its new hampshire game to week zero?
    should RG take this into account when deciding whether to put csu back on the schedule after 2022 …
    certainly, cu shouldn’t be in a position to worry about this … but it still is …

  5. buffnaustin

    Can anyone tell why Bisharat is not panning out? I don’t see enough of the Buffs games to see everyone. Is it he can’t read the line? Is he too slow? is he hesitant in his cuts? Is he another Marcus or Darrell?

    • VKBerlin

      Hmmmm, good question.

      May have been over rated
      Believed his own star ranking
      Came in out of shape and lighter than expected
      Took too long to understand the offense
      Had Mr. Lindsay ahead of him for both frosh and soph years
      Now more mature in all areas.
      This may be his year as “the real power back”
      Stiff competition.
      Can he prove the 4 stars.


      Note: Power back. Buffs need that. go Big Bisharat.

  6. 83Buff

    Stuart, that was a very interesting podcast. I thought that your account of reading the newspaper while driving from Boulder to Montana to be hilarious. A regular appearance on the podcast or a podcast would be great and I’d listen whenever you appeared. Although, I hope no one had small children around while listening, those hosts are rather liberal with the f-bombs, as am I, but it is not for young ears. I was disappointed with your description of Nebraska fans. I have found them to be condescending and poor losers (can never forgive the “Sal’s Dead, Go Big Red” sign). I think that Frost will be modestly successful (similar to Pelini), but won’t compete with the big 3 in the Big 10 (14), Ohio State, Penn State and Wisconsin.

    • ep

      ditto on the Corn cobs. I have inlaws in Lincoln, who are reserved and polite about the whole thing, but there have been too many times my Colorado plates have sparked some pretty trashy behavior on the locals part. One time I got pretty hot in reaction to a horn honk and middle finger, pulled over and invited one particular mouth breather to air it out with me but thankfully he kept on going. I can imagine being in front of a Nebraska judge as a Buff fan.

  7. VKBerlin

    Just gonna leave this here………

    Looking back Athlon. (They rank everything)

    going into…..

    ……………..Team rank…………….hc rank…………talent rank
    2016……………61………………….75………………above 66

    Get the clicks baby get the clicks


    And I say…………….CLICK YOU……


    Lots to agree with in terms of branding. Call it arrogance or ignorance the University let the branding slip a decade ago and has been trying to recover ever since….the good news is that there is lots to build on…Ralphie, altitude etc…

    • Old Codger

      “Nice pic. I do better with pics”

      So true! Makes it easier to write out what passes for your “thoughts” and “opinions,” in crayon!

      What’s your favorite color, “Deep Rough Green” ? OR “Golfball Fluorescent Orange” ? (I recognize that for you, those two colors often merge…)

    • ep

      almost puked when I saw Oregon St and Purdue ahead on branding. Geography doesnt count obviously. Makes sense these days when folks cant see past their phones

  9. VKBerlin

    >i>I’m guardedly optimistic Montez grew a lot last year


    Yes there is a large chance last year was a waste……….for just about everybody.

    I am totally optimistic Montez will grow a ton this year…….Better coaching


  10. ep

    Had to go to Ralphie report for some info on the walk-ons. I am interested when the underdog kids stand out enough to earn a schollie and PT. The Yurachek kid has some mind boggling stats but CU was his only “big school offer.” All the service academies offered him as he looks like a prototype for their teams. He isnt big but he isnt slow either.
    Stuart… their a resource one can turn to for looking at all the walkons and their bios?

  11. VKBerlin

    My job is to give insight.

    Take a memo.


  12. VkBerlin

    Where is that guy that didn’t believe me on Kaiser?


  13. Old Codger

    The problem with guys like Leavitt, is they are like a drug: They bring the energy and the players become dependent on the coach to get them psyched-up and energized.

    Much rather have a guy who encourages the players to “do their job” ala Belichick, rather than become the crutch the players must rely on.

    • VkBerlin

      He did bring the engergy……….His players caught it and made it their own.

      But he also brought brains to the scheme and the play calling.

      Well see if the new coaching team can match the old team.


      Note: Half of the new team didn’t do it last year.


  14. Old Codger

    Montez can see and FEEL the talent surrounding him in the QB Room

    If he screws up, he’s gonna sit while someone else supplants him, maybe FOR GOOD!

  15. Old Codger

    Well said!

    • VKBerlin

      Don’t ya hate it when it just goes right over yur head and ya don’t even know it?

      Well I guess you couldn’t hate that it went over your cause you don’t know it went over your head.

      I was gonna let it ride but………………well you know………..I couldn’t

      Buffs and get off your grass.

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