September 23rd – at Oregon          No. 10 Oregon 42, No. 19 Colorado 6

Oregon scored on three consecutive double-digit drives to open up a 21-0 lead before the Colorado offense could muster a second first down, with the Ducks coasting to a 42-6 thrashing of the Buffs in the last meeting between the two teams as members of the Pac-12. Oregon posted 522 yards of total offense, while holding the CU offense to 199 total yards. Duck quarterback Bo Nix hit 28-of-33 passes for 276 yards three touchdowns, while also scoring on an 11-yard run just before the half to make it a 35-0 rout at the break.

Shedeur Sanders, meanwhile, went 23-for-33 for only 159 yards and a late consolation touchdown pass to Michael Harrison. Sanders was harassed all afternoon, being sacked seven times, and the Buffs committed 12 penalties for 103 yards.

“This game is not going to be played in Hollywood, it’s going to be played on grass”, Oregon coach Dan Lanning told his team before the game (he also said that videos didn’t win games, but he had no problem having his pregame talk be taped for later replay. Oh, and the Ducks unveiled their 3,653rd different Nike uniform combination for the game … good thing Oregon is all about the game between the lines).

“Usually we are a  fundamentally sound team,” Coach Prime said. “We don’t make foolish mistakes and implement danger and harm on ourselves field-position wise. We just kept making mistakes and that’s not indicative of who we are … (But) it’s not just the kids. The coaches are accountable too. We are all accountable. Let’s start with me. We’re accountable for this.”

Game Story … Oregon received the opening kickoff, and the Colorado defense made a play on the first play from scrimmage, with safety Cam’Rom Silmon-Craig sacking Oregon quarterback Bo Nix for a one yard loss … Oregon’s first surrendered sack of the season.

After that? The game was all Ducks.

Three straight chunk plays covering 16, 18, and 12 yards quickly pushed the ball into Buff territory. A holding penalty against the Ducks stalled the drive for a moment, but the Buff defense wasn’t able to take advantage. On third-and-goal from the CU three-yard line a few plays later, running back Noah Whittington took it in to complete the ten-play scoring drive. Oregon 7, Colorado 0.

CU’s first opportunity with the ball went quickly and quietly, with the Buffs losing a yard in three plays before punting.

After a short punt, Oregon needed to only cover 52 yards to score again. It did take a fourth down conversion, with Bo Nix pass completing a four-yard pass to  Gary Bryant Jr. on fourth-and-two at the Buff 30-yard line. A few plays later, a personal foul penalty against the Buffs on a stop on third-and-three at the CU five kept the drive alive. The 11-play drive was capped off with a one-yard touchdown pass from Bo Nix to Casey Kelly. The two-point conversion attempt failed, but it was still a 13-0 Oregon lead late in the first quarter.

Already down two scores, the Buff offense picked up its first first down of the game on a 15-yard completion from quarterback Shedeur Sanders to wide receiver Javon Antonio to open its second drive. A roughing the passer call against the Ducks tacked on 15 more yards, and the Buffs were in business with a first down at the Oregon 40 yard line. Three plays and two yards later, though, the Buffs punted the ball away, with the first quarter coming to a close with Oregon having more touchdowns (2) than Colorado had first downs (1).

Taking over the 11-yard line, the Ducks set off on their third double-digit play drive of the first half. The Buff defense appeared to have the Ducks stopped on a three-and-out, but a fake punt gained 18 yards and a new set of downs. Later on the drive, the Buffs had the Ducks – on different occasions – backed up with a second-and-13, a third-and-nine, and a second-and-21 (after a Jordan Domineck sack of Nix), but still couldn’t get off the field. The 13-play drive was capped by a 16-yard touchdown pass from Nix to Troy Franklin (on a third-and-two). Nix and Franklin connected again for the two-point conversion, making it a 21-0 game with ten minutes left to play in the first half.

The Colorado offense responded … with its second three-and-out of the first half, with a sack of Shedeur Sanders ending the drive before it could get started.

The Ducks took over near midfield, poised for another touchdown drive. Instead, on the second play of the drive Bo Nix, who hadn’t been sacked or thrown an interception all season, was picked off by Jahquez Robinson, giving the Buff defense their first stop of the afternoon.

