It’s All Relative – Part II

I always get a kick out of the comments posted on the website right after a CU game.

Emotions are running high, and common sense often takes a holiday.

That’s fine. We’re all devoted Buff fans. You wouldn’t be reading if this if you weren’t, and you are certainly entitled to vent your frustrations.

And the 10-7 loss to Texas A&M, a game which the Buffs lead for almost three full quarters of game clock, was frustrating. You just don’t get that many opportunities to knock off a Top Five team (CU is 12-55-1 all-time v. Top Five teams). Sure, the Aggies lost their quarterback early, but the CU defense stifled the A&M offense for three quarters, and deserved to win the game. Other than a missed field goal, the CU special teams were also very good, with Josh Watts punting for a 49.0 yard average, with excellent coverage.

Still, it goes down in the books as a loss, and Buff fans have endured way too many of those over the past fifteen seasons.

So, what went wrong?

There was the missed field goal, a failed quarterback sneak in the second quarter, and … a second half with only 54 yards of total offense against one of the best defenses in the nation.

Hmmm, and that’s about it.

It’s All Relative … 

What about some of the positives?

— How’s about holding a Top Five team to 10 points? The last two times the Buffs were able to pull off that feat were pretty significant … the 20-10 win over No. 3 Nebraska in 2010, and the 10-9 victory over No. 5 Notre Dame in the 1991 Orange Bowl;

— The defense forced the A&M offense into six straight three-and-outs to start the game (including a stop after an interception in CU territory). The Aggies didn’t post a first down until the final two minutes of the first half. The Buff defense forced eight punts … from an offense which didn’t punt once in its season opener;

— The Buffs came into the game as 17-point underdogs. Texas A&M went for 595 yards of total offense in Week One, but was held to 288 yards of total offense by the CU defense;

Oh, and CU has a fiery coach who isn’t satisfied with moral victories.

“We got to get better. There’s no excuses”, said Karl Dorrell . “We’ve got to get better. We’re not where we need to be right now. You guys know me well enough, I don’t make excuses, right? I’m not making any excuses to you guys. We got to get better. And for us to be the team that we need to be, we must get better in a hurry.”

And for the naysayers who are complaining about the missed opportunities on the quarterback sneak in the second quarter? Dorrell didn’t mince his words:

I’m not going to second guess that. We got yardage on the first (play). We felt confident. We’re going to scrutinize this loss because of those two calls. I’m going to (go for it) again on 4th-and-1. You’re going to see it again. It might not be the same call, but you got to understand, that’s our attitude. We’re going to be aggressive, so I don’t want to scrutinize that as the difference in the game. It really wasn’t. There were a number of plays that could have been a difference in (the game). I know you guys would try to use that whatever way you deem it to be. But men, ladies. We lost a tough game. We should have had a great chance to win, that’s really the bottom line. That’s the way that I expressed with this team. I don’t want to look at it any differently than that. We got a lot to fix in every area. I’ll be the first to tell you what that is. There’s no excuses. We’ve got to perform better to win these games.”

It’s All Relative … 

Ready to turn in your black-and-gold wardrobe? Refusing to watch the Buffs play again until Darrin Chiaverini is fired?

Would you rather be a fan of …

— California? … The Bears were picked to finish third in the Pac-12 North in the preseason media poll (as well as by Athlon and others), bur are now 0-2, having lost at home to Nevada, 22-17, and on the road to TCU, 34-32. Two close losses, but losses nonetheless, with Cal falling to 0-2 to start the season for the first time since 2001;

— Washington? … The Huskies were picked to finish second in the Pac-12 North in the preseason media poll, and were tabbed as the No. 20 team in the nation in the AP preseason poll. After falling 31-10 to Michigan, the Huskies are 0-2, with the three-touchdown loss to the Wolverines almost a quality result compared to the 13-7 loss to FCS Montana to open the season;

— Washington State? … The Cougars did pick up a win over Portland State in Week Two, but that came on the heels of an opening week loss to Utah State. Oh, and the head coach, Nick Rolovich, is at odds with the state governor, and is getting sued by a former wide receiver (the same Kassidy Woods who scored the only touchdown the UNC Bears posted against CU last weekend);

