Colorado Daily – Bye Week

September 22nd

… CU in a few minutes … 

Chip to host golf tournament to raise money for spirit squad … and a new t-shirt cannon

From … Chip the Buffalo is now internet infamous due to last week’s “Mascot Hit In Groin By Accidental T-Shirt Cannon Discharge” video clip that set social media on fire. Now the Colorado Buffaloes mascot is doing something to rectify the circumstances of the excruciatingly painful mishap.

The incident that played out for all the social media world to see occurred last Saturday during Colorado’s 45-14 win over the New Hampshire Wildcats at Folsom Field. Somehow, the T-shirt cannon discharged and was unfortunately aimed straight at the groin of Chip the Buffalo.

The poor mascot crumpled to the ground in obvious agony and had to be removed from the sidelines on a cart.

Thankfully, Chip the Buffalo returned to the game, evidently bruised and battered but not beaten.

Which brings the event’s aftermath into this week when on Thursday, Chip announced a golf tournament which will raise funds for travel expenses, jerseys and most importantly, “better T-shirt cannons,” the tweet reads:

“I’m hosting a golf tournament with @CUBuffsDance and @CUBuffsCheer to raise money for CU Spirit! Proceeds go towards travel expenses, jerseys, and better t-shirt cannons! For more information go to”

As noted in the tweet, Chip will be assisted by the Colorado dance team and cheerleading squad. Let’s just hope Chip leaves the T-shirt cannon behind and does not inadvertently walk into the line of fire of any golfer. The last thing Chip needs is to further his online infamy with a “Mascot Hit In Groin By Golf Ball At Fundraiser For New T-Shirt Cannon Inspired By Being Previously Hit In Groin By Accidental T-Shirt Cannon Discharge” video. That would not be good. Chip the Buffalo has been through enough, for crying out loud.


September 21st

… CU in a few minutes … 

Mike MacIntyre post-practice talk with media (Fri.)

From YouTube, courtesy of CUSportsNation:


September 20th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Video: BuffStampede featuring former CU quarterback Joel Klatt

From YouTube, from BuffsTV. Mark Johnson and Gary Barnett recap the New Hampshire game – plus: conversation with former Buff quarterback (and now No. 1 Fox analyst) Joel Klatt:

CU Athletic Director Rick George: “I’m pleased but not satisfied”

From the Daily Camera … From inside an office that did not exist three years ago, Rick George has a stunning view of Folsom Field and the majestic Flatirons that rise above it in the distance.

Most pleasing to George, however, is the view of Colorado’s athletic department and how far it has come during his five years as the Buffaloes’ athletic director.

“The first five has come and gone and now we’re focused ahead on No. 6,” said George, who hit his five-year anniversary last month. “It’s gone fairly quickly and, again, mostly good and a few things not so good. Overall, I like the direction we’re headed.”

To this point, George’s tenure has been defined by unprecedented fundraising, construction of The Champions Center and the indoor practice facility (IPF) for football, significant improvements in gender equity within the department, and a strong commitment to the student-athletes.

His efforts have helped the Buffs achieve new heights academically, while becoming more competitive in football and other sports.

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Mike MacIntyre post-practice talk with media (Thurs.)

From YouTube, courtesy of

CU offense averaging more than six yards on first down this season

From … “Folsom Fast” is more than just a trendy catchphrase.

The Colorado Buffaloes’ offense is indeed operating at a high tempo — and doing so with great efficiency and effectiveness.

In three games thus far, the 3-0 Buffs are averaging 41 points and 494 yards per game, and they are doing it in relatively balanced fashion: 289.3 yards per game in the air and 204.3 yards per game on the ground, with eight touchdowns passing and seven rushing.

But perhaps most impressive is the efficiency with which the Buffs are operating: 10 of CU’s 19 offensive scoring drives this year (including field goals) have taken less than two minutes off the clock.

It is the kind of attack that can take a physical toll on a defense and put pressure on an opposing offense.

The key has been Colorado’s first-down plays. On 100 first-down snaps this year, CU has averaged 6.6 yards per play — more than 2 yards per snap than last year’s 4.5 average. Even when you take away last week’s 75-yard Travon McMillian run on first down last week against New Hampshire, the Buffs are still averaging nearly 6 yards per first-down snap.

