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February 21st 

… CU in a few minutes … 

Ross Els becomes the third CU assistant coach to join Tucker at Michigan State

From the Daily Camera … Mel Tucker is taking another coach from Colorado to Michigan State.

BuffZone sources have confirmed a report that inside linebackers coach Ross Els is leaving CU to join Tucker’s staff.

Tucker spurned CU after one year as head coach to take over the program at Michigan State last week.

Els is now the third assistant coach to follow Tucker to East Lansing, Mich. Offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Jay Johnson and offensive line coach Chris Kapilovic officially joined MSU’s staff earlier this week.

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February 19th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Quarterback Blake Stenstrom enters transfer portal

From the Daily Camera … Colorado quarterback Blake Stenstrom has entered the NCAA transfer portal.

Stenstrom, who will be a redshirt sophomore next year, was one of only three scholarship quarterbacks on the CU roster, but has decided to make a change during a period of transition for the football program.

“Each of our lives is defined by a series of choices,” he posted on Twitter on Wednesday morning. “As a 16-year-old I made the verbal commitment to play football at the University of Colorado and I will forever be grateful for these past 2 years and the honor of being a part of the CU Football Family. That being said, due to recent events and circumstances beyond my control, I have made the difficult decision that it is time for a new chapter in my football journey.

“While I am saddened to find myself at this crossroads, I know that God has a great and perfect plan for my life and I will forever be grateful for my time spent here in Boulder.”

Stenstrom was expected to compete with redshirt junior Tyler Lytle and true freshman Brendon Lewis for the starting job, which is wide open after three-year starter Steven Montez graduated.

The sudden departure of head coach Mel Tucker to Michigan State on Feb. 12, along with news that offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Jay Johnson is also going to MSU, has changed the dynamics of the program.

Stenstrom is the first transfer since Tucker left for Michigan State.

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February 18th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Terry Frei: Despite appearances, CU can be a national power – “It can be done”

From … The single most startling development in college football – and there have been many of them – is the skyrocketing of coaching salaries and the buyouts. And the most eye-popping, head-shaking instance came up last week, when desperate Michigan State lured Mel Tucker away from Colorado after one 5-7 season in Boulder.

The Spartans will double his salary, from the $2.7 million he was due to make at Colorado this year, to $5.5 million, or $33 million over six years. And much of it effectively is guaranteed.

Using the unproven Tucker as a working example of the impact of the Pac-12 having fewer resources and lower conference revenue per school than especially other Power 5 leagues is ridiculous. Yet that’s what I’m hearing. It’s as if the Pac-12 should be kicked out of the Power 5 and relegated to an expanded Group of 6 … or, heck, dropped to the FCS, competing for national titles against Montana and North Dakota State.

The quirky, but proven Mike Leach moving from Washington State to Mississippi State, and going from $3.75 million to $5 million, is a better example. But this is his third Power 5 league head coaching job – in three leagues — and he also both gets restless and wears thin. He got a raise, but not a startling one. Hawaii’s Nick Rolovich was hired to replace him, going from Honolulu to Pullman, and he will make about $2.9 million this year.

Seeking a “recharge,” Chris Petersen surprisingly resigned at Washington, and Jimmy Lake was promoted to replace him and earn $3 million. Although Petersen’s name was thrown against the wall for other jobs, including at CU, there are no indications his “recharge” won’t last at least a season away from coaching. And even if he gets back in, he won’t have been “lured” from a Pac-12 program.

You don’t play football with a duel of ATM cards.

More pertinent is the on-the-field evidence.

… I believe the Buffs’ move from the Big Eight to the Pac-12 produced a far better fit of school and league.

Conceded, the Pac-12’s biggest problem is the widening disparity in television income. The Pac-12 networks have been disasters. Commissioner Larry Scott, paid as both commissioner and CEO of the network, has delivered suspect leadership. Or worse.

But if this is about whether Pac-12 coaches can be paid ridiculous amounts of money, that’s not the predominant standard for me.

In the arms race, Pac-12 facilities have been upgraded, too. And Oregon, with Knight family and Nike money in evidence all across campus, not just in sports, is the showcase.

The other irony here is that the influential College Football Association was formed in 1977 to essentially attempt to give the college game’s upper level programs more control of their fate in dealing with the NCAA. Two leagues didn’t join – the Pac-12 and Big Ten. The CFA ultimately was based in Boulder under executive director Chuck Neinas, who had been an NCAA executive and then Big Eight commissioner.

… “I would say the Pac-12 is firmly entrenched in the Power 5,” Neinas said Monday.

CU can be a Pac-12 power. CU can be a national power.

It can be done.

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Tight end Jared Poplawski tears ACL

From the Daily Camera … Colorado tight end Jared Poplawski is dealing with another serious injury.

The junior recently suffered a torn ACL for the second time in his career at CU.

Poplawski, from Scottsdale, Ariz., appeared in nine games as a true freshman in 2017 before a torn ACL ended his season with one game to go.

In 2018, he had a season-ending shoulder injury during fall camp. He then missed most of spring drills in 2019 with a hip flexor. He did not appear in any games last season.

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February 17th

… CU in a few minutes … 

CU loses offensive coordinator Jay Johnson and offensive line coach Chris Kapilovic to Michigan State

From the Daily Camera … Colorado’s search for a head football coach continues, while its former coach is taking a pair of assistants with him.

On Monday, Buffs offensive line coach Chris Kapilovic confirmed that he will join Mel Tucker’s staff at Michigan State. Buffzone sources have confirmed that offensive coordinator Jay Johnson will be going to MSU, as well.

After one year as CU’s head coach, going 5-7, Tucker bolted for Michigan State last Tuesday. Johnson and Kapilovic, both hired by Tucker in December of 2018, are the first CU assistants to join him in East Lansing, Mich.

Johnson spent this past season coaching the Buffs’ quarterbacks, in addition to his role as offensive coordinator. He worked with Tucker at Georgia in 2017-18 before coming to CU. Kapilovic came to CU after seven seasons at North Carolina.

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Davion Taylor: From JUCO longshot to NFL prospect – “I never gave up trying”

From The Athletic … Davion Taylor had one game and a prayer.

A recent high school graduate out of small-town Magnolia, Miss., Taylor wanted to play college football but faced impossibly long odds.

At 6-foot-2 and nearly 220 pounds, he had what couldn’t be taught as a multisport athlete with the build of a linebacker and the speed of a running back. But he lacked what most other players his age had already learned through coaching and playing time.

Taylor’s high school football career was limited to a game-and-a-half for a 4A school that had one winning season in seven years and ranked 8,809th nationally, per After graduating, Taylor set out to find just one junior college coach bold enough to take a flier on a kid with almost no experience. His quest led him to Coahoma County, some 240 miles north of his hometown, and then to Boulder, Colo.

In only four years, Taylor has made the improbable leap from a JUCO longshot to one of the most intriguing prospects in the NFL’s 2020 draft class. His journey appears to have no bounds and where it leads next even he couldn’t guess.

“I always tell myself, ‘If I were to go back and tell myself then the position I’m in now, I wouldn’t believe it,’” he said.

… In a week, Taylor will head to Indianapolis for the NFL Scouting Combine with even more lofty goals. His hope is to top Shaquem Griffin’s time 40 time of 4.38 seconds, the record for a linebacker. Griffin was listed at 6 feet, 227 pounds when he ran that in 2018. Taylor added muscle while training over the last couple of months, and is now 228 pounds, a weight he plans to maintain to be able to play outside linebacker in the pros.

For now, however, he’s projected by many, including The Athletic’s Dane Brugler, as a special teamer and defensive project — an rare athlete but still a very raw football player.

“If I can get to the 4.3 mark, it’ll put my stock through the roof,” Taylor said. “That’s one thing that got me to where I am today.”

Taylor’s speed led him from Magnolia to Coahoma to Boulder and then Mobile. If he shows well in Indianapolis, it could lead him to his next football town and continue a story that still seems too unbelievable to be true.

Even for him.

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February 15th

… CU in a few minutes … 

One solution to prevent future Tucker scenarios: Adopt NFL no-poaching policy

From Mile High Sports … Put aside for the moment that Mel Tucker has suddenly become enemy No. 1 in Colorado.

Put aside his ethics and obligations. Forget that – whether you would’ve taken the money or not – there was probably a better way to handle things.

Put aside your feelings for Dear Old CU, whether they’re good, bad or indifferent.

This situation isn’t Mel Tucker’s fault, Michigan State’s fault or CU’s fault.

This one belongs to the NCAA.

College sports is a professional entity using amateur athletes and making a lot of money. And hey, there’s no problem with making money – but let’s just call it what it is, bigtime business. If there wasn’t a ton of money to go around, a guy like Tucker couldn’t, or wouldn’t, have the chance to go double his already lucrative $2.675 million salary.

And good for him – this is America, land of opportunity.

But the hypocrisy within the situation is so thick its sickening. On one day, a leader – an educator – can sit inside a young man’s living room and promise mom and dad that he’s going to do his best to raise their son the way they’d want him raised. That it’s about more than winning. It’s about life and values and….

Buffalo sh*t.

The next day, the coach does what practically any American would do if given the opportunity: Double his quality of life, promises and values and processes be damned.

Again though, this is isn’t a debate about Mel Tucker and his values or lack thereof. This is about the fact that he can do what he just did.

Wouldn’t a simple rule eliminate all of this from happening?

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February 14th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Darrin Chiaverini: “I was just hurt because I’m a Buff and this is our school”

From the Daily Camera … Like just about everybody else involved with the Colorado football program, Darrin Chiaverini was stunned earlier this week when he learned that head coach Mel Tucker was leaving for Michigan State.

“I was just hurt because I’m a Buff and this is our school,” said Chiaverini, who served as Tucker’s assistant head coach and receivers coach this past season. “That hurt in that sense, but obviously coach Tucker did what he thought was best for him and his family.”

Chiaverini’s shock was quickly replaced with a determination to keep the Buffs going. After Tucker’s departure became official on Wednesday, Chiaverini was named the interim head coach and was asked to bring CU together through the transition.

“I’m a Buffalo and I love this institution, I bleed black and gold, and I’m here to support (the players) and support us and move us forward,’” Chiaverini said. “We can do that if we’re all committed to one common goal and that’s for us to be there for each other and be family.”

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Pat Rooney: Rick George tasked with hitting second home run in 14 months

From the Daily Camera … Even in a best-case scenario, this will not be a wound easy for the CU football program to recover from. George is in the ol’ rock and a hard place when it comes to the next step. Naming Darrin Chiaverini as interim head coach was a good first step in stopping the bleeding, especially with spring practice now less than five weeks away. It’s not ideal, but what is at this point?

Tucker’s biggest impact, aside from the heritage he unraveled for the sake of a forward-thinking future by un-retiring three of CU’s retired jersey numbers, was on the recruiting front. With the wound under the ripped-off bandage still so raw, it’s anyone’s guess how many will stay. Same with the returning players, now enduring their second coaching change in 14 months. Even prized Alabama transfer Antonio Alfanso, whose arrival in Boulder was widely applauded as a Tucker coup, can’t be blamed if he takes his eligibility appeal elsewhere.

As for Tucker, certainly pursuing what’s in the best interests of his own family, and his career, is his business. As always, money talks. Yet when your business comes with a responsibility to mold and lead young men — promising their families they will be cared for, and even promising your own nervous fan base you were in it for #TheBuild right up until the hour of your departure —it’s impossible not to feel burned by the dumpster fire left behind.

Maybe more attention should have been paid to the fact that CU was Tucker’s 10th home in the 23 years since he started that first coaching job at Michigan State, with none of those stops lasting more than four seasons. The man has always been a professional nomad. Tucker said on several occasions during his cameo at CU that his return to the college ranks in 2015 after a decade in the NFL was inspired by a desire to help mentor young men, a task far more suited to the collegiate game than the pros. But that just wasn’t true. Tucker returned to the college game because his NFL track record was iffy at best, and because old friend Nick Saban simply wrote him the biggest check.

For the second time in 14 months, George is challenged with hitting a home run with the most important of coaching hires any Power 5 athletic director has to make. It was too early to describe Tucker as a home run, but George certainly made solid contact, and until a few days ago Tucker was almost roundly considered a good hire by Buff Nation.

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February 13th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Mel Tucker’s last “Inside Zone” podcast was with … Eric Bieniemy

With a great deal of discussion concerning the possibility of Kansas City offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy being a candidate to replace Mel Tucker as the head coach at Colorado, it may be worth your while to listen to Coach Tucker’s last (at least at Colorado) “Inside Zone” podcast.

Posted on February 7th, the day the Detroit Free Press article was posted, first indicating that Tucker was a candidate for the Michigan State job, Tucker and Bieniemy talked about how Bieniemy was passed over for head coaching positions in the NFL.

