September 23rd – Boulder           No. 7 Washington 37, Colorado 10

Colorado looked to avenge a 41-10 loss to Washington in the 2016 Pac-12 championship game. Instead, it was a repeat, with the Buffs falling 37-10.

The previous December, the Buffs were down only 14-10 at halftime against the Huskies, but turnovers doomed the Buffs in the second half. In the 2017 Pac-12 conference opener, the Buffs were down only 10-7 at halftime, but turnovers doomed the Buffs in the second half. A pick six thrown by CU quarterback Steven Montez late in the third quarter turned a 17-10 game into a rout.

For the game, Montez completed 21-of-27 passes for 171 yards, but also had three interceptions. His counterpart for the Huskies, Jake Browning, was not much more effective, completing 11-of-21 for 160 yards, with one touchdown and one interception. The difference on the stats sheet came on the ground. Myles Gaskin went for 202 yards on 27 carries, including a 57-yard score to add insult to injury late. CU’s leading rusher, Phillip Lindsay, had 68 yards on 19 carries, posting the Buffs’ lone score.

“This is the best team in the North (division) that we’ll play and they’re a really good football team that’s really well coached”, said CU head coach Mike MacIntyre. “They beat us tonight. We’ve got some things to work on and improve on just like every game. When something happens, they make you pay for it. That’s what good teams do. We do that too. We’ll do that a couple times this year too.”

For a team looking for redemption for their 41-10 Pac-12 championship game loss the previous December, the opening drive of CU’s game against Washington went about as well as any Buff fan could have scripted.

Before a rain-soaked crowd of 47,666, the Buffs quickly moved the ball into Husky territory thanks to a pair of completions from quarterback Steven Montez to wide receiver Juwann Winfree (going for eight and nine yards, respectively) and some quick hitting runs by Phillip Lindsay. Near midfield, Montez hit Devin Ross for a 22-yard gain to the Washington 21-yard line, following by a 13-yard completion to Byrce Bobo for a first-and-goal at the eight. On third-and-goal at the one, Lindsay finished off the 11-play, 75-yard drive with a one-yard run.

Colorado 7, Washington 0, with 10:24 to play in the first quarter.

The Huskies looked to respond on their first drive, with a 25-yard completion from quarterback Jake Browning to wide receiver Dante Pettis getting the Washington offense its first first down of the game. The Huskies would not make it past midfield, however, as a deep pass by Browning on a third-and-nine at the Washington 44 was intercepted by Buff safety Afolabi Laguda at the CU 17-yard line.

The Colorado offense next pieced together a second consecutive 11-play drive, but this drive netted only 43 yards, with the Buffs stalling at the Washington 40-yard line. A nice punt by Alex Kinney, downed at the Washington four, was nullified when Buff reserve wide receiver Lee Walker ran into the punt returner, setting up the Huskies at their 27-yard line.

The ensuing Washington drive made it deep into Colorado territory, with the Huskies making it to the Buff 10-yard line before stalling. There, Washington kicker Tristan Vizcaino was called upon for a 32-yard field goal. The attempt went wide, however, and the Buffs retained their 7-0 lead early in the second quarter.

The Buffs failed, though, to take advantage. On third-and-three at the 27, Steven Montez was flushed from the pocket. He ran up the middle, and could have made a first down, but slid instead. He was marked down at the 29, and the Buffs were three-and-out.

Alex Kinney came on for his second punt of the game, but the effort was blocked, with Washington recovering at the Colorado 12-yard line. Four plays later, running back Myles Gaskin took it in from a yard out. Colorado 7, Washington 7, nine minutes before halftime.

The Colorado offense again moved the ball on its next drive, but again came away empty. A 13-yard completion from Montez to Shay Fields, coupled with an 11-yard run by Phillip Lindsay, helped to move the ball into Washington territory. On second-and-nine at the Washington 36, Montez threw out into the flat to Phillip Lindsay. The ball went through Lindsay’s hands, falling into the hands of Husky Jordan Miller for an interception.

For the third time in as many drives, Washington found itself inside the Colorado ten yards line. On this occasion, the Buff defense stiffened. Husky kicker Tristan Vizcaino was called upon for his second attempt of the evening. This try was from 25 yards out, and this time Vizcaino was true, and Washington had its first lead of the game.

Washington 10, Colorado 7, with 3:36 remaining before the break.