“That’s huge — getting it done on first down,” CU co-offensive coordinator Darrin Chiaverini said after Wednesday’s practice. “If you can get more than 5 yards on first down and put yourself in a second-and-short situation, it allows me as a play-caller to be more aggressive. We’ve been able to execute at a high level on first down and get ourselves into a lot of second-and-shorts or third-and-shorts. When you do that, it puts a defense on its heels right away because you’re moving the chains.”

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September 19th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Mike MacIntyre on bye week practices: “We have a lot to work on”

From the Daily Camera … The record might be perfect, but the Colorado football team is far from it three games into the season.

On Wednesday, the Buffaloes (3-0) returned to the practice field for the first time since their 45-14 win against New Hampshire on Saturday, and while they have a bye this week, they aren’t basking in the glow of their start.

Pac-12 Conference play begins on Sept. 28, when UCLA (0-3) comes to Boulder, and head coach Mike MacIntyre said this week is all about getting better.

“It’s a little bit on UCLA and a lot on us,” he said of the practice agenda this week. “We have a lot of things (to work on). We went back over all three games and looked at the different things we weren’t doing as well and we’re trying to fix those. Some of them were assignment-oriented, some of them were technique-oriented, and working on all of that type of stuff.”

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Mike MacIntyre post-practice talk with media (Wed.)

From YouTube, courtesy of

Bowl projections … consensus that 3-0 CU won’t go 2-7 in Pac-12 play in 2018

USA Today Pac-12 Bowl projections:

Rose … Washington v. Ohio State

Alamo … Stanford v. Oklahoma State

Holiday … Oregon v. Michigan

San Francisco … Colorado v. Northwestern

Sun … Arizona State v. Boston College

Las Vegas … Washington State v. Boise State

Cheez-It … USC v. Kansas State

First Responders (replacement for Big Ten) … Utah v. Florida State

Pinstripe (replacement for Big Ten) … Cal v. North Carolina State

CBS Sports Pac-12 Bowl projections:

Rose … Washington v. Penn State

Fiesta … Stanford v. UCF

Alamo … Utah v. Texas

Holiday … USC v. Iowa

San Francisco … Oregon v. Minnesota

Sun … Colorado v. Louisville

Las Vegas … California v. Boise State

Cheez-It … Washington State v. UNLV

Sports Illustrated Pac-12 Bowl projections:

Rose … Stanford v. Penn State

Peach … Washington  v. Mississippi State

Alamo … Oregon v. Oklahoma State

Holiday … Colorado v. Michigan

San Francisco … Cal v. Northwestern

Sun … USC v. Boston College

Las Vegas … Washington State v. Boise State

Cheez-It … Utah v. UNLV

Frisco Bowl (replacement for MAC) … Arizona State v. Houston

ESPN Pac-12 Bowl projections (two pickers):

Rose … Stanford or Washington v. Penn State

Fiesta Bowl … Washington v. Notre Dame or Stanford v. Boise State

Alamo … Oregon or Washington State v. West Virginia

Holiday …  Colorado or Oregon v. Iowa

San Francisco … Washington State v. Minnesota or Arizona State v. Indiana

Sun … Arizona State v. Boston College or Utah v. Duke

Las Vegas … California v. either Boise State or Fresno State

Cheez-It … Utah or USC v. Iowa State

First Responders Bowl (replacement for Big Ten) … USC  or Colorado v. North Texas





September 18th

… CU in a few minutes … 

CBS Bottom 25 heard from Nebraska fans after CU loss … but now in the Bottom Ten after their loss to Troy

From CBS Sports … Every week when I release the Bottom 25, I catch flak from fans, either in my inbox or more often in my Twitter mentions. It’s part of the territory when it comes to ranking the worst teams in the country. The majority of the vitriol comes from those who are new to the Bottom 25 and don’t know how it works. They believe these rankings are based on my opinion and not on a statistical formula that measures teams by how they’ve played in the current season to that point in time.

Since it happens so often, it’s easy to ignore, but once in a while, the anger burns so hot that I can’t help but pay attention to it. Last week was one of those weeks. Suffice to say that Nebraska fans were not pleased with discovering their Cornhuskers ranked at No. 19 in last week’s Bottom 25, and they let me hear about it. A lot of them. Hell, some even wrote about it (I’m still not sure what I wrote about Nebraska that deserved a “sigh” in response, but at least they didn’t call me any names).