I believe it is instructive that Bieniemy, when asked about becoming a head coach in the NFL, Bieniemy said the following, “Everybody wants to be a head coach at the highest pinnacle, at some point in their life. I’ve dreamed about that moment forever … am I still excited about that opportunity? Yes”.

Would Bieniemy give up on his dream of becoming an NFL head coach – a dream which could become a reality as early as 2021 – to return the collegiate level? …

You can listen to the full podcast here

Drew Pearson calls Mel Tucker “a con man” for lying to recruits

From Yahoo.Sports … Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Drew Pearson is not happy that Mel Tucker left Colorado for Michigan State.

Tucker agreed to be Michigan State’s next coach late Tuesday night after repeated proclamations that he was staying with the school that hired him ahead of the 2019 season. But after Michigan State struck out with Cincinnati coach Luke Fickell, it turned back to Tucker and doubled the coach’s salary in addition to providing him with more money for his staff.

That didn’t sit well with Pearson, who called Tucker a “con man” for taking the Michigan State job after telling him he was staying with the Buffaloes. Pearson’s grandson Toren Pittman is a three-star recruit who signed with Colorado a week ago on National Signing Day.

MEL TUCKER IS A CON MAN! He recruited my grandson to go to CU said he wasn’t going anywhere then ups and leaves. Sat there and lied to my face he wasn’t going anywhere! So I want to beat him up today on social media. What else can I do?

While Pearson has every right to be unhappy that the coach who recruited his grandson to Colorado will never actually be Pittman’s coach, who among us wouldn’t take a 100 percent increase in salary after just one year in our current positions? Michigan State was clearly desperate enough to make a huge financial commitment for Tucker. And you can’t blame him for taking the money.

You can, however, blame him for looking like a hypocrite after saying there was no transfer portal “in the real world” in October. Tucker made that comment in his first year with the Buffaloes after he was Georgia’s defensive coordinator in 2018. As Tucker has shown in the last two years, it’s much easier for college coaches to change jobs than it is for college players to transfer.

Hopefully the NCAA’s new transfer rules will allow Pittman and all of the players who signed with Colorado in December and February the immediate opportunity to find new schools if they so choose. But with recruiting classes filled up at most other FBS programs, those players aren’t going to have other lucrative options like Tucker did.


February 12th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Neill Woelk: The trajectory of success at CU will continue 

From … One thing Colorado supporters of every stripe, shape and size need to understand is this:

The leadership at the University of Colorado who guided CU Athletics to this point, the leadership who made the Buffaloes relevant on a national scale and made Colorado a respected name again, is still in place.

That hasn’t changed. From Chancellor Philip DiStefano to Athletic Director Rick George on down, the people who have steadily and steadfastly improved the university and its athletic department are ready to move forward and continue that trajectory.

And, yes, that means the people who hired an excellent football coach some 14 months ago are more than prepared to do it again.

No doubt, Wednesday’s news that CU had lost a coach to a program willing to hurl money from every angle was disappointing. George made that clear at his Wednesday morning press conference.

But it is incumbent on everyone to remember that one man did not build CU football. One man did not create the tradition and pride of a program that has been a cornerstone of the state of Colorado’s flagship institution for more than a century.

Leadership built that program, and leadership made it strong enough to withstand the occasional tempest.

That leadership is still in place and those leaders will make sure the momentum that CU Athletics has generated over the last six-plus years will not be stalled.

The trajectory of success will continue.

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Darrin Chiaverini named interim head coach

Press release from … University of Colorado athletic director Rick George named Darrin Chiaverini as the school’s interim head football coach Wednesday afternoon.

Head coach Mel Tucker resigned Tuesday night to accept a similar position at Michigan State.

“I have a lot of confidence in Darrin to lead us through this interim period,” George said.  “He has been associated with the program beginning with his playing days 25 years ago and cares deeply about the Buffs.”

Chiaverini, 42, just completed his fourth year as the wide receivers coach on the CU staff.  This past season, he also served as the program’s assistant head coach.  Earlier this week he was once again named as one of the top 25 recruiters in the country by, the third straight year he has bestowed the honor.

“It’s an honor to be named the interim head coach at the University of Colorado, and my focus will be to help make it a smooth transition for the student-athletes and the program overall,” Chiaverini said.  “This campus and the city of Boulder is where I grew up as a young man, and there’s no better place to be than CU.  The pride and tradition of the Colorado Buffaloes is something every student-athlete, like myself, in the country should experience.”

He served as co-offensive coordinator and recruiting coordinator for his first three seasons (2016-18) on the staff under previous head coach Mike MacIntyre.  He returned to his alma mater where he lettered four times as a wide receiver under head coach Rick Neuheisel from 1995-98.  Chiaverini was the receivers coach at Texas Tech University for two seasons prior to joining the CU staff on January 1, 2016.


February 11th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Mel Tucker on outside interest in staff: “We must be doing something right”

From the Daily Camera … Colorado head football coach Mel Tucker said on two Denver radio interviews Tuesday morning that Michigan State’s interest in him reflects well on the Buffaloes program, while reaffirming his commitment to the school.

Tucker made appearances on KOA radio and Altitude Sports Radio and addressed last week’s report that Michigan State was interested in interviewing him for its vacant head coaching position.

Tucker was not asked if he actually interviewed with the Spartans, but said it’s positive for CU that he was viewed as a candidate.

“I’m not exactly sure how it got out,” Tucker said of the report. “It’s always flattering when a school reaches out to you and has interest. I feel like we must be doing something right here to garner that type of attention. I’m really excited about being here. These things happen in this business. I was able to release a statement to really express how I feel about CU and what we’re doing here. I try not to speculate too much on rumors and innuendo and things like that.”

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Recruiting budgets sky-rocketing (CU 9th in the Pac-12)

From the Seattle Times … A buffet lunch for 70 guests began inside Husky Stadium’s Touchdown Terrace, a 7,000-square-foot, field-level suite, at 11:55 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 15, 2018, smack in the middle of one of the most successful recruiting weekends the Washington football program had during the Chris Petersen era.

The lunch featured a taco bar with shredded beef barbacoa, pulled chicken tinga and shrimp Veracruz. Dessert was set on two 6-foot-long tables. On one table sat cinnamon churros warming under heating lamps; on the other sat two fountains, one flowing with chocolate and the other with caramel.

In the center of the suite, on a 60-inch round table, was a large ice carving made by a local artist at a cost of $1,175.

The final tab from Ravenna Catering for the two-hour lunch: $9,620.51.

… Those records from December 2018 offer a glimpse of what a 48-hour visit can look like for touted high school athletes being courted by major college football programs: a three-night stay in a downtown hotel; a lavish dinner at a five-star steakhouse; limo rides; bowling outings; a tour of Pike Place Market; and a seemingly bottomless budget for treats and snacks that would be the envy of every teenager.

The net cost for that weekend: $71,007.13.

The net result: Eight of the nine recruits on campus that weekend formally signed to play for the Huskies three days after their official visit ended.

Budgets rise nationwide

The pampering of recruits is standard operating procedure around college football. The NCAA allows recruits up to five “official” visits to college campuses, and each school is allowed to cover the costs of transportation and lodging for recruits and their parents, plus three meals per day and “reasonable” entertainment expenses.

Nationwide, recruiting budgets have swelled around college football.




















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K.D. Nixon on decision to return: “You have to see the bigger picture always”

“Once I get the opportunities, people will realize what they’ve been missing the whole time”

From the Daily Camera … There was a brief time in December when Colorado’s KD Nixon felt he was ready to move on to the next chapter of his life.

Upon more reflection, he decided he needed one more year in Boulder.

Now in the middle of offseason training, Nixon is focused on making the most of his final year at CU – both on and off the football field.

“The fact is, I want to graduate, I want to go first round and I want to set an example for my family, so that’s the best thing for me,” Nixon said.

A 5-foot-8, 185-pound receiver, Nixon announced on Dec. 10 that he would skip his senior year at CU and enter the NFL Draft. (One week earlier, teammate and long-time friend Laviska Shenault announced his early entry to the draft). Nine days after his announcement, Nixon changed his mind.

“It was just the fact that you have to see the bigger picture always,” he said.

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February 10th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Report: CU losing defensive line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh to SEC money

From the Daily Camera … While head coach Mel Tucker appears to be staying in Boulder, Colorado is apparently going to need a new defensive line coach.

Bruce Feldman of The Athletic reported Monday morning that CU defensive line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh is leaving the Buffs to take a similar position at Tennessee.

Earlier on Monday, it was reported that Tennessee is losing its defensive line coach, Tracy Rocker, to South Carolina. Volunteers head coach Jeremy Pruitt apparently didn’t take long to find a replacement.

CU has yet to confirm Brumbaugh’s departure.

Brumbaugh, 43, was hired by Tucker in December of 2018. He signed a two-year contract with the Buffs, officially beginning Feb. 15, 2009.

Per the terms of his contract, Brumbaugh had a $175,000 salary last season, but that was set to jump to $450,000 for this next season. Year No. 2 of Brumbaugh’s contract was to begin on Saturday.

According to his contract, if Brumbaugh terminates the agreement before this Friday, he would owe CU the sum of $100,000 in liquidated damages.

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CU running backs room crowded with talent: “We want to have multiple guys who can get multiple carries”

From the Daily Camera … Last summer, with the early signing period still months away, the Colorado Buffaloes weren’t sure if they’d add any running backs for the class of 2020.

After all, the Buffs had five running backs on scholarship and the oldest, Alex Fontenot, was just a sophomore.

Throughout the fall, however, the position became more of a priority. On Wednesday, CU signed two running backs to its 2020 class: Ashaad Clayton from New Orleans and Jayle Stacks from Cherry Creek High School.

With the two newcomers, the Buffs are now projected to have seven scholarship backs next season, putting them in better position to play the style of offense they desire.

“The way we play in our conference, you don’t want to have just an every down back like we had with Phillip (Lindsay, in 2016-17),” CU running backs coach Darian Hagan said. “We want to have multiple guys who can get multiple carries.”

Last season, the Buffs leaned on the duo of Fontenot (185 att., 874 yards) and freshman Jaren Mangham (107 att., 441 yards), while just 29 other carries went to running backs.

Meanwhile, redshirt freshman Jarek Broussard missed the season with a knee injury and Fontenot missed a game with a concussion, testing the Buffs’ depth at times.

“We realized at that position, with the numbers that we had, it was fragile and we didn’t want to get caught not having enough depth,” Hagan said.

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February 9th

... CU in a few minutes … 

Pro Football Focus: Laviska Shenault a first-round talent (for a team with a plan for him)

From Pro Football Focus … One of the more polarizing prospects in the 2020 NFL Draft will be Colorado Buffaloes wide receiver Laviska Shenault. While he has first-round potential, his freak talent does come with some notable red flags.

Through three seasons of college, Shenault battled various injuries and would only appear in 27 games, missing time in each season. In his most recent junior year, he didn’t come close to reaching his sophomore season production, despite appearing in two more games.

Some of the drops in production can be attributed to regression in quarterback performance, fellow wide receivers progressing into bigger roles, more attention from opposing defenses and the injury that essentially took him out of 2+ games. However, most first-round receiver options enter the NFL with more than 764 yards and 4 touchdowns in their final collegiate season.

With that said, it’s hard to overlook what Shenault did during his 2018 true sophomore season. In just nine games, Shenault posted 86 receptions, 1,011 receiving yards and 6 receiving touchdowns. On top of those receiving numbers, Shenault posted 5 rushing touchdowns on just 17 carries.

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February 8th

… CU in a few minutes …

Mel Tucker: I’m not going anywhere

Mel Tucker tweet (12:43 p.m., Saturday) … While I am flattered to be considered for the HC job @MSU_football, I am committed to @CUBuffsFootball for #TheBuild of our program, its great athletes, coaches & supporters. #UnfinishedBusiness #GoBuffs

Press statement from Rick George … University of Colorado athletic director Rick George issued the following statement late Saturday morning in California where he and Coach Tucker are doing a series of donor engagements.  This statement is in response to Michigan State University’s interest in Tucker for its vacant head coaching position:

CU Athletic Director Rick George:

“Mel has turned heads here with the culture he’s quickly building and recruiting success he’s had, so it’s only natural that programs looking for a coach are going to be taking note. I know he’s committed to the Buffs all the way and we’re committed to supporting the vision he has for our program and winning championships. I’ve said plenty of times that we couldn’t be more excited that Mel is our head coach.”


February 7th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Detroit Free Press: Mel Tucker a candidate for Michigan State head coach

Related “Report: Mel Tucker to interview for vacant Michigan State position” … From the Daily Camera

From the Detroit Free Press … Michigan State plans to interview two candidates for its open head football coaching job this weekend, multiple sources with knowledge of the search told the Free Press on Friday night.

The sources spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly.

