CU at the Game Podcast – Alamo Bowl Post-Mortem (with positives from game and 2020 season)

The required post-mortem on CU’s loss to No. 20 Texas in the Alamo Bowl isn’t – believe it or not – as negative as you might think. Stuart and Brad take a look at some of the positives out of game (including lack of excuses from head coach Karl Dorrell for having only 46 scholarship players available – here’s looking at you, Dan Mullen!), before moving to to a review of the 2020 season as a whole. With only the second winning season in 15 years, and only the second bowl appearance in the past 13 seasons … there is plenty to be excited about as the Buffs turn their focus to the 2021 season!

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  1. In the bowl, the defense just ran out of guys. Seems like we’ve had frosh/inexperienced DBs since Awuzie and Witherspoon were up there. Linebackers, especially inside, are going to need some transfers or somehow find more guys that are ready to play next year.

    It’s hard to believe that Noyer turned out to be as good as he was. I think that they have gotten the max out of him. He turned out to be a good replacement for, and in several ways, better than Montez. The run game was quite surprising too. Brussard is a gift from heaven. The offensive line was better this year, but we need to get better there too. To take the next step (not get blown out by teams like Texas) we need better guys. Lewis looks good. I hope he can learn more of the playbook and how to deal with blitzing. Dorrell was smart to play him in the bowl game.

    It was disappointing to get blown out in the bowl, but that’s because expectations had changed so much as the season progressed. The Vegas win total was set at 1.5 before the season started, and that was when the schedule included the Rammies and Fresno. I remember looking at that and wondering if the Buffs were really going to be able to win 2 games.

    I’ve come to like Dorrell a lot as I’ve seen him coach the games. He’s smart and all about winning games and not any other BS. The team started to take on his personality and I really liked that. Now the question is recruiting. If Dorrell can start bringing in classes that are rated around 30, he should be OK. Of course, what really matters is a QB. Until you have one, you don’t. And it’s been a long time since we’ve had one.

    1. I think it’s probably time to dip into the portal. Not just a qb. Hambright was a good move a year ago. More quality depth is critical to get through the year.
      Ultimately recruiting will determine success but a bridge of players and annual bowl appearances wouldn’t hurt.

      1. Yes, I think the portal is going to be the new normal and teams that can adjust to it will do a lot better than teams that don’t.

        The amazing thing about the portal is, that as far as I’ve read, there is no limit to the numbers. So if we didn’t recruit any high school guys, could we get 25 transfers from the portal instead? Would we be able to bring in 25 high school guys AND then git rid of 10 juniors and seniors that won’t play? In that case, we would bring in 35 new guys to the team in a year. That’s a big advantage. It would be like being able to “try guys out”, keeping the good ones and moving everyone else on. Also, I can anticipate that coaches will be recruiting guys off of other teams: “I see that you aren’t playing, if you go into the portal, we’ll pick you up right away. Don’t tell your coach that we had this conversation”

  2. You would think with all the medical strains of medical marijuana that Colorado produces one would help Antonio Alfano with his epileptic seizures, just saying.

    1. Asterix, good for you….I commented on this also when the story broke. It’s a shame. There are hundreds of afflicted individuals whose families have moved to Colorado to take advantage of the wonderful medicinal factors of medical marijuana, especially families with children, who have benefited from the MEDICINE.

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