Nebraska Memories … Game Stories and Videos of Your Favorite CU/Nebraska games

For the first time in a decade, it’s Nebraska Week in Boulder. Here are links to some of my favorite Nebraska memories (every game CU has played against Nebraska can be found in the CU at the Game Archives. Enjoy!) …

P.S. … If you have found any additional YouTube videos of these or any other CU/Nebraska games, drop me a note at Thanks!

Links to some of the best CU games against Nebraska: 

— 1986: Colorado 20, No. 3 Nebraska 10 – “The Signature Wins of all Signature Wins” (my personal favorite)

… Jeff “Soupy” Campbell’s reverse for a touchdown … 

… O.C. Oliver’s touchdown pass to (now assistant athletic director) Lance Carl … 

— 1989: No. 2 Colorado 27, No. 3 Nebraska 21: “This is the Greatest Game I’ve Ever Been a Part Of”

Hagan’s pitch to Flannigan … 

1990: No. 9 Colorado 27, No. 3 Nebraska 12: “Eric Bieniemy’s Four Fourth Quarter Touchdowns send Buffs to the Orange Bowl

 1991: No. 15 Colorado 19, No. 9 Nebraska 19:Fit to Be Tied

— 2001: No. 14 Colorado 62, No. 2 Nebraska 36: “The Score Says It All!” (my second-most favorite game of all-time)

… Highlights from 62-36 … The best 13 minutes you’ll spend all day … 

— 2004: Colorado 26, Nebraska 20:Numerous Records Fall as Huskers Finish 5-6

… Bobby Purify takes it in for a score in Lincoln … 

— 2007: Colorado 65, Nebraska 51: “Buffs Big Win Sends CU bowling; Sends Bill Callahan Packing” 

— 2018: Colorado 33, Nebraska 28:We have to beat them. It’s the only thing they understand

… The full game … in 40 minutes of highlights … 



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  1. First of all, I love reading everyone’s stories on here… just terrific stuff!

    I have to say that there is something timeless about the 2001, 62 to 36 dismantling of Nebraska for me. I watched the game at my *eventual* in-laws home. Every time Purify broke loose I was up off the couch with pure excitement. I don’t think they knew how to take this guy who was dating their daughter… even though they were football fans, they hadn’t really tracked the CU/Nebraska games. Now, I have my father-in-law calling me saying things like “I bet you won’t be able to sleep Friday night with this Nebraska game coming.” He is correct, LOL!

    Go Buffs! I’m too excited/nervous to make any prediction. But looking forward to a good game!!!

  2. My vote is ’86. Season started 0-4 – including getting thumped by CSU 23-7 AT HOME in the season opener. I was a sophomore in 86/87. Mark Hatcher, our QB, was in my Econ class. Professor’s name was (I think) Bill Schulte. After one of the losses (I think it was Arizona, which dropped us to 0-4), there were people who actually booed Hatch when he walked in to the first class after that game. Professor told them to shut up.

    Buffs righted the ship and won the first two Big 8 games before the Huskers came blowing into Boulder. A simply incredible afternoon. Lance Carl, Soupy Campbell, and the rest played an extraordinary game. I did go down onto the field after the game with some friends of mine but did not take part in tearing down the goal posts. First time the Buffs had beaten Nebraska in Boulder since Dwight Eisenhower had been President (a/k/a “a very, very long time”).

    “20-10” remained on the Folsom scoreboard for a week following the game.

    33 years later and I still smile ear-to-ear thinking about it.

    Huck the Fuskers!

  3. The 1986 game due to the fact that except for a couple freak wins we had not won since Eddie Crowder had at least made us somewhat relevant. The other reason was that one of my old Army buddies came from Omaha and was with me at the game. He was stunned as were all the Nebraska fans in the stadium that day. We Buff fans were happy happy, and probably when I think about it also a little stunned. We’re still good friends and I just heard from him a few hours ago and we go through this every year, but “86” turned the tide.

  4. Definitely the 1990 game. I was a senior in collage at UNC (Northern Colorado), but I was an avid Buff fan(Still am). I remember being at the University Center or student union watching on a big screen TV. For some reason, I was surrounded by Husker fans and they were loving life. It was the 4th quarter bomb that Hagen threw to Pritchard;I believe that Pritchard made an OBJ type reception jumping up at the sideline catching the pass one handed and with one foot in bounds that started the momentum swing. As EB kept scoring, more and more Husker fans kept leaving. By the end of the game I’m in the University Center by myself running around hootin’ and hollering. Campus police had to ask me to calm down. Such a great game…

  5. The “Campbell Ramble!” was epic. Same day as the Muts blew the WS. Dave Plati gave me a CU lapel pin that eve down on the mall. 1990 was worth the drive through a blizzard to Lincoln with my fiancee, sitting in the driving rain, taking abuse both in and out of the Corncrib. We were harassed in the Burger King afterwards. Keep it classy, Cornholers

  6. The 1986 Jeff Soupy Campbell end-around for a TD was the symbolic end of the Cornhuskers absolute dominance of CU for decades. The euphoria felt in that one play will always be special because CU was finally playing meaningful football and no longer the doormat for NU.

  7. The 1990 win in Lincoln is special for me. My mom was pregnant with me at the time and that was their first season having season tickets. They decided to go to Lincoln for the game and visit some family friends out there. They actually let cu fans rush the field after the win and my parents where some of them. My mom said she jumped and stomped on the N at midfield. It was there that my hatred for Nebraska was bred in me and I was destined the be a Buff.

  8. The 2001 game bar none. My son got our tickets late and we had to sit with about 20 other Buff fans in the middle of about 2000 corn fans. I grumbled and my son said Dad it will be great when we kick their ass. That was one of the best days of my life. We both have memories galore from that day. Go Buffs!

  9. My favorite was the 2001 game. The ’86 game a close second, since I was there, though I didn’t go down on the field to tear down the goal posts.

    The 2001 game was unforgettable because I was jumping up and down on just about every play. Since I was watching at home, my dog would get all riled up each time. When my wife got home she was wondering what I did to the dog because he was totally wiped out. This was an amazing feat since he was a Queensland Heeler, in his prime, that could go mountain biking with me and run the entirety of a 6 mile ride.

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