CU At The Game Podcast – “T.I.P.S.” for CU at Utah: The Buffs Look to Finish the 2023 Campaign on a High Note

I am joined for this episode by Brad Geiger and Neil Langland, and we are here to give you our last review/preview of the 2023 season.

First, a program note. The review/preview episodes have been posted on Tuesdays during the regular season. After this week’s podcast, we will be going back to posting every other week, with the new episodes being posted on Fridays. So look for the next podcast, talking about roster moves and recruiting, to be posted the first weekend of December.

We will open this podcast with a review of CU’s ugly loss on the road against Washington State. As is our custom for the post-mortem on a game, we give our grades for what about the CU effort was Excellent, what was Satisfactory, and what still Needs Improvement – and we’ll leave it a secret as to which category requires the most comment after the Buffs’ humbling loss in Pullman.

We will then move on to our “T.I.P.S.” for the upcoming matchup against Utah. Our preview will look at the game from the perspectives of Talent, Intangibles, Preparation, and Statistics, before giving you our predictions for a game which will be played on a crisp Saturday afternoon in Salt Lake City.

So … Will Shedeur Sanders play? And, even if he does, will the game be worth watching? … Can the Buffs catch a down Utah team which has lost three of its last four games, or is it CU which has lost interest in the 2023 season? Will Coach Prime and his staff be able to rally the troops for one last push, or is it time for the Buff Nation to start looking forward to the 2024 season?

Let’s find out …

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Below is Episode 30 of Season 4 for the CU at the Game Podcast. You can listen to the podcast simply by clicking on the play button below, or listen to it at Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio … or wherever you find your podcasts!

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