“Do You (Still) Believe?”


I remember it well.

Completely dominated in the first half … consolation points in the second half.

Yes, CU’s first ever game against UCLA was a complete disaster.

My first-ever game as a Buff fan. September 13, 1980 … the Buffs fell behind the Bruins, 56-0 at halftime, finally losing 56-14.

Over 520 games later, the Buffs once again matched that score, falling in embarrassing fashion to Washington State, 56-14.

Almost everything that could go wrong against the Cougars did, with two fumbles being returned for touchdowns, along with a 98-yard kickoff return. Oh, and CU’s star quarterback, who had endured more sacks than any other quarterback in FBS football, was finally knocked out of a game.

“I’m very sad of how we played,” Coach Prime said. “We practiced hard this past week. We prepared, and to go and display a performance like that it’s not indicative of who we are, what we are, how we are.”

The Buffs are a shell of what they looked like two months ago, falling to 4-7 after losing for the seventh time in eight games.

And the Buff Nation has gone from surprised to joyous to disappointed to frustrated to angry in very short order. (If you don’t believe me, check out some of the comments to the Washington State game coverage, or any Buff Nation message board).

The disappointment and frustration are certainly justified, but anger? Saying the hiring of Coach Prime was a mistake. Saying that last year’s team, which went 1-11 and lost by an average of 29 points per game, could take the current team.

How soon we forget.

It’s only been three months, but remember how CU was viewed in late August, right before the Buffs played their first game under Coach Prime:

— Despite CU being given an over/under win total projection by Las Vegas of 3.5, CBS Sports labeled CU as one of the Pac-12’s “overrated teams“;

— ESPN’s prediction: Coach Prime’s first season at Colorado won’t be pretty – There has been plenty of hype and controversy surrounding Deion Sanders’ move from FCS program Jackson State to Colorado in the offseason. The Buffaloes are going to be one of the most compelling teams in the country, but they’re not going to be very good. It wouldn’t be surprising to see TCU hang half-a-hundred on the Buffaloes in the September 2nd opener;

— CBS’ Dennis Dodd: Deion Sanders has big-timed us all. He only speaks to a few chosen media loyal to the cause. He’s all but told us he is reinventing the game at Colorado … Why do I have a sneaking suspicion Sonny Dykes is going to run it up against the preening Deion?;

Stewart Mandel at the Athletic, in taking the “under” on CU’s 3.5 win projection, stated: “Maybe Deion Sanders will surprise us all, but his unprecedented roster purge does not breed confidence that this will be a markedly better team”;

Tom Luginbill of ESPN went so far as to opine: “You thought UMass was the worst roster in college football. It may be Colorado.”

— (As for me, I had CU finishing with a 5-7 record. I had CU’s fifth win coming against Arizona. Had the Buffs made one more play on offense or defense in teh fourth quarter against the Wildcats, I would have come out looking pretty smart).

With that backdrop, the Buffs shocked the world in the opener by beating No. 17 TCU on the road before a national television audience. A giddy Coach Prime came into the postgame press conference ready to collect some receipts.

Coach Prime called out a few in the media, including ESPN’s Ed Werder, who took a front row seat at the press conference. Keep in mind that the relationship with Sanders and Werder goes back decades, but this was personal for Deion. He took hit after hit over the past eight months. Sanders was talking to Werder directly when he asked, “Do you believe now?”

The networks couldn’t get enough of Colorado, with the Big Noon crew setting up shop in Boulder for several weeks after the TCU win, with ESPN GameDay returning to Boulder for the first time since 1996.

The 3-0 start and national ranking was, as it turned out, too much too fast, and ratcheted up expectations beyond reasonable limits. I remember telling a family member in September during CU’s run that it was like wandering the desert for 20 years, only to have a truck pull up and hit you with a fire hose.

Losses to Oregon and USC were disappointing, but expected. The win on the road against Arizona State renewed hope, only to have the meltdown in the second half against Stanford send the Buffs into a spiral from which they have yet to recover.

Is it time to give up on Coach Prime and his recruiting and coaching philosophies?

To want something different is to beg the question: What better options are there?

