Win Out or Find A New Head Coach … I’ll Be Happy Either Way

I have a friend, Bob, who is a graduate of Stanford University.

He was – and is – a big Cardinal fan.

Bob’s son didn’t follow in his father’s footsteps. Mark attended Washington State University instead, becoming a Cougar. Along the way, Bob became a big Cougar fan … as in an athletic department donor and season ticket holder big.

I’ve been to Pullman with Bob when CU invaded the Palouse, and taken Bob and his son to tailgates at Folsom Field.

As much as he cheered for the Cardinal over the years, Bob is an even bigger fan of the Cougars.

Which has meant that, every fall, when Pac-12 North rivals Stanford and Washington State square off, Bob has been conflicted.

Such was the scenario when Bob was in Palo Alto a few weeks ago, with Washington State in town to face the Cardinal. I sent him a text the day before the game: “Glass half full – you can’t lose. Glass half empty – you can’t win”.

After watching Colorado fall flat against No. 10 Washington State, 31-7, I figure that it’s time for me to take my own advice.

I’ve got to look at the situation in the Champions Center from a “glass half full” perspective.

How so?

Well, Colorado is 5-5, having lost five straight games … five straight games with bowl eligibility on the line (and yes, that makes eight straight losses dating back to last year with win No. 6 there for the taking).

I’ve decided that, come December, I’m going to be a happy camper.

Either the Buffs get their act together over the final two regular season games, earn a bowl bid, and gain some momentum for the 2019 season.

Or we’ll be looking forward to a 2019 season with a new head coach.

To be honest … I’ll be happy either way.

I would love to see the Buffs take out Utah at home next Saturday, then pick up win No. 7 on the road against Cal the following weekend. I would love to see the Buffs finish the regular season with a guaranteed winning record, a spark for the early Signing Day in early December, and a springboard for a strong 2019 campaign.

I would love to see it … but I can’t imagine it actually happening.

As we watched the Buffs fall to the No. 10 team in the nation, there were any number of plays you can point to which indicate that the Buffs are their own worst enemies … and that comes down to coaching. The ESPN color commentator for the game, former Washington quarterback Brock Huard, opined during the game that the talent disparity between Colorado and Washington State was a small one.

There was a difference, however, between the two teams in terms of discipline and preparation.

A few examples from the game:

— After forcing a three-and-out from the Cougars to open the contest, the Buffs had the chance to gain some early momentum. On third-and-eight, Steven Montez completed a pass to Tony Brown … for seven yards. How many times in the past few seasons have the CU receivers run routes which are not beyond the chains, forcing a punt?;

— The Buffs opened their third drive of the game holding a 7-3 lead early in second quarter. The Buff defense had forced a punt, a turnover on downs, and a field goal in WSU’s first three possessions. It was still very much a game. On the first play of the drive, Steven Montez connected with Laviska Shenault, who was weaving his way through the field, with a big play in the offing. Instead, Shenault was stopped … by his own lineman. Shenault ran into offensive tackle Josh Kaiser, with the net result being a three yard gain. After Travon McMillian gained four yards, it was third-and-three … until it became third-and-eight after a false start. A six-yard gain on third down ensued. Three positive gains … yet it was still a three-and-out due to two mental lapses;

— Late in the second quarter, with the Buffs down only 10-7, the Cougars blitzed on third down. Steven Montez had Juwann Winfree wide open in the middle of the field. A huge game – perhaps a touchdown – was in the offing if Montez could get the ball to Winfree. Instead, Montez threw the ball low, with Winfree making a shoestring catch. It would have at least been a first down, but instead of getting a snap off quickly, the Buffs hesitated at the line of scrimmage. A replay review was then called, with the catch reversed. Instead of a momentum-swinging gain, it was another three-and-out, with Steven Montez committing back-to-back mental errors. First, by not getting the ball to his wide open receiver; and second, by not getting a snap off before the replay booth stopped play;