Every time I checked Twitter, there was somebody with a Nebraska logo as their avatar, or “Big Red” in their handle calling me some variety of an idiot with plenty of colorful variations. Then Nebraska lost to Troy on Saturday, and I haven’t heard much of anything since. Now, I’m a college football fan, and when I watch games, I’m not rooting for anybody as much as I’m rooting for the entertainment and a good story. But I won’t lie to you. When Nebraska lost to Troy on Saturday, I didn’t feel bad for it.

I hope it wins this week, just like I hope every team wins, but last week I was all right with its loss.

21. Colorado State (1-3) … Sorry, Rams fans, I know you beat Arkansas, but the reason you’re ranked ahead of it here is that third loss that the Hogs don’t have yet. (NR)

10. Nebraska (0-2) … I understand why Nebraska fans were upset last week, but there’s one fact that shouldn’t be ignored about the current state of this program. Scott Frost brings hope, yes, but even so, Nebraska is now 4-12 in its last 16 games. That includes a record of 2-7 at home. A road trip to Michigan is up next. (19 last week)

8. UCLA (0-3) … Arkansas, Florida State, Nebraska, and UCLA are currently in the Bottom 25. Arizona was last week and got out after beating Southern Utah. The lesson here is never to hire a new coach. They’re bad for business. As for UCLA, it’s off this week before it hits the road to take on Colorado. (21)

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Chip Kelly on Laviska Shenault: “They may have the best receiver in the league right now”

From the Daily Camera … Statistics suggest that Colorado sophomore Laviska Shenault is one of the best receivers in the country in the early stages of the college football season.

It’s how Shenault is achieving his success that really impresses UCLA head coach Chip Kelly, however.

After both teams’ bye this week, CU (3-0) will host UCLA (0-3) on Sept. 28, and Kelly said Shenault certainly has his attention.

“They may have the best receiver in the league right now,” Kelly said during Tuesday’s Pac-12 coaches teleconference.

Shenault leads the country with 151.7 receiving yards per game, while ranking fourth with 8.7 catches per game. Of the 21 players nationally with 20-plus catches this season, Shenault’s 17.5-yards per catch average ranks third.

… “It is dangerous when you have a player that can line up in so many different spots,” Kelly said. “You see it a lot in the National Football League. You’re going to have one guy shadow a guy, but then they line him up all over the place. It tells you the type of player he is, because not everybody can do that. That’s a lot easier said than done, to be able to learn different positions and be effective at that many different positions.”

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Almost half of the CU starting lineup has come from the past two recruiting Classes

From Neill Woelk at …  Tucked away on Page 51 of the Colorado Football media guide is a relatively small chart that tells a big story.

“How The Buffs Were Built” lists every recruiting class member, transfer and walk-on on the current Colorado Buffaloes’ roster.

Along with a snapshot of how the current roster was compiled, it also provides excellent insight into how CU coaches have constructed the 2018 Buffs — and how the last two recruiting classes have built a foundation that could be the cornerstone for long-term success in Boulder.

A statistic that jumps out?

Of the 29 starters and co-starters on most-recent depth chart (27 position players and two specialists), 13 of them — nearly 45 percent — come from the last two recruiting classes. That means that nearly half of the starting lineup members who have produced a 3-0 start this year will be back for at least one more year, and several for as many as three.

If you are a CU football fan, those are numbers that will breed optimism.

If you are a CU football coach, those are numbers that signal your recruiting efforts have the program on an upward trajectory — and at the same time, make you want to continue that recruiting trend. (Colorado coaches are, by the way, out on the recruiting trail this week, taking advantage of the bye week).

The upward recruiting trajectory is the result of a number of factors, beginning with head coach Mike MacIntyre‘s building his staff.

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September 17th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Buff Backer Davion Taylor looking to apply his track speed to his pass rush

From the Daily Camera … Despite his limited experience in football, Davion Taylor came to the Colorado Buffaloes this year hoping to make an impact.

So far, the junior college transfer has been a great addition to the defense for the Buffs (3-0), who have a bye this week.

“He’s gotten better each and every week,” CU head coach Mike MacIntyre said after Saturday’s 45-14 win against New Hampshire. “Football is a little bit new to him. He has that explosive athleticism. He caused a big fumble last week in the game also. I’m excited about Davion and where he’s improving.”

Playing at the Buff back position, Taylor had his biggest play of the season during the second quarter against UNH, picking up a fumble and taking it 14 yards for a touchdown. He also had a fumble recovery against Nebraska on Sept. 8 and has been in on several tackles.

Taylor grew up in Mississippi, but did not play football in high school. He then went to Coahoma (Miss.) Community College, where he played two seasons and took the game quickly.