Let’s to a little blind date testing. Let’s take a look at how some other first-year head coaches are faring, and see if you would like to trade what we have for what else is out there …

— Coach Prime … taking over a team which went 1-11 in 2022 … 4-7 … two blowout losses (losses by three touchdowns or more) … 1-4 v. ranked teams

— Coach No. 1 … taking over a team which went 8-6 in 2022 … 3-8 … three blowout losses … 0-2 v. ranked teams

— Coach No. 2 … taking over a team which went 4-8 in 2022 … 5-6 … two blowout losses … 0-2 v. ranked teams

— Coach No. 3 … taking over a team which went 3-9 in 2022 … 3-8 … three blowout losses … 0-4 v. ranked teams

— Coach No. 4 … taking over a team which went 3-9 in 2022 … 3-7 … four blowout losses … 0-5 v. ranked teams

— Coach No. 5 … taking over a team which went 7-6 in 2022 … 6-5 … no blowout losses … 0-1 v. ranked teams

All of the above coaches took over teams which were better than Colorado in 2022 … None of the above coaches has had to line up against more ranked teams as Colorado has had to play in 2023.

So … blind taste test … Which of the above coaches would you rather have than Coach Prime?

Take your time … I’ll wait.

Okay, so who are the above coaches?

— Coach No. 1 … Purdue’s Ryan Walters. A former Buff, Walters was a name which was on many list of potential candidates to succeed Karl Dorrell at Colorado. Walters took over a Boilermaker team which went 8-6 last season, and has turned in a 3-8 campaign so far this fall.

— Coach No. 2 … Nebraska’s Matt Rhule. This will be a comparison Buff fans will have to hear about most of the upcoming off-season. Yes, Rhule has more wins, but the Cornhuskers have faced only two ranked teams (one of them being Colorado!), and has wins over Northern Illinois, Louisiana Tech, Illinois, Northwestern, and Purdue.

Coach No. 3 … Arizona State’s Kenny Dillingham. There will be those who will say that Dilllingham is a first-year head coach who is doing things “the right way”, even though he also brought in over 50 new players this off-season. The Sun Devils have played better later in the season than have the Buffs (if falling behind Oregon 42-0 at halftime Saturday qualifies), but the Sun Devils will still finish with a worse record than the Buffs … and have a home loss to Colorado;

Coach No. 4 … Stanford’s Troy Taylor. The other first-year head coach in the Pac-12, Taylor does have the unlikely come-from-behind win over Colorado, but also has been destroyed by four of the five ranked teams Stanford has played (USC: 56-10; Oregon: 42-6; UCLA: 42-7; Oregon State: 62-17);

Coach No. 5 … Wisconsin’s Luke Fickell. I’ve added Fickell here because the former Cincinnati coach was considered, along with Coach Prime, as one of the A+ hires this past off-season. Despite playing in the weak Big Ten West – and playing only one ranked team all season – the Badgers have struggled. Fickell went 57-18 in six seasons at Cincinnati, but his first year in Madison has been a disappointment.

Before you can say that Coach Prime is a disappointment, or worse yet, that he should be replaced, you need to remember where the program was 12 months ago. The 2022 team lost by an average of 29 points per game … lost to ranked teams by an average of six touchdowns per game … was in the bottom ten nationally in almost every offensive and defensive category.

Would any of the above first-year head coaches have done any better with the bare cupboard left behind by Dorrell’s staff?

I’m going with no.

Could any of the above first-year head coaches brought the buzz to Boulder that Coach Prime has brought, with sold out stadiums, record merchandise sales, and record television audiences?

Absolutely not.

The Buffs were destroyed by Washington State, 56-14, the first time CU fans were forced to endure that score since the first game of the 1980 season.

It was awful. It was embarrassing. It was depressing.

But it’s not permanent.

The 1980 team which lost to UCLA 56-14 in the season opener went on to post a the first ten-loss season in program history.

I’m guessing that the future of the program under Coach Prime will fare much better …


33 Replies to ““Do You (Still) Believe?””

  1. Do I Believe? In what, actually? That the Buffs have arrived? (which is what CP implied by the overly assertive posturing he was engaging in early in the season).

