CU at the Game Podcast … “T.I.P.S.” for CU at Arizona State / Post-Mortem on CU’s loss to Minnesota

Normally, a “post-mortem” is not taken at its literal definition of “after death”, but the 30-0 loss by CU to Minnesota left Buff fans feeling like there had been a death in the family. It was an inept performance by the Colorado offense – one for the record books. Stuart, Brad and Neil dissect the loss to the Gophers before moving on to recount the Saturday night massacre which was the performance by other Pac-12 South teams in Week Three.

Week Four, however, brings about the beginning of the conference season for most of the Pac-12, with Colorado opening up on the road against Arizona State.  The second half of the podcast is our “T.I.P.S.” for the battle in the desert against the Sun Devils. Can the Buffs rebound and defeat Herm Edwards and ASU for a third straight game? Let’s find out …

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2 Replies to “CUATG Podcast: “T.I.P.S.” for CU at Arizona State”

  1. The Drew Carter question is going to be persistent. Heck, I thought it against UNC. Again with ATM, and again last week. And again now. Most of us have, are, and will.

    As Rob points out, as have many others when CU has been reluctant to play freshmen “what about all the other freshmen who start at other programs?” Totally fair question.

    My answer is usually along the lines of “not all freshmen are created equal, regardless of ‘star rating'”. Gonzalez has been a great example of one who was thrown into the fire, and held his own pretty well, too.

    So, here’s my deepest hope and straw-grabbing for young Mr. Carter. He’s also a pretty good basketball player. I think as a point guard? What do good point guards do? They anticipate. They – as Gretzky famously said about the puck – and I’m paraphrasing, but… they put the ball where the player is going to be, on time, not where the player is (or was). That is the crux of what we’ve seen w/ B-Lew. He has completely missed that mark, even against UNC. How that materialized that way? We can debate forever.

    I’m just hoping that A) Drew gets the start, even if with a limited playbook and B) is able to play within the timing constructs of this west-coast based offense. You gotta throw to a spot and trust the receiver will be there when the ball gets there. Maybe get B-lew in there for some wildcat or stuff like that.

    Without that timing in the passing game, I fear the offense may again struggle to get first downs, let alone points.

    Go Buffs

  2. Thanks for the pod cast. Hard to get excited for this season all of a sudden. Man I think they have to change something. You say throwing Carter to the wolves, what about all of the other freshman that start? Why is our freshman so bad compared to them. He literally cannot be worse than Lewis. I am sorry for the young man but righ5 now the game is beyond him. I practiced with a D1 team a long long time ago. I will tell you from experience it was a blur of color and sound during a scrimmage. Heck, the lineman didn’t even block me on one play becuase I was so confused and just standing in the middle of the field. At this level recievers are coming open for an instant, and I agree with your discussion in that he is either forced through a specific progression and not getting there, he is fundamentally not able to predict the opening, or he is so cautious with the ball that he is not willing to release it until he sees them open and by the time he winds up they are no longer open. Drew Carter for bad or good, hits is mark and let’s the ball fly. Sometimes it is a bit off but he was getting the ball out in sub 3 seconds which means he has a read, trusts it and goes, Lewis holds the ball for 4+ seconds almost every time…

    Go to the read option on every play with Lewis, or keep your base offense in and switch to Carter. I like Dorrell but the definition of insanity is trying the same thing and expect ting different results.

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