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Buffs looking to stay sharp during bye week

From the Daily Camera … There may never be a perfect time for the bye week to pop up during the college football season.

No matter when the bye falls into place, there are pros and cons.

Yet, after rolling past New Hampshire 45-14 on Saturday at Folsom Field to complete a three-game sweep of the non-conference schedule, Colorado players said the bye is coming at a good time.

The Buffaloes (3-0) will take this week off before opening Pac-12 play on Sept. 28 when UCLA (0-3) comes to Boulder.

“I think this is a perfect time for the bye,” quarterback Steven Montez said. “It gives us time to get locked in and get ready for Pac-12 play.”

A year ago, the Buffs played 11 straight games before the bye week preceded the season finale. This year, the Buffs have their earliest bye since 2013.

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Neill Woelk: Ten Takeaways from CU’s win over New Hampshire

From … After two emotional games to start the season, the Colorado Buffaloes went to work Saturday and methodically disposed of an FCS opponent.

The win, which improved their record to 3-0, earned them a few more votes in the weekly polls, as they emerged Sunday high on the list of “others receiving votes” in both the AP and USA Today voting (29th in both).

But in terms of drama, Saturday’s game at a sun-splashed Folsom Field didn’t budge the needle. There was no rivalry to stir up emotions, no do-or-die situation for the home team, and by halftime, no doubt about who the better team was.

Still, we learned a little more about the 3-0 Buffs, who will now spend the better part of the next two weeks preparing for their Sept. 28 Pac-12 opener against UCLA under the Folsom Field lights (7 p.m., FS-1).

But, before we start looking ahead to a visit from Chip Kelly and the Bruins, we’ll take one last look at Saturday’s win. There was more to it than meets the eye.

Our weekly 10 Takeaways:

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CU’s Phillip Lindsay sets NFL rookie record

From … Terrell Davis let the right man rock his No. 30.

Denver Broncos rookie Phillip Lindsay channeled the Hall of Fame running back through the first two weeks, becoming the first undrafted free agent in NFL history with 100-plus scrimmage yards in each of his first two games.

The former Colorado running back gobbled up 107 yards on 14 carries in Sunday’s come-from-behind victory over the Oakland Raiders. The 5-foot-8, 190-pound back displays Terrell Davis-like vision through the second-level, sheds tackles with ease, has power to run through defenders, offers lightning quick speed to run past them and quickness in tight quarters.

He is a good football player, not only as a running back, but as a guy who covers kicks for us and as a guy who catches the football for us,” Broncos coach Vance Joseph said after Sunday’s win, via the Denver Post. “He’s the total package football player. He’s been really impressive.”

It’s an indictment of the draft that 32 teams passed on the 24-year-old scat back time, after time, after time, after time, after time, after time, after time. Credit the undrafted free agent for not letting his status dissuade his determination. Lindsay runs like a man trying to prove he belongs every touch.

Lindsay has already passed third-round running back Royce Freeman, out-touching his fellow-first-year player 32-to-23 through two weeks. Between the two rookies, however, the Broncos backfield is stockpiled with young talent.

John Elway might have had his troubles finding a long-term solution at quarterback, but the GM hit a home run with young, cheap talent in the backfield in 2018.


September 16th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Buffs edge closer to the Top 25 in the latest national polls

From CBS Sports … The top four of the newest AP Top 25 remains the same, but voters have restructured the middle of the playoff pack. Georgia has moved up one spot to No. 2 over Clemson following the Bulldogs’ 49-7 win over Middle Tennessee. While there’s not much of a takeaway from that win, Clemson did have some problems pulling away from Georgia Southern 38-7.

Elsewhere, LSU made a six-spot jump up to No. 6 after beating Auburn, which fell to No. 9. Washington and Penn State tied for the 10th place spot. Oklahoma State also jumped up nine spots to No. 15 after beating Boise State 44-21. The Broncos fell out of the top 25 entirely after the loss. Wisconsin also dropped 12 spots to No. 18 after being upset at home by No. 25 BYU.