    Do I believe they have arrived? Nah. Will they arrive? Hope so, but leaning toward…nah. Why? Because I do believe CP is not committed to what it takes to build a consistent respectable program over a longer period of time, which I believe is what we would all agree that we want. Instead, CP is committed to:
    *Getting his boys exposure for the NFL
    *Getting better O-linemen so that Shedeur can have better protection and better Heisman-like passing numbers
    *Getting Travis or Shedeur a Heisman trophy
    *Not commiting enough to the run to be a consistent winner because the run takes away from gaudy passing numbers. Notice how nobody is really hyping JJ McCarthy from undefeated Michigan for the Heisman? Yeah, they run the ball with authority there.
    *He is not staying at CU past next year,
    i. e. when people asked him about Texas A&M he said, “I’m here.” Which means what? How about, “I love this place and I am committed to building this program over the long haul”–and really mean it.
    *I believe he loves to have fun with the camera and, while it has help to promote and thus benefit the Buff brand, I wonder if that same brand will eventually die by the camera amidst gossip and “scandalous heresay.”

    I sure hope I am off here, but that’s what I believe…for now. Prove me wrong, Coach, and go get an O-line coach and run the ball for 150 yards or more per game. Shedeur will still have plenty of passing numbers. Go Buffs!

  2. just a bit of food for thought
    Does effort suffer when the qb is making millions and doing commercials and the offensive line is eating in cafeteria and being blamed for every bad play.
    just saying human nature kicks in at some point. Not saying it’s an issue but it’s hard to deny the possibility.

    1. I believe Shedeur has taken the offensive line on trips, out to dinners, etc. Like any good QB does.

      After all, Dan Marino got his offensive line Isotoners. Every one. For both hands!

      Go Buffs

  3. Well done Stuart. We had a brutal schedule. I never thought CU would do so well over the 1st 6. Sort of got my hopes/expectations too high. Stanford was a debacle. Looking back, USC was a debacle for 1/2–we beat that team if we were not so bad in the 1st half (TH would have made the difference here). The final 5 (6) games will be disappointing, but overall not blown out except for 2 on the road. Certainly, lost 1 (Stanturd) that we should not have; and another could have gone either way (Zona). We actually played OSU and UCLA decent given our exposed deficiencies. We never play well @WSU–CU is always good for a road stinker: props to Diekart, Oline problems aside, he had our number all night. Last in the Pac12 is disappointing.

    I wonder if the team got gassed to a certain extent. Transfers from lower division stepping up and then the grind of the season. Transfers from good P65 schools, who did not play a ton of snaps. With some transfers, injuries, which every team faces. A few comments:

    1. CU definitely built from the outside in, which was not a resounding success. However, it did permit CU to play/showcase a ton of players. I don’t remember a season where the team played/started so many guys. IMO, year 1 gave a good audition for many players. The locker-room and even Prime are down now, but January and into next Spring, I think the team will get their swagger back. I would say building “outside” was a success, and maybe they can use in selling Transfers/Recruits they can make the difference and improve the inside.

    2. I knew TE would be a problem, but never expected them to be so devoid, that they really do not have a TE group. Michael Harrison played well but is more of slot receiver, just like Antonio. We do not have a Div I TE, much less a P65 TE. Traore was the biggest transfer miss, hands down. We need to get some true TE’s via the both portal and HS. This gives the O so much more flexibility.

    3. We knew the Oline was a weak spot, but I did not think that it would get exposed to the extent that it did. I thought we could at least have one-side of the line with some consistency–get 2 yards.

    3A. We do have some help on the roster once one guy is eligible and if Connor successfully comes back from injury. We will see if any of the FR/SO can step up or others improve. Zilinkis was a pleasant surprise.

    3B. Stocking up Oline/TE. These are most pressing areas of need–so let’s pray on the portal and for a HS recruiting coup. Lot’s of high powered/talent laden teams may have new coaches: MSU [bu-bye Smell], aTm [loaded], Arky, maybe Florida, Miami, North Carolina [Mack retire?], USC, UCLA [IMO, they would be idiots to let Kelly go given that Defense, and no QB], Mich [the school may turn on Harbaugh, and the sign stealing may force some AC departures ala ASU]. Also, some P-12 guys may not like the idea of so much travel. Depending on how well Diekart/Smith [if he is not plucked to go somewhere else] succeed at preventing attrition, there could be some OSU and WSU lineman available.

    2C. I’m more optimistic than many on re-stocking the Oline in the portal. For those naysayers that do not think you a get Oline via the portal Ex. A is Michigan. 4 impact transfers–1 AZ St, 2 Stan, 1 Indiana)–3 start and the other started until recently. Ex. B is Florida State. 3 starters on the line and both TEs, 8 transfers in their Oline/TE 2-deep. Oklahoma 7 transfers in their 2-deep. Louisville, Maryland, Rutgers, same story. Although no double undergrad transfers, grads are still free and it can be done. CU will weigh options on their O coaching staff, so bring if they bring in the right Oline coach/OC, I think players may follow.