— Arizona? … Not only did the Wildcats fall to 0-2 after losing 38-14 to San Diego State, but this is a San Diego State team which struggled in Week One against New Mexico State (and was picked to finish in the middle of the pack in the West division of the Mountain West Conference). The Wildcats have now lost 14 straight games overall (which may end next weekend as Arizona gets a game against Northern Arizona);

— Utah? … The Utes had won nine straight games in the Holy War against BYU, and it was assumed that the Cougars would take a step back this season. Instead, BYU – a day after accepting an invitation to join the Big 12 – had the pleasure of pushing the Utes out of the polls, beating the Utes, 26-17;

— USC? … The Trojans were the consensus favorite to win the Pac-12 South, and co-favorites, along with Oregon, to be the Pac-12’s hope for a Playoff berth. All USC did was take on a Stanford team which had been embarrassed by Kansas State (24-7), and stink up the Coliseum, probably joining the Utes in a free fall out of the polls.

It’s All Relative … 

Compared to where CU could be after Week Two, specifically … licking their wounds after a beat down by a College Football Playoff contender, Buff fans should be more like their head coach. Despite the disappointment, Dorrell isn’t down on his team:

“Danged right I’m optimistic,” he said in his post-game press conference. “I told you all along we’re a better team than you think. I told you that and I still believe that. We still have a lot to fix. But we were in the game for 95 percent of it. We have to learn from it. We’re getting better. We’ll get there. I promise you.”

At the end of the day, there is this reality … Had you polled 100 CU fans three weeks ago, and asked them what CU’s record would be after two games, 98 would have told you 1-1, with a win over Northern Colorado and a loss to Texas A&M.

That’s where we’re at. The Buffs gave themselves a chance at a 2-0 record and a national ranking, but it didn’t work out. Considering the beat down many of us were expecting at Empower Field against the Aggies, this CU football team is in better shape than we might have thought.

A 1-1 record … and now the season begins.


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  1. Well disappointing, they could have, should have won, but I did take CU +17, that IMO, was a no brainer. I also took the Oregon +14, another no brainer. Just waiting on the CU line, if its CU -3 or better I’ll take it, Go Buffs.

  2. Dang. I knew that was going to be a defensive battle. I just never would’ve predicted that much of one. It’s only one game, but I think – as I’ve been saying – CU’s defense is legit. Karl and Co will lean on them all year. Heck, he’s even been steady in his philosophy – like the saying goes – defense wins championships.

    My concern has been, and remains, that our QB is a very good athlete, but he’s not that great of a passing QB. I’ve pointed out why I think this. The good news? I think he can grow into one. He will need to.

    He doesn’t make dumb mistakes. That’s huge. A&M’s defense is very, very good. Or, since again, it’s only one game, they should prove to be very, very good. Again. They were a top level defense last year, and returned nine of eleven starters, with a smattering of NFL guys at each level, line, LBs and DBs. I think they’ll live up to the hype as their season evolves. They certainly played a role in what B-lew could and could not do yesterday.

    Now, to our offensive woes. Why don’t they go deep more? They would, if it was working in practice, or even the game. Why do they only throw 40 times in the first two games? They would throw more if it worked more in practice. I am sure they would love to be more balanced in run/pass attempts. That is what this west-coast-ish pro-style offense is predicated upon. But the strength of the offense is running the ball. So they run the ball.

    Why did they leave the zone read and option runs that worked in the first half, on the play card in the 2nd half? Because the ATM D took them away. Don’t believe me? Ask Karl. He said exactly that. They also worked to stuff the gaps our RBs found in the first half.

    If you’ve got an inconsistent QB (when it comes to his throwing the ball) those are tough to combat with the parts of the playbook you can rely upon actually working.

    4th down run up the gut? Sure. Maybe could’ve been a better call. Was Jayle in there? If not, he should’ve been. Regardless, there wasn’t any hesitation and they nevertheless called it for a reason. Does anyone think that call happened in a vacuum? They just got two yards doing it. They needed half a yard. Brendon will learn to go low, and use his natural strength (dude’s a workout warrior) to buffalo that forward.