The Buff offense mounted another drive, making it to the Washington 43-yard line with a minute remaining in the half. There, however, Steven Montez threw a deep pass to the Husky end zone, but it was intercepted by Jordan Miller, who recorded his second pick of the first half.

Halftime score: No. 7 Washington 10, Colorado 7

Washington looked to take control of the game with its opening drive of the second half.

The Buffs looked to have the Huskies stopped, with an incomplete pass thrown by Jake Browning on third-and-six at the Washington 44. On the play, however, linebacker Drew Lewis was called for a facemask penalty, keeping the drive alive. On the very next play, Browning went deep, hitting Quinten Pounds for a 43-yard touchdown.

Washington 17, Colorado 7, less than four minutes into the second half.

The Colorado offense responded with a successful drive of its own. On the Buffs’ first play from scrimmage in the second half, Steven Montez ran for 29 yards. Two plays later, Montez hit Bryce Bobo for 16 more. The Buffs made it to the Washington 23, but there Montez was sacked for a nine yard loss. There, Mike MacIntyre called upon freshman kicker James Stefanou, who hit a career-best 49-yarder to pull the Buffs back to within a touchdown.

Washington 17, Colorado 10, midway through the third quarter.

The Husky offense looked dominant on its next drive, never facing a third down until they were deep into Colorado territory. On third-and-nine at the Colorado 28 yard line, though, Myles Gaskin was held to four yards. Kicker Tristan Vizcaino was called upon for the third time on the rainy evening, and, for the second time, he missed. Vizcaino’s 41-yard effort was wide right, and the Buffs had new life.

Down 17-10 with three minutes remaining in the third quarter, the Buffs were very much alive against the favored Huskies. On third-and-four at the CU 30-yard line, however, disaster struck. Montez pass to Bryce Bobo was thrown straight to Washington defensive back Myles Bryant, who raced 35 yards untouched for a Washington touchdown.

Just like that, a close game was a two-touchdown mountain for the Buffs. Washington 24, Colorado 10, with two minutes remaining in the third quarter.

The game looked to be getting away from the Buffs, as on their next drive, Steven Montez was sacked on successive plays. The Buffs punted the ball back to the Huskies, with Washington taking over at their 39-yard line to start the fourth quarter.

Seven plays later, the Buff faithful began to make their way home. Myles Gaskin led the charge, picking up 27, 12, and seven yards as the Washington offense was never forced to the air. Salvon Ahmed took care of the final six yards, scoring with 11:16 remaining to make it a 31-10 game.

The Colorado offense again moved the ball on its next drive … and again came up empty. The Buffs drove into Washington territory, but, on a fourth-and-one at the Husky 43, Phillip Lindsay was stopped for no gain.

One play later, the game was officially a rout.

Myles Gaskin raced up the middle on the Huskies’ first play from scrimmage, covering 57 yards for the score. The extra point was missed, but it no longer mattered. The damage was done … Washington 37, Colorado 10.

The final seven minutes was completed by backups, with backup quarterback Sam Noyer getting in a few unproductive drives.

Final score: No. 7 Washington 37, Colorado 10


Washington out-gained Colorado, 414 total yards to 311, with the main difference coming on the ground. The Huskies posted 254 yards rushing, with Myles Gaskin leading the way with 202 yards on 27 carries. CU’s leading rusher, Phillip Lindsay, was held to 68 yards on 19 carries.

Both teams posted 20 first downs on the evening, but it was three interceptions (and a blocked punt, which led to Washington’s first touchdown) which were the Buffs’ undoing.

“Washington is a very high caliber team and you expect that out of the Pac-12″, said safety Ryan Moeller. “When you play a game like that you can’t have mistakes, you can’t have blocked punts, you can’t have interceptions. You have to be on the other end of that. You have to be the one taking the ball from the other team, you have to be the one stealing possessions away otherwise it’s not going to happen. A great team like Washington, you can’t give them the ball that many times. They’re a great team, they kicked our butts tonight. We’re going to do everything we can to see them again in December. It’s really hard. Thankfully we still have a whole lot of season left and we have a good chance of meeting them again in the Pac-12 Championship and that’s our goal.”

