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Colorado Recruiting Class of 2022

16 Commitments (not counting grey-shirt candidate, punter Ashton Logan)

Recruits by position … Quarterbacks: 1 … Running backs: 1 … Wide Receivers: 1 … Tight Ends: 1 … Offensive Linemen: 3 … Defensive Linemen: 2 … Linebackers: 2 … Defensive Backs: 4 … Athlete: 1 … 

Recruits are from … Texas: 8 … Mississippi: 2 … Colorado: 1 … California: 1 … Georgia: 1 … Oregon: 1 … Connecticut: 1 … Arizona: 1 …


Shakaun Bowser – LB

Just the facts … Committed September 20th … Bowser is 6’4″, 225-pound linebacker from Gilbert, Arizona … Rivals bio247 Sports bio

What others say about Bowser … Bowser is rated as a three-star prospect by both Rivals and 247 Sports. At Rivals, Bowser is considered to be the 44th-best outside linebacker in the nation, and the No. 10 player out of the state of Arizona. According to 247 Sports, Bowser is rated as the No. 94 linebacker in the nation, the No. 15 player out of Arizona, and the No. 977 player overall in the country. Bowser recorded 77 tackles, 11 sacks, and 12 total tackles for loss in his 2020-2021 season.

Bowser had other offers from … a good number of Power Five schools. From the Pac-12, Bowser had offers from both Arizona schools, Utah and Oregon State. Other offers came in from Michigan, Iowa State, and both Kansas schools. Bowser’s final three came down to Colorado, Kansas State and Oregon State.

In his own words … “So my family and I sat down and talked about it,” Bowser told “We told my coach the pros and cons of every program. One of the main things we mentioned about the programs is that we love the coach. He said, ‘Don’t make a decision off a coach because coaches come and go. College football is a business.’ He asked, ‘What school is going to better you no matter what the situation is?’ And it was Colorado.

“Altogether, Colorado and Boulder is just best for me to grow not only as a football player but as a person and man because that is what college is also about. It is not just about football.”

Here is a link to his highlights.




Jordyn Tyson – WR

Just the facts … Committed August 12th … Tyson is a 6’2″, 170-pound wide receiver from Allen, Texas … Rivals bio247 Sports bio

What others say about Tyson … Tyson wasn’t rated by Rivals at the time of his commitment, but was considered to be a three-star prospect by 247 Sports. At 247 Sports, Tyson was listed as the No. 196 overall prospect out of Texas, and the No. 194 wide receiver nationally.

Tyson had other offers from … seven other schools, though none of them being Power Five conference schools. The best other offers came from schools like Tulsa, New Mexico and Colorado State.

In his own words … “The way Colorado believed in my talent and how they brought me into the family really stood out,” Tyson told “How nice the facilities and campus are stood out also. We got a chance to look around Boulder quite a bit because we were out there for three or four days. Really, everything is nice out there.

“(Offensive coordinator and receivers) coach (Darrin) Chiaverini said he likes everything about my game, especially my ball skills and my route running.”

Here is a link to his highlights.




Kenny Soares – Ath

Just the facts … Committed August 7th … Soares is a 6’3″, 200-pound athlete from Avon, Connecticut … Rivals bio247 Sports bio

What others say about Soares … Soares is rated as a three-star athlete by both Rivals and 247 Sports. At Rivals, Soares is considered to be the No. 30 “athlete” in the nation, and the No. 1 overall prospect out of the state of Connecticut. At 247 Sports, Soares is rated as the No. 94 athlete in the nation, the No. 9 overall prospect from Connecticut, and the No. 1132 overall prospect nationally.

It is reported that Soares would likely come to Colorado as a linebacker, being compared to Oklahoma transfer Robert Barnes.

Soares did not have a junior season at Avon Old Farms due to the pandemic, but he had a standout performance at a Clemson camp earlier this summer. Colorado began evaluating him closer, and brought him out on an unofficial visit in late July.

Rivals’ own Adam Friedman had a chance to check out Soares back in May, noting his versatility:

“Soares is one of the most interesting prospects in the northeast’s 2022 recruiting class. The 6-foot-3, 220-pound athlete can play running back, tight end, H-back, or linebacker.

“On Sunday Soares focused on linebacker and ended up winning the MVP award because of his impressive combination of athleticism and ball skills, but he also took one on one reps at running back. Soares won those reps, too.”

Soares had other offers from … over a dozen other schools, but only a few from Power Five conference schools. Soares had offers from Indiana and Maryland, with other offers from schools like Army, Navy, Buffalo, and Central Michigan, with interest from schools like Penn State and West Virginia.

Here is a link to his highlights.




Ronald “Champ” Lewis – DB

Decommitted … August 4th … Tweet announcing his decommitment … “First off, I would like to thank the man above. I would also like to thank the coaches at CU for all of the love and support. After praying and discussing with my family, I have decided to decommit from the University of Colorado and reopen my recruitment. Please respect my decision” 

Just the facts … Committed June 7th … Lewis is a 6’2″, 175-pound defensive back from New Orleans, Louisiana … Rivals bio247 Sports bio

What others say about Lewis … Lewis is rated as a three-star prospect by both Rivals and 247 Sports. At 247 Sports, Lewis is considered to be the No. 34 player overall out of the state of Louisiana, the No. 71 cornerback in the nation, and the No. 947 prospect nationally.

As a junior last fall, he earned first-team all-state honors and also was a member of Warren Easton’s track and field team, competing in the 100 and 300-meter hurdles.

Lewis had other offers from …  over a dozen other schools, including a number of Power Five schools. Lewis had offers from Oregon State from the Pac-12, along with offers from Purdue, Virginia, West Virginia and Kansas. Lewis also had offers from the likes of Memphis, Louisiana Tech, Marshall and Utah State. Lewis was scheduled to take an official visit to Oregon State, but ended his recruitment after visiting Boulder.

In his own words … Lewis was hosted in Boulder by former Warren Easton teammate Ashaad Clayton. “‘Shaad showed me around the city and I got a chance to spend a lot of time with him while I was out there,” Lewis told “Hanging out with him and just seeing the relationship he has with the guys on the team showed me a lot. I see him being in school with people from all over the country. He is from Louisiana but he has friends on the team from Texas and California and all over, but it is a still a great brotherhood. The team carried itself well.”

Here is a link to his highlights.




Travis Gray – OL

Just the facts … Committed August 4th … Gray is a 6’6″, 300-pound offensive lineman from Aurora, Colorado (Cherokee Trail) … Rivals bio247 Sports bio

What others say about Gray … Gray is rated as three-star prospect by both Rivals and 247 Sports. At 247 Sports, Gray is listed as the No. 8 overall prospect out of the state of Colorado, the No. 111 offensive tackle in the nation, and the No. 1195 overall prospect in the country.