— It was still a game at the half, with the Buffs down 10-7 even though Washington State had held the ball for over 20 minutes of first half. The defense, despite losing leading tackler Nate Landman to a targeting call, had held the Cougars on downs twice, and had forced a field goal on another WSU 10-play drive. Their reward? A fumble by Travon McMillian on the second play of the third quarter. A drive of 32 yards later, it was a 17-7 game … and the Buffs were essentially done for the day; and

— On Washington State’s next drive, the Cougars had a third-and-eight at their own 35-yard line. Gardner Minshew completed a pass to Easop Winston for a loss of a yard. Fourth-and-nine, with CU gaining some much needed momentum down only 17-7 midway through the third quarter? Nope. Sophomore safety Aaron Maddox, who came into the game with a grand total of 33 plays of experience on the season, picked up his first tackle-for-loss of the year … along with a taunting penalty and a fresh set of downs for the Cougars.

There are other examples from this game, as well as many examples from other games over the past two seasons. Examples of the offense running plays going for seven yards on third-and-eight, of the offense committing penalties and mental errors (especially along the offensive line), of questionable offensive play-calling, of backup players not being prepared to step up and play with discipline.

Without question, the Buffs have been hurt by injuries this fall.

Colorado was 5-0 and leading USC on the road when Laviska Shenault injured his toe. While a perfect season was not in the offing if Shenault stayed healthy, many a Buff fan would like to check out parallel universe in which Shenault stays healthy, and check out CU’s record after ten games.

The loss of cornerback Chris Miller and safety Evan Worthington, while not as obvious, have been just as devastating. The CU defensive backfield, which more than held its own in the first half of the season, has become a decided liability in the second half of the season.

Linebacker Jacob Callier, defensive end Jase Franke, wide receivers K.D. Nixon and Jay MacIntyre, safety Jaisen Sanchez, tight end Jared Poplawski, punter Alex Kinney and kicker James Stefanou … the list goes on and on.

Yes, but … Utah lost its starting quarterback and 1,000-yard rusher in the past week … and then went out and beat Oregon with backups …

If CU’s record this season was an anomaly, the long list of injuries might lead to giving Mike MacIntyre and his staff a pass on the five-game losing streak.

But it’s anything but.

Mike MacIntyre is 30-43 at Colorado. That’s bad enough, but that record is inflated by a 16-5 record in non-conference play. In Pac-12 play, the Buffs are 14-38.

In the MacIntyre era, the Buffs are 2-19 against ranked teams, with wins over a pair of 22nd-ranked teams – Washington State and Utah – in 2016. Otherwise, it’s been a big goose egg in meaningful games for the Buffs under MacInytre.

Colorado is 2-5 in Pac-12 play, tied with UCLA for fifth place in the Pac-12 South. With Utah’s win over Oregon, the Buffs have officially been eliminated from the Pac-12 South division race. A far more likely outcome? A last place finish for the fifth time in Mike MacIntyre’s six seasons in Boulder.

I’ll be in Boulder next weekend, taking in the men’s basketball game on Friday night, and at Folsom Field for Senior Day against Utah on Saturday. I will be wearing my black-and-gold next weekend, cheering for my Buffs to pick up win No. 6 and bowl eligibility.

I would very much like to see the Buffs finish strong, save what appears to be a good recruiting Class, and have the team finish with a bowl win and momentum going forward into the 2019 season with Mike MacIntyre & Company in place (with the exceptions of offensive line coach Klayton Adams and tight ends coach Gary Bernardi, who need to be coaching elsewhere next fall regardless).

If the Buff coaching staff can’t coax at least two more wins out of this team (out of three, counting a bowl game), then it seems clear that it is time for Rick George to bring in a new head coach. Such a move would rejuvenate the fan base, and give the team some momentum going forward into the 2019 season.

The only scenario which is unacceptable is for the Buffs to finish the 2018 season on a seven game losing streak, finish last in the Pac-12 South (again!), and make no changes at the top. We went through this in 2009, when we all assumed Dan Hawkins was gone, but then Hawkins received a Thanksgiving weekend reprieve from athletic director Mike Bohn, leading to a lame duck season in 2010 which cost CU two recruiting Classes.

Scenario 1: The Buffs dig deep, gaining bowl eligibility and finish with a winning record.