Here is the YouTube video of the game, courtesy of CU at the Gamer Paul:


Game Notes … 

— Ralphie didn’t lead the Buffs out against the Huskies, due to concerns about the wet field. It was pouring right up to kickoff, but settled into a drizzle for the game (45-degrees at kickoff);

— The game marked only the second time the Buffs have played in the rain at home since 2006 (the other game being against Oregon in 2015);

— Wide receiver Juwann Winfree made his first career start against Washington. Winfree finished the game with five catches for 33 yards;

— Steven Montez (21-for-27 for 171 yards) became the 21st CU quarterback with over 2,000 career passing yards (finishing the game with 2,046);

— Phillip Lindsay, with five catches for 32 yards, became CU’s all-time leading receptions leader for running backs, with 96, surpassing Rodney Stewart, who had 93 (2008-11);

— Shay Fields had five catches for 36 yards, moving him into third place in all-time receptions, with 168 (passing Michael Westbrook, who had 167, 1991-94).


31 Replies to “Washington 37, Colorado 10”

  1. Wow. What Bizarro world did I wake up to? VK has pretty much the most positive perspective in his morning’s comments? You feeling OK, buddy? Either way, I mostly agree with your perspective this morning.

    Here’s my chronically optimistic take:
    CU used to have those self-inflicted wounds and be unable to recover against mediocre to bad competition. That has changed. That is progress.

    CU was very much in this game for a lot longer than most give them credit for, despite a blocked punt, which turned the ball over inside their own 20. Despite a typically sure handed Lindsey dropping a ball, right into the hands of the defender (and Montez could’ve made a better throw, but that was still very catch-able). Despite a couple missed wide open receivers (which will happen in any/every game, but…). Despite sliding on third and three, without getting the first down, killing a drive. Despite a drive-extending face mask penalty (that should’ve been five yards, not 15).

    But? Those self-inflicted wounds eventually added up. They always will against good teams who capitalize on them. The team with the fewest mistakes wins. That was not our Buffs last night.

    But, to battle through those self-inflicted wounds, and still be in the game with 15 minutes left, against what most agree is actually an elite program in football right now? That is progress. It just shows what we know. Our Buffs are not yet elite again. But, I believe they are on the right track to getting back there.

    This team will learn and grow from that game.

    As to Mac yelling at Montez after he slipped and lost like 15 yards? I “think” he was upset – rightfully so – with Montez knowing down and distance. Just chuck the ball away and give your kicker a 35 yard field goal, vs. a 49 yarder. We know you’re trying to make a play, but… down and distance.

    Same thing w/ the slide. Down and distance. Sure, the coaches want him to slide more than less. That’s smart. They don’t want their #1 QB to get killed. But, he’s got to know time and place, right? He’ll get there.

    The defense was pretty dang stout. Pettis? Non factor. Wunderkind Browning? Pedestrian evening. UW rushing attack? Non-factor until about mid-way through the third quarter. Maybe later.

    To me, that’s all good things to take from this game. They will learn and grow.

    We’ll get to see by exactly how much, in what, six days? Rose Bowl. Night game. The Rosen One.

    Should be fun. I’m saying CU 35, UCLA 28.

    Go Buffs.

    1. “Plenty of positives to take away”
      Those are the same words stated after every
      game in the lost decade

      Hate em.

      1. True enough. They key difference is that Mac has shown the ability to improve upon the positives and reduce the negatives. As I probably pointed out last year, in the “lost decade” CU posted the occasional marquee win, only to fall flat immediately thereafter. So far, with Mac and Co, they have built upon success and learned from failure. I believe they will continue that trend. We know they are not yet elite. But I do think they are building towards that.

        Go Buffs.

  2. I understand trying to make Montez a pocketpasser…but this just in or NOT…he is not a pocket passer. He tried playing in the pocket per the coaches. But come on, unleash the kid. He is 2nd best passer in pac12 completing 65% rolling out. Play to his strength. And QUIT the DAMN vanilla play calling
    I felt defense played pretty good, just put in a tough spot by the offense

  3. The comments by most people here are beyond stupidity. The buffs are not quite to the level of a Washington. Yet. Plenty of good things to build on, stronger than the Pac 12 championship game. Work from there. I love how people bail at the first loss. What idiots, if you can’t see and learn that it is a building process, maybe you should watch ping-pong instead or your alma mater should be Alabama, then you might be happy.

    1. No one is bailing so ditch the hyperbole. I could go after your arrogant derriere by saying you are willing to accept mediocrity and are a lousy fan for not wanting improvement. Maybe you should be a Rutgers fan.

        1. I was trying to expose ray’s flawed accusation and argument with similarly flawed ones….and I didnt say I didnt see any improvement….and if there was any improvement it certainly didnt come from Lindgren.

  4. The first drive was fantastic and I did see a few new wrinkles in the offensive play calling. Most of it was just new to the Buffs and none of it was terribly innovative or exciting. Watching Colorado’s OCs call a game always brings to mind the old quote (and I’m paraphrasing) “Everybody has a plan until they get hit in the mouth.”

    Opponents adjust. The Buffalo staff seldom does so in a significant way.

  5. Now to sum all that:

    It certainly felt and was a lot closer than last years championship game.
    The defense was gassed.
    The lindsay pass that went through his hands for the interception and the Montez ill-fated slide were big situations that could have changed the game. The pick six was all on Washington as they executed it perfectly. And the blocked punt was a frigging disaster. Washington blew up the 3 deep blockers and the punter was in slow motion.

    I am encouraged, especially thinking about that first drive. It was beautiful.
    Still lack depth and hopefully 2018 and 2019 change that
    Running back position is weak after lindsay

    Oh well on to the next


  6. First quarter, first drive, first score.

    Wow a thing of beauty. A well oiled smooth machine. Gave the defense many looks and executed. Nice plays Nice rhythm. Nice mixture of good looking plays. 11 play drive…..Holy Moly

    Wow, The Double super Secret offense is here.


    ( interception by Laguda)

    Second drive. Looks the same smooth Montez over throw a wide wide wide open Ross that would have been a TD Okay the drive appears to be going

    And then? And then it happened. The “Sefo” strategy rears its head
    Bad Sack. Waits too long almost became a run
    Pass incomplete Bad
    Montez run.

    Then Punt

    Its okay Washedup misses a field goal (Defense is rolling)

    Buffs get it back
    pass complete 5 yards
    Lindsey run 2 yards
    Montez run 2 yards ( Pass but pressure The early slide ..”The coaches kept preaching him to slide”)

    Blocked Punt..

    Mukies touchdown

    still in the game right? Score wise

    But it was over.

    Offense had drifted back into lindy land (yup mistakes by Montez) but before that the first drive was long time ago and forgotten. Never saw it the rest of the stinking soaking game.

    A bud next to me said after the first drive…

    “They should run that same set of plays just like the first drive. Over and over. Maybe mix em up change formations but run em over and over”

    Man that was a smooth drive. If you didn’t see it, I hope you get a chance to look at it. Wow

    But Never saw it again. Did the defense adjust? Maybe But IMHO the Buff offense slipped back into the “Lindy-Lu” offense. and was just never the same.

    Okay okay the interceptions..(1 was of minimal pain, one was Lindsays fault, one was a really bad decision by Montez)……but on the first drive they didn’t need or want that pass.

    This game is history. And looking forward the Buffs have a tough row to hoe. Real tough. No gimmiesssss on this schedule. Okay OSU maybe.

    2017…The Year the Mighty Buffalo Rise either continued or faltered

    Time for snappy slogans etc etc is over.

    Get it or get out.


  7. so all last week all we heard from the coaches was the details. Player mistakes would be ironed out by repetition.
    maybe the problem is too much repetition…….which can put you to sleep….especially with the extremely limited playbook. For all those Buff fans who thought Lingering was going to bring something heretofore hidden in the playbook, once again he was Lucy to the fan’s Charlie Brown.
    On the flip side we were facing the best coach in the country bar none. Is there anyone else in modern football history who has done what Peterson has? and without the resources of a place like Alabama.
    And we had to pick Dan Hawkins

  8. Good morning,

    Still raining…………..Tears.

    When Stuart says “remember when it was 17 to 10 in the third quarter………?
    Yup I do. And as Barnett whispered in my ear “nice little drive can the Defense do it” Yes missed field goal…offenses turn now……..Nope.”…..

    The killer interception. Heads down, the team the coaches. Game over


    2 minutes left in the third???

    That is when the “rise was needed” right there on the spot but instead the “Fizzel” shows up
    run for 9
    run for 4
    pass for 5

    All over. Really good teams would have been all over this drive. Buffs are not a really good team.

    Gotta get to that bowl Dang Nab It

    Barnett is the best

      1. There were really a lot of poor snaps by Lynott that also threw off the rhythm and they seemed to get worse as the game wore on. I was watching a game earlier in the day and some coach was saying that changing a center after the season starts can really be somewhat problematic due to a myriad of things that that position requires. Hopefully as it seems they are now going to go with Lynott they get it straightened out quickly.

  9. This game was rough to endure in person. It was a stark reminder the CU does not (especially in the trenches) have the personnel to compete at the top level of college football. This is at best an average team, i am already hoping that next year will be better.

  10. Bring back the Full Back and Tight End. Lindsey East west every play for 3 yards is getting old. Time to shit can Klayton Adams.

  11. Yo Stuart,

    We had to know it was gonna be a bad night. Hard rain all day (just like Seattle), no Ralphie Running before the game, and the stands were full of UW fans. It reminded me of the old days before Bill McCartney had to urge fans not to sell their tickets to Nebraska boosters.

    I had predicted a 17 point loss if the Buffs played well. They did so for a quarter. It seems like every game this year the Buffs only play well for one quarter. That’s not gonna cut it in Pac-12 play. Hence the 27 point loss that could have been a lot worse if the UW kicker hadn’t missed some field goals.

    In case anyone is counting, the Buffs have now played SIX straight games of uninspired football. During that stretch they are 3-3. They win against the bad teams and get smoked by the good teams. That followed a regular season last year where they went 10-2. Since then, the Buffs have looked pedestrian at best. And next week they visit the Rose Bowl to play UCLA. They should remember to enjoy it during the regular season, because they playing this season as if they don’t care if they make it to the Rose Bowl game itself.

    We all know MacIntyre was national coach of the year last. Many know his father George MacIntyre was national coach of the year in 1982. We should remember that the elder MacIntyre won only 10 games over the next three years (10-22-1) before getting out of coaching altogether.

    Buff fans are hoping that history doesn’t repeat itself.


  12. Please, please, please someone with a much higher football IQ tell me why Montez claps his hands once 99% of the time to hike the ball, at home. The defense knew it and were in on him and every play the entire night. He is not Manning. And shouldn’t be expected to be. But if a casual fan knows when they are hiking the ball so does every team.

  13. Continued unimaginative offensive play calling ( I’d like to call it a “scheme”, but I don’t think there is one), and disappointingly vanilla defense. When you still don’t quite match up talent-wise, wouldn’t some creativity be useful? Seeing improvement with recruiting and talent… afraid I can’t say the same for coaching. O line a big disappointment so far his year. Didn’t appreciate MacIntyre giving Montez an ear full after he slipped trying to plant a foot on wet turf on 3rd down. Nixon’s kickoff returns the ONLY positive for me tonight. GO BUFFS… still think they’ll make a bowl game.

    1. I still think the kicking game is the biggest improvement. Once again, Lindgren goes into a shell after the first drive. He NEEEEEEEEds to go. Sit Montez and give Noyer a start. Thats just for starters.
      MAC seemed out of touch. NOt his usual jumping around self.

      1. I agree on Lindgren. I have not been a fan of his during his time here. Have we had some results on the O side of the ball? Yes. But not enough and the conservatism once something positive happens is totally perplexing. If something works, then you put the gas pedal down and get creative, not back off. That does not mean you don’t mix things up, it just means you stay aggressive. Perhaps it has been covered here but I do not understand how Lindgren’s and Chev’s responsibilities are divided.

    2. I think it was clear to Mac at that point they werent going to win the game when he yelled at Montez. Taking it out on the players during the game isnt going to make anything better. I dont think it was a coincidence the pick six came soon after. Of course he didnt do it on purpose but Mac’s behavior was about the opposite of motivational.

      1. Opposite of motivational indeed. And Montez simply gave him a “get out of my face” look as he just walked on by. I’m still puzzled as to what MacIntyre’s game day role on the sidelines actually is. The red faced, incredulous, angry antics are too frequent IMO.

  14. Self-inflicted wounds. Discombobulation. I lost track of how many points the Huskies scored off turnovers. The UNC game was frustrating. I hoped that the Buffs would gel for this game. But my head picked 38-17. This was worse. How long will it take to get past this mistake ridden phase? Team needs to rally. Or 6-6 will seem like a lofty goal.

  15. 4-8. They might beat Oregon State. I personally didn’t think last year was a fluke. I was wrong. The play calling was infuriating and Mr. Montez, who is a young and seemingly good guy is simply the worst qb in the conference. I’m selling my Arizona tickets. Or giving them away.

    1. It seemed that dropped balls, poor coverage on third downs, nooooo pressure on Browning at all, did them in . Too many turnovers.

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