Cincinnati coach Luke Fickell, considered the front-runner, and Colorado coach Mel Tucker each will meet with MSU’s search committee as they look to replace Mark Dantonio, who retired suddenly Tuesday after 13 seasons.

The university has hired Glenn Sugiyama, a managing partner and global sports practice leader for DHR International in Chicago, to help guide its search according to two sources with knowledge, according to multiple sources.

The 46-year-old Fickell is 32-20 overall in four seasons as a head coach, the last three with the Bearcats. He has led them to a 26-13 record, including back-to-back 11-win seasons and victories over Power 5 opponents Virginia Tech and Boston College in bowl games the past two years.

Fickell worked with Dantonio at Ohio State and was part of the Buckeyes’ 2003 national championship coaching staff as the special teams assistant, with Dantonio as defensive coordinator. The Columbus native, who was the 2010 AFCA Assistant Coach of the Year, also took over at OSU in an interim capacity when Jim Tressel was fired in 2011 and led the Buckeyes to a 6-7 record.

… Tucker signed a five-year, nearly $15 million contract that includes a buyout that is now $3 million, according to The Denver Post.

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Wide receiver Braedin Huffman-Dixon enters transfer portal

… Huffman-Dixon was one of the top recruits from the CU Class of 2019, being rated as a high three-star prospect by both Rivals and Scout (was actually a four-star recruit for much of his senior season, but then he signed with CU and … you know how that goes).

Huffman-Dixon sat out the 2019 season as a true freshman. He was named one of the offensive scouts of the week for the Colorado State, Nebraska and Washington games. Huffman-Dixon dressed but did not play in the Colorado State, Nebraska and USC games.

Huffman-Dixon tweet announcing his entry into the Transfer Portal:


























Mel Tucker’s podcast guest: Buff legend and Kansas City OC Eric Bieniemy 

Eric Bieniemy – CU’s all-time leading rusher, and former CU offensive coordinator – is Mel Tucker’s guest on his Inside Zone Podcast.

Definitely worth a listen … The podcast can be found here


February 5th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Mel Tucker: “You’re not going to get those caliber players if you don’t go after them”

From … Colorado football coach Mel Tucker is a firm believer in winning the fourth quarter.

It is how you build elite programs.

That philosophy applies to recruiting as well, and Tucker delivered a big fourth quarter win Wednesday, closing out his second recruiting class at Colorado with three more standout players.

The newest Buffs are defensive back Will Anglen, running back Ashaad Clayton and running back Jayle Stacks — three players who also represent Tucker’s philosophy of nationwide recruiting as well as protecting his home turf. Anglen comes from Cleveland, Ohio; Clayton hails from New Orleans; and Stacks from Colorado.

Tucker’s 2020 recruiting class now includes players from 11 states — literally stretching from coast to coast — and one foreign country. In the process, Colorado’s coaching staff also proved it can recruit against anyone and deliver.

“We identify guys early, guys we know can help our program and build this thing the right way, building towards a championship football team,” Tucker said. “It doesn’t really matter to me where he is or who else is recruiting him. You’re not going to get those caliber players if you don’t go after them. They’re not just going to drop in your lap. You have to go out there and you have to recruit them. We have confidence in our program that we can.”

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CU retired numbers to return to circulation

From … Three University of Colorado football uniform numbers that have been retired for decades will circulate back into use, athletic director Rick George announced Wednesday.

However, all three will still be recognized in a unique way that a handful of other schools have been doing.  A special patch bearing the name and years they played for the Buffaloes will be displayed prominently on the front of the uniforms.

Byron White’s number 24 was the first to be retired, shortly after his senior season in 1937 when he was named the school’s first All-American in football and the most valuable player in the Cotton Bowl.  He led the nation that season in rushing (1,121 yards), total offense (1,596) and scoring (122 points) as well as leading the Buffaloes to an 8-0 record before falling to Rice in the bowl game.

Next was Joe Romig’s number 67, taken out of service following his senior season in 1961, when he became the first two-time All-American Buffalo.  Both White and Romig also excelled in the classroom and were Rhodes Scholars; White was a halfback/quarterback/defensive back and Romig played offensive guard and linebacker, as both played the sport in the platoon era.

Bobby Anderson had his number 11 retired the spring after a stellar season in 1969, when he earned All-America accolades and Liberty Bowl MVP honors, rushing for a then-bowl record 254 yards and three touchdowns in CU’s 47-33 win over Bear Bryant’s Alabama Crimson Tide.  Anderson was a quarterback his sophomore and junior seasons and for the first two games in ’69 before switching to tailback.

“Current players and recruits ask all the time for jersey numbers, and often the retired ones have come up,” George said.  “We explored ways we could bring the numbers back into use and believe we have found a way to do so, along with bringing attention to those who previously had them retired by the uniform patch.  It should also bring a spotlight back to those three players every time a TV camera shows them head-on or a picture appears in a newspaper or on-line.  The names White, Romig and Anderson will be celebrated all over again.”

The family of White, who passed away at the age of 84 in 2002, along with Romig and Anderson were consulted in advance of the decision being made to “unretire” their numbers.

White was appointed by President John F. Kennedy to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1962 and he went on to serve over three decades, retiring from the bench in 1993.  His family through his son Charles said, “It will be an honor to watch number 24 in action for Colorado again.”

“It’s absolutely fine that my number comes back into circulation, especially if it helps the program,” Romig said.  “It’s an honor to be remembered, and I have always appreciated the education I received at the University of Colorado.  I truly enjoyed playing for CU and building up the relationships and friendships starting with my own teammates and with many Buffs who played both before and after.”

“Anything I can ever do to help the program, you can always count me in,” Anderson said.  “My number’s been retired for 50 years, so I’ve had my day in the sun, but I will appreciate and be very proud of how it will continue to be honored.”

A fourth number – 19 – worn by the late Rashaan Salaam, CU’s only Heisman Trophy winner, was just retired in 2017.  It will remain out of circulation for a total of 19 years to recognize the number and will come available again for use no earlier than the 2036 season.  The family has also approved it coming back into use at or after that time.

Ashaad Clayton on choosing CU over Florida: “When I was there, the energy was just different”

From … There have been plenty of bumps along the path for Ashaad Clayton, including one grueling decision before he could finally put a pin in his long-winding recruitment.

Even after committing to Colorado in November, the Rivals250 running back did not sign. He took visits to Kansas, and then Florida last month, before eventually staying true to his commitment and signing with the Buffs.

Clayton’s first trip to Boulder set the bar, and after exploring his other options more closely over the past two months, he never wavered on his decision.

“I didn’t sign in December because I wanted to take my official visits … I wanted to see if that’s what I really wanted to do,” Clayton told Rivals on Wednesday. “Florida was top two right behind Colorado, but when I was there, the energy was just different. Anyone who goes to Boulder would feel the same way. The energy is different. You feel wanted. There’s no people with fake love and in Colorado, there’s no fake love.”

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Mel Tucker: “I’m real excited about all three of these guys”

Coach Tucker conducted a conference call with media Wednesday. Opening comments …

“Really excited about all three of these guys. All three were guys we targeted, that we recruited really hard, and that we wanted. We were really excited to get them. William Anglen is from Cleveland Glenville. I have had a lot of success in that school in the past. A lot of great football players come out of there with Ted Ginn Sr. being the coach, and I believe (Anglen) is going to be one of those type of guys. He is already 6-foot-2 and some change, 195-pounds. Very athletic kid that we’re planning to play in our secondary. He has position versatility. He can play corner or safety. Great kid, really good toughness, loves football, so I am really excited about him.

Jayle Stacks, in-state kid. He is a kid that was originally committed to Air Force, I believe. We targeted him because we wanted a big back. We wanted a guy that could move the pile and get those tough yards, and we want to be able to hammer people in the run game. At 225-pounds, he is going to be one of the bigger backs in this conference. He is a really good athlete. I saw him play live and saw him catch a touchdown pass lined up in the slot. So he is versatile, has really good hands. He trimmed some weight this season and he became quicker and faster, and you can really see that on his tape. He is a guy that we’re really excited about.

Ashaad Clayton, obviously he was committed to us and he stuck with his commitment. We feel like he is a difference maker type of back. Very highly recruited player. I think he is the No. 1 back in the state of Louisiana. But it was a really good fit for CU and a really good fit for him. Academics are important to him, he wants to get a degree from here. He knows it is going to mean something, carry some weight. From a football standpoint, he knows that he has an opportunity to play right away. We’re going to play the best players, and obviously play multiple backs. That is something that appealed to him. He really bought into our coaching staff and the culture that we’re building here and the type of team that we want to have. He is real big on trust, and he trusts that we’re moving in the right direction. All three of those guys are really good players for us.”

Nate Landman: “I kind of feel like I have some unfinished business at CU”

From the Daily Camera … On third-and-goal from the 1-yard line, Utah running back Devin Brumfield took the handoff and ran to the gap between the center and left guard.

Colorado linebacker Nate Landman read the play and hit Brumfield at the 2-yard line, but bounced off as Brumfield dove into the end zone for a touchdown that helped the Utes to a 45-15 victory on Nov. 30 that ended CU’s season.

Two months later, that and other missed plays still bother Landman.

“It’s not even just that game; it’s all the plays that you remember,” the Buffs’ senior leader said recently. “One more step or one inch away. Those eat at you, but you have to move on because that happens to every player and every team. We’re going to work hard this year to get those inches in our favor.”

One of the best inside linebackers in the Pac-12, Landman recorded 137 tackles last season – the most by any CU player in 12 years – but he’s driven by the misses. He wants to be a better player and he wants to play for a winner after being a part of three consecutive 5-7 seasons.

“I kind of feel like I have some unfinished business at CU,” he said.

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Rick George: CU athletics department update

From … We are off and running into the spring semester, and barely a month into competition, things have started very well out of the chute.  For the year, we’re over 75 percent in head-to-head competition against Division I schools (368-118-2, a 75.6 winning percentage).  A sport-by-sport look:

Men’s Basketball.  After splitting the two games in Los Angeles over the weekend, the team stands at 17-5, tied for the second-best start after 22 games in our history (the ’68-69 led by the late Cliff Meely was 18-4).  The team has been ranked by the Associated Press for last five polls (in at No. 24 this week), and 10 times this season—the most times we have appeared in the AP poll in a single season.  Through last Sunday, we were 17th in both the NET and Kenpom rankings, two important components the selection committee uses to select and seed the teams for the tournament.

Come out and support Tad Boyle’s Buffs this week, with very family friendly tip-off times of 6 p.m. against California on Thursday (Feb. 6) and Stanford Saturday (4 p.m.).  And just this past Monday, junior McKinley Wright was named one of 10 finalists for the Bob Cousy Point Guard of the Year Award.

Women’s Basketball. After going 11-0 in non-conference play, JR Payne’s team had a run of six top 10 teams in the next 10 games.  Currently 14-7 on the year, six of our seven losses have come to those teams in the top 10.  As a result, we are ranked 49th in the RPI rankings and not out of the conversation for the NCAA tournament.  Two big road games are on the horizon this weekend (Washington State and Washington), and we’ve have some success away from home this year, with a 6-3 record.  It’s a young yet exciting team.

Carol Callan, who has handled the analyst chores for over 35 years for our women’s games on radio, is a finalist for the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame.  She has an extensive resume in and around amateur competition, and is the director of the Women’s National Team.  Those selected for induction will be announced on Feb. 10 during the Connecticut at South Carolina game on ESPN.  Carol’s husband, Dave, is our director of student-athlete leadership.

Indoor Track. There aren’t many school records here, or anywhere for that matter, older than 20 or 25 years.  So when Dani Jones eclipsed Hall of Famer Mary Decker’s school record in the 800-meter run, it was truly a special accomplishment.  Decker set the mark of 2 minutes, 5.29 seconds back in 1978; Jones bested that effort by nearly a minute in a time of 2:04.38 last Saturday in our own CU Invitational in our Indoor Practice Facility.   Jones has won four NCAA individual titles, tied with five others for the most in school history, and certainly has a chance to earn more with eligibility also remaining for the outdoor season.

The night before, another CU senior ran his way into the record books.  Joe Klecker ran the fastest mile – not only ever for the Buffs but on state of Colorado soil – timed exactly in 4 minutes and 1 second.  The old mark had been 4:01.27, and as far as the NCAA is concerned, it converts to 3:55.06 when allowing for the altitude, the fastest time in the nation thus far in this young season.  It capped a great week for Klecker, who was also named the 2019 NCAA Division I Men’s Cross Country National Scholar Athlete of the Year.

Other Buffaloes have already posted some quality numbers in several meets, mostly along the Front Range, but the month of February brings many more competitions around the West.

Skiing. The team has opened the 30th season under coach Richard Rokos with two second place finishes.  Four different Buffaloes have won seven races between them to date, including three by sophomore alpine skier Mikaela Tommy.  The Utah Invitational and four individual qualifiers remain before the RMISA Championships at the end of the month in Bozeman, where the NCAA Championships will take place March 11-14.