Scenario 2: Rick George decides its time to give this team, which has talented young players, a decent shot at redemption in 2019 with a new coaching staff.

I’ll be happy either way …


42 Replies to “I Will Be Happy Either Way”

  1. MM has not progressed beyond his SJS success. That’s the level of staff he’s hired (except Leavitt and the AD had something to do with that) and that’s the level of performance we have seen. Good enough to be successful if you’re in the WAC but not anywhere good enough to compete in a power 5 conference much less on a national level. When MM was hired I thought he was a stepping stone for us—that he would stop the downward spiral and get us to at least compete. Now we have the facilities and enough talent that a legit power 5 conference caliber coach would give us serious consideration. Miles may not be a long shot and Leavitt would certainly be interested. We’ve gotten as much out of MM that we are going to. Time to upgrade and not reach for someone who is not proven at this level.

  2. Unless they can hire Leavitt, I am afraid we’re just going to submarine all of the positive progress Mac has brought us (great DBs, great receivers, a passing game, good recruiting). If they hire someone and Shenault transfers, can anyone legitimately say they expect to see another player like that any time soon in Boulder? If they screw up the hire, or they hire some yacko from out of left field, and we start hemorrhaging transfers, then I can easily see CU back to 2008 levels in a hurry. I’m not happy with where we are, but I think Mac has the trajectory headed in the right direction still, just slower than people would like. But, let’s be real, Les Miles is not coming to Boulder. We cannot pay him enough. Big time coaches will not come to Boulder for the same reason. So who out there is an actual candidate that would be a realistic fit? Leavitt would be. Beyond him? No F-ing clue. And that makes me uncomfortable. I am not confident in the ability of the AD to hire someone that can keep the current momentum going.

    1. BB – If they do make a move – of which I’m still uncertain they will, particularly if this team pulls off one or two more wins – I think they’d need to pony up $3mill/yr+ to get a “big name” dude, or even a “proven” guy who’d be perceived as an upgrade. Not sure they’ve got that.

      Otherwise, I see it like you do, there’s a lot of risk in looking to get another up and comer to ply their trade in Boulder.

      Although the wins haven’t come as much as we’d like – Mac and Co included – he does run a good program, the right way, and it appears to me that there’s a solid foundation to build a consistent winner going forward. He’s ticked off way more of the boxes on their list of goals than he’s missed.

      But? Not my boat to float. Thankfully. I am fortunate to do well, and not have to stress over decisions like Mr. George does.

      I pointed this out recently, for the 2012 coaching carousel, but I would bet it holds true every year. I’d bet you’d be hard-pressed to find more than 20% of the coaching hires do well and build winners at their next stops. Of those, maybe one or two would even have an interest in coming to CU. Those aren’t great odds, when you’ve already got a guy who’s doing a decent job. That is, if you believe he can in fact take the team, and program, to the next level, and sustain success – which in most cases is harder than achieving it in the first place. We’ll see what Rick thinks about all that in a few weeks, I guess.

      In the mean time, to quote Al Davis – not because I like him, but it’s applicable here – just win, baby.

      Go Buffs.

  3. apparently, it’s going to happen Stu. . .

    Sources: CU, Mike MacIntyre to part ways at end of season
    By Troy Renck, Joseph Peters, Dustin Bradford — BOULDER, Colo. — Multiple sources have told Denver7’s that the University of Colorado will part ways with football coach Mike MacIntyre effective at the end of this season. MacIntyre has spent six years as the head coach at CU. He has posted a 46-64 record in that time. The Buffaloes have qualified for one bowl during McIntyre’s tenure — a 17-9 Alamo Bowl loss in 2016 to Oklahoma State. The Buffaloes have lost five in a row this season, including Saturday’s 31-10 loss against Washington State.

  4. It’s difficult sitting and watching CU. A coach who won’t go for a first down on 4th and 1 or 2 yds. for a first down when he’s as much as 14 points behind doesn’t deserve to go to a bowl.

    Crikey… 5 W – 7L again.