… Only three teams from the Pac-12 remain in the poll (all from the North Division). Five Pac-12 teams are on the list of others receiving votes, led by Colorado, in at No. 29 nationally …

1. Alabama
2. Georgia
3. Clemson
4. Ohio State
5. Oklahoma
6. LSU
7. Stanford … up two from last week
8. Notre Dame
9. Auburn
10. Penn State
10. Washington … same as last week
12. West Virginia
13. Virginia Tech
14. Mississippi State
15. Oklahoma State
16. UCF
17. TCU
18. Wisconsin
19. Michigan
20. Oregon … same as last week
21. Miami (FL)
22. Texas A&M
23. Boston College
24. Michigan State
25. BYU

Dropped out … No. 17 Boise State … No. 17 USC … No. 23 Arizona State

Others Receiving Votes: Iowa (3-0) 64; Boise State (2-1) 62; Duke (3-0) 61; Colorado (3-0) 49; California (3-0) 40; Kentucky (3-0) 38; South Florida (3-0) 14; Texas (2-1) 12; North Carolina State (2-0) 10; Arizona State (2-1) 9; Missouri (3-0) 8; Utah (2-1) 6; San Diego State (2-1) 5; South Carolina (1-1) 4; North Texas (3-0) 4; Syracuse (3-0) 2; Washington State (3-0) 2

USA Today/Coaches poll: 

1. Alabama
2. Clemson
3. Georgia
4. Ohio State
5. Oklahoma
6. LSU
7. Stanford
8. Notre Dame
9. Penn State
10. Virginia Tech
11. Auburn
12. Washington
13. West Virginia
14. Mississippi State
15. Oklahoma State
16. Wisconsin
17. TCU
18. UCF
19. Oregon
20. Miami (FL)
21. Michigan
22. Texas A&M
23. Michigan State
24. Boise State
25. Boston College

Others Receiving Votes: Kentucky (3-0) 98; Duke (3-0) 55; South Florida (3-0) 45; Colorado (3-0) 41; South Carolina (1-1) 40; Iowa (3-0) 36; Washington State (3-0) 35; BYU (2-1) 30; Missouri (3-0) 21; North Carolina State (2-0) 19; Appalachian State (1-1) 13; Syracuse (3-0) 11; California (3-0) 11; Utah (2-1) 10; Cincinnati (3-0) 10; Texas (2-1) 9; North Texas (3-0) 5; Troy (2-1) 4; Minnesota (3-0) 3; Arizona State (2-1) 3; Florida (2-1) 3; San Diego State (2-1) 3; Arkansas State (2-1) 2; Tennessee (2-1) 2; Vanderbilt (2-1) 2; Houston (2-1) 2; Fresno State (2-1) 1

25 Replies to “Colorado Daily – Bye Week”

  1. The Rick George article was fantastic. It’s nice that we now have grown ups running our athletics. The idea of updating the west side of Folsom field is very interesting. Go buffs

  2. Shees,

    George Recruiting coordinator 1987-91, Pretty good talent brought in and results. He must have known what the job requirements really were/are. He saw that in Chev, hence the hire.


      1. Straws? You talking about Straws. You ol ice cream parlor poster. Sheesh.


        Note: California don’t allow no straws. Your done eh? You gots to move.

  3. OFFENSIVE LINE GRADES. (Best grade of the 3 games played
    the lower the better.
    Scale: 0.00-1.90 phenomenal performance; 1.91-2.09 all-conference caliber or better; 2.10-2.25 starting caliber; 2.41-2.60 average; 2.61-4.0 below average

    A. HAIGLER ……….. 2.59 /
    J. KAISER …………… 2.42 /
    T. LYNOTT …………. 2.53 /
    J. MORETTI ……….. 2.62 /
    C. PURSELL ……….. 2.42 /
    K. KUTSCH ………… 2.63
    W. SHERMAN …….. 2.23
    B. TONZ …………….. 2.36 /

    The Oline is basically average. It has been enough so far. Hopefully it will enough over the next 9 to get that bowl game and those extra practices.

    Mighty Buffs.

    Note: This Oline depth is so very young.

    1. Kornkob Kommunity Kollege is 0 and 2 and about to be 0 and 3. But they have scheduled bethune -cookman on October 27th, so that is a plus.

      5 and 7 looks very possible for the Kornkobs. 62-36 sent them into the spiral down the rat hole of mediocrity where they still reside. 33-28 kept them there and started off the frosty era correctly.
      Up Your Buffalo

      Buffs may not beat the Kornholers every time, but when they do, for the Holer fans it is Life Shattering.

  4. Wow. From the guy who allegedly never looks at himself and never takes the blame, there’s Mac – again – saying the punt return issues/decision making problems are on him. And, he’s taken that over and is working w/ the return guys to fix it.