Tennis.  We are off to a 5-1 start after sweeping Boise State and Northern Colorado in a doubleheader last Saturday.  Danielle Steinberg’s second CU team has matched its best start after six matches over the last 12 seasons, and will be looking to extend its run this weekend in Texas against Houston and SMU.

Lacrosse.  Our season opener is this Saturday at No. 13 Florida at 10 a.m. mountain time.   Our home opener is set for Friday, Feb. 21 against Harvard at 4 p.m. on the Kittredge Fields, and we’ll close the month with a road game at No. 8 Michigan two days later.  Anne Elliott-Whidden’s team has been ranked 18th in the preseason and is picked to finish second in the Pac-12, just one point back in the poll behind USC.

Golf.  Both our golf teams will begin the spring portions of their seasons within a week.  The men begin play in Hawai’i on the Big Island in the Amer Ari Invitational, while the women will start things off in San Diego in the Lamkin Match Play.

Football.  Mel Tucker’s recruiting class is currently ranked No. 32 (ESPN), No. 33 (247Sports) and No. 24 (Rivals) heading into the second signing day; we are expecting to sign either two or three players to complete the class on Wednesday (Feb. 5).  It’s possible we will move up a couple of spots, but regardless, it is our best class in over a decade as far as ratings are concerned.  It really is his first class in a full recruiting cycle, since he was hired on Dec. 5, 2018, two weeks ahead of the December signing date for the 2019 class.  Mel and his staff filled several needs, particularly in the trenches, and I firmly believe is building toward a solid future.

Four players have been invited to the NFL Combine in Indianapolis: receivers Tony Brown and Laviska Shenault, quarterback Steven Montez and outside linebacker Davion Taylor.  The last time CU had two receivers drafted in the same year was way back in 1972: Cliff Branch and Larry Brunson.

If you haven’t listened to any of Coach Tucker’s podcasts, they are very entertaining. They all have some kind of CU connection, but aren’t solely football.  One of his guests was Philip Bailey, co-founder of Earth, Wind & Fire; Philip was a drummer in our marching band in the early 1970s.  Over the Christmas holiday, he had Hale Irwin as a guest, and we’re working on some very special ones coming up, including a scheduled one with Eric Bieniemy we are recording this week.  All are archived here:

Football season ticket renewals began this week, with the deadline to renew Feb. 28.  If you don’t have season tickets, we are taking deposits at present as well as for new purchasers.  We have six home games in 2020: Fresno State in the non-conference play, with Oregon, UCLA, Arizona State, Washington State and Utah the Pac-12 opponents set to visit Folsom Field.

Super Bowl. We were going to have a former player turned coach earn Super Bowl regardless of who won.  Eric Bieniemy won as the offensive coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs, edging out his long-time friend Jon Embree, who is the assistant head coach for the San Francisco 49ers.  The city of Miami has been very good for Bieniemy, who of course got his CU 1990 national championship ring with the Buffaloes after our Orange Bowl in over Notre Dame.  Two other CU alums will also get rings, both of whom worked in our sport information office: Cydney Ricker and Morgan Tholen Dannewitz.

Academic Update. The “grades are in” for the fall semester, and once again our student-athletes (352 in all) enjoyed an 11th consecutive semester where all combined for a semester grade point average over 2.9 – 2.945 for the Fall 2019 term.  The cumulative GPA for all came in at 3.006 and 11 of 15 programs (indoor and outdoor track count as one) sported team grade points above 3.0.  Over half (189, or 54 percent) of our athletes own a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or above, and nearly a fourth possess one of 3.50 or higher (85, or 24 percent).  In addition, 34 student-athletes made the Pac-12’s Academic Honor Roll for the fall sports.

I think most of you know that I have been named to the 13-member selection committee for the College Football Playoff and will serve for the next three years. This is a tremendous privilege, and really to represent CU as much as it is for myself. The game of football has provided me with endless opportunities throughout my lifetime, and this opportunity gives me the chance to give back to this great game.

C ollaboration and U nity,

Rick George
Athletic Director


February 4th

… CU in a few minutes … 

CBS updated mock draft: Laviska Shenault to Green Bay

From CBS Sports … The confetti just stopped falling on the Chiefs as they celebrated their Super Bowl victory on the 49ers when it became time to turn our attention toward NFL draft season. So, now, here I am a couple of days later, with my first NFL mock draft of 2020. There’s a long way to go between now and the draft, and a lot of things can change, so don’t think of this mock as a prediction of what’s going to happen a couple of months from now.

It’s more of a feeling-out process. We all have a good idea of what teams need and what areas they want to address. I’m combining that knowledge with what I know about the players available in the draft based upon watching them in college the last few years to make my best estimation of who will go where and why.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a draft if somebody didn’t trade up for a quarterback, so I have a couple of those in here as well. This mock draft is bound to look a lot different than my final version, but we have to start somewhere.

First round picks from the Pac-12 (yes, only two players from the Pac-12) … 

No. 6 – Los Angeles Chargers – Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon … Justin Herbert is this year’s Josh Allen. Not from a talent or ability perspective, but from the “I watched him in college, and I get why NFL teams are going to talk themselves into him, but after watching him play there’s a LOT more projection than reality right now” view. Still, the Chargers need a QB.

No. 30 – Green Bay Packers – Laviska Shenault, WR, Colorado … Shenault has been one of my favorite players to watch the last few years. He can lineup outside or in the slot, and he’s always trying to make a big play happen. In other words, he’s the kind of player that could excel with Aaron Rodgers. Or maybe help Rodgers excel a little longer himself.

Read full story here

CU Spring Banquet set for Friday, March 20th














February 3rd

… CU in a few minutes …

College Football News: Best-case scenario for CU in 2020 – 9-3

From College Football News …

Colorado Football Schedule 2020 Prediction, Best Case Scenario

9-3: The Buffs roll to a 2-0 start, and they split the next two games against Texas A&M on the road and Oregon at home. With a week off to rest up, they go on a nice run with home wins over UCLA and Arizona State along with a trip to Arizona, but then comes the problem.

With three road games in four weeks, they win the home date against Washington State, and sneak out of trips to USC, Stanford and Washington winning two of the three. Everything clicks in the home finale against Utah.

Colorado Football Schedule 2020 Prediction, Worst Case Scenario

4-8: New head coach Steve Addazio leads Colorado State to a stunning win at home over Colorado. Things don’t get too much better over the rest of September with losses at Texas A&M and Oregon for a 1-3 start.

Even with a week off to rest up, the Buffs split one of the next two games at Arizona and UCLA, and they drop all three of the road games against USC, Stanford and Washington before closing out with a clunker against Utah.

Colorado Football Schedule 2020 Ranking Hardest To Easiest

2020 preseason ranking of the Colorado football schedule from the hardest-looking games to the easiest.

1. Sept. 19 at Texas A&M

2. Sept. 26 Oregon

3. Oct. 31 at USC

4. Nov. 21 at Washington

5. Nov. 28 Utah

6. Nov. 14 at Stanford

7. Oct. 9 at Arizona

8. Oct. 17 UCLA

9. Oct. 24 Arizona State

10. Nov. 7 Washington State

11. Sept. 5 at Colorado State

12. Sept. 12 Fresno State


February 2nd 

… CU in a few minutes … 

Mel Tucker: “I certainly allow people to get to know me as much as they want to know me”

From the Daily Camera … As a football coach, Mel Tucker is known as tough, hard-nosed and a preacher of hard work and physicality.

Tucker built that reputation over several years as an assistant coach and during his first season as Colorado’s head coach.

When he was hired in December of 2018, however, I was curious about Tucker off the field. I reached out to a writer who covers Georgia, where Tucker had been the defensive coordinator for three years, from 2016-18, and asked, “What is he like to work with?”

The response: “We only talked to him, really, twice a year at news conferences, so it was hard to get to know him.”

… There’s been a lot of media and public contact with Tucker since he got to CU, and he is enjoying it.

“I’m more of a people person,” he said. “I like to get to know people. I don’t have any reservations about communicating to people what I’m all about. I certainly allow people to get to know me as much as they want to know me.”

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February 1st

… CU in a few minutes … 

Two Buffs to graduate (and not play their senior years); four Buffs invited to NFL Combine

From the Daily Camera … A pair of Colorado football players have elected to graduate in May and not play their final seasons with the Buffaloes.

CU confirmed Saturday that defensive back Trey Udoffia and offensive lineman Hunter Vaughn are no longer with the team.

Udoffia, from Loomis, Calif., played cornerback during his first three years at CU before switching to safety last year. He played in 27 games during his career, including 10 starts at corner in 2017 and 2018. This past season, he played in seven games, all on special teams.

Vaughn, from Legend High School in Parker, played in all 36 games over the past three years, primarily on special teams. He also played 10 snaps on offense, four against New Hampshire in 2018 and six against Washington State this past season.

Four CU football players have received invitations to the NFL Combine: quarterback Steven Montez, receivers Laviska Shenault and Tony Brown and outside linebacker Davion Taylor.

The combine will be held Feb. 23-March 2 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

CU third in the Pac-12 in Super Bowl rings earned; 11th in the nation in players with rings

From Sports Pac-12 … Super Bowl Rings earned (see list of CU players who have earned Super Bowl rings below – January 29th stories) :

1. USC, 58
2. UCLA, 55
3. Colorado, 52
4. Oregon, 39
5. Cal, 36
6. Arizona State, 34
7. Stanford, 33
8. Washington, 32
9. Utah, 20
10. Washington State, 17
11. Arizona, 16
12. OSU, 11

Buffs in rare company – 11th in the nation in players with Super Bowl Rings

From The Sporting News

  • 1. USC, 47
  • 6. UCLA, 37
  • 11. Colorado, 33
  • 15. Washington, 30
  • 18. ASU, 28
  • 20. Cal, 27
  • 20. Oregon, 27
  • 20. Stanford, 27



January 31st

… CU in a few minutes … 

Bieniemy v. Embree: “A Buff is going to get a ring, we know that”

From the Daily Camera … Adding more emotion to Sunday’s game for Jon Embree is the fact that Eric Bieniemy will be on the other sideline.

Although Bieniemy, who rushed for a CU-record 3,940 yards from 1987-90, came to CU just as Jon was leaving, the two have been close friends for years.

They were both assistants together at CU from 2001-02 and at UCLA from 2003-05. It was no surprise when Jon became CU’s head coach in 2011 that he hired Bieniemy as offensive coordinator.

“Since EB was a player, I really believed in him a lot and helped him get into coaching,” Jon said. “I think people have a big misconception about him because they see the passion and how fiery he is and how he was as a player and people don’t really know how smart, how intelligent and, just from a football standpoint, how creative he can be. He is going to be a head coach one of these days and I’m sure he’ll have a lot of success.”

To this day, Jon and Bieniemy talk and text frequently.

Super Bowl reunion

Somewhere in Miami on Friday night, Jon, his sons and family and the Bieniemy family gathered for dinner.

“We’ll get together and have some drinks and eat some dinner and everybody will laugh and have some fun,” Jon said. “At least up until we throw the coin up (on Sunday), it’ll be a memorable, enjoyable time.”

On Sunday, it’ll be more enjoyable for some of the group. Either Jon and Taylor are going to win a Super Bowl ring, or it’ll be Connor and Bieniemy celebrating.

“A Buff is going to get a ring, we know that,” Jon said. “And, an Embree is getting a ring.”

Athletic director Rick George gives CU a presence on two national NCAA committees

From the Daily Camera … It’s been a long time since the University of Colorado has had national relevance in terms of the most high-profile sports in college athletics, football and men’s basketball.

Athletic director Rick George is giving the Buffaloes a voice in significant NCAA issues, however.

Last week, George was named to the 13-member College Football Playoff (CFP) selection committee, adding to the list of groups he has been a part of during his tenure at CU.

George also serves on the Division I Council, which handles the day-to-day decision making for Division I athletics; the Division I transfer working group; and on an 18-member committee that examines the ability of student-athletes to profit from their name, image and likeness.

“I think it’s good for Colorado and certainly I’m honored to do it, and I’m glad to do it,” said George, who will begin his three-year term with the CFP this spring. “Anytime we’re on a national platform for something like this, I think it’s positive. (Chancellor Phil DiStefano) has been incredibly supportive of doing this and I’m excited about it.”

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January 30th

… CU in a few minutes … 

49ers assistant head coach Jon Embree maintains CU ties

From the Daily Camera … A lot has changed – especially the facilities – at Colorado since Jon Embree coached the Buffaloes.

Having held the job as CU’s head football coach, however, Embree has made it a point to be a resource for those who have followed him.