  5. This morning I just want to quickly comment how infuriating it is when there is a questionable play, Especially at home, the Buffs take their time to get the next play off. Seriously? Allowing the worst ref crews in sports to question and analyze calls? You are probably the only team in America. Tell ya what though, that falls 100% in line with Mac’s coaching philosophy. Non aggressive. Thats lower tier coaching right there. In the big time that should never happen. Go for the kill Mac whatever it takes! This is division 1 football! aint intramurals brotha!

  6. I’m Just gonna leave this here.

    20 years ago a coach committed to coach the Buffs. Then right before the press conference he changed his mind.

    Wonder there could be another offer and then a real acceptance. IT WOULD BE GRAND.


    1. Too much drama and health concerns with Kubes but I like the way you’re thinking. How about EB now that he’s had some mentoring under Reid?

  7. Stu, you’re a lawyer. Is there any way to structure the next head coach’s contract in such a way that it requires that new coach to produce and THEN get paid the abundance he would deserve at that point? I realize that all coaches have incentives built into their contracts, but somehow…some way we have to challenge the next guy with a contract that pays well IF… I can’t stomach the thought of paying out 10 million plus for this coaching effort. MM should give a good amount of it back. I personally would feel guilty taking the money if I were him and believe we want a coach in the next guy that believes similarly. How can anyone possibly stay motivated if they are guaranteed 10 million regardless? The rest of us have to produce at work or not get paid!

    1. Hey, Mark,
      Contracts are what they are. Coaches like Saban and Meyer have leverage to get guarantees, and that type of language filters down into every other coach’s contract.
      Yes, coach MacIntyre could just sit around and collect checks, but that’s not how most coaches are wired. They need the adrenaline of coaching, and, will, after a year or two away, will want to find their way back in. If that proves to be the case with MacIntyre, his buyout would be offset by the income from the new job.

      In any event, the $9.9 million would not be paid out all at once, but over the remaining term of the contract. Hopefully, CU would find a way to make that work … we’ve had to do it before.
      In Rick George we trust!!

      1. Sitting here musing over the staggering size that the football business has become. I am also wondering if the same factors in Saban and Meyer type contracts maybe what at some point kills the golden goose. The rich get richer, the same handful of teams always wind up in the playoffs and the poor may finally say the hell with trying to chase them and rent out their stadiums to rock concerts and political rallies.

  8. I could not agree more with this post. If Mac and team some how figure it out and this team wins the next 3. Yes they have to win the bowl game too. Then I would give them the benefit of the doubt and say they figured it out. That said the items you listed above is so expected for this team. I believe this is because of the coaches. Mac and Team can recruit and we have some real gamers on this team. But Mac is not able to consistently recruit good coordinators. Else is so/so, Lindgren was poor, and it looks like Chev still has a lot to learn. This also goes into play calling and practice. It is clear the problem with the o line is the coach and has been the coach for a long time and yet Mac cannot let him go. So I believe we need a new coaching staff. I think with the talent we have this should not be a hard job recruiting great talent. I want the following: 1. Experience and success as a power 5 coach. 2. Recent experience. Sorry Barnett. 3. Experience in Boulder or Pac 12 school. So this is a pretty short list. So I believe Leavitt is the right guy. His coaching connections are strong enough to get coordinators, he knows Boulder, he is hungry for an HC job. He liked Boulder. I am not as sure about Les Miles. On the good side you could probably get him ahead of Kansas. He did really good at LSU but I am not sure what happened there and if he was able to learn from it.

  9. You get what you pay for. Right now the football program will finish around 9th or 10th in the conference. MM is around the 9th or 10th highest paid coach in the conference. Should we really expect much more?

    If this program is ever going to get to the upper 4 or 5 of the conference consistently, then those at the highest level (the ones RG answers to) need to be willing to pay for that to happen. People are calling for MM’s head, and maybe rightfully so, but in actuality is he really coaching that far outside his pay grade? It appears our historic pay level is adequate to attract a WAC coach who has enjoyed 2 or 3 years of success. How about a level of compensation high enough to attract a proven winner at the Pac-12/Power 5 level?