Gray had other offers from … at least four other Power Five conference schools, including both of the Arizona schools from the Pac-12, along with Kansas and Maryland. Gray was also being recruited by schools like Nebraska, Missouri, Utah and Oregon State.

In his own words … “I worked on my footwork a lot… I didn’t feel my footwork wasn’t as good last season because I was still growing into my body. I am still getting used to it,” Gray told “Footwork is a huge thing, and I feel I improved on my run game and my pass game, and I will be more violent at the line of scrimmage as a senior. Colleges like my length and my ability to recognize defenses. They think I can be a really good team player at tackle.”

Here is a link to his highlights




McKale Boley – OL

Just the facts … Committed July 31st … Boley is a 6’6″, 286-pound offensive lineman from Hattiesburg, Mississippi … Rivals bio 247 Sports bio

What others say about Boley … You’re not gonna like this … Boley was not rated by 247 Sports as of the date of his commitment, and didn’t even show up in the database at Rivals. CU now has two offensive line commits from the Class of 2022, and both are from Hattiesburg. The other, Carter Edwards, committed on June 21st (see bio, below).

McKale Boley played as a defensive lineman early during his junior season at Oak Grove, then he suffered an injury. So, despite being 6-foot-6, 286-pounds, Boley did not stand out because he did not have any film as an offensive lineman to send to colleges.

“It was really hard… but I knew my time would come,” he said. “I just had to be patient.”

Boley had other offers from … no one else. Boley received an offer from CU on July 28th, and committed three days later. Boley was only able to play in two games as a junior at Oak Grove, so he has flown more under-the-radar as a recruit. In addition to Colorado, he has five Junior College options.

In his own words … “I came out to Boulder with my dad, had a workout and an unofficial visit,” Boley told “It was a good workout. They liked my footwork and offered me a scholarship. I have good feet because from when I was in second grade up until last year, I played soccer.”

The elder Boley played collegiately at Southern Mississippi where he was a Conference USA Defensive Most Valuable Player and a three-time all-conference selection. He played there at the same time Mitch Rodrigue was an assistant on the Golden Eagles’ staff.

Here is a link to his highlights.




Simeon Harris – DB

Just the facts … Committed July 21st … Harris is a 6’0″, 170-pound defensive back from Benicia, California (near San Francisco) Rivals bio  247 Sports bio

What others say about Harris … Harris is rated as a three-star prospect by 247 Sports, but only a two-star prospect by Rivals. At 247 Sports, Harris is considered to be the No. 123 “athlete” prospect in the nation, the No. 123 overall prospect out of the state of California, and the No. 1423 prospect nationally.

Harris had other offers from … four Mountain West schools: Colorado State; Fresno State; Utah State and Air Force. Reportedly, however, Harris’ stock has gone up considerably this summer, as he has been hitting the summer camps (including the one at CU). Harris had been a Fresno State commit since February, but decommitted shortly after receiving CU’s offer. Several Pac-12 schools, including Washington and Oregon State, had interest. Due to issues related to his transferring schools last fall, Harris was only allowed to play in two games, which may have cut down on the number of schools willing to make him an offer before the start of his senior year in high school.

In his own words … When Harris committed to Fresno State, he was asked what he brought to the table. “They can expect a long, tall, corner/safety/nickel who can cover ground, get from the hash to the sideline or the middle of the field to the sideline”, Harris told 247 Sports. “I can make plays on the ball when it’s thrown in the air. Expect a lot of turnovers.”

Here is a link to his highlights.




Erick Conley – DL

Just the facts … Committed July 13th … Conley is a 6’4″, 250-pound defensive tackle from Houston, Texas (Alief Taylor) … Rivals bio247 Sports bio

What others say about Conley … Conley is rated as a three-star prospect by Rivals, but, on the date of his commitment, was not rated by 247 Sports. The owner of a 4.45 grade point average, Conley wants to study to become a Neuroscientist. “Colleges love that I am a versatile player but they also like that I am a good person,” Conley said. “Every college coach I’ve spoken to has mentioned my grades.”

“Coach Wilson was talking about putting me on the edge and even sometimes on the inside of the line,” he said. “Wherever he wants me to play, I am going to play and I am going to be my best at it.”

Conley had other offers from … only one other Power Five school, South Carolina. Conley also had offers from Colorado State, Nevada, New Mexico, and Navy.

In his own words … “It was amazing,” Conley told of his official visit to CU in June. “The environment of the town, the stadium, the people, and the coaches there all stood out to me. I got to hang out with (defensive coordinator and defensive line) coach (Chris) Wilson and it was great because we didn’t just talk about football. He talked about life. His main message to me was to check the boxes and be happy. He likes that I am a versatile player.”

Here is a link to his highlights.





Aaron Austin – DE

Just the facts … Committed July 6th … Austin is 6’3″, 255-pound defensive lineman from Ft. Worth, Texas (North Crowley) … Rivals bio247 Sports bio

What others say about Austin … Austin is rated as a three-star prospect by both Rivals and 247 Sports. At 247 Sports, Austin is considered to be the No. 119 defensive lineman in the country, the No. 144 overall prospect out of Texas, and the No. 1045 player in the country. Last season, Austin helped the North Crowley Panthers to a 7-4 record. He was named all-district after recording 48 tackles, 18 tackles for loss, nine sacks, three forced fumbles and four pass breakups.

Austin had other offers from … some 20 schools nationally, including a number of Power Five schools. From the Pac-12, Austin had offers from Washington State and Arizona. Austin had other offers from Boston College, Illinois, Kansas, Kansas State, Minnesota and Nebraska.

In his own words … “I had been out of the (Dallas-Fort Worth) metroplex before but I had never been that far,” Austin told “Na’im Rodman showed me the ropes, how it is like living out there in Boulder and other things like coach. I met with (defensive coordinator and defensive line) coach (Chris) Wilson and (recruiting assistant) D.J. Bryant and their message was that I can be there and be successful and I can be part of a family.”

Here is a link to his highlights.




Joshua Wiggins – DB

Just the facts … Committed June 27th … Wiggins is a 6’1″, 178-pound defensive back from Spring, Texas … Rivals bio247 Sports bio

What others say about Wiggins … Wiggins is rated as a three-star prospect by both Rivals and 247 Sports. Rivals has Wiggins listed as the No. 96 overall prospect out of the state of Texas, while 247 Sports has the No. 92 cornerback in the nation, the No. 140 player out of Texas, and the No. 989 overall prospect in the country.