    Go Buffs

    1. He is learning again. He was unavailable last year. He was pouting and so was the team. Team stunk. He admitted he was not focused or involved or as motivated as he should have been.

      He admitted it

      He is involved this year. Taking responsibility. So there ya have it.

      Up the Buffalo

      1. Oh LaVark, that is your narrative. What Mac actually said is he was less available because he was overly focused on… recruiting.

        And yes, dude is always learning. Always looking for a better way. Always.

        You claim he only takes credit and never blame. Wrong.

        You claim he hit his “Peter principle” limit at SJSU. Wrong.

        The good news? Maybe, just maybe, your claims and opinions are evolving, based on facts. That would be good.

        I just hope you don’t blow a gasket climbing aboard the Mac train.

        Go Buffs.

        1. He did say that, but he also said he found areas where he and the staff were not focused as they should.

          Earache, you never present all the truth like me.

          into the valley rode the 6 hundred. Led by you.


        2. His peter principle was hit. When he had that good ol DC coach. Ol whats his name. Wonder how Oregon Defense is ranked. Asking for a friend.

          And last year he told a 5th year senior captain that he didn’t know a thing about the preparedness and attitude of the team. Well he shoulda listened to him. But his ego wouldn’t let him. But he is Mac.

          I hope he continues to grow. Firing Lindgren says maybe he has. Well see how the season plays out.

          So lucky he got Chev. So lucky. Changed everything.


          1. The Oregon defense? That’s hilarious. You scoffed at OSU’s offensive prowess, due to their competition. Yet, they at least played OSU (the other one, as a reminder). Oregon? They’ve done a tremendous job shutting down St. Mary’s School for the Deaf and Blind’s blistering offense. Three times.

            Now again, Leavitt’s a good coach. No doubt. He also benefited from having half his starters from 2016 get into, or at least a shot at the NFL. Let’s not forget that. Wonder who recruited those guys?

            Go Buffs

  5. Heard a great interview with Phil Lindsay on Adam Schefter’s podcast. What an amazing kid. Proving them all wrong for passing him up for the combine and in the draft. Go Phil. Go Buffs. Go Broncos.

  6. Mac couldn’t make the pac conference call. He was in the mountains. Recruiting like crazy up in them there mountains for sure. Gotta check 247 to see the Colorado recruits.

    Go Buffs.

    Note: Pretty impressive recruiting since the facility and chev arrived. You can teach an ol dog new tricks eh?

    1. Oh man, chido, tedrick, akhello… it was harder to get nfl guys closer to the lost decade, my man. Yet Mac did it. The more wins they have gotten since then, the better recruits have followed. Certainly facilities and Chev help. But come on. Didn’t you just say this weekend you were giving credit where it is due? Mac deserves a lot of credit for improving the roster since he got here, no?

      Go Buffs

  7. Would love to think that the upgrade in recruiting talent is all a function of our coaching staff and their efforts/talents. But, I think the upgraded facilities need to be mentioned as a major factor. I remember when I was an 18 year old kid, and can imagine what I would have thought of walking into the Champions Center.

  8. I still remember thinking that the Buffs had wasted a recruiting slot by picking up Phillip Lindsay at 5’9″ and 170 pounds. I couldn’t have been more wrong about a player than I was with him. Now he is doing the same things he did with the Buffaloes with the Broncos against the best talent in football. Pardon my misjudgment Mr Lindsay.

    1. Seems like Mac can recognize character and heart. t here hasn’t been much trouble with the kids since he has been here. Even 2 of them dismissed had the where with all to work their way back on the team.

      1. EP, I think Mac not only recognizes character and heart, but also is a pretty shrewd evaluator of talent, projecting how kids can/will develop, and actually helping them develop into their full potential.

        The real fun is just starting. If this season keeps unfolding like we think/hope it can (8-4, 9-3, or better?) and they’re competing for, or winning another Pac 12 South title (dare I say win the conference)?

        I think we’ll see more of those big, talented, smart, man-children this program needs on both lines coming aboard.

        Then the thing to worry about is what Mac’s seen on Cutcliffe’s side that he’s mentioned before. Some of those “dudes” come with attitudes that end up doing more harm than their talent does good, to the program.

        But, circling back to your original point, hopefully his eye for character helps mitigate that.

        Either way, it’s nice to see the trajectory of the program continuing to show The Rise Is Real, and 2017 was more of an expected setback than a reversion to the program’s “lost decade”.

        Go Buffs.

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