This week, Embree is preparing to work in Sunday’s Super Bowl LIV as the assistant head coach/tight ends coach for the San Francisco 49ers. will have more later in the week on Embree’s opportunity to take part in the Super Bowl, but the former Buffs’ tight end and head coach also took some time to talk about CU and its current head coach, Mel Tucker.

“I know him well,” Embree said. “I had dinner with him right after he got hired. I text messaged him after the Nebraska game and (Colorado State) game, and he’ll text right back. I’m excited for him.”

… “It is a unique university and the inner workings of things or different issues, especially if you’ve been at other colleges, like Mel being at an SEC school,” Embree said. “That’s borderline like being in the NFL, as far as resources and all that stuff. If they ever have questions about that or anything like that, I just want to be available to help them and more just to kind of lend support when needed, and encouragement.”

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Rick George supports proposed Colorado NIL legislation

From the Daily Camera … A member of a key NCAA committee favors allowing Colorado’s college athletes to profit off their names and images, he told The Denver Post on Wednesday — a development that promises to put the state legislature at the center of a national shift on the issue.

“We want our student athletes to be able to benefit, just like our regular students are able to benefit, from their name, image and likeness,” University of Colorado Athletic Director Rick George said in an interview.

George’s public backing of a new Colorado bill to let athletes profit off of themselves suggests it has a very strong chance of passing out of the state legislature, and could indicate the direction the National Collegiate Athletic Association as a whole is considering supporting. George sits on an NCAA working group looking at the issue of student athlete compensation.

More than two dozen state legislatures are having the same conversation Colorado is now, and Congress may also step in. California was the first to pass a law in September — despite strong opposition at that time from the NCAA and state universities — but the regulatory body for college sports made an abrupt about-face a month later.

The Colorado bill, which state Sen. Rhonda Fields, D-Aurora, and three other Democrats introduced last week, is similar to California’s and others being considered around the country. It clarifies that a college athlete’s earnings “may not affect the student’s scholarship eligibility” or athletic eligibility. There are provisions written into the bill that are meant to limit conflicts of interest and require transparent disclosure by the athletes.

The bill is expected to debut in a Colorado Senate committee in early February, and George plans to testify for it.

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January 29th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Mel Tucker: Buffs to use more four-man defensive fronts in 2020

From the Daily Camera … After more than 20 years of coaching, both in the NFL and at the highest levels of college football, Mel Tucker has a pretty good idea of what he likes to do defensively.

Tucker has also been around long enough to know that tweaking the plan is essential at times.

During his first season as Colorado’s head coach, Tucker and his staff adjusted the plan to fit their players. Now, going into their second year together, he’s looking to do more.

“We did what we thought our players could do,” Tucker of the Buffaloes’ defense in 2019. “We didn’t necessarily do everything that we initially wanted to do, but that’s not important. You have to do what your players can execute.”

With a solid core of players coming back and a strong group of newcomers being added, Tucker is hoping the Buffs (5-7, 3-6 Pac-12 in 2019) will be able to do more next season, including throwing some different looks at the opposition.

“I would anticipate us doing more four-down fronts,” said Tucker, whose defense is a base 3-4. “At Georgia and Alabama, we did both. We did four-down and three-down and we were able to move in and out of them pretty efficiently, based upon … down and distance, type of game, type of offense.”

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53 Super Bowls – 52 CU Super Bowl Rings

A total of 35 Buffs have won 52 Super Bowl rings. The list:
1966Green BayBoyd Dowler, E
1967Green BayBoyd Dowler, E
1972MiamiDick Anderson, QB
1973MiamiDick Anderson, QB
1976OaklandCliff Branch, WR
Terry Kunz, RB
1980OaklandCliff Branch, WR
Mike L. Davis, DB
Odis McKinney, DB
Greg Westbrooks, LB
1982San FranciscoGeorge Visger, DT
1983L.A. RaidersCliff Branch, WR
Mike L. Davis, DB
Don Hasselbeck, TE
Odis McKinney, DB
1985ChicagoBrian Cabral, LB
Emery Moorehead, WR
1986N.Y. GiantsLee Rouson, RB
1987WashingtonEric Coyle, C
Richard Johnson, WR
1988San FranciscoBarry Helton, P
1989San FranciscoBarry Helton, P
1992DallasMickey Pruitt, LB
1996Green BayShannon Clavelle, DT
Darius Holland, DT
1997DenverMatt Lepsis, OT
Tom Rouen, P
Alfred Williams, DE
1998DenverMatt Lepsis, OT
Viliami Maumau, DT
Tom Rouen, P
Alfred Williams, DE
2001New EnglandTom Ashworth, OT
Charles E. Johnson,WR
Ted Johnson, ILB
Ben Kelly, CB/KR
2003New EnglandTom Ashworth, OT
Christian Fauria, TE
Daniel Graham, TE
Ted Johnson, ILB
2004 New EnglandTom Ashworth, OT
Christian Fauria, TE
Daniel Graham, TE
Ted Johnson, ILB
2008PittsburghMitch Berger, P
2010Green BayMason Crosby, PK
Brad Jones, OLB
2012BaltimoreJimmy Smith, CB
2014New EnglandNate Solder, OT
2015DenverNick Kasa, TE
Tyler Polumbus, OT
2016New EnglandNate Solder, OT


January 28th

… CU in a few minutes … 

NFL Mock Drafts: Laviska Shenault an (almost) unanimous first-round selection

… A compilation of mock drafts to date. It appears that the Raiders, Eagles, and Packers may be the most interested in Shenault’s talents … 

ESPN | Todd McShay | No. 16 to Raiders
“Coach Jon Gruden will love Shenault’s versatility and after-the-catch skill set. After the Antonio Brown trade didn’t work out, only two teams’ receivers have tallied fewer receiving yards this season than the Raiders’.”

CBS Sports | Chris Trapasso | No. 19 to Raiders
“The Raiders want more offensive weapons. Shenault is a horse in the open field.”

Bleacher Report | Matt Miller | No. 21 to Eagles
“Whether he’s compared to Percy Harvin or a college version of Sammy Watkins, Shenault is a proven playmaker who will finally give Carson Wentz a young receiver to grow alongside, as well as a player for opposing defenses to fear at wide receiver.”

SBNation | Dan Kadar | No. 21 to Eagles
“Philadelphia’s offense is light on playmakers, and Shenault showed with average quarterback play at Colorado that he can be a star.”

USA Today | Luke Easterling | No. 22 to Bills
“The Eagles passing on a receiver here is a big win for the Bills, who are also in desperate need of a true No. 1 target for Josh Allen. … He’s the complete player this offense needs to take their game to the next level in 2020 and beyond.”

Sports Illustrated | Kevin Hanson | No. 30 to Packers
“Outside of Davante Adams, Green Bay has struggled to find consistent production from its wide receiver corps. Built more like a running back (6′ 2″, 225 pounds) than a wide receiver, Shenault’s physical style and acceleration make him dangerous after the catch.” | Daniel Jeremiah | No. 30 to Packers
“The Packers don’t pick WRs in the first round, but Shenault is more than just a receiver. He can line up in the backfield and move around the formation to create mismatches in Green Bay’s favor.”

The Athletic | Dane Brugler | No. 38 (round two) to Panthers
There was nothing written up for players outside of the first round.


168 Replies to “Colorado Daily”

  1. Fishon got me back thinking again about Big Talkin Mel’s potential failure at MSU. What if Mel the mouth and all of his overpaid elves fall flat on their behinds? Haven’t heard what the buyout is but it must be massive too. Do they reach into the bag and throw even more millions on a chance with the next coach after Mel? you know….kinda like CU has been doing but at double the amount.
    Then today you read about the faculty rebellion at Fort Fun. kinda like what has also happened at CU.
    No question MSU is on a different financial planet than Fort Fun (and CU) but can they keep up financially with schools on the level above them like Alabama and Ohio State?
    Where is it all going to end? Will the SEC reorganize in a super conference by kicking out Arkansas, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, Kentucky and South Carolina? and add Oklahoma, Ohio State, Clemson and possibly Oregon (Phil’s money) and Texas (oil money)?
    and leave the rest of the country and the NCAA behind to be on their own to return to what was formally known as amateur athletics?
    not shrooms but too much time on my hands

  2. DiStefano says he does know what is going on with the coaching search, what an idiot. The next time he says something at our tailgate I am going to call him out. He shakes hands as says thanks for the support. What a typical government wonk, ineffective and incompetent. The next time he makes a decision will be the first.
    If he had any balls he would step up and ask for more $ for our athletic department and stop building non sensical capital additions to the campus (ones that the general fund can’t afford to keep up).
    If the football program goes up in flames (again) the debt on the improvements are massive. Plus put some more of mine $ into the b-ball program. I just finished paying for one of in state my kids to attend CU. Between tuition and living expenses my bank balance is $125k lighter. Not to mention spending $100k on my other son at CSU.

    As far as Stenstrom goes, sorry to see him leave. Maybe the writing was on the wall. Plus, living in Denver I see him as being an entitled Valor grad, just saying as I have seen the recruiting of kids in my area first hand numerous time. Not that it does not happen in every state but reality is reality.
    I am huge fan of Chev, the 1st Heart Award winner, however I think he needs more seasoning. I love his passion for CU (which we really need) however being the HC is a reach. If he can bring in a decent OC and keep the DC I will feel better.
    Now can RG please let us in on what is going on?

  3. Well, I guess the good news is that Mel’s such a great coach, with such a long history and contacts to match and now the money to throw at his assistants, all he can do is take the guys he had in Boulder with him?


    Hell, maybe VK won’t just be a grad assistant, but maybe he’ll be inside backers coach?

    I’m concerned about the staff the next guy can put together, if they even find a next guy. I’m probably worried over nothing. I hope I am. But this seems to not be a great look for CU. Again.

    I hope Walters is on a list somewhere, and I hope he’s friggin’ interested.

    Go Buffs.

  4. A Colorado kid leaving first isn’t a good sign. I am hoping that most of the players are mad enough at big talkin Mel to see that quitting the team too would be nod to Mel they don’t want to make.

  5. I think I read earlier that Brendon Lewis is already at CU. It’s possible Stenstom has watched him work out, and Stenstrom realized he’d never beat this guy out and would never get to play. So, he transfers.
    If that’s the case, it’s good news for the Buffs to have someone coming in who other QB’s see as being good enough to be the likely starter.

    1. That is possible. But I think stenstrom is probably pretty competitive, so not sure he’d back down like that. But what the crap do I know about either of em? Not a lot.

      Go Buffs

  6. Be interesting to hear why Summers didn’t go with big talkin Mel. Everyone is quiet as a tapped phone right now. So tomorrow the news breaks? I really don’t have a good feeling about this. The odds are I am not going to like it. Too many on the “magnificent 7” that turn me off or will bring the same ol same ol. CU doesnt need another conservative coach looking out for their next job. (see Mora, McElwain, Sarkisian and the great bellyacher Bielema) We need something new, fresh, energetic and innovative. Unfortunately the best choice aint coming because he is also looking out for his next job.

    1. I would tend to doubt it. I think the kid is looking for stability. He’s has 2 HC and 2 position coaches and 2 offensive schemes in the 2 years he’s been here. And would have 3 of each next season regardless. He could just be hedging his bets until a new HC and QB coach are hired, but you can’t blame him for wanting the chance to have the same offense/QB coach and HC for more than a single season.

      Whomever gets tabbed as the new HC needs to stabilize the program.

    2. I was wondering the same thing. I thought I read that they’ve already got some decent QBs in their room though. But, if he does end up there, maybe I was right after all! Maybe he was the likely guy for CU this fall? Eh, whatever.


      Go Buffs

      1. Stenstrom represents unproven potential….something that is hard for a coach to promise as a starter….unless he is a liar like you know who…..which means he might be better off and have a better chance to start here. Maybe he feels the program is cursed too. Cant blame him.

  7. Thanks for posting Terry Frei’s column Stuart. As I remember he was the sole apologetic voice at the Denver Post over that paper’s hyperbole and massive spreading of manure during the Barnett era “scandal”…….. spearheaded by the irresponsible and chief manure spreader, mark the “screech” kisla.

  8. I think we all knew we would lose some coaches. But these guys really can’t be blamed because they don’t even know if the next regime will keep them.

  9. So, who do we root for when Michigan State plays Nebraska?

    I never thought I would see the day when this would be a hard question.

  10. I like VKs comparison of Chev to Dabo. After being crapped on by a traveling prostitute a real Buff is the logical choice. If anyone can save this recruiting class its Chev. And I dont care if it doesnt work out because he deserves the chance to try.
    No Moras, no Sarkisians and especially no McElwains or joneses. They are all damaged goods that I doubt will be able to take the Buffs to the promised land when they couldnt do it at higher profile schools. Please dont settle for carousel cast offs.
    LC and RG have to be true Buffs and give another true Buff a chance. If EB comes back I will be shocked. He is an OC for a super bowl winner for chrissake….and by his own words still dreaming of the good chance he has to be an NFL head coach.