Wiggins had other offers from … two SEC schools – Kentucky and Mississippi. In addition, Wiggins had offers from Group of Five schools like Arkansas State, Louisiana Tech, Louisiana-Monroe (where his brother played), and Toledo.

In his own words … “The culture, the coaches and whole staff, the family part of it, the players… I just liked everything about it,” Wiggins told “(Running back) Jarek Broussard was my player host and he showed me it is a place that can feel like home. It is a very good place to be at. They are trying to build the program back up to where it needs to be. It was a good reaction when I committed. Everybody was happy. It is a blessing.”

Here is a link to his highlights.




Carter Edwards – OL

Just the facts … Committed June 21st … Edwards is a 6’6″, 275-pound offensive lineman from Hattiesburg, Mississippi … Rivals bio247 Sports bio

What others say about Edwards … Edwards is rated as a three-star prospect by both Rivals and 247 Sports. At 247 Sports, Edwards is listed as the No. 25 overall prospect out of the state of Mississippi, the No. 73 offensive tackle in the nation, and the No. 997 overall prospect in the country. Edwards was an All-State selection for both the 2019 and 2020 seasons for 6A Presbyterian Christian high school, which runs an almost exclusively run-based offense. Edwards helped clear the way for Louisiana Tech bound running back Marquis Crosby, who broke the single-season Mississippi rushing record with 3,678 yards. Colleges have complimented Edwards the most on his “flexibility and quick feet.”

Edwards had other offers from … several other Power Five conference schools, including both of his home state SEC schools – Mississippi and Mississippi State. Edwards also had offers from Kansas State and Louisville, as well as schools like UCF, UAB, Southern Miss and Princeton. Edwards took official visits to Kansas State and Louisville before committing to Colorado.

In his own words … “When I saw the Aerospace Engineering building, they have a great Aerospace Engineering program, I knew I wanted to commit,” Edwards told “And I just love all the coaches. (Offensive line) coach (Mitch) Rod(rigue) and (head) coach (Karl) Dorrell… I really like them, and I like their strength program (which is led by Shannon Turley).

“We flew in (for my official visit) and the first thing they took us to, we got to meet with one of the Aerospace Engineering professors and he showed us around the building. …  I am going to miss the whole (recruiting) process, but I am kind of relieved.”

Here is a link to his highlights.




Carlton Madden – DL

De-committed June 21st … Four days after receiving a scholarship offer from Georgia, Madden decided to decommit from Colorado. Madden was mostly under-the-radar early on due to the fact he was not allowed to play on varsity as a junior, because of a transfer ruling. He has seen his stock rise after performing well at a handful of camps this summer.  Madden has also added Georgia Tech, Ole Miss and Washington State as Power 5 options this month, with interest from Florida and Louisville.

“After discussion and prayer with my family, I will be decommitting from the University of Colorado,” Madden tweeted. “I made the decision to commit back in February and many things have changed along the way. I’m looking to explore a few more options and making sure I make the right choice. I want to thank the whole recruiting staff for all the love and support.”

Update … September 16th … Committed to home-state Georgia …

Just the facts … Committed February 20th … Madden is a 6’4″, 227-pound defensive end from Ellenwood, Georgia Rivals bio 247 Sports bio 

What others say about Madden … Madden is rated as a three-star prospect by Rivals, but, as of the date of his commitment, was unrated by 247 Sports (Madden picked up a three-star designation later).

Part of the reason Madden wasn’t getting much attention was that he had to sit out his junior season. “Sadly my recruiting process slowed down because I wasn’t able to play my junior year (due to transfer rule)”, Madden told “But Colorado was still showing love”.

Madden had other offers from … at the time of his commitment in February, there was only CU and Kent State.

In his own words … From Madden’s tweet announcing his commitment: “Colorado has been my top school since they offered. The coaches give off a good vibe and energy.

“I feel like I can come in and make an impact early at Colorado,” said Madden. “They build their defense around players like myself … I feel excited and can’t wait to visit as soon as the dead period is lifted”.

Here is a link to Madden’s highlights.




Kaden Ludwick – LB

Just the facts … Committed June 16th … Ludwick is a 6’4″, 200-pound linebacker from Clackamas, Oregon … Rivals bio247 Sports bio

What others say about Ludwick … Ludwick is considered to be a three-star prospect by both Rivals and 247 Sports. At 247 Sports, Ludwick is considered to be the No. 93 outside linebacker in the nation, and the No. 8 overall prospect out of the state of Oregon. Ludwick has reported gaining 45 pounds in the last year or so, and, while he is currently listed as a linebacker prospect, he may be a defensive end by the time he gets to Boulder.

“I also added explosiveness,” Ludwick told “It helped me when we were finally able to get out there for a short spring season. Opposing teams had two guys blocking me at all times, and quarterbacks rolling out the opposite way, but I was still able to do my thing and make plays. Adding the strength and speed definitely helped a lot.”

Ludwick had other offers from … four other schools, including Washington State from the Pac-12. Other offers were from Air Force, Nevada and Idaho.

In his own words … “It was my first time to Colorado and it was an amazing place,” Ludwick told 247 Sports about his unofficial visit to Boulder earlier in June. “The coaches were great and the mountain views are something else.  Meeting all the coaches and the support staff was a highlight. They all had great facilities and you can see they really care about their players.”

Here is a link to his highlights.




Zach Courtney – TE

Just the facts … Committed June 7th … Courtney is a 6’7″, 235-pound tight end from Post, Texas … Rivals bio247 Sports bio

What others say about Courtney … Courtney is rated as a three-star prospect by Rivals, but, as of the date of his commitment, was not yet rated by 247 Sports. Courtney helped Post High to a 30-2 record and back-to-back district titles the past two seasons, while earning All-District honors on both sides of the ball (tight end and defensive end). Courtney was not used often as a receiver last year. In his junior year (16 games), he had nine receptions for 103 yards and three touchdowns. He also had 82 tackles, with 17 tackles for loss and five sacks.

Courtney is a three-sport athlete who competes in basketball and track and field (200 meters, 300 hurdles, shot put, discus).

Courtney had other offers from … five other schools, with BYU the only other “Power Five” offer. Other offers were from Fresno State, Texas State, Northern Arizona and Western Kentucky.

In his own words … “The scenery is amazing,” Courtney told CUSportsNation. “The coaches are just super nice and it really sounds like they want to build a family instead of a bunch of meatheads.”

Courtney travelled to Boulder with his parents, who were impressed with what Dorrell had to say.