    4. CU played a ton of guys, which is good, and there is definitely more talent today, than there was last season. Other than TE (but I was not much of a BR fan), I cannot think of a position group that is worse than last season. Maybe losing Becker, but that was about it. Perhaps LB (Barnes, Semeno, Guy Thomas), but most of those guys were graduating. I would say the Oline was worse, but what is it that you compare it to? We scored over 20 points only once last season.

    5. IMO, as the season progressed the D played better, as CK got further into his D install. Some fans hate CK’s yelling and ill-timed penalties, but they played with much more intensity and talent. The stats do not show it–but with the O sputtering they kept most games closer, than in past years. They still have some holes, but I think that they are trending much better for next season. More turnovers, more sacks, better in red zone,… I don’t think Dline turnover will be as bad as some predict, however they could use an incoming stud/game-changer, if we can find one. It will be interesting once coach Sapp arrives. Ward will be tough to replace. The back end should come back good. We really need a few quality LBs, hopefully one guy that is ++. IMO, a great LB or two, could springboard this D to new heights. The yards given up and scoring average, bug me a some, however when you account for the offensive struggles, the quick score O, and no running game; I feel they are on an upward trajectory.

    6. The coaches will have to re-evaluate everything. I’m not sure the extra-high tempo/octane offense was a good fit during a new D install with all new players. IMO, for something like that to work: (a) you need a very experienced and deep defense; (b) you need an experienced offense; and (c) you just cannot have 3&outs or tons of negative plays. Once CU’s O film was out, IMO other teams knew exactly what to attack and take away (DE is an example, he is good/great player, but they adjusted to him to take him away)–not enough wrinkles, formations, or adjustments. All of this is impossible to do with an utterly exposed Oline and no true TE. Not sure the SL or PS will be here next year. I’m sure O’Boyle is gone since we need a real recruiter here. Whatever they decide: (1) they need to run the ball effectively; (2) keep SS’s upright/minimize negative plays, and (3) control clock when needed. If protected, SS’s can pile up the stats with 25-30 passes, but 35-50 drop-backs is not necessary.

    7. CU looks like a 1st year coaching staff–just like those new HC’s that you mentioned in your article. It takes time for them to gel and learn. Prime is learning too. Coaching to play 4 quarters of complementary football is what you need to be a good team. CU will have some decisions to make. SL may make one for them taking an open job. I doubt PS stays–he will not help recruiting. If SL stays, I think that they will adjust his scheme and tempo stuff and a new Oline coach/recruiting will come in, maybe a Co-Coordinator situation with PS gone. If the D continues upward improvement, the current style is just not complementary.

    7. I hope Vlasset does not go NFL. He tends to kick it low, but he was a real upgrade at punter. They need to continue to use this weapon.

    Overall, I feel that we are closer. We need to give Prime patience and support. Another fan mentioned this and I agree: in the stands, I have never heard so many older arm chair coaches venting so much negativity for a guy in year 1. I guess it is Boulder entitlement or something. If I had one serious b..ch, it would be those late game times. Thank the Lord that we are out of the P12!! I think they will have the brains to demand their #1 draw play during the day, not at 8:30 (pushed back 20 more minutes for meaningless ACC 20+ point hoops game to end).

  4. Coming into this season I told my friends and co-workers I’d be thrilled if Buffs won four games and were more competitive than they’d been last couple of seasons. Nothing I’ve seen this fall changes that for me.

    Media did what media does, which is overreact to a team’s early success. It’s not unique to the Buffs and Coach Prime. For those here old enough to remember the Gerry Faust era at Notre Dame, you’ll remember his first game at ND they defeated LSU and voila they were ranked #1. Ended the year 5-6.

    Whether thru portal or recruiting Buffs need to get better on OL and DL. Also though on offense they need to commit to run game more. I’m a Coach Mac-era Buff who got to CU in ‘85, which was Year One of the wishbone. We weren’t always the prettiest team to watch but we had offensive linemen devoted to blasting forward out of their stances and putting defenders on their asses.

    I’ve still got hope. I’ve forty years invested in my Buffs and I’m not going anywhere. Shoulder to Shoulder.