An 11-yard completion from Sanders to tight end Michael Harrison on third-and-four to open the drive gave the Buffs a first down at midfield. Consecutive sacks of Sanders, though, cost the Buffs 23 yards and any hope of a scoring drive.

Momentum restored, the Ducks made quick work of the 82 yards necessary to up the lead. It took the Oregon offense only five plays to up the lead to 28-0, with Bo Nix again connecting with Troy Franklin, with this score covering 36 yards. With just under three minutes to play, it was officially a rout.

Completions of seven yards to Dylan Edwards and eight yards to Xavier Weaver gave the Buffs a quick first down on the Buffs’ next possession, but the CU offense again went in reverse from there. A sack of Sanders for 15 yards ended the drive, with the Buffs punting the ball back to the Ducks with 1:28 to play.

Think Dan Lanning would be content with a four-score lead and the Buffs reeling? Of course not. It took the Oregon offense only five plays to cover 70 yards, with Nix running the ball on his own from 11 yards out in the final seconds before the break.

Halftime score: No. 10 Oregon 35, No 19 Colorado 0

An 11-yard completion from quarterback Shedeur Sanders to Xavier Weaver, coupled with a personal foul against the Oregon defense on the following play, gave the beleaguered Colorado offense a first down at its 39-yard line to open the second half. A seven-yard completion from Sanders to Javon Antonio and an 11-yard completion to Sy’veon Wilkerson seemingly gave the Buffs a first down at the Oregon 43-yard line … but … a personal foul against the Buffs pushed the ball back on to the Colorado side of the field. Two plays later, the Buffs punted for the sixth straight possession.

Runs of 16 and 29 yards by the Oregon offense on the Ducks’ first possession of the second half, coupled with a pass interference penalty against cornerback Omarion Cooper, gave Oregon a first-and-goal at the Buff six yard line. Three plays later, facing a fourth-and-goal at the one, Oregon could have become the first Buff opponent of the season to post a field goal, but instead Coach Lanning opted for another touchdown, with Jordan James taking it in to make it a 42-0 game with nine minutes remaining in the third quarter.

Another sack of Shedeur Sanders, and another three-and-out for the CU offense, gave the ball right back to the Oregon offense.

Another sack by Jordan Domineck on Oregon’s next possession was offset by yet another penalty against the Buffs. Later in the drive, facing another fourth-and-goal, Oregon coach Dan Lanning again went for the insult. This time, though, a Bo Nix pass to Traeshon Holden fell incomplete, keeping the score at 42-0.

A pair of seven-yard runs by Anthony Hankerson got the Buffs off to a good start on their next drive, but a holding call set the Buffs back. Later, facing a third-and-15, Shedeur Sanders hit Xavier Weaver for 16 yards and a first down. Then, after yet another penalty against the offense – this time for offensive pass interference – the Buffs faced a third-and-20. No problem for Sanders, who scrambled for a 28-yard gain and a first down.

Another sack and another penalty (for a false start on third-and-three) wasted a 17-yard run by Dylan Edwards. For all of the back-and-forth, the Buffs finished their 11-play drive after gaining 45 yards to the middle of the field, but punted the ball away yet again.

After forcing a punt from the Ducks, the Buffs took over at their seven yard line with 8:11 left to play in the game. The Colorado offense then set off on their only scoring drive of the game. It took 14 plays to cover 93 yards, but the Buffs did avoid the shutout. A 20-yard completion to Javon Antonio was a highlight, and Alton McCaskill saw his first action as a Buff, with four carries for 12 yards.

On fourth-and-four at the Oregon 27-yard line, Sanders hit Xavier Weaver for 21 yards and a first-and-goal at the Oregon six yard line. There, Sanders hit tight end Michael Harrison for a six yard touchdown with 2:51 left to play.

Befitting CU’s play on the afternoon, Alejandro Mata extra point attempt was blocked.

Final score: No. 10 Oregon 42, No 19 Colorado 6

“It was a good old fashioned butt kicking,” Coach Prime said. “There’s no excuses, no nothing. Their coaches did a heck of a job preparing their team; obviously we didn’t. I mean, that was a really good old fashioned butt kicking.