“He was super great,” Courtney said of Dorrell. “He made my parents super happy in that if I went there, they wouldn’t be scared for me. He made it seem like I’d be safe (in Boulder) and that we’d be a family.”

“(Colorado’s coaches) were saying how they think I am a great player and really like what I can do, also what I could accomplish at their school,” Courtney told “(Tight ends) coach (Bryan) Cook likes that I can block pretty much everybody and I can catch really well for how big I am. They like my physicality and my size.”

Here is a link to Courtney’s highlights.




Keyshon Mills – DB

Just the facts … Committed March 27th … Mills is a 6’1″, 190-pound defensive back from Little Elm, Texas (a suburb of Dallas) Rivals bio247 Sports bio

What others say about Mills … Mills is rated as a three-star wide receiver prospect by Rivals, while, on the date of his commitment, was an unrated cornerback on the 247 Sports website. After his commitment, Mills was evaluated by 247 Sports, and was given a three-star rating.  The industry-generated 247Sports Composite puts him at No. 100 among 2022 cornerbacks and in the top 150 overall in Texas for this class.

From Gabe Brooks at 247 SportsMills can get a little grabby at times, but that also falls in line with the more physical style of cornerback he plays like at this point in his development. Along those same lines, Mills is a willing participant against the perimeter run game. His technique consistency in that department can improve, but he will stick his nose in there vs. the run, an encouraging trait for a young corner.

Right now, Mills looks like a boundary type of corner who can mix it up at the line of scrimmage with bigger receivers, while also being able to keep you out of trouble in the perimeter run game. He gets his hands on a good number of throws and if he can develop his ball skills that will aid his playmaking ability.

Mills had other offers from … only Kansas and Liberty, while there was interest from schools like UCLA, TCU, Minnesota and Wyoming.

In his own words … “Colorado is a very good school and they play in the Pac-12, which I like”, Mills told “I did research on the school and looked at their roster. They don’t have any defensive back commits (for 2022) yet, so I was really looking at that. (CU defensive backs coach Demetrice) Martin really wants me up there. He told me he needs another lockdown corner for the future to be on the other side of Christian Gonzalez.”

Here is a link to his highlights




Victor Venn – RB

Just the facts … Committed March 19th … Venn is a 5’10”, 170-pound running back from Buford, Georgia … Rivals bio247 Sports bio

What others say about Venn … Venn is rated as a three-star prospect by both Rivals and 247 Sports. At Rivals, Venn is considered to be the No. 13 all-purpose back in the nation, and the No. 65 player out of the talent-rich state of Georgia. At 247 Sports, Venn is rated as the No. 52 running back in the country, the No. 64 player out of Georgia, and the No. 682 overall prospect in the nation.

Venn, who helped Buford to a Georgia 6A state championship in 2020, is noted for his speed. He is part of a 4×2 relay team that is ranked No. 3 in the nation early on during track season and he aspires to run a 10.8 in the 100-meter dash this spring.

“I love how they see me in their offense”, Venn told They want to use me at running back, move me out to the slot, and really move me around to make me more valuable. I love their offense, I love the style of play in the Pac 12, and I love that fit”.

“I am being recruited mostly as an all-purpose back, so I can do more things like catch the ball out of the backfield or even go out to the slot sometimes”, Venn told “That is what Coach Chev was telling me from Colorado. He wants me to play a little of both.”

Venn had other offers from .. over two dozen schools. From Power Five conferences, Venn had offers from USC, Arizona State, Florida State, Michigan State, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Mississippi, Rutgers, Duke, Boston College, Pittsburgh and Virginia.

In his own words … “This is a great feeling to be committing to Colorado, and to think about my future in the Pac 12,” Venn told “I play for great coaches that push us hard every day, and all the time and effort I have put in makes this possible.

“A lot to make this day possible happens behind the scenes, so for everyone to see this make me very happy. I know going to Colorado is going to set me up for life. It is very exciting.”

From his tween announcing his commitment … “Since I was a kid, it has always been my dream to play Division I College football. I am proud to announce that for the next 3-4 years I will be continuing my education and football career at The University of Colorado! … Thank you for the opportunity to be apart of such a Cultured and Prestigious Program!”

Here is a link to his highlights.




Owen McCown – QB

Just the facts … Committed March 17th … McCown is a 6’1″, 165-pound quarterback from Rusk, Texas … Rivals bio247 Sports bio

What others say about McCown … McCown is rated as a three-star prospect by both Rivals and Scout. At Rivals, McCown, who is a lefty, is considered to be the No. 21 pro-style quarterback in the nation, and the No. 61 overall player out of Texas. At 247 Sports, McCown is considered to be the No. 17 dual-threat quarterback in the country, the No. 101 player out of Texas, and the No. 738 player overall in the nation.

After transferring from Myers Park High School in North Carolina to Rusk, McCown threw for 1,080 yards, nine touchdowns and four interceptions in eight games at Rusk this past season – his first as a starter. He added 270 yards and eight touchdowns on 79 rushing attempts.

McCown is the son of longtime NFL quarterback Josh McCown. His uncle Luke McCown was a fourth-round pick in the 2004 draft, playing 14 years. Another uncle, Randy McCown, starred as a quarterback at Texas A&M.

Colorado head coach Karl Dorrell coached Josh McCown twice, briefly in 2008 with the Miami Dolphins and for two seasons (2017-18) with the New York Jets. Dorrell was the receivers coach in both of those stops.

According to Rivals analyst Sam Spiegelman … McCown put together impressive junior tape, showing some mobility and a big arm to attack the entire field. Virginia Tech, UTSA and Colorado have put themselves in a good early position with the NFL legacy, but there will be a lot more interest and competition for the 2022 quarterback.

McCown had other offers from … only one other Power Five conference school, and that was Virginia Tech, although Vanderbilt also expressed interest. Other offers came from schools like Ohio, UNLV, and Charlotte. Considering McCown’s size (6’1″, 165-pounds), many schools may have been waiting to see how McCown fills out and bulks up before making an offer.

Here is a link to his highlights.




Dylan Dixson – DB

Just the facts … Committed February 4th … Dixson is a 6’2″, 190-pound defensive back from Pearland, Texas Rivals bio 247 Sports bio

What others say about Dixson … Dixson was listed as a three-star prospect by both Rivals and 247 Sports when Dixson committed, but Dixson was later (late February) given a fourth star by 247 Sports. Rivals rates Dixson as the No. 76 overall player out of the state of Texas, and the No. 38 safety prospect in the country. At 247 Sports, Dixson is rated as the No. 28 outside linebacker in the nation, the No. 47 player overall out of Texas, and the No. 361 player in the nation.