    They’ll dissect that play, along w/ all the other “almost” ones they had, and missed. 13 of 25. And, if you were watching, you could see sideline frustration w/ some of the accuracy issues. He’s in his 2nd start. Against a friggin’ top line D. That’s tough. Dude did ok. He was much better than week 1 against a vastly superior defense. He’s still got to get better. I’m sure he will. I ga ron tee, that kid learned a ton from what he saw and did yesterda, and will apply it as the season progresses.

    Now it’s on to the gophers. This team still has everything in front of it.

    Oh, and firing Chev right now or his resigning right now are not the answer. Just like since his arrival, I’ve thought he’s a good recruiter, and an ok WR coach – position seems to underperform – and OK Offensive Coordinator. But I’ll trade that for his recruiting. Schemes only matter if they can be executed. Right now, it’s tough to execute the scheme they’re trying to run. Either way, the scheme and play calls, again, are not Chev’s world in a vacuum. Karl, and the prior head coaches he worked with, are deeply involved in planning and play calling. As is the QB coach. And Oline coach. And RB coach. It’s how it works. As B-lew’s reads, reactions, timing and accuracy improve, they will throw more.

    Go Buffs

  3. Ok, I have re-watched the game and I think the calls for Chev’s head need to slow down. I get it. We all want something super creative, that completely fools the defense and gives us a wide open look. But is that realistic. It really isn’t. And it is not Dorrell or Chev’s style. Chev designs his offense to put a hat on a hat, create space in the run game and in the passing game he tries to layer his passing routes on one side, hit quick slants, flats, outs and curls and work double moves off of those. One thing Chev’s offense relies on his people doing their job. To be honest, I like this style. In the crush of the game it is tough to see all of the time but if people are doing their jobs we will be successful and it doesn’t require trickery that is only going to work occasionally. So lets look at the play calling from the 3rd and 2 down near the goal:
    3rd and 2: QB sneak – We get 1 1/2 yards on great push by our interior line.
    4th and 1/2: QB sneak – A&M reacts and put 3 people straight up on our interior. Right here, Lewis should have a check to wide, or the coaches should call time out…We are really predictable on 4th down and short. I suspect that will change. I have not seen a team do this to us before. I suspect A&M had scouted this nd had this called this way for a 4th down situation. But you have to understand with our offensive line and our success on this play historically this is not a bad call really. We do this ALL of the TIME very SUCCESSFULLY. You know the adage do it until they stop it. well someone stopped it. I suspect we are going to be different.
    Last series of the second half – The next series is a Play Action Run, Drop Back QB Called Run, and a Draw. The play action run on 1st down is rough. Pursell gets beat bad by the all American future NFL player, but even with that the design of the play is such that if Pell picks up the corner blitz (which he should have) Broussard might be able to bounce outside and make yards. Chev follows up by showing the expected pass play but calls a QB draw. With Lewis toughness as a runner this isn’t a horrible call. The A&M d line is just very disciplined in their rush lanes and able to pinch down as Lewis approaches the line. The draw at the end is just a good call, don’t throw into a 3rd and long at this point in the game…. Go into half.
    On to the second half:
    1st series – Stretch Left, Short Turn in, Slant and Go – So this is Chev play calling to a tee and is predictive of the rest of the half. The stretch play is our bread and butter. We run it well and we have had success with it in this game. Unfortunately Wiley misses his block completely, Ray’s cut block is ineffective and when Fontenot tries to cut back he is met in the hole for a short gain. On the short turn in, again not a bad call, get Lewis throwing an easy completion. So there are two potential problems here (hard to know without the coaching) so in a case like this the ball has to come out before the wide receiver is out of his break or the wide receiver has to wit until the corner turns his hips before he makes his break. Neither happens and the db drives on the ball. I have a feeling that it is the former. I see it a bunch and I will notate it when I do. Lewis is holding the ball for a beat too long. He is waiting for his receiver to be open, to come out of his break. you can;t do that. Not at this level and not in Chev’s offense. You have to throw to a spot a bunch. The slant and go is Chev’s bread and butter to counter db’s driving aggressively on a play. Unfortunately, Lewis is not given time because Wiley gets beat bad. I can;t see the whole route but I think the receiver was open
    2nd series – Flat Pass, Power Left Pitch, Running back wheel. Again this is not a bad series. I could gripe a bit about flat pass as they are playing zone and that flat pass is tough against a zone. But Chev has to set up his double move. The power left pitch worked very well in the first half, Wray misses his block, Kutch gets beat by the all American future NFL d lineman, The next play we got robbed. the RB wheel works perfectly the ref calls a bad penalty negating the play…..
    3rd series – Double Move Go, RB Flat, Screen – So here is Chev’s offense… Arias double moves and is wide open 20 yards down the field. Lewis kinda floats the ball a bit and Arias drops the pass after getting hit. Doesn’t matter Arias has to make that catch. The ball hit him in both hands well before the db hit him. The next is the RB flat that Broussard gets blown up on. Wiley is again beaten badly so Lewis throws the hot route. There are two deep routes that likely come open if Lewis has time. Not sure he would have looked there as I think Lewis is not seeing the hole field. The screen is the third down play. Roddick misses his block in space. If he makes it we get an easy 1st down and likely a lot more.
    4th series – Power Left, Roll Out Pass/Run, Power Right, Roll Out Pass/Run (left), slant. So the power left play is off a bit. If the WR and TE block the right people this play goes well. Both of them choose to block the same person. The roll out gets Lewis the option to throw to the layered routes or run, he takes the run and makes a first down. The power right Wiley misses the block (noticing the trend here?), roll out left, the play was there Lewis is not accurate rolling to his left, Slant , yes this was thrown before the sticks but there was a shot.
    5th series – zone run, stretch right, turn in. So the zone run is just a line em up and go forward. this goes really well. I think they went with tempo as the broadcast did not seem to expect them to run this. The stretch right Pell misses his block and we get blown up, the turn in the ball is there a smidge too late but Stanley has to make this catch it hit him in both hands.