    1. Not convinced that Leavitt is the answer, but I’m sure that HCMM isn’t. Here’s an outside the box candidate- Wristen at CSU Pueblo

  10. If we get a new HC be prepared for a 2 -10 season. Having said that Mac if he stays needs to hire new coaches, great coaches hire the best available assistants (think Saban)not the guys he is friends with, Mac did that with Leavitt, but not anyone else. Chev is as responsible for this awful offense as much as Mac, maybe more so. I see the same basic stuff week after week, not to hard to defend. Offensive line coach has to go.

  11. Why hasn’t Les Miles been brought up yet? Am I missing something here? I’ll be honest – I never thought in a million years would he return to coaching in a place like Boulder… but then again, he’s a serious candidate for the job at KU. Les Miles and Rick George go back to their days with the real coach Mac in Boulder and if anyone could talk Miles into a return to Boulder, Rick could. That seems like the perfect scenario to me. What am I missing?

  12. Stu, the examples you cite are all excellent observations and on point. Though I don’t have any loyalty to MAC, I do have mixed feelings about firing MAC. First off, I wonder how many of the current recruits CU would lose. They currently have a decent recruiting class for 2019. Second, I agonize over how poorly the teams perform when a new coach is hired. Seems to happen to all teams with new coaching staffs. We as fans have just gone through so much disappointment in the past decade. Your take please.

  13. I still wonder what the counter factual of “what is cu hadn’t collapsed against Oregon state”?

    We make a bowl game with wins over the weakest teams in the country. Yay. But I also think CU plays well enough to beat Arizona and maybe Utah or Cal.

    Instead, you have a group of kids with a cloud over them instead of the confident group that battled back against Nebraska.

    1. We make a bowl game with wins over the weakest teams in the country. Yay. But I also think CU plays well enough to beat Arizona and maybe Utah or Cal.

      Instead, you have a group of kids with a cloud over them instead of the confident group that battled back against Nebraska.

      I can tell you are a long time Buff. When Colorado defeated Nebraska in Lincoln, I was under the delusion that Nebraska was a formidable opponent; instead, they are a weaker team that all three teams that you just mentioned. ; )

  14. Louisville just fired Petrino. No, I dont want Petrino, or anyone else fired here, but Louisville just got ahead of the Buffs when it comes to finding a new coach. Whoever I do want here cant hire assistants who are losers in their previous jobs but are in the “friendship circle.”
    I dont mind a team full of god fearing players with a team family atmosphere but they have to also enjoy administering pain…..especially on offense. We had what seems like only one player on O could effectively and willingly be the hittor instead of the hittee and I doubt if the Buffs would have won more than 2 games, 3? without him.
    I dont want any assistants from Alabama. ….or the SEC period. Check the last 2 guys at CSU. At Alabama its easy to look good with a Mac style offense when you have players than can out hit and out run everyone else in the country. I like the rest of the PAC 12’s offense because its fun to watch. Unfortunately so is the corn’s now. Frost is getting it done before the first season is over.
    Whoever George gets has to get it done now……CU is probably already considered a coach’s graveyard. I will concede Mac has an eye for diamonds in the rough but unfortunately few of them belong on either line where it all begins. At least the new coach will have some depth to work with and hopefully a creative enough mind to minimize the liabilities we have on the O line until he recruits there.
    OK. Done stewing over this. Gotta go get some productive things done in my personal life today without the help of VK’s elixirs

    1. ep, way over there in the 4 Corners without the PAC 12 Network you are getting smarter and smarter then those guys up in Boulder. You must sit there on those starry nites (no straight lights) with a Bass Ale and your dog at your side contemplating the Buffs and what is needed to get this thing back on the path to Righteousness, Winningousness, and Relavantousness.

      Actually they may already have the Oline recruits on the team, they just need someone to develop them. There was an interesting story in the Tucson paper after AZ whupped us that explained how they hired two ex long time Oline Coaches from the NFL. I know that AZ didn’t start this year with better Oline talent then CU. Here we are after the 10th game with a puny running game, no pass protection and I bet that the Neb. Dline which sacked us 7 times and is not very good would be able to repeat that effort again. You make good points. I just wonder who the heck is out there that they could hire to turn this thing around and keep it on a level that we could all be proud of.