Dixson was second-team all-district pick at safety as a junior, and was Texas District 23-6A first-team selection at outside linebacker as a sophomore.

“Colorado said they would like me to play their strong safety position,” Dixson told “I did play outside linebacker my sophomore year, but aside from that I have been playing safety since I was 12 years old.”

Dixson accounted for 52 tackles, four interceptions, 11 pass breakups, two forced fumbles and one fumble recovery in nine games as a junior. He also had 10 receptions on offense.

“I have good tackling skills, I don’t get tired, and I like being physical,” said Dixson, a second-team all-district selection in 2020.

Dixson had other offers from … From eight other schools, including six other Power Five schools. Dixson had offers from Arizona State, Florida State, Iowa State, Missouri, Virginia Tech and Tennessee.

In his own words … From his tweet announcing his commitment … “My family has been the backbone to this process from the beginning. Thankful to my brothers and Dad for being my first coaches with my Mom cheering us on. I am also grateful to the Pearland High School coaching staff for believing in me. Huge shout outs to Coach Brett Maxie and Head Coach Karl Dorrell for welcoming me into the Colorado Buffalo family.”

“It seems I’m going to play the strong safety position, which I think best fits me because it’s closest to the line,” Dixson told the Daily Camera. “I’m more of a run fit/tight end type guy. I felt that best fits me because as a linebacker, I feel like I’m more of a coverage linebacker in the first place. It really wouldn’t be a big adaptation to move to strong safety.”

Really, there’s not much Dixson doesn’t like about CU.

“I feel like it best fit me as a player,” he said.

Here is a link to his highlights.



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  1. Clearly the MIghty Buffs Football Brain Trust are using the A-ARON strategy.

    It is a mystery is the answer.

    A-ARON came out just fine.

    Buffs Bowl Bound

    Note: Star recruits ain’t coming here. At least not yet. (not sure I want em anyway…..Recruiting companies are a business to make money. screw em, unless of course you pay for em then of course your in charge)

    Note 2: Clearly HCKD and his staff are going down their own path, not caring what unknowing fans pretend they know about recruiting………….(repeating services and bloggers and newspapers crap)

    Note 3: Certainly they have made offers to the high star guys, perhaps even hoping to get a couple but there focus has been on evaluation of the 3 stars to get the players they know will fit into their system, beliefs, and culture. The more I watch this, the more I like this.

    1. Glad you said all that. As an unknowing fan I wonder how much the recruiting services go after the low hanging fruit before they simply call everyone else a 3 star or less and retire to happy hour. I also wonder how much more than an unknowing fan they know about bio mechanics and how much they delve into character.
      I dont think I have to wonder how much film the Buff’s staff is wading through. Probably enough to make one of those recruiting service staffers run away screaming.
      Before NIL came along I used to wonder why any kid would want to leave Colorado to play elsewhere, especially in heat, humidity, cock roaches and things called grits on the menu.
      All wondering aside the reality is HCKD and the Buff’s staff are going to have to coach em up to become winners much to earaches’s trepidation. Speaking of earache isnt he in some kind of money laundering business and proud of it? That being the case if he wants the Jimmy and Joes he might be the perfect candidate to bid enough for a few of those mercenaries….or put his money where his mouth is.

      1. Wow. Only half a post about me. Or trying to be about me. The Berliner’s got you beat. He goes all in.

        Isn’t this a forum about CU football, and other athletics?

        Go Buffs

        1. Actually, it’s not supposed to be a “forum” at all, but a comments section on the CU news of the day. Sigh …

      2. Now, to your point about Recruiting, if the rating services are crap, and the coaches scour the country for talent, then how do you conclude that clearly the coaches have to coach em up? So they’re finding kids with potential and getting them to attain it? I disagree.

        As coach Wilson said, they have their profile and a big part of that is the ability to process quickly. You couple physical talent with mental acuity, and you get good players. The rating systems cannot find them all, and they all cannot fit on the top 5 teams’ rosters.

        Here’s to hoping Karl can find enough of them to start stacking wins like he likes stacking pancakes.

        Go Buffs

        Ps- part of their profile is also nfl and other athletic pedigree. Don’t tell anyone

        1. Well, in keeping with the comments on CU’s recruiting news of the day, I was reminded that even the venerable Bill McCartney said how he and his staff built the program was “finding the superior black athlete” and getting them to come to CU. Chido even glossed that from The Gospel According to Mac with “you can now call me the superior black athlete.”

          Good players make coaches look good. If Karl can find them, and get them to CU, our fortunes will turn around. If not, our program will continue to wallow in mediocrity. So far, I like the level of players they’re bringing in, despite many of them not being rated and having limited offer sheets. As always, I trust their eyes and knowledge more than mine, and certainly more than the recruiting services.

          Go Buffs

          1. it is about you when you keep trashing the coaches and calling them recruiters only. It is about you when you say we are going to wallow in mediocrity if we cant get the players…what players I cant figure out… like the players they are bringing in even though they arent the recruiting services low hanging fruit (ie the four and 5 stars). Hedging your bet and writing a novel to do it…..

          2. Hedging the bets.

            It is what real or perceived bankers do. All his posts hedge the bet. Just how it is. Personality traits prevail through all aspect of yur life.

            Anyway I agree with Stuart

            I am gonna comment on the news (now Stuart does that mean they have to comments without opinions………….asking cause well i need to.
            Okay thanks for putting this up.

          3. I have no arguments with disagreeing over CU-related issues, but you guys go pretty far afield.
            I just want to keep it from digressing into personal attacks …

          4. Trashing the coaches? Hey pot, meet kettle. As to my comments, when have I ever trashed a coach? Calling Barnett a .500 coach? Saying Bill Mac wasn’t my favorite guy bc I thought him a hypocrite? Challenging the opinion that leavitt was the reason for the 2016 breakthrough?

            If that is trashing, ok then.

            Go Buffs

          5. Saying it’s 70% coaching which you did (then tried later said it was 50-50) indicates a lack of understanding of what coaching does.

            You said Mac did good because he had players
            You said Gary did good cause he had players
            You said wacmac didn’t do good cause he didn’t have players.

            Ya know sometimes I think you just don’t understand how all this works

            Go back and read not only what you wrote but how you wrote it. You trashed Gary and Mac. Yur not that smart to slip that buy us with all your hedging your bets. Bankers are like that.