    So what are my thoughts. the offensive play call was not really that bad. Our execution was not great.

    Wiley – He is probably perfectly fine when not facing elite talent. He was well over matched this game and it hurt.
    Lewis – He locks on to his first read, trusts it and throws it but he is still a beat too late too often. His balls tend to float a bit and so he needs to be throwing to a spot. he is fantastic runner though.
    Our receivers – dropped 2 key balls where it hit them in the hands.
    Peevey outmatched our entire offensive line at times – What do you expect he is going to play on Sunday’s.

    1. Well said. I don’t think the sky is falling. In fact, they should be able to use this loss as massive loads of confidence and fuel. This probably is not a 35+ point per game offense, even if perfectly executed. And we know, so far, it has not been. They will always rely on the run, burn clock and try to keep the opposing defense/s on the field a long time. It doesn’t need to be super high scoring. Buffs’ defense is legit.

      Go Buffs

    2. Your analysis is spot on and informative. When I played football at a small college many years ago, our team film (literally, film) session was on the Tuesday following the Saturday game. The mantra of the players going into the room for the castigating or the praise was always “the big eye in the sky don’t lie.” Your comments align completely with that phrase :the big eye in the sky don’t lie.” Thank you!!

    3. Nice look see.

      But the fact remains, the players will make errors. It is up to the coaches to provide them a basis to succeed. Clearly it was provided by the DC. Clearly it was not provided by the OC.

      A&M defense was good but Buffs game plan should have eaten them up, but it did not because the game plan was weak. Very Weak.

      But worse, the in game calls were terrible. Your can run your analysis all you want, and look at individual situations, but you cannot deny the play calling in the natural order of things appeared to be grade school level.

      Chev says he has a scheme to score 30 points a game. Haven’t seen it and not having it in conference play will kill the bowl chances.

      Just not convinced in chev’s ability to create and dominate.