      1. If mac stays and is going to be successful he is going to have to be like HWSRN… one respect anyway. Instead of chasing away assistants who are successful (read Leavitt) just smile and act like all the credit is yours.
        Aside from the fact he better win one more game this year, to your point, he is going to have to get rid of Adams, one of his “friendship circle buddies.” Problem is Adams wont be gone by the end of the season and its too late right now.
        One thing he can correct this week is to take the leash off Chev….or if there is none….put Darian in his place….or at least come up with something himself on offense to help mitigate the O line’s deficiencies and spread the ball out. Right now watching the Buffs O is like seeing the same constellations every night from my creeks side deck except that I enjoy that night sky a hell of a lot more. I can only imagine how much opposing DCs like watching our film.
        Bottom line is Mac is going to have to change his spots entirely of he wants to bring this team to gloriousness. What do you think he odds are in Vegas on that? Don’t feel sorry for the Mick at all. If I had his dinero I would buy the McMansion next to yours and join your club for the month of march only.

  15. the truth is, no matter how you try to argue it, they are “way better” coached. the lack of discipline, and the botched assignments, kill us, pure and simple. fans love to make fun of WSU, and their coach, but the dude knows how to manage a staff, and a team, and not worry about the low-life detractors. (and by the way, where in the heck is Craig James and his kid now?). point is, we have taken a step back, and we will not “go bowling”. mark that down. Montez can be very good, but the guy is getting the hell beat out of him every weekend. watching TV I get the yips. (are we trying to set an all time record for hurries, hits, and sacks?) if the recruitment and development of a powerful and smart line on both offense and defense is not a priority, we are doomed to the cellar. we have weapons, but not enough of the “big ugly” ones. time for a change.

  16. For those of us that never liked Mac in the first place….this is beyond painful. Everything everyone are now pointing out, was all applicable 2 years ago. Even the 2016 team finished weak (the bowl game should have been the red flag, totally outcoached/out prepared).

    1. I was at the Alamo, and It was completely embarrassing. Fans walked in as if we were going to win the game and we get completely blown out. Still mad about that one.

  17. It just seems that this coaching staff cannot make game day adjustments. The offense has been exposed. Once people get film, the tendencies repeat themselves. Montez has not gotten better but I feel for him given that he never feels protected. Stuart’s point about the number of non-conference to conference wins is telling. The talent is there, the coaching is not.

    1. Tendencies repeat themselves… you got that right. I can literally call each play after a successful play, Why? Because they ran the same damn play. If Travon runs right tackle for 5, the next paly will be the same. And how big is the playbook, 10-15 plays?

  18. Notes day.

    1. When asked about not going for it on 4th down…………Montez said we just do what the coaches tell us to do.
    2. WacMac on a injury rant…………..never have seen this many………… all may years coaching ……….blah blah……………………………..(STU) ….Utes lose QB and RB and whip the Ducks…………….No excuses………….use to be one of WacMac’s…………lines. “No seeum bugs and stinky fishon don’t stick on me.”
    3. Earache………Mac and his coaches are working hard, I think they’ll do it………He is a great coach………..blee blah blow blew……………………….SILENCE Loved that commercial………….Into the canyon rode the 600 screaming………………We love you Mac……….I WANNA HEAR THAT.
    4. Stu says “Ill be happy either way” The ultimate happiness is 7 and 5 and WacMac is outta here. and the new coach wins a bowl game. 7 and 5 is a dream that does not end. 6 and 6 is possible 5 and 7 is a distinct option.
    5. Q sent me!
    6. Who is John Galt
    7. “6 years on the job and its time for him to be gone”
    8. RG has not made a significant hiring or firing since he has been here. VB and Soccer and Tennis….Time to step up…….Like bonehead……….he screwed up with the extension. …………Some of us knew then……….earache did not……….probably still doesn’t……………So 3 lousy head coaching decisions in a row………………….
    9. If ya got a little time you can go back and read “The Musings of Stu” as the 6 wacMac seasons unfold. Pretty neat actually. I had to stop as I started crying. Now he is just numb and waiting for it to over.
    10. I feel so sorry for the players this year and past years.
    11. Even chev has gone quiet on social media….No rah rah….now made up slogans.
    12. Folsom Fast…………….like so many………………very slow on the uptake…………loan dude eh?
    13. I hope Stu’s wife is coddling him big time cause he needs it………….you can tell.
    14. Sheesh and he is coming back next week……………Why? To see ol American history