            Go Buffs

    1. No, as I’ve posted a number of times, I have a very tenuous relationship with the recruiting sites.
      Anything premium, I wait at least a day before posting. Since recruits are posting their commitments via social media these days, I can post their commitments as soon as they are public. I then post any information I can find about the recruit which is open to the public. Other documentation, like quotes from the recruit or from analysts from the website, I hold off on posting.
      We need Adam and Joshua doing their jobs, so we can enjoy the fruits of their labors, and they need to get paid from subscriptions. If people can come to a fan site and get information for free (either from what I post, or what you post in the comments), it takes away from the incentive for fans to pay for recruiting news.
      So, if you post premium content in the comments section, I am going to hold off on it being posted. Hope you understand that it is not personal …

      1. Agree but none of it was premium content. I don’t subscribe to any of them. So I only see the free stuff. Okay wait even. Just that sometimes you don’t post stuff.

        1. Stuart demonstrates the integrity to honor Adam’s and Joshua’s work at the subscription sites every day. His decision to do so is recognized, and genuinely appreciated, by CU At The Game readers!

  2. One other aspect of the pressure a 17/18 year-old athlete faces now when practicing/playing against 22/23 year-old men that merits attention. Many years ago, college football coaches would ask players to come to fall camp “in shape.” Two a day practices were designed to gauge whether players met our part of the bargain. Once the season completed in November (or large programs, January bowl season), we had time off before preparation for a few weeks of spring practices. Then time off before returning to fall “in shape.” Now, it is a 50/51/52 week grind. No time off, or, at most, two weeks off the treadmill each year. Adding the pressure of being “replaced on the roster” will get the attention of any player. It also must completely change the dynamic of being a “student athlete.”

  3. Stuart made an interesting comment somewhere……….something like all these guys will directly replacing another scholarship player and I hope they are better than the ones they are replacing………

    So, doesn’t that happen every year? Ya but not like it is gonna do in 2022

    2 seniors
    2 graduate students.

    so with 13 (so far) that means that
    these “new scholarship players” are gonna have to replace 9 existing scholarship players that are currently

    Mein Gott players you better do damn good this year or you could be
    one of the
    NLHN……………………No Longer Here Nine.

    Doesn’t seem quite fair acutally.

    Survival of the fittest.

    Bowl bound buffs

    1. Stuart was accurate. With the few graduates this coming year, the dynamic of the transfer portal, and other factors, this will be a formal replacement (probably, in the end, more than nine.

      It is not fair, and unlike the previous dynamic of college scholarships. Everything is changing. With the portal and NIL, there will be more decisions made on an individual basis by both coach and player. As someone closer to age 70 than 60, and someone who played football at a small college, this potential loss of a team/family/mutual commitment/group resolve will change the sport to what have you done lately – much like the “Not For Long” NFL. In that regard, Coach Dorrell, with NFL AND college experience is in a good position to build a family atmosphere when all elements are working against that possibility. I would not want to be an 17-year old navigating that type of practice and in-game pressure,

  4. Sorry champ…is that your real name? I don’t respect your decision and passing it off on God is pretty disgusting

  5. I’m just hoping this class will be better than in the past….especially lineman.

    Preseason is just hype. All the good vibes in the past have gone down the drain by the time each class becomes upperclassmen. Yes, these are talented players compared to their high school peers, but when skimming the cream off the top, you begin seeing the difference in the quality of the cream, the Buffs have just been another carton of half and half.

    The proof will be known by the end of November. “Cmon Buffs.

    1. Yo Trax of the Buff…
      Hope you are well.

      keep the faith…………..certainly…………..the phoenix-buff………..will rise again.

      Bowl Bound Buffs

      1. VK, it’s good seeing, “YO TRAX.”

        Perhaps there’s hope……I’m glad you think so VK…… I’m really, REALLY not seeing anything clear in Ye Olde Crystal Ball………all foggy now. Toooooooo many damn years “A Wishin’ and Hopin’ and Prayin’ with NO RETURN. It’s all been Pre-Season Hype in the DC.

        ‘Cmon BUFFS

  6. I like the new o-line. I think he will end up with more offers pretty quick once he plays games this year. His footwork is really good. Watch the kick backs on pass rushes. He comes back quick and balanced his shoulders square. He transitions to secondary rushers in a couple of the pretty smoothly. I also like he find folks to block in space. I can’t tell you how many times I saw our lineman running out on a pull and just missing a block, not last year. Last year they were all really good. But a few years ago when Chev was originally OC. Man those lineman could not find a block out in space. The biggest issue I have is will he grow, can’t play line in the pac 12 at 286. He will have to put on 20 pounds of muscle.

    1. This is all on MItchRod…Stephen Nembot 2.0, another long time soccer player turned OT project. He had all the tools, could never put it together (I recall reading a pre-draft report that pointed out he may have the worst fundamentals in the class).
      But do agree that a kid that big playing soccer is very, very impressive.

  7. Rodrigue himself came from “way under the radar” but last year turned out alright. Boley has the size right now but the photo I saw looked like he could easily add another 30 or 40 pounds without being turned into a large stationary boulder.
    and they play soccer in Hattiesburg? Interesting….thats Favre country

      1. Hope you didn’t just jinx him (he hasn’t really made it yet, has he?). To really make your point Eric I think you should examine the dad’s of everyone on the team. At least give us the bio’s of the QB’s which I think was the whole point before you ran out to the fringe.

        1. Dude, my point seems to escape you. Let me clarify: My point has been that Karl seems to have a pattern in his recruiting. He uses his network and likes targeting kids who come from nfl families.

          To me? I see why. And I hope it translates and think it will.

          You seem to conclude otherwise.

          Go Buffs

      2. Earache is probably ecstatic to hear that. We dont need no stinkin coaches….just relatives , buddies and biz associates.

  8. I foresee a ‘challenging’ year ahead for HCKD…our schedule is tough. And want to be clear I am 100% bought into/support him (unlike MickeyMac even during 2016).
    However, in a moment of frustration after the Alamo Bowl his thinking around the ‘overall talent level of the team’ came out. And it appears he has fallen into the same trap every almost every new coach falls into…thinking they can somehow recruit above their weight but end up with 3* recruits that are somehow ‘better’ than the previous regime’s.
    Saving grace will be the transfer portal, again believe CU is a highly desirable location for ‘heavy-weight busts’ i.e. Barns, Lamb, etc.

    1. I understand what your saying but this year it’s really different regarding the star ratings, some schools got full seasons, while others only a few games and still others no games. Add in no camps, less practice time and no ability for face to face and every other hurdle from the pandemic, this may be the one year that the star rating system is really out of whack. Not that it was always reliable, but there are reasons for it being even more underrated (pun intended).