      BowboundBuffsifChevcangetittogethter. Hoping

    4. Lots to digest, but did scan and agree 100% that BLew is throwing balls to open receivers only vs. throwing wide receivers open. Noyer could at least do that vs. man coverage (but give him anything else and turnover watch starts). A little disappointed he does not seem to have the timing/trust w/any of his receivers to run these types of routes/throws.

    5. Yeah, Rob. How dare you rely on analysis and facts? It’s so much easier to use conjecture and opinions when assessing CU’s offensive woes. You know, because we all see the games and every practice rep leading up to them.

      Go Buffs

  4. You are right, it is all relative, but I disagree. I still think everyone is getting a little too optimistic about our Defense. Also I would say that TAMU is relatively over-hyped. No way that is a top defense in the nation. If it is then N.Co isn’t all that far behind, just missing some bigger line men. We can not move the ball at will without a massive size and talent different at the LOS. We have not shown a single consistent down field threat. We do a couple throwaway down field plays to try and keep em honest in the secondary but we aren’t lethal enough to pull that off, secondary cheated in the whole game and never got burned. The entire PAC is going to stuff the box and blitz our brains out especially now that they have film and our lack of dimensionality is exposed.

    Until TAMU shuts down other teams offensively like they did the Buffs I am not giving their defense much credit.

    Until TAMU’s backup QB and offense posts big numbers agains other teams I am not giving our defense much credit.

    Ignore the inflated, often wrong top 5 ranking. Ignore the hype and look at the game. It is just two relatively evenly matched teams with bad offenses and decent defenses and stout line play.

    Predictions: TAMU wins 7-8 games, CU wins 3-4.

    Silver lining: Penalty improvement week to week was impressive. Refs were also letting them play more instead of last week where it seemed they trying to prevent the bigger school from unfairly bullying the smaller.

      1. I either chug the Koolaid after a neutral site loss against a backup QB or I am a troll?

        We have had 20 years of “but we have a dominant X” (secondary, receiver corp, whatever) and then we get into conference play and we just straight up do not.

        I think the Buffs are relatively stronger in some areas and weaker in others than expected. I think TAMU is relatively weaker than their #5 ranking.

        Call my a troll, chug the Koolaid, whatever.

    1. So where are your losses? I think 6 games is pretty realistic with wins over: Minnesota, Arizona, Cal, Oregon State which gets us to 5 easy. Then I look at winnable games: Washington, USC and Utah all look a little down this year. We win just one of those games and we win 6. If this team can figure out its offense I am looking forward to these three games and 8nterested in the ASU game becuase we have their number. I think UCLA and Oregon are likely out of reach this year unless the offense magically figures itself out…. Looking at 4 wins you are saying we lose against Minnesota and then lose all of the maybe games….. I don’t expect you to drink the cool aid but you have to recognize how great this defense could really be at least.

  5. Chev has no idea what he is doing. RPO in the 1st half we were productive. 2nd half what a crap show. How many times did they run 1st down in the A or B Gap and then go 2nd and long. Chev sucked as the OC under Mac and still sucks. He has no idea how to set up one play for the next. Let KD or of the QB coach call the plays. I really really disagree with trying to shove it down the the middle of a really strong defense. Did all of you see how skinny our OL players are? Recruit more big boys and focus on squats. OBW, play Clayton more, he should not be the 3rd option!

  6. Dorrell’s other comment on the sneak was that the first one gained yardage. That play call was fine, Lewis just completely messed it up. Went back instead of forward. And the center got completely blown up. I agree a lot of the other playcalling on O was weak, but don’t skewer Chev for poor execution by Lewis. That was absolutely the right call against a top 10 national defense.

  7. It’s a moot point obviously, but I think we’d all be calling for JT to get a shot if he were just on the bench….
    BLew needs to through one deep during the first drive, don’t care if it’s picked off (our D is good enough to withstand some picks), need to show everyone we are willing.