  5. I am happy to see the overwhelmingly lopsided vote to the poll in favor of Prime being the preferred coach. After all, coach Mac was 1-10 in year 3, and look how that turned out.

    Not one of those other coaches mentioned in the poll sparks a sell out season.

  6. Sorry, Deion Sanders is proving to be Karl Dorrell with gold chains, a posse and a kid who plays QB. They guy can’t coach. Full stop. His promise of “Louis” was a lie. And his best recruits are his kids – and his other kid Travis Hunter.
    Prime was so fixated on getting TH and Shedeur Heismans and NFL deals, he wrecked them physically.

    He’s a huckster, who big mouth put a target on his players backs. Teams hate CU not because we’re good. But because we’re arrogant, Rolex flashing assholes who crater under pressure. Maybe he’ll turn it around. He has to. Because if this doesn’t work, CU football will be buried.

    1. …CU football WAS buried (and left for dead!)
      Anything else IS an improvement 😉
      We literally have nothing to lose with this experiment

    2. The money is already in the bank.

      He can do this year after year for the next 5 years before he is shown the door and it will be the best 5 years since 2001.

      Agree on the attitude aspect. Really childish. Wish they composed themselves more like prime. Loud sure but never negative of others and also has a gold jacket.

    3. I guess the sky is falling. One of my biggest pet-peeves on game day, are those fans sitting down low in the stands that complain after each play expecting those in front to sit down the entire game, and just complaining about something until the moment they depart the stadium.

      It is so bad, that the complaining begins with smaller Ralphie, the crowded stadium, people that won’t sit down, fans that arrive late, then officials, then play calling, then players . . . then all coaches & program).

      FYI, CU football was already buried decades ago, maybe it started with the Hawklove press conference? Was it Dick Tharp or the Bohner?

      At least this year the Buffs have a posse’ and some Div I players on the roster; sold out every home game; and won 4 games, 3 more than last year. If you watched the games, you would see many more players than his kids stepping up. Sure, we had growing pains . . . but what team wouldn’t after a 1-11 season.

  7. I believe that Coach Prime has a tremendous work ethic and desire to learn, improve, and win. Before the season started, I posted that I did not have high expectations for 2023 but 2024 would be when the Buffs would gel. However, during this season, I became frustrated at times, particularly after the Stanford game which felt like an even worse version of the movie long-term fans have seen. Stepping back ad looking at the bigger transformational picture, I still feel that CU will take a big step forward in 2024 and that will be due to CP. This may be the worst losing stretch he has experienced but I will bet on him being the consummate fighter and do what it takes this program back to bowl eligibility next year. Go Buffs!!

  8. Great perspective Stuart. I am not angry about anything this year except the second half of the Stanford game and the end of the first half of the Beavers games. Just completely inexplicable turns of events. Otherwise, just frustrated to think Buffs were so close in most of the other games.

    I think a good question to ask is if Prime went to any of those teams mentioned above would they be better than they are now, considering that Sheduer, Shilo, and Travis come with the package? It could be argued that Wisconsin and Nebraska would be 8 win teams, at least. Not sure about Purdue and ASU, but they’d better than they are now. The QB and Travis makes the biggest difference.

    For example, Wisconsin beat the holers last night in OT. Both teams have mediocre at best QB play. Put Shedeur and Travis on either of those teams and the other team is blown out. Bottom line, Prime will bring the players, he now needs to refine his coaching staff to go from the losing small to winning small to winning big. I don’t think that Lewis, Shurmur or O’Boyle are those coaches. Jury is still out on Kelly and the D coaches.

    Go Buffs, beat the youths and go out on a positive note. Not a completely out of the question proposition. I remember Embree getting an unexpected win in 2011 to end the season. youths have dipped a bit and their pig farmer QB is no Cam Rising.

  9. Thanks for another thought-provoking article, Stuart. And for all you do. Much appreciated.

    I can also appreciate the depth of long-time Buff fans’ frustration. Feels like CU has gone oh-for-November for decades. We simply thirst for a competitive team, a lack of inexplicable nationally televised beat downs, an improving team as the season progresses, and – most of all – a bowl-bound team. A reason to watch the Buffs during the holidays! Man, just that elusive thought warms my soul on a brisk November Sunday morning. Oh well.