      Add in NIL and the Buffs need much success this year to even hope to get those star ratings up. I’m sure NIL is already reducing the pool of recruits that will talk with schools outside of the schools that will be at the top in being able to attract NIL monies.

      I guess we all should start buying lotto tickets in hopes of winning enough to pay the Buff players.

  9. The Star system seems to be working well. (sarcasm)
    Buffs just offered a WR in Cal who isn’t even rated he has 13 offers, 5 from other PAC teams including the Ducks, Georgia, last and least dinner bell Mel.

  10. Recruits by position … Quarterbacks: 1 … Running backs: 1 … Tight Ends: 1 … Offensive Linemen: 1 … Defensive Linemen: 2 … Linebackers: 1 … Defensive Backs: 4 …

    No question HCKD believes it when, he says it all starts with the defense.

    It is now up to chev and the offensive coaching staff to give their charges a winning formula to win their side of the ball. Not only the scheme but the game time coaching execution of the scheme. Course the kids have to execute, but, like if ya don’t keep testing and updating the shrooms they may fail your intended desire.

    Update the shrooms continually chev and don’t mix and match the same way every time where the concoction always is predictable.


  11. Liked what I saw on his highlights, Conley looks strong and can shed or just slide by blockers. Between that, his grades and CU recruiting him he’ll be on other schools radar; let’s hope CU can keep him.

    Looks like his field of study is very important to him and with a stunning 4.45 GPA may be the reason CU ultimately gets him; that and Wilson & KD.

    Welcome Erick

  12. DB’s and more DB’s

    4 this year (so Far)
    5 last year

    It appears HCKD and the staff have seen a weakness left by the previous regimes.

    It has been a problem. Lots of injuries.


    Current team ranking #44

    Note: Hmmmm No one from Colorado. Yet?
    Top 8 recruits in Colorado
    1. OU
    2. No commit….favs. Ohio state, Oklahoma, Oregon, florida
    3. Nebraska
    4. Michigan state
    5. No commit….favs. California, Colorado, Duke, knebraska
    6. Michigan
    7. USC
    8. No commit….favs. Arizona, Maryland, ASU, Colorado

  13. All I hear…we can’t recruit colo!!!! I grew up here and I wouldn’t recruit here either!!!! Loving the Texas recruiting, try to sneak a few of these WA QBs, been watching before Sefo, and the QBs are legit

  14. CU made Justice Finkley’s final 3, with Texas and ‘bama. He grew up a CU fan, as his father liked bieniemy. And he wants a school with a good premed program. Fingers crossed!!!

    1. He committed, but is a walk-on for the Class of 2021.
      5’9″, 170-pounds. A speedster, but no scholarship offers.
      Hopefully, he is is still growing, and will give CU a bit of what his father gave the Buffs.

    1. Yes. Walk-on for the Class of 2021.
      5’9″, 170-pounds. A speedster, but no scholarship offers.
      Hopefully, he is is still growing, and will give CU a bit of what his father gave the Buffs.

      1. Thanks Stu. I watched his huddle highlights. Hopefully he can continue to mature. He played two ways in HS, WR and CB. Plus PR

      2. Great news, good to know !
        That is the kind of legacy / history that is important for the program to keep alive…
        “Miracle at Michigan” is and heralded as one of the all time great college plays, one that Ty Law has likely tried to forget

  15. always like it when an O lineman commits. These guys are valuable beyond their star ratings. Even the 3 star OL guys rack up the offer numbers.

    1. Yep. You often hear that linemen – the good ones, at least – are the smartest guys on the team. They have to be to know the calls, checks, and break them down in seconds, etc. this guy seems to fit that bill. If he has the physical traits to match? Could be special. Go Mitch, go.

      Go Buffs

  16. It always irk’s me when a player states that prayer was part of their process to decide to go back on their commitment, after praying, they what were “told” to go back on a commitment?

    So, the same faith that put this awesome opportunity in front of you in the first place, now wants you to go back on your word/commitment?

    Maybe because the lower teams are used to make the big boys notice you, so yes it’s part of “the” plan?

  17. If its any consolation the cobbs only have 4 three stars committed so far for 2022.

    The Buffs have benefitted with some 4 star transfers although slightly tarnished. Thats not going to get them on a par with the teams they came from that are full of 4 stars but hopefully a few are victims of “brighter smiles,” other forms of cronyism and coaching faux pas.

    The only way the Buffs, along with any other second and third tier team are going to break out of the recruiting scraps cycle is if HCKD pulls a Meyer or a Peterson with his 3 stars and stays long enough to build a dynasty……..and doesnt move on like Meyer or retires like McCartney.


  18. Nothing against the recruits so far, but I was hoping for some 4 stars this cycle. As I understand it, this year there is reduced demand for HS recruits. I’d hoped that meant some trickling down of talent, with the buffs able to benefit (more than the other schools looking to take advantage of the situation). If this is correct, the quality of the average recruit will be higher than normal. Thus having a “normal “ class of three stars and perhaps a 4 or two would effectively be moving backwards as others snatch up upgraded talent.

    1. Interesting. Yur probably right
      Looking at overall class rankings from 247. The composite number of all the recruits.
      (mid-note: Ratings are guestimates as you know)
      2017 .8521 (Moretti, Polley,)
      2018 .8449 ( Taylor )
      2019 .8491 (Allen .)
      2020 .8563( Clayton, Harris, Gonzalez, Rice)
      2021 .8392
      2022 .8525

      Interesting, there are no 4 stars in 2022 so far, but the overall ranking is second highest in that time frame.

      Anyway don’t have a clue, my ear is aching, but go look at this link and change the years and look at all those names that never contributed. Especially higher ranked ones?

      A road well traveled


      Note: Beckett

  19. Recruiting is such an easy game. Seriously
    They show you theirs. You likeeee? You show them yours. They likeeee?
    Deal, what’s the issue.
    No likee You Numba 10

    Both sides are powerful.
    If the recruit has the goods “Everybody wants you”
    If the school has the goods. “They only want you if you have the goods”

    The five star goods are few and far between……..
    But for 2022
    Ohio state has 4
    LSU has 3
    Alabama 2
    FSU 2
    Michigan 1
    A&M 1
    USC 1
    Georgia 1
    Oklahoma 1

    In Summary Goods get the goods

    Yo Ho Buffs

    Note: 135 4 stars committed.
    Note 2: Buffs have zero.
    Note 3: Goods or no goods in either direction??

  20. I like what I saw on Mills’ recruiting video….. ‘course we’re only seeing his best.

    That being said, he has good speed and sticks to the receiver really well, no matter if it’s a FLY pattern or a SLANT. His poltential appears to be vertical.