    1. I wouldn’t he would still be playing all the plays called by chev.

      finger in the dike ain’t gonna stop the damage.


      change up required

      New play caller

  8. Went in w/bad feelings so wasn’t too emotional after the game.
    Was very optimistic on our Run D coming in, very nice to see the backend catching up. Need to see some pass rush though to help them out.
    It’s all relative….their backup QB came in and it was obvious he needed 2+ quarters to get his bearings. Once he did they began moving the ball more consistently.
    Our offense will not win many games going like this…I’m pleasantly surprised when we complete a ball downfield to a WR (this shouldn’t be so uncommon). Right now if Blew doesn’t run we don’t have much…esp. tough to watch for those of us that didn’t get to see the scoring drive due to the broadcast coverage.

  9. Oh wait,
    Not done!

    Serious congrats to the BOWLBOUNDBOLDERBUFFS for coming so close to a humongous win.

    Buffaloes don’t step in gopher holes……………………too smart

    Drown them gopher hole diggers

  10. Everything you say is spot on, Stuart. It’s all Relative. Buff fans have much to be optimistic about. Coach Dorrell is building something special here in Boulder. We can all see it. It’s just that as “fans” we were so very, very close to enjoying such a very special afternoon in Denver. It hurts to be so close, and yet come up short. But when Coach says the team will get back to work, fix things, and get them fixed quickly, I believe him. Bring on Minnesota and the rest of the Pac 12. As you say……”and now the season begins.” I believe it will be a special one….

  11. I don’t think anyone is down on the team. Or at least they should not be. No one is quibbling with going for it on 4th down either. A 2nd QB sneak in a row in such a confusing rushed fashion is what many are quibbling with. It isn’t unfair to question Chev’s competence as the OC. He hasn’t earned the benefit of any doubt. I hope HCKD will be as tough on Chev as we was on Summers last year. If you’re not good enough you’re out.

    I’m proud to be a Buff and the way the team played but the head coach and OC didn’t do enough to get a win in a winnable game.

  12. Wonderful description of the CU position at the moment along with the issues at other PAC 12 schools (and the mess at ASU as well, although they seem to be performing on the field).

    As you mention, the real season beyond the projected 1-1 does, indeed, start now. The next two games, quality opponents both, could send the Buffs toward a winning record and national attention. Win them both and the team will be on its way. Based on Coach Dorrell’s history of success as a head coach, and the senior leadership (coach on the field Landman, as “Exhibit A”)), I thought the team would go 8-4 with losses to A&M, Oregon, UCLA, and Washington. After the first two games, I will revise that prediction/hope and place Washington as a potential win for a 9-3 record.

    I hope that record would help recruiting. Spending college under the tutelage of Coach Dorrell on the CU campus seems like an easy choice for a high school senior with big plans and big dreams. The player’s parents will likely feel the same way. This team’s record this season will matter in future recruiting.

  13. No common sense, Stuart?
    The offense described that perfectly.
    Playing one of the best Ds in the country is aside from the moribund play selection. The token dink passing game.
    It really sucks that the D’s amazing effort to knock of a No. 5 team was wasted on the other side of the ball.
    “We’re going to be aggressive, so I don’t want to scrutinize that as the difference in the game. It really wasn’t. There were a number of plays that could have been a difference in (the game)”
    “We’re going to be aggressive….” Seriously? a total lack of aggression on O was blatantly the difference in the game.
    “There were a number of plays that could have been a difference in the game”
    He is absolutely right on that one. Most of the plays sucked. Surprisingly, emotions do intend to run high in that scenario.
    I’ll say it again. No passing game—-no bowl.
    The only good things about this weekend were the Arkansas, Oregon and Stanford wins….especially the Stanford one.
    Finally a parting shot at the faux PAC football guru….Jaaaaaahn Wilner. Things appear to be “deteriorating rapidly” there at USC. Will they finally have the will power to make a change? and I’m not talking about a conference change. The Big 10 may be thinking twice.

  14. I agree with Coach Dorrell and have no problem with being aggressive on that 4th and 1 call at the 5 yard line.

    But the PLAY CALL itself was terrible.

    Should have been a play used for a two point conversion where the QB has options to bounce outside, or pass to a tight end in the back of the end zone or anything where the A&M defense might have to think to stop the play.