    1. One grandfather to another and one Jersey guy to another (he and Joe Theismann were teammates at South River NJ high school in the mid-1960’s), I’ve no issue with Drew Pearson venting his spleen at Mel Tucker’s expense. However, his subsequent tweet in which he took a cheap, ignorant shot at Coach Chev, was ridiculous:

      He basically accused Chev of being a fraud and looking to turn tail and leave Boulder as soon as something better comes along. I’d point out that among those who signaled support for what Chev posted in his tweet was Pearson’s grandson, Toren Pittman.

      Hey Drew, one Pop Pop to another, I appreciate and applaud the urge to protect a grandchild. I do nothing less for each of mine. However, your public bashing of Chev, which not only lacks any evidence to support it but is directly refuted by the evidence, is a classic “Look at Me!” moment. Do better for your grandson. Remember that ignorance may be bliss but knowledge is power.

      1. Yeah, I don’t do much w/ the unsocial media, so hadn’t seen that. Thanks for posting it. Not a great look. Whether he’s right or not, I’ve no idea. I would tend to think Chev is pretty committed to Boulder, and CU. And would certainly give him the benefit of the doubt at this point. But, time will tell (maybe not by his choice, as well).

        Either way, it really does drive home the point that it’s easy for any and all of us to impugn a guy’s character (or woman’s) or slap them right on a pedestal, without really having any clue.

        That’s why I tend to cut each of the coaches who’ve rolled through CU since my days there a little slack.

        I’m just glad I am not in Rick’s shoes right now.

        Go Buffs

  11. Darrin is “interim coach” is fine But after that……………………………>??

    A short story.
    Out East a receivers coach/ recruiting coordinator was made “interim coach” after the HC resigned in the middle of the season. He was chosen over the DC and the OC. (He fired the OC)
    “both an excellent wide receivers coach as well as recruiting coordinator, ……being named one of the nation’s top 25 recruiters in 2007 by”

    He got the HC job…………. and the rest is history

    Deja vu all over again!!!!!

    Buffs…………………TBL got the Buffs a good class and a really good class…………

    Flatiron mystery mix

    Up the Buffalo

  12. Okay I’m over it. Moving on sheesh. But one last blast
    Flim Flam man #1……….(HWSRN)
    Flim Flam man#2………..(The Gardner)
    Flim Flam man #3…………(The Big Lie)

    Okay so move on


  13. Tough day out there in land of the Flatirons. Tough day. Ol Melvin snuck out of town just like the Gardner. Very disappointed. Fooled a lot of people. I wonder how his mentors feel about him now. Oh wait Saban…………….Miami yes…………no.

    I wonder when they get to that cold place his kid says………………….”we can win here”

    Now at least CU gets a 3 million buy out vs paying the latest fake in a long line of “flimflam men” selected to be HC of the Mighty Buffs.

    Up the Buffalo

  14. So far I love what the new class is saying, Ashaad tweeted “ I didn’t commit to the coach”, Brendan Rice “MSU started following me, why would I go to lil bro”

  15. And soph Mark Perry conformed my fears, Tucker never addressed the situation with his players and has yet to, he was bogus!!!! I understand money but don’t lie, CU gave you a chance, no one else did. You freaking piece of garbage and worthless human being.

      1. Yes, after the move was already public.
        If he wanted to talk with his players, and let them know first, he missed that opportunity.

        1. No doubt he was using the players, the fans, and the University to press MSU into offering more money. I don’t think he should have been able to talk to the players after the fact either. He lied to many to get what he wanted.

  16. Maybe Mel Tucker can interview Benedict Arnold on his next podcast. I fully realize D-1 NCAA football is a business, but this hurts. I remember the first time he spoke with the players and told them “I’m not blowing smoke up your ass.” But that’s all he’s done for the last 72 hours to CU fans. What a smooth snake-oil salesman the dude was-and I bought several jars. On the bright side, the $3 million or so buyout is going to help offset Mike Mac’s $3.65m payout made on January 21st. Damn tough being a BUff fan. Yes, my pantaloons are in a twist. Does Kapilovic want the job? Damn I feel bad for the Buff players.

  17. Time to give Bieniemy a shot, a better shot than last go around, someone with CU ties, or Chiav, can’t lose someone so fast again

  18. Well VK, idiots… snowflakes….idiots…. well everyone Tucker is a true A$$hole. He lied, thru and thru. Good riddance you piece of garbage. Hope MSU finds itself in sanctions from the last regime

    1. Derren, whats your point? You still in that rabbit hole?
      Sounds like it

      Or is it a Sh*t hole? could be

      Clearly you have never been to church.


          1. They call that the Nassar special. So twisted. I am waiting for izzo to call it quits there. And I know Boule would turn down the brinks truck.

            Go Buffs

  19. It’s official…Mel Tucker leaves CU for Michigan State.
    It’s obvious he was looking for a payday and in that he succeeded. Oh, he also broke a lot of Buff fan’s hearts and left a lot of questions to be answered. Where do we go next in the pursuit of a head coach who really wants to be here?

  20. Yo irie”troll”buff,

    We get it. You don’t like Mel Tucker. You don’t like CU football. You think Colorado should quit the Pac-12 and join the WAC! For crying out loud, don’t you have anything better to do with your time?

    As VK said, time to move on. Really. Go troll somewhere else.

    Mark / Boulderdevil

      1. Agreed, say what??? I was right. Not upset now, already went through all the emotions everyone is going through now!! Hate to be right. Should have fired him last Saturday. And yes, I am done you will no longer see me here.

          1. Yes irie, I agree 100%. He should have been gone Saturday. The fact that 2 days after signing day he is kicking the tires on a new job is all you need to know about the man’s integrity. I’m glad he’s out of here now so we can move on.

    1. Mark, my man. I appreciate that you’re not an entirely anonymous poster here (since you plug your blog periodically). But, I think you’re a bit off track on that blast of Irie. It would probably do us all some good to check ourselves before unleashing the personal attacks. That’s coming from a guy who’s perennially attacked in personal ways ’round here for challenging peoples’ opinions. And, they clearly are opinions, not facts.

      Irie? In my view, your opinions were pretty valid. I try to keep politics out of this space, but your posts on race in Boulder I thought were spot on. And, that’s relevant, because it does matter in recruiting. Your skepticism of Tucker also proved accurate.

      I used to joke that I got into CU because I was the white kid from a rural town in eastern Washington (Pullman). Pullman in the 80s was not the most diverse place. Fortunately, my Dad was a professor and my mom an immigrant who worked at Wazzu w/ foreign exchange students. We used to joke it wasn’t Thanksgiving if we didn’t have an Ethiopian exchange student enjoying the feast with us. And, I got to Boulder and thought, wow, this is less diverse than Pullman? Nutty.

      Now, your take on leaving the Pac 12 for the MAC? That’s off base. But, it’s your opinion. You’re not foisting that as if it’s the end all be all fact. I think you’re wrong on that one, but. friggin’ finances may prove me wrong over time.

      CU moved to the Pac 12 primarily for donor base. We didn’t call it the University of California at Boulder fer nuttin’. Secondly, academics. CU is way more aligned academically w/ the Pac 12 than the Big 12. And hey, since the inverse relationship between CU men’s basketball and football still holds? AT least we have a good basketball team right now, that does fit in well in the Pac.

      As to the doldrums of CU football? Historically, other than the span from my arrival – yeah, it was clearly me – in 1988 through to roughly ten years later, CU football had mostly wallowed in mediocrity. Can we get back to those heights? I sure friggin’ hope so.

      I don’t think Chev should be the guy. I won’t be surprised if he isn’t interim, nor if he gets the job. Love the guy. True CU. Great recruiter. But, it can be argued his position players have underperformed expectations. And we know his offense wasn’t awesome. Blame Mac. Blame the co-OC.

      At the end of the day, this is where Rick makes his money, before bolting to run the Pac 12. Fix this my man, fix this.

      Go Buffs.

      1. Yo Eric,
        At the time I wrote that, some of us still believed that Mel Tucker was a man of his word. But the stuff that trolls Irie and David were writing before that were way out of line. Little did I know that Tucker would reveal himself as a liar less than an hour later. If the comments made by I&D were AFTER Tucker resigned, I wouldn’t have batted an eye. He has deserved all the crap thrown his way since his lies were exposed.

        Life gives us the opportunities to the right things, but people often rationalize making poor decisions as making “business decisions” because there is a short term profit. That’s the dumb decision made by Tucker. He’s a guy who finally had a chance to prove himself as a head coach, but the only thing he had to sell was his words and his commitment.

        Now Tucker has shown that he’s a liar and he isn’t committed to anything except himself. I think he’s going to have a hard time selling that to recruits and their parents from here on in.

        Also, the folks at Michigan State (home of the USA gymnast molester) know that Tucker has no commitment and is not honest. In a couple years, when Tucker fails to meet their expectations, the Spartans will not feel bad when they fire him… just as Florida State did not hesitate to can Willie Taggart.

        Both Taggart and Tucker took the short term bump in salary, and exposed themselves as unworthy of leading young men. Those young men want to be inspired, not lied to.

        Tucker had the real opportunity to build something special, but that was all contingent on him being honest and keeping his word. It’s pretty sad when someone already making nearly 3 million a year is so quick to bail on his reputation and integrity. Now his reputation is that he has no integrity.


        1. The key there is “some of us still believed”. Believed. Others didn’t believe. Ultimately, beliefs are opinions, until proven as fact (which most opinions never are, that’s why they’re not facts).

          Doesn’t invalidate either opinion does it? But you came out pretty strong blasting peoples’ character. They happened to be right.

          That’s all I’m sayin’. We can probably all take a lesson in the personal affronts column here, right?

          Go Buffs

  21. K.D. wants to go first round. Good for him. If he achieves that goal he will have had a ridiculous senior year. He has to be way, way more consistent. Get after it young man. Has there ever been a 5’8” first round receiver?

    Go Buffs

  22. The angst is because the damage is already done…SEE THE POSTS. We now have a divisive HC, who a portion of the fan/alumni base will never trust again (I’m firmly in that bucket). Regardless, of what happened and the outcome…we will still suffer the consequences. Hence my complete DISAPPOINTMENT in the ENTIRE situation. Agree w/others…..that was a little over the top?!?!

    1. Because no doubt Boulder in the 90’s was not great for anyone of color ..I’m not of European descent so I think I’m allowed to speak from personal experience. Luckily I’ve NEVER felt the folks on this forum shared some of the really uninformed opinions that we’re the accepted norm. when I was at CU.

      1. I’ve mentioned it before…but I now realize some of you may not realize the depth of the comment. At least in my time CU’s ‘dirty little secret’ was that among the minority communities one (if not the first) of the things people mentioned about it was the environment….and how tough it was. Because it was all true. This has impacted our recruiting no doubt post Mac-years when we had to ‘clean up’ a bit and stop bringing in the kids straight out of compton (hence they also had run ins in Boulder…the combination made it inevitable). I still believe it does, hence you get a ‘certain’ profile of African-American kids that usually come here (those that grew up in schools/areas that had a strong European population…see Evan Battey, my wife went to Villa Park HS), again I am speaking from personal experience.

        1. And finally…as I think of it now….unfortunately Boulder is still one of the places in US where just being out, I feel like an ‘outsider’ still,….today.

          1. Not to throw Boulder under the bus…I feel this way in the Denver/Boulder metro area…basically in Colorado. I do call it the Midwest to my CU friends…which they hate, but that’s the reality many of us feel when visiting.

    2. Okay erie,

      Time to move on.

      Are you familiar with Coach Mac? The great Coach Mac?

      Did you know erie, that after the 1987 season he interviewed with SMU?

      But decided to stay.

      None of the things you been rambling about happened.

      So get out of that damn rabbit hole eh?

      Sko Buffs

  23. To the so-called Buff fans who refuse to go to any more Buff games, give Chev a 1-year contract (stupidest idea ever), called HCMT a “money prostitute” and all the other posting histrionic tantrums, you can untwist your pantaloons now. Maybe take a deep breath and calm down next time someone reports HCMT is being sought after. This will come up again when (not if) he turns the Buffs program around. Grow up and get used to that fact.

    1. No doubt it will come up again “when Mel turns the program around”……but the prospect after one year and his first full recruiting class should let you give some us histrionic majors a little slack especially in light of Mel finally being the light after a the decade in the football desert.
      Dont know how much I have to grow up but getting used the fact that all the money is going to be concentrated in the hands of the handful of the same teams that show up every year in the CFP is hard.
      Makes it even harder when the vast majority of other teams, Buffs included (only for now hopefully)are just going through the motions. I watched the championship game this year after being absent the previous 3 only because of Joe Burrow.
      No question I will continue to watch Buff games but if the college football wealth disparity continues to get worse my interest may well wane.