    For this long-time Buff fan, alum, and season ticket holder, I still believe. I believe CU will land (another) well-regarded recruiting class and transfer class via the portal. I believe Coach Prime will keep the good players he has. I believe a full off-season under this staff will vastly improve the players, further entrench a winning culture, and improve the efficacy of the best coaching staff CU has had in years.

    I look forward to watching the upcoming Coach Prime series on Amazon Prime, the only such program of any college in the country. More massive and free publicity for CU! I look forward to another sold-out and likely-to-be nationally televised spring game in April.

    I believe all of these things will help push CU football to a successful return to the Big XII next fall. I look forward to watching another season of Buffs football in sold out Folsom Field during which we will welcome back Big Noon Kickoff and College Game Day and untold celebrities and all the free publicity that comes with them.

    I will think of all the untold haters of Coach Prime and CU football whenever I glance up at our new $15 million scoreboard next fall. I will do so with a sense of smugness, bemusement and gratitude knowing that the haters’ bizarre and misplaced rage, negativity, pettiness and, above all, obsession helped fill Folsom Field and Boulder’s hotels and restaurants and CU coffers and helped pay for the Folsom Field upgrade.

    And I am confident to my core in my belief we will at least win the tailgate every single time. Go Buffs!

    1. Most excellent.

      Go Buffs!

      Ps- didn’t they have cameras following them around jsu, too? I believe they did. It ain’t the cameras and videos, I believe.

  10. Still believe?

    Where did all those celebs go?
    Jump the bus?
    Faded into the back ground
    The world loves an underdog………….and winner (first 3 games)
    Balloon blows up drones disappear. (still a droner poster around though) and the Mighty Buffs slip back to 4 and 8 and 1 and 8………….yup predicting it. How many times in say the last 10 years have the Buffs only won 1 conference game. A lot.

    Well I am a believer.
    Prime family growth. This ain’t intramurals boys., The kids games, and laughing and joking, and recording are ovaaaaa. This IMHO is critical…………..sets the tone. The coaches can talk about it all they want in their rah rah speeches but it doesn’t show in Jr’s. practice videos and guess what not in the games.

    I believe in Coach Prime. Why? Cause he is a winner……………..and believes in GOD

  11. Umm Stuart, in your poll you mention ASU’s Dillingham as an improving program….I’ll assume you didn’t watch the Oregon ASU game in Tempe.🤔

    1. I was just going off of the comments, those who claimed that Dillingham, without the glitz and glamour of Coach Prime, was doing a better job in building for the future (won two the last four games; has a better conference record than CU, etc.).

  12. Yes the hype was huge, and only increased with early season success. This could easily be a 6 win team at least. After a #1 bottom 10 ranking at 2022 end…worst in the nation…this is a good start in year 1. Let’s see what CP does recruiting wise, etc.

    1. For some perspective…”the team improved on their 1–11 record from the previous season by then going 4–8”

      Name the coach? Jim Harbaugh
      After taking over at Stanford they went 4-8 the first year he coached the team (2007). By 2010 they were a consistent winner with a 12-1 record. I think these are the heights Coach Prime can take us to, given universal support by the Buff faithful.

  13. I voted to keep Sanders for now. He deserves another year. We need to keep Shedeur if we can.
    If I dont see a much more diverse offense beginning of next year I will be yelling for a change

    1. Yeah, turn the worst program in d1 football, with 20yrs of at best mediocrity, in two years. Two years.

      Damn, your expectations may exceed prime’s.

      Go Buffs

      Ps- wow. Jedd fisch’s post game presser. Listen. Sounds kinda familiar. Oh crap. You can’t. I am the one guy with pac 12 net

  14. Still believe in the long term, absolutely, if Prime sticks around. Disappointing end of the year, to be sure. But anyone who thinks last year’s team could stay on the field with this one didn’t watch last year’s team . . .

  15. There is no coach I want more than Prime now and in the future. It was always a rebuilding year. But Prime, please no more of this because as of right now, it is exactly who we are.

    “I’m very sad of how we played,” Coach Prime said. “We practiced hard this past week. We prepared, and to go and display a performance like that it’s not indicative of who we are, what we are, how we are.”

  16. Well said, Stu. Perspective is important.

    Clichés and coach speak exist for a reason. There’s nuggets of truth in there. Except for two games so far, CU’s had a chance to win every one. And, in both those UO and Wazzu, they played nearly flawlessly, and CU did not. For the rest of the games, it’s the little things. Frustrating losses? No doubt.