“We went into the game wanting to dominate several phases. We lost offensively, defensively as well as special teams. … Well-coached team. Bo Nix played his butt off. Defensively they presented some things that I guess we just couldn’t get around. We couldn’t advance the ball rushing or throwing the ball, as well. It seemed like they had our number. But hats off to their coaching staff and their head coach. Great job and they were truly prepared.”



20 Replies to “No. 10 Oregon 42, No. 19 Colorado 6”

  1. I was hoping for a win and thought that the duck’s 81 points on Portland State was largely responsible for their 4th in nation offense, I was wrong. I was also prepared for a loss, I was just hoping that loss would be the Buffs keeping up with the ducks until the 4th, I was wrong again.

    The realist, but still a fan in me thought that 3-2 would be a great start and attainable, I believed and the idea of Prime losing the first two was not something I wanted to think about. The fanatic in me thought Prime and staff could create lightning in a bottle and the Buffs would beat the ducks. I’d worry about USC after seeing how they did with the ducks.

    Now I worry about USC.

    Stanford and ASU could be a chance to get back on track, if Shedeur isn’t too beat up by then.

    WSU are looking really good and I’m surprised after their last coach was fired, sure their interim/current coach kept them together last season, but there wasn’t any indication that they’d would be as good as they are when WSU took off the interim title.

    1. WSU’s coach was fired due to Covid protocols (he would not take the jab) rather than anything truly related to football performance. WSU will be a tough road date and CU has not played well there.

      Just take the games one at a time. Even with the huge Oregon loss, we are only points behind UCLA, who lost 14-7 to Utah in the polls. Both of those teams will be daunting on the road, Utah by far the toughest. I believe CU can regroup. Remember, in addition to all the new faces, CU is only 4 games into a new offense, defense, and special teams install. The pollsters have respect for CU’s increase in talent. Weaknesses, injuries and certain player group talents aside, CU will/should get more comfortable as the season progresses, as they can do more within their respective Off, Def and ST’s systems. There are a bunch of guys playing good, and many will only improve as they have more experience playing together.

  2. Deon said “Yur lucky you have caught me at my lowest point.
    Shadeur has been hit so many times he is not Shadeur
    The offensive scheme seems lost, or non existent. Not what I was programed what it was gonna look like.

    Go Buffs beat the rubbers.

    Note: Those opponents not take to kindly to the continual watch flashing and car showing. Even getting old with me. Like a wealthy family shoving it in your face constantly. CSU Tried. Ducks did. Talk about taking it personal. Sheesh. They did! So happy for the first 3. Now with 8 to go are there 3 more. Gotta just gotta have that bowl game.

    Note 2: Bucky, cut the bling crap. At least moderation. Sure the kids like it but opponents kids surely don’t.

    Note 3: Shadeur stays another year. How long does Deon stay? Man I am dreading the day he leaves whenever it is cause this is too much fun. ( will be interesting what the viewship was yesterday)

  3. The score differential doesn’t equal the talent differential, like it used to. Uo played basically flawlessly. CU did not.

    It did, however, expose what we knew. So what? Now what?

    Bring on USC.

    Go Buffs

  4. I agree with ep about how CSU really did expose the Buffs. I did somewhat console myself with the fact that Oregon has had a pretty established football program even with some of their coaching changes etc. Us, well we all know what we have experienced for a number of years now, but these first 3 games did make me lose some of my sense of reality, and after the 1st Qtr. ended, my bubble was burst, busted kaput. Next week will probably be kinda rough also and all the haters regarding our early success and with coach Prime they will revel in our misery. I refuse though to let today or any future days like this ruin my joy for this season. We’ll win some more games this year as we now have good to great players and a good coaching staff. The future is not bleak for this program and after last year I’m not sure I could even thought that the ship could have been righted this convincingly this soon. So keep feeding that Buffalo. Ralphie Ain’t even close to being subdued for 2023

  5. Was a very embarrassing result. But long term could be positive. Maybe our quarterback leaves his Rolex at home. Hype dialed down. Don’t play for the camera. I think they regroup. I wish we had another crack at Oregon but alas, over.