      1. The money factor in NCAA football and basketball is here to stay and will only increase going forward. If you want to play big boy football/basketball then that’s the lane you have to try and compete in. We can wish and hope for loyalty from our coaches, money not being a deciding factor in decision making, and all these other feel good things, but the hard cold truth is that’s not what major college athletics is about right now. When Texas and Texas A &M pulls in $235 million in revenue and CU is at $85 million then the big boys have money to throw at promising coaching candidates. And CU will be on the sidelines. It doesn’t matter how pretty the Flatirons are if someone offers HCMT $6 million (vs his current $2.4) he’s going to bail. That’s reality. Ara Parseghian , Frank Broyles and Keith Jackson ain’t walking through the door to call games anymore EP. On a side note, it does make one appreciate Tad Boyle even more.

  24. Yo Stuart,
    I’m glad both Mel Tucker and Rick George responded to this. This story based on unnamed sources is bogus.

    To all the trolls and borderline “fans” who are showing their “tendencies” (put it this way, they’re still wearing white robes in their minds), please go far away from Colorado and Boulder. Your immediate and hateful vitriol toward Mel Tucker just exposes your true selves.

    We expect this kind of crap at places like Tallahassee, but that’s not the way it’s supposed to be in Boulder.

    I thought things were changing, but this kind of racism is still torments our society. Just look at the Kansas City Chiefs. Andy Reid’s offensive coordinators routinely and historically move on to head coaching opportunities. Not Eric Bieniemy though. Scooter gets a courtesy interview and then the team needing a head coach hires yet another mediocre white guy.

    Some “fans” make me sick. And the trolls just suck. Stay away from my school, please.


    1. I’m kinda wondering where you see racism in this forum. I took a quick look and I saw a number of guys plugging for Joseph and Bienemy instead. If there was any vitriol it was because we were happy with Mel and felt betrayed. If anything Mel could have responded to this news a lot faster and you could do well to slow down your imagination

      1. Yo ep,

        It’s not the forum itself. Stuart’s site is awesome and a welcome place for real fans to get together and discuss our Buffs.

        I find it interesting that the people responding to me are not the ones I was pointing out. It was the trolls and rabble rousers that only occasionally rear their pointless heads to sour the discussions. I’m sure the folks I am talking about are fairly easy to discern when reading their comments. It’s not you, vk, Eric or any of the other people we see on here all the time discussing our Buffs.

        It’s possible it’s just a Kornholer still ticked off after two losses in a row to Colorado.

        Or it could be one or more of the many “Dukes” supported by their rich uncles like Randolph and Mortimer ( that cannot fathom or accept people of color being head coaches or politicians or leaders of any sort, really.

        Like just about everyone, I was shocked to hear the “news” and it made me determined to find out more. But the trash being thrown at Mel Tucker ticked me off.

        Mr. Tucker is the man who is going to lead Colorado back to prominence in football. The players absolutely love the guy. I was speaking to a graduating senior from the team this past week, and I asked him about Mel Tucker. He couldn’t say enough about Mel and the respect he has for him. He also said how much he wished he could have played for Tucker for four years. I wished him well in his preparations for pro timing day.

        I feel protective of my school, and especially the young men and women who give up much of their college experience to train and compete at Colorado. They have my gratitude, as do the men and women who help them, and coach them and train them.

        But, anyway ep, I appreciate you responding to me so that I can tell you bit more about what was going through my head. Keep writing and commenting and challenging others.

        Mark / Boulderdevil

        ps – Urban Meyer? Surely you jest.

    2. For all us “trolls” we base are opinions on what is published at the time, and most of us prefaced any comments with “if this is true”, and if it was the comments were appropriate. Turns out the author of the article at Buffzone printed a false narrative which is problematic for the media these days.

      1. OR… you could have just waited until an UNCONFIRMED story from an no name source was actually confirmed; simple as that!

        I was upset too and thought about commenting, but just like at work, responding when upset & before all the facts are in can be damaging to ones reputation or standing, and now I’m glad I waited.

        On the inter-web, it’s too easy to blow up & post about something before you know, so slow down and don’t believe every non confirmed with an unnamed source thing you read.

    3. I’m a diehard and I don’t see where race was brought in here, maybe on other sites? But we love our team so much that news like this hurts, for the kids and for the program. Now, if MT did not take an interview or inquire then all is forgotten and we move on. But if he did, there will be repercussions with future recruits. Hopefully Tuck spent the time in before his tweet explaining to the team, commits, and future recruits. I admit I was on the ledge and didn’t want to believe, thus my statement “if this is true, and I hope it’s not”. But a little more information is needed, and not by this idiotic unnamed source. GO BUFFS!!!!!

  25. Hopefully, MT’s decision was his own to stay. Assuming it was, we’re happy that his program building will continue. Besides, I’ve been in East Lansing and Columbus, Madison, Minnesota, Chicago, etc in the autumn and winter. No one should be made to endure that unless they have to do.

  26. Okay buffs nation, take a deep breath and let’s step off the ledge. Looks like all is well and the fake news is at it again. But man I need a drink.

    1. I will Shay, especially because it looked like a long way down… I have to admit, I was rather upset, but since he hasn’t interviewed, at least that anyone can confirm, I would have to say that the article that came out was premature. Also, IF they asked him to interview and he declined the interview, then he actually is backing up his statements with actions. I will definitely be watching to see if there is confirmation either way. The trust from the fan base moving forward could not be more opposite depending on the answer.

    2. Well said, I sure hope HCMT doesn’t read these posts or he might just leave anyway. You guys really need to get all the info before rushing to judgement.

      1. dont think so
        An attitude of who gives a sh-t would be the thing to do it. The disappointment and anger is an indication of how much his presence matters

  27. Just lost all respect for Mel Tucker. Don’t come to Colorado and lie about how much you love the place when your better deal it after your first of many losing seasons.

    1. Only ONE very sketchy public author with unconfirmed, anonymous sources……. why you’d think CNN had a Sports Department!

  28. No coaches are not allowed to look around! Coach Ticker signed a contract and gave his word. He asked us all to be “all in” but apparently is not all in himself. If we have to worry about him leaving every time there is a job opening our credibility as a program and his all in request are a joke. If he does the interview whether he takes the job or not Rick George should ask him to resign so we can get a coach who wants to be here.

  29. This Tucker interview, if it has any truth behind it (and it appears to) destroys all credibility he has with the players and the fans. Whether he gets the job or not, he’s done at Colorado. We’ll likely lose a good bit of this recruiting class and the line at the portal will be long. No one with even average intelligence could be so short-sighted as to pull this stunt. If you were the MSU AD, would you hire a guy who could be bought so easily? There must be something more behind this. Tucker is right down there with Fairbanks and New Weasel.

    We need to stay away from the pro coaches. Embree and Bienemy failed open at CU but are doing well in the NFL. Totally different job skills required.

    And for us ignorants, who the h*ll is “VJ?”

  30. IF this is true, then this is what a man who lacks character and integrity looks like. More apt words would be mercenary or money prostitute. He was given the chance at a head coaching job and produces a losing season including a key choke job like the one versus USC. One year tenure? Broken promises and trust? I now wonder about the early season ticket renewal approach. Was that above board by the CU athletic department? I am going to wait and see after a very long time as a season ticket holder whether I will renew again. Enough of the circus with coaching hires.

  31. So how long before hedge funders quit what they are doing to become football coaches?
    As long as CU keeps getting crappy coaches or climbers its time CU leads the way with new coach’s contract provisions. No buyouts for being fired from doing a crappy job or fired for looking for a new one. Maybe then we can get one who really wants to be here.

  32. I don’t want to believe it, and hope it’s not true. But if it is, what an asshole!!!! Those kids believed in you, we believed in you!!!

  33. If Mel is looking, then I am looking. We need a guy who wants to be here! Who is that guy? Not an SEC, Big 10 or ACC guy.

    I would think that Chiav is the guy who wants to be here the most. Not sure that he can lead them to a winning program but probably is the best bet. His success depends on what kind of coaching staff he could build. We know that he is a great recruiter and that is a huge plus.

    VJ – possible but things are probably better in the pros and with a somewhat cloudy past at CU, he may not be interested

    Bienemy – Spurned by the pro coaching openings but a possibility. Doubtful that he would come back after being fired once before by the Buffs but hey, you never know. A highly regarded coach though and someone who should be able to bring recruits in and does know offense.

  34. Mr. George, you need to put all of Mel’s belongings out on the curb of Folsom.Change the locks and tell him so long. Give the job to Chiv on a 1 year basis and if he does a good job hire him full time. If the reports are true he is the real recruiter anyway. Any good will that was earned over the last year is gone. My family and I will not be attending anymore games until the fraud Mel Tucker is out of Boulder. My sincere apologies to all the new recruits who bought in to his bs.

  35. I have mused, tongue in cheek up to now, how Tom Osborne must have found a voodoo woman to cast a curse on the Buff football program. If it isn’t that what the hell is it folks? What mysterious manipulator of fate is now not only taunting the buffs by being one game shy of a bowl for years is now jerking back the first bright spot in a decade with Mel?
    And then there is Mel. All these kids he did a great job of recruiting keep telling us how he really cares about them…….until there is an extra million dangled out there…..and then its “adios suckers” after his first year no less.
    It keeps getting harder to be a Buff fan….or a fan of anything except money anymore.

    1. Hang in there man. I saw him on a list the day Dantonio stepped down. My first thought was Winter in boulder > winter in east Lansing. Plus a number of other factors.

      It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

      Go Buffs

      Ps- I always joked it was Mac who may have sold CU’s soul to the devil. But nahhh, we just got behind the times starting with that first bad transition and little support from the top after Bill and Gordon left. Went downhill from there

      Go Buffs

    2. Honestly, had these exact thoughts in my head as well…I can’t figure out if I’m getting old, or if everything is really as f**’d up as they seem.

  36. Wow, Tucker looking at a different job? If he does not get the Michigan State job and has any success next year, he will probably be gone. The Buffs have become a stepping stone….kind of like the PAC-12

  37. Mel Tucker interviewing for another HC job after just one year at CU. My view of MT has just dropped several notches and probably will for most fans.

    1. I’m there with you. Can you imagine what the recruits think?! The guy has been here for just a year, saying all the right things about championships and building programs and thanking parents for their trust and now this? This is not OK. I’m hoping this is fake news. If not, Rick George needs to sit down with MT asap.

  38. Mulling over Tuck to MSU since last night in chat group w/my fellow Buffs.
    It’s time to go get VJ and lock him up. Tuck showed his hand (inadvertently I believe, hence no comments from any party involved)..but he showed it nonetheless. I don’t want to hear the damage control…damage has been done. Rick needs to be pre-emptive and we need to move on today. We are fortunate to have some like VJ (or even Eric B) in the wings. From the outside it appears VJ and Buffs could be good long term fit (he did NFL HC thing already…and got chewed up and spit out). Do the deal Rick. IN TUCK WE NO LONGER TRUST

  39. Hey Mel don’t let the door hit you on the way out. All these recruits should be allowed to leave today. What a jerk. You are what’s wrong with college sports. You better get the job because you are done here. Disgusting

  40. What a jerk! Just finished signing his class, I’m sure telling the kids how they are going to build something special together and the guy goes to interview somewhere else just a couple days later. He hasn’t even begun to do anything here and he’s already looking elsewhere, I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth. This is unbelievable.

  41. If true that Tucker is interviewing for the MSU job, whether he gets it or not, he’s dead to me. Two days after kids signed up to play for him at CU and he’s ready to jump? Some demand for loyalty he has earned! When asked why he came to CU he said “ it checked all the boxes.” Apparently not. There must have been something he wasn’t telling us. Was the box he checked that it was his only offer? Was that the reason he came to Boulder? Very disappointing that someone CU pays $3 million to influence kids and help achieve excellence is nothing but a shill, a charlatan, a profiteer, and a blatant liar. Whether or not he gets the MSU job, CU should begin a quiet search for his replacement. If MT is ready to jump after one year, he’ll be ready the next time an opening comes his way. Maybe it’s time to send him on his way on our timetable instead of his.

  42. Wow
    I knew from past comments there are a lot of Buff armchair QB fans out there that feel Montez was chopped liver but in Stu’s poll 92% of them are basically saying he wont get drafted.
    Its a little early to grade Johnson but I still say Montez never was the recipient of any decent QB coaching previously.
    MM, the one hit wonder, thanks mostly to Sefo and Jim, was a wannabe SEC guy where passing is for sissies unless your kid is one of the WRs. After he ditched all his SJ buddies he hired losers from South.
    This year LSU broke the mold and we now have a coach who is a winner from the South. If Mel and Jay can take a bench rider or a freshman to the national spotlight I think it will prove my point instead of the Montez butt muncher’s.