    Thankfully Kordell seems to already recognize this as he said “I’m going to (go for it) again on 4th-and-1. You’re going to see it again. It might not be the same call…”

    Yes Coach. Not the same call. Not a call that a middle school football team defense could anticipate. Please explain it to your guy calling plays.

  15. Great article, Stuart. Thank you. Great perspective. but….so disappointed in the wide receivers and the QB. Brendon said he is happy with his performance in the first two games. 200 yards total passing. wow. How can you be happy with that?

  16. Great write up Stuart, I agree with you entirely. It was great to see the Buffs do such a great job on defense, only to watch A&M march down the field… twice at the end of the game. The Buffs did stop them on the first of those two drives with a forced TO at the GOAL LINE, a very exciting thing to see… and impressive too… unfortunately A&M took the lead on that second drive with only two and a half minutes left to go.

    Before the game, I really was hoping/thinking the Buffs defense would surprise and shock people and I think holding A&M to 10 points and 288 yard is going to do just that! Even dumb ass pundits that cruise the stats for a story will see that and take notice.

    Yes, Lewis did struggle, but A&M are title contenders with a winning streak on the line and a lot of talent. Lewis faced one of the top defenses that he’s probably going to see this year, and he’ll learn from this game for those up coming games against Oregon and UCLA; everyone else on the schedule looks beatable after yesterday’s game(s).

  17. Yo Stuart,
    Right on as usual. I couldn’t be prouder of the effort put in be my Buffs. Defense is the key to winning championships, and the Buffs have proved to themselves that they are a Top Ten defense. I’m showing my age a bit, but the game reminded me of the turnaround years under Bill McCartney. Their aggressive and hard nosed defense kept them in games against some very highly ranked teams.

    Personally, I prefer the defense to dominate and let the offense control the ball and wear the other team down. This team is pretty darn close to getting there. I trust Karl Darrell to get it done. This team now knows they can play with anybody.

    Go Buffs!

  18. I am heartbroken because In reality we were 2 plays away from closing it out and winning. I think if we got that final stop we would’ve run the clock out or at least enough to make it a tall task to get into the endzone. Im heartbroken because that is the best defensive effort I have seen from a cu team… EVER. Even without their starting quarterback, they have nfl talent on their o-line and their backfield, and they were a non factor. I’m heartbroken because Nate Landman deserved a moment like this. He is the best defensive player at Cu since the 90’s. I’m heartbroken because our fans were amazing yesterday. We don’t have a fan base like an A&M or Nebraska, we just don’t. But when we are in games like this, our fans make noise twice our number, I was proud to be part of the cu crowd yesterday. But as heartbroken as I am, I am so proud of them. I’m praying this loss can be a lot like our loss to Michigan in 16 and give us the confidence to have a great season. Next week is no cakewalk, but I’m confident we can win. Go buffs!

  19. Stuart,

    Thanks for being the “calming voice” and helping put the game into perspective. This game was definitely frustrating to watch for multiple reasons – that don’t need to be repeated…again…again… and again. Maybe I’m just numb to all the losing over the past 15 years. I was more upset that CU covered the line and messed up my parlay than actually losing the game.

    Like many others I expected CU to be 1-1 after the first two games. So let’s put this game in the past and go beat Minnesota on Saturday and finish the non conference 2-1!

    Thanks again for all the work you do.


    Clark (in KC)
    p.s. GO CHIEFS!

  20. Welp,
    The most important thing not commented in this, is where HCKD says about the qb sneaks is
    were gonna go for it again on 4th down we are gonna be aggressive I will do it again, I believe in the offense to score. we mad some yardage on third down. You need touchdowns to win.

    So in my humble opinon………….(cause in the tv shot he did not look happy after the 1st qb sneak………hmm

    Me thinks he is in protection mode.

    He said a lot of stuff…………………

    I am really glad he is the HC

    He is still learning


    Note: And yes relevance is neat………………And yes but not so neat when yur piece of the relevance discussion is caused by incompetence

    1. Okay I’m done
      My fears were correct
      I believe in HCKD
      I believe in the young qb
      thats it
      Thats the post

      On to Minnesota
      er Buffaloes,,,,,,,,,,,,don’t be stepping in any gopher holes

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