    The Slaughter of the Mighty Buffalo-Bison by the Indians-Utes (Native Americans)

    15. Well sheesh hope it is a nice game time. Like noon or so.
    16. And how bout those new coaches in the pac. How they doing. Lotta someones banked on beating those new coaches blahbleeearachee WacMac 2-2 But AZ, ASU have improved……….not so Buffs.
    17 Amazing ….
    Except for OSU the North Division
    In the South division Utah and ASU (what ASU???) are bowl eligible
    UCLA will not be.
    Buff, Zonas, and USC can be
    So ten bowl eligible teams? Are there enough bowls for a 6 and 6 team? Asking for a coach from the WAC

    Final Note………………2 more weeks and the season is over. Okay maybe a bowl game. Really?
    Such high hopes. Such a great start. Peter has been there all along. Identified 4 years ago
    Some saw it. Most did not. Into the valley rode the 600 blinded, babbling, bleeding,…………Ye ol earche brigade. SILENCE!!!
    Love that commercial.

    Uh Oh where are the real Mighty Buffalo (Coaches and Players………….especially coaches…………..)

    1. IMO, Rick George should create a short list with top quality candidates. No mid-majors. Leavitt should be on the list. He has proven to be one of the top defensive coordinators in the country, a head coach of an USF team that went all the way to Top 5 in the nation, knows the Buffs, is hungry for a head coaching opportunity again, and has passion on game days. That does not mean that I feel he should automatically be the guy, just put on the list. The Buffs have talent, have a solid recruiting class, a strong move needs to be made. Many of the existing players know Leavitt and that may help prevent transfers as well.

  19. Shoulder to shoulder we will suck, suck, suck-suck-suck! Just real tired and fed up with this losing streak. Annoying, obnoxious, puke-drunk WSU fans sitting behind us was a real treat too. Zero pass rush. CU’s offense never found consistency at all. At this point in the season, most teams are improving. So what’s the deal with these guys? Understand injuries a big issue, but much of the problem still looks like lack of fundamental execution of rudimentary football …a sport these guys have been playing for a while. They’re making this look way too difficult.

    Utah could be the all, or nothing, since they’ve played far worse on the road…Cal is probably already an “L”.

  20. Very discouraging to watch this program come back from the dregs of college football and able to recruit players that seem to be able to compete now at a fairly competitive level. I just hate the thought of having to change coaching staffs considering where we are now with the players and the interest shown by recruits. But it seems inevitable.

    I really don’t think I really can be happy if they win out and they then they keep the current staff. It just seems that the Buffs might have a better year with the maturity of this team next year but can this HC and his staff really ever get the most out of what seems like some decent talent that is able to compete in the PAC 12?

  21. Stu, I was firmly with you. I thought with a win we could wash away the horrific Beaver loss, be sitting at 6-4 with a season righted. After OSU we battled very well against Arizona (there’s no shame in a Pac 12 road loss) when frankly I thought we’d get blown out after being demoralized in the OSU debacle. Then the offense came out and laid an egg, and we had mental screw ups all over the field. It really just feels like the coaching staff has lost this team.

  22. Colorado’s pass rushers were embarrassing. Both D ends consistently just ran themselves out of the play wide, never attempting any kind of move to the inside, and mostly just appearing to give up. The O line was a disaster again. Failure to recruit and develop strong line play is one of this coaching staffs biggest failures.

  23. Yo Stuart,

    Amen brother. Discussing it earlier with my son, we realized that the Buffs don’t even have an assistant with the credentials to take over on an interim basis. I have a sneaking suspicion that’s on purpose.


    1. A mentor once told me “A players hire A players, B players hire C players”. Mac is a B player. There is no one on his staff that could step Into his shoes on an interim basis nor is there any succession planning. Mac is a control guy, wants to