    Comparisons to last year’s team or other first year coaches records are also a bit misleading. The best comparison is to what this team could have been. 7 and 5? Sure. Close, but no cigar. Underperforming? Ok. You can make that case, too. I’m also betting Prime and Co have a better sense than anyone of what’s needed (ahem, it’s some more dudes in a few key places).

    To that point, building from the outside in isn’t failed. It got us four wins. Prime knows you need linemen. Are you kidding me thinking he doesn’t? But, how was he going to get them? First priority was the skill guys b/c that’s more his world.

    Now, there’s some proof of concept – this offense can fly if the QB’s protected and the running lanes can get just a little open. We’d like you to come block for us. You in? We’ll see.

    The comparison to Jedd Fisch’s rebuild? And yeah, they pounded Utah today. And guess what? Buffs almost beat them last week.

    Per that story someone posted – thanks for that, nice piece – “That’s always the biggest factor is recruiting. And they’ve done a really nice job in the last three years of infusing talent into the program,” Whittingham said.

    Fisch is in year three. Prime in year one.

    I don’t know that anyone, not even Saban or Dabo or Day, could have brought in some of the talent that Deion has, in year one. I believe he’s not done.

    The Fisch hire was largely questioned. His first year was a disaster. He’s done well recruiting AND? In the portal. They also seemed to have hit the jackpot with Fifita as a very productive surprise backup as a redshirt freshman (although he did likely benefit from spring 2022 in their program). And, Fisch is in year three. Where will CU be then? I believe doing pretty well. With Deion still in town. Heck the schedule alone next year does us some favors.

    Those first three wins were great. Being competitive and watching fun games week to week – for the most part – hasn’t been a given for 20+ years.

    We’ll see how they come out in SLC. Both teams still gotta go play the game.

    From there? Gonna be another interesting off season. I’d actually love to see the staff stay together. Seems like a long shot on the offense, but if they’re really all, all-in? Why not? Go get some dudes and run it back. Defense has seemed to be improving, and I’d expect more going into next year.

    I believe. Still.

    Go Buffs

    1. Ok Eric I’ll bite.
      The outside-in experiment was a failure because the Buffs are the worst team in the Pac12. The lack of O- and D-lines wore this team down through the season and made them one dimensional. I think most of us expected it would happen. Doesn’t mean it’s not frustrating. I think the coaches could have done a little better.
      And also, back to Stu’s first year coach comparison. It’s a fair comparison, sure. But at the end of the season, Stanford and ASU will have better conference W-L records than our Buffs. I guess I feel conference wins and standings are important.
      In any event, I completely agree next year will be better, and we have the right coaches to get us there.

      1. Hey loco, I believe if they could have gotten the 300lb dudes who run a 4.8 40 and have high football iq, they would have.

        The outside in philosophy was due to need and expedience.

        As has been pointed out, you can watch the games and see the needs.

        I believe more will get filled this off season.

        and to the inevitable question of those who left in the transition? How many were significant contributers on their new teams?

        Gotta have some dudes. And the pac 12 is the best conference top to bottom, which matters. Gimme big tenty west, and we are at the sun bowl

        Go Buffs

      2. Outside-in experiment did not work in the end, for this year. I do not think the Outside-in approach was by Prime or anyone else’s design. It was how the player’s broke given the talent that they could bring in–easier to get WR/RB with SS than Oline. Traore was by far the worst transfer miss.

        The Dline seemed to improve to me since 2nd half of USC. They just made more plays. I think the staff overestimated their initial evals of the Oline and the impact transfers stepping up a Division playing an entire season. Agree, the Oline wore down. No TE was a killer too.

        Also, we cannot underestimate this year’s brutal schedule… Our breather game, Stanturd which we found a way to lose. CSU should have been a breather, but they came to play. IMO, given the close games, after 5 games in CU was beat up. 2nd half of USC kept momentum.

        Overall, I believe we are pointed in the right direction. The D is better, and will get better. The O coaching and Oline/TE positions will improve with more bodies/players, and I still want to see a healthy McCaskill. I like our RB room, but could be the special sauce.

  17. Come next September I won’t as depressed about our Buffs. But for know I just feel like I’ve been in this dream for a really long time. GO BUFFS!🦬🖤💛

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