  21. Color me skeptical on McCown. The sonny boy thing hardly ever seems to work out. Brenden Rice right now looks like the exception to the rule but there are so many disappointments. I’m sure a lot of you can point to many in the past including the most famous name Elway. The latest ones are the McCaffrey Bros….who still might flower at a lower level…but we dont need no lower levels.

    1. Christian does ok, seems like.

      Karl seems to like kids with nfl families. I see the appeal. I have little doubt Owen can play and read defenses. If he grows, could be good.

      Go Buffs

      1. Yes Christian has succeeded but he didnt try and be a QB. You will find a few more exceptions to the rule where most of what you need at positions other than QB is natural physical talent. A QB needs a lot more. Above average mental processing, eye hand coordination along with that live arm, leadership abilities etc.
        I’ll be happy as a clam if McCown becomes a success but so far he still has a long road to go. If you could clone dad and give the clone more QB training growing up it might have a better chance to work. Gotta remember he has half Mom’s genes. Many times Pedigree can be a synonym for nepotism.

          1. nice try earache. Apples and meteors. Sonny was never a high profile national athlete. He was a ground breaking coach. His kids did benefit from his teaching but not his…aaahhhh…pedigree and they earned their prominence on their own.
            I didnt want to bring this up but if you insist on playing one upmanship look no further than CHWSRN

        1. Jack elway. Son John.

          I could go on.

          Does that mean a lock if you have athletic parents who played or coached at a hig level? No. Nor does getting a five star recruit with no history of football nor other athleticism in their genealogy.

          But, I think there are sign posts. And we seem to be seeing more of them that Karl and co look for.

          Go Buffs

          1. Same story with Jack Elway, a coach but not an athlete of note. Unfortunate for CHWSRN in that his dad wasnt much of a coach.

        2. I chose those because they had CU and donko ties. Both came from coaching/football families. Who also played, albeit not in the nfl.

          So fine: Mannings. Matthews. Embrees (although Taylor don’t make the nfl he did ok at ucla). Neuheisel (coaching and d1 playing). I could go on. Want basketball? Track? Skiing? Genetics matter. As does being around a profession as you grow up.

          Of course I knew you would go Cody, and figured you would also go jay macintyre. Or maybe Curtis even. Last I checked, both played decent d1 ball. Both may also now be coaching. Curtis may be too.

          And to restate the point I was making, Karl has brought in a handful of kids whose dads played in the nfl. I understand why. Maybe you do too. Maybe you don’t. We’ll see how Owen develops. If he can get to 200+ lbs in the next 18 months, he could be a great prospect for CU.

          Go Buffs

          1. Exceptions to the rule are low hanging fruit. Its a little harder to research he disappointments but its a given most of the high fliers want there kids to do the same. I know exactly why you like these sonny boys. Its the connections. When someone plays in the NFL they develop lots of connections. You seem like a big connection guy to me. Earache for Gubner.
            The Embrees dont exactly fit my parameters. You keep going back to coaching. even though you think better players are the answer. There is a lot more nepotism going on there it seems these days and a lot of them are doing well. Maybe its because its something you can learn and not your god given……ahhh…pedigree.

    2. EP, ya do have a point….but….but… if you TOTALLY disregard the genes, then they (THE RECRUITS WITH GRRREAT GENES) go into the same pot of veggie soup as the rest.

      If I had a choice of selecting a recruit, I would rather have one with good genetic history vs one with no genetic history to pull from.

      Do you just like pickin’ on earache ? I like the banter, so don’t stop on my account…..same for him.


  22. I like the pedigree of Owen mccown. My first thought when I saw his picture a while back was that he looks like a string bean. Hopefully he fills out. Reminded me of Tyler Lytle.

    Go Buffs

    1. Agreed, now need to get that through to recruits with serious ambitions of playing in the league…reason why Senior is comfortable with his son here.

  23. I just read the Howell chat where he said there is a possibility a kid named Blayne Toll might transfer from Arkansas. He is 6.5 and 240 plus…and get this ….even….rated as a 3 star he had 25 offers many from the big names. According to Brian he was playing D with the hogs but wants to play O possibly as a TE. Might get a bit crowded in the TE room…kinda is already barring any more injuries but he sounds like a keeper.

    1. Crowded with bodies may not mean crowded with talent. Looking forward to September. Heck, even spring ball could be fun to read about.

      Go Buffs

  24. Certainly continuing the trend of tall DB’s over the last 2 classes.
    Everyone is 6’2″ or taller except Christian Gonzalez at 6’1 (according to Rivals)
    I am definitely interested in how KD and staff do with this 2022 Class

    Anyone know what position William Anglen (6’2 190) settled at for CU ?
    … just watched his videos (recruited as athlete) and he was playing QB

  25. Can you find out if CU knew Lamb was coming and so they told that to almost signed linebacker Patu? The kid had a family tie to CU so I feel bad if we discouraged him from coming. Of course want to be fair to him in seeing future competition.

    1. I don’t think we’ll hear from either party that it was a trade off, with Patu being encouraged to move on because Lamb was a potential addition.

      That being said, Patu was a long time commit for CU (since October 1st), and de-committed the day before Signing Day. If you are going to defect that late in the process, it’s likely because you have found a new suitor (see: DL “Ike”, who was a CU commit all the way up until he received an offer from Michigan).
      As of this morning, Patu still hasn’t signed with a school, which lends credence to the idea that the de-commitment wasn’t entirely Patu’s idea …

  26. At last back to back good news. I was bummed out on Wednesday.
    A side question, does anyone know where Rakestraw landed?

    1. Derrion Rakestraw – Tulane
      K.D. Nixon – USC
      Jason Harris – Arizona
      Tyler Lytle – UMass
      Jaren Mangham – South Florida
      Still looking … Akil Jones, William Anglen, T.J. Trujillo …

        1. Only if the team wants them. It has to be mutual.
          Which is going to be a problem for some players, as their spots on the 85-man roster (especially with the COVID-year expanse of players) may be difficult.

          1. Thanks. On a separate note, I hope this recruiting class benefits from the limited number of scholarships available nationally and some 4 stars may give CU longer looks. However it breaks down, I expect the average rating of recruits for every team in the nation to be inflated, and I hope CU rides that wave as well as anyone.

          2. I think you’re right. Every school – including the blue bloods – will be limited in the number of scholarships they can hand out to the Class of ’22. The fewer number of scholarships should help with the “trickle down” of quality players to other schools, including CU.
            It will be an interesting ride to December’s Signing Day.

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