    1. I just remember reading about Sefo from some scouts…that basically stated that he shouldn’t even be out there (participating in pre-draft workouts), he was so clueless. So yes, bad coaching. But also validated what we all saw for 4 years. Same w/Stevie unfortunately…his father should have been able to identify some of his issues that were never rectified for 4 years. NO CHANCE in the league.

  43. Hunter worked so hard . Tall skinny kid. Put on the meat. Worked hard to make it.

    Trey did what he could.
    They both gave a lot and are to be respected.

    Things have changed.

    Cupboard no longer bare

    Better ingredients in the cupboard!!

    Sko Buffs

  44. Hang up another National Championship Banner! › news › spirit-chip-w…
    Web results
    Chip Wins His Third Mascot National Championship – University of Colorado Athletics

  45. Vegas is the Sin City of sucker bets.
    Not in. (Don’t let the loan guy handle the cash)

    I hate it Montez was # 58, but I guess when you start 3 seasons and go 15-21 ……….it may actually be high. (BUT HAVIN THE KORNKOB KOMMUNITY KOLLEGE “QB’s RANKED 113TH IS KINDA WORTH IT)

    As an aside it is probably time to stop comparing the mighty buffs to the lowely red balls of knebraska

    Go Buffs

    Note: It is gonna get interesting

  46. Those odds are pretty ridiculous, Mel Tucker had the Buffs showing improvement in Nov beating teams that were favored. Signed a recruiting class that is ranked higher than past classes, and improved his last class too with Alfano; and the ranking would be higher if they didn’t reduce grades on recruits after commitment.

    We should (like an office lottery pool) throw in $5 each (can buy multiple entries) and bet a $1,000, or as close as possible, how funny/great would it be if we took $100,000 from Vegas/gaming site?

    I’ll throw in $20… at least.

  47. How in the name of Fred Folsom is Stanford 4x likely to win the conference than the buffs??????? They lost their entire team to transfer and are a complete dumpster fire right now. They basically have us listed as the worst team in the conference. I know there have been dark days but common, pay attention.

  48. I think I will risk a C note on 100 to 1 odds….and if the Buffs win send half of it to the Athletic Dept….and of course laugh at the guy who produced those odds even if the Buffs dont win but come out ahead of half the field

  49. And the team predicted to win the BIG north oline was ranked 93rd.

    That seems to high to me

    hahahahahahahahahah you lowly Kornkob Komumminty Kornholers.

    Sko Buffs.

    1. Well, between the money he got from CU & what he’ll get after only one year there, he’ll be OK even if he doesn’t work again… and yet with his coaching tree (background) & contacts, he could get a job paying way more $$$ than I’ll ever see; even if it’s group 5.

  50. The first thing you think about when a recruit like Rubley goes K state is grades and/or a cushy curriculum. Did anyone hear what Rubley said about his decision? Is Miles that good of a recruiter?
    Did he want to be a big fish in a small pond? Does his uncle have the sonic franchise in Manhattan?
    If he wanted to be a veterinarian he could have gone to Fort Fun…wait a minute….. if he aint a Buff Kstate is just fine.

    1. Don’t tell anyone, but if it was miles that recruited him, he went to the wrong school.

      I will presume the bourbon or beer clouded your typing there. Or maybe it was just the new year.

      Go Buffs

      1. one of these days earache, after I have been sober and taken advanced English classes for 2 years, I hope to come some where near your approval. I was surprised at your modesty today. You didnt launch into a sleep inducing, mr. obvious novel

  51. Whoa Brian has supposedly been covering the Buffs since 2010. Well there ya have it…………The fly in the ointment.

    Go Buffs.

    Note: Hey the left off the coach of the decade. Who………………..? Tough choice

    Note 2: Okay it’s actually been a decade and a half since whatever.
    Dan Hawkins 2006–2010 16-33 ( 10-22)
    Jon Embree 2011–2012 4-21 (3-15)
    Mike MacIntyre 2013–2018 30-44 (14-39)
    Mel Tucker 2019-present 5-7 (3-6)
    Mel Tucker 2019-present

    ………………………….HAPPY FRIGGING NEW DECADE……………………..

  52. Into the valley of death rode the bare cupboard. Denied by some ( who just can’t give up the guy in the asparagus patch (Playing you know what don’t ya) and understood by most knowledgeable fans)

    2020 roster

    qb no sr.. 1 jr
    tailbacks… sr…………one jr Good soph and frosh group
    te……no seniors …3 jr
    Ol 2 sr …5jr
    nt 1 sr who really is an ol line guy 1 jr
    de dt 1 sr 2 jr
    olb 1 sr 1 jr
    ilb 4 sr 2 jr
    cb 1 sr 1 jr
    s 4 sr 1 jr

    Wonder how many will be in the two deep

    Sko you

  53. Interesting who has left the FBT since HCMT showed up. Either voluntarily or not……

    Guess if you ain’t tough, and don’t wanna be tough, you can follow the gardener.

    Buffs SKO

    After Christmas note: The Buffs will win 6 in 2020.
    Note 2: 2121…..Double Black Jack, Pay up………………..Buffs Roll Buffs Roll

  54. Trujillo, will be a great player if he keeps working hard & stays humble, grading himself as a “B” is fair enough, a “C” would be too modest and playing up to the fans and he knows not to BS, and an “A” would be too arrogant; as in I’m on top of my game… already. Quality men make great teammates, he sounds like one to me… not “young man”, at 18 you either act like a man and step up or still need to grow, he stepped up.

  55. Stuart, your two poll questions were unfair, as I want it all for the Buffs,….. Football, Basketball, Skiing, Golf, Cross Country, Track & Field, Wrestling, Baseball, err strike those last two.

    Anyway Merry Christmas and thank you for the great Web Site.

  56. regarding ESPN’s “best of the rest” that includes Montez in their QB draft talk…..I am watching the first qtr of the Hawaii/BYU bowl game and the Hawaii QB Cole McDonald is throwing the ball as well as anyone I have seen all year. He has hit his WRs in full stride with rifle shots every throw. His O line isnt allowing any pressure but its still very impressive. I found out he is a junior and maybe not declaring for the draft but it will be interesting to follow his future.

  57. Thanks for posting the Clayton quotes Stu. I was reading Rivals the other day and they were assuming he was waiting for another offer from LSU. (sheesh more BS as if their rotational star rating wasn’t enough). Of course that doesn’t mean another school might be more persuasive. But Kansas??? Even with Miles who the hell would want to go there? I’m sure most of the kids these days havent got a clue who Gayle Sayers is.

  58. The Might Buff offense was not. Wonderment. Really.
    Ya figure Montez the record setter. Shenault….part time…. Tight ends in the game plan….shocking. Oline seemed to be better with the grad transfer and the uptick in experience. Nice running back crew. Seriously. Excellent receiver crew.

    So what the hell was the problem?
    Mediocre OC hence play design, play calling in game adjustments…..?
    New scheme…too tough to learn….complicated…..weak……easy to defense….?
    No faith in the game plan by the players?
    Poor execution against real competition?

    conference games only
    Total offense 2019 9th. 2018 11th
    Passing offense 2019 10th 2018 4th
    Rushing offense 2019 5th 2018 10th.
    Interesting. conference wins 2019 3 2018 2
    Scoring offense.2019 11th. 2018 10th.

    3rd down conversions 2019 7th 2018 10th

    Red zone conversions 2019 12th 2018 3rd

    Offensive penalty yards Both years 9th.
    Long plays from scrimmage………………………..10-20……………21-30

    Welp looks like the redzone offense was the problem.

    I better inform the OC


    1. You write a lot but you don’t seem to know a lot. Your special “coding” doesn’t hide your inexperience at understanding what actually goes on when men battle on the gridiron. You are highly entertaining, though.

  59. Regarding Lee’s comment about the previous coach’s recruiting its more and more obvious Mickey wasn’t and wasn’t about to be part of the local culture. Now that his little homesick body is back where there is a longer gardening season he should be happy.
    You also wonder about how RG might have been monitoring that situation. At least with Mel it doesn’t look like he won’t have to.

    1. Dude gets our appreciation for being a part of one of the best buffs plays in recent memory (talking about the flea flicker vs. the korn of course) , and also our respect for sticking around for the degree.

  60. Very happy to have seen K.D. Nixon’s reversal of field regarding leaving school early for the NFL draft. Not only does it serve the Buffs well to have him back next year but I think (barring injury) it serves him well too. I hope this decision proves to be the right one for him.

  61. Big shout out to K.D. Nixon for reversing his early-exit decision!

    A lot of young men would perhaps realize this wasn’t the best idea, but would refuse to change their mind once it was announced. I think this will be a boon not just for the Buffs, but for K.D.’s Draft stock a year from now, and for completing his degree which will be invaluable whenever he (eventually) is no longer playing ball.

    Welcome back Mr. Nixon!

  62. What a class!!! The recruiting must have been relentless as well. The only disappointment is that Lee is the only Colorado kid in it. You will know the Buffs have finally arrived when they keep 3 or 4 of the top kids in state at home…….even with the carpet bagging of a lot of their parents.

  63. I’m really surprised that KD has decided to declare for the Draft. He is a good little receiver who put up decent numbers in his 2 years of starting for the Buffs. He would have better served his draft stock if he stayed for his senior year and had a breakout season. My understanding is he can change his mind if he doesn’t hire an agent right away. the NFL also has a service that will give him a project where he might go in the draft. Hopefully, he already has that info. I just don’t see him getting drafted. Come back KD for your senior season and shine!!!

    1. 100%. I hope he gets drafted, or at least a free agent deal. Not sure the scouts will be as high on him as he is.

      I don’t know whether it was him or Montez, but he was in the wrong place on a lot of routes and had some untimely drops as well. Occasional flashes, but not always consistent. Good luck young man!

      Go Buffs

      Go Buffs

  64. I like the upcoming receiver talent but losing Shenault, Brown, and now Nixon, and they are suddenly a young inexperienced group without an upperclassman leader. I wish Nixon success.

  65. This Schafer walk on is unique. It may just be me but he appears to have odd running mechanics, like his knees or feet don’t get as high as usual. Something funky there. But… dude can play!! He does not go down. I’m very curious what his 40 time is, and whether he can speed up
    A good deal with corrected mechanics, And hopefully not lose his shiftyness

  66. The 2019 season is over.
    No bowl game
    Signing day December 18………….keep the committed
    February signing day…………Keep the recruits….This will be harder. a lot harder to keep em.
    Weight training
    Spring camp
    NFL Draft………Viska and who
    Summer camp
    Fall camp


    Those transfers wether this year of last year of the year before really helped this team. Had to have em. The gardner left no depth………………….

    Note: Sheesh is lane gonna keep that old man?

  67. hasn’t posted a replay (football in 60) of the usc-Buff game (one would think the conference in the modern day and age could figure out how to get their product to their consumers). Does anyone know where to find footage of the late hit on Montez? I’ve read about this play but would like to see it myself.

    1. Actually, this should annoy you more. There is a 60 min version of that game on Pac 12 Network, but it literally DOES NOT SHOW the late hit on Montez, nor does it acknowledge that the whole game changes when he goes out. It was like the editor that put the game together couldn’t be bothered to recognize what was actually happening in the game. Seriously annoying!

  68. Adios L.S.
    Best of luck….. and, thanks for becoming a Buff. I really liked watching you. Just wish you coulda shown those skills in a bowl game….


  69. Go get that money, LaViska. Hopefully he’s able to stay healthier in the Not For Long than he was at CU. Either way, get paid, young man. And boy, talk about some motivation for little bro! Come on LaVontae!

    Go Buffs

  70. Wishing Viska nothing but success in the NFL. A real joy to watch him play and, based upon everything I have ever read or heard about him, an impossibly easy to root for young man.

  71. There was a CU coach on the sidelines for the Utah game that was wearing one of those Polynesian lavalavas that Cabral used to wear when he was recruiting someone from Hawaii. Anyone know who the coach was, and who he’s recruiting?

  72. A shout out to Tony Brown here. We all know we are going to miss Viska but we are going to miss Tony almost as much. Got some talented youngsters too, though.

  73. Great summary of articles! A couple of things caught my eye.

    1. Reducing sacks dramatically. I think the entire fan base has been disappointed in the offensive line coaching for nearly the entire macintyre era. This truly shows that one of Macs biggest faults was his loyalty to his coaches….. both of those coaches were over their heads.

    2. While we all know Viska will be an amazing pro, with all of his injuries I wonder if that will keep him out of the first round. Frankly he needs to go pro because the opportunity is there. We need o lineman really bad at the broncos but man it would be cool to see him as a bronco if he dropped to the second round somehow.

    3. Man 5-7 and we are still close to the basement. The Pac12 really does feed on itself.

  74. As much as I love Viska in a buffs uniform, and love watching him truck defenders over…

    He clearly needs to go pro. Just look at Jake Butt as an example of why.

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