  6. Coach Prime said he was building outside in, and well, it showed, the line play was inferior in every way to Oregon. So looks like they need to recruit O and D lines.

  7. Buffs have a better record than the huskers, Rams, and Michigan State as well as stalwarts like Clemson. Sucks to lose to oregon, but they had every tangible benefit in their favor, so not a huge surprise… glad we’re not going to be in a conference with them anymore.

    1. Why? Because you don’t think we are on their league? Maybe we should join the Mountain West. Was an embarrassing afternoon but we are comparable universities. I had the exact opposite reaction. Im sad we won’t get a chance to even the score. Well, not even, but improve.

      1. I don’t like being in the same conference as oregon because their fans are arrogant pricks.
        No doubt today’s result is embarrassing, but think of how much worse it would have been had Dorrell still been HC

        1. Don’t see how it could have been worse. Dorrell was a disaster. Deion Sanders is by any definition not. Big improvement. But anyone can co 0-4. Oregon fans may be arrogant because they held something to be arrogant about. We should try beating them (and we did a few years ago). We are moving to a conference without any flagship universities (closest would be the PAC schools joining). Less arrogance maybe but, well…lower competition, academic indifference, less to be arrogant about. Good news is I think we’ll be an instant contender next year. Bad news is it may (may…not assured) be because we moved to a smaller pond.

      2. Agree. One reason why the PAC never worked out for us was we never could develop a real rivalry. This game smelled like the beginning of one. I know I’d like to run Lanning over with a truck now and guessing the team feels the same. Would love to have the motherducker in Boulder next year after we land another top recruiting class.

  8. Was afraid of this outcome. Answers some big questions re. where they are as a team, and raises others.
    The O and D lines are not good enough. We all know that. But whey do the coaches continue to call plays like they don’t know it? The lines are what they are, so tailor plays to compensate with the weakness. More quick passes in the middle, more motion, more intentional moving the pocket, more running please (RBs and QB).
    This is way more than not having Travis Hunter.
    Sanders is holding onto the ball too long. And he needs to step up into the pocket instead of fading back against the rush. He’s very talented but this is a problem.
    Why did McCaskill and Smoke not play until the 4th quarter?
    3-1 is way better than 1-3. Go Buffs.

    1. I was afraid CSU exposed us. I’m not impressed with Lewis either. Shedeur has been carrying this team and it hasnt been play design or calling.

      1. Shadeur needs to actually step up in pocket and throw ball away. Take a 6 yard sack, not 16. I think Lewis a very good coordinator but we have to run the ball a tad. At least a tad.

  9. We got smoked. No biggie. Just confirms what we knew. Deion’s got the 300lb dudes who run a 4.8 40 comin. They’re not here yet.

    A good measuring stick. Thought we’d measure up a little better, but no biggie.

    USC in Boulder will be fun.

    Go Buffs

  10. I did get a pretty good laugh out of the clip of Lanning’s narrative that Oregon was about substance and not flash being played moments before the broadcast crew started gushing about Oregon’s color changing shoes. I felt my inner Daria smirking.

    The game sucked, obviously not how I wanted it to go. The failures were many and glaring. I will let others focus on that as they are probably better suited than I am to dissecting those things. On a more high level reaction; we’ve seen how Prime and the team have handled being overlooked and underestimated. Now we get to see how they handle being knocked flat on their asses. As great as that 3-0 start felt, I don’t think anyone disagrees that it was bound to end.

    I think they’ll handle it well and keep working hard. I think Prime will handle it with professionalism, and will point to this game on every recruiting call and trip as exactly what he means when he says he just needs some more top caliber players. Like the ones that have been coming on visits recently. Much as this one stings and as much as I wanted them to stick it up Phil Knight’s bank account, its time to see Prime make lemonade out of whatever expletive one may choose to append to this game.

  11. (b)Well The Buffs are still 3 and 1. Who woulda thought.

    Go Buffs.

    Note: It appeared the Buffs had no confidence at the start and went downhill fast. Too Painful
    Note 1: Well as Prime has said he is only missing 8 to 11 players.
    Note 2: Coaching was irrelevant for the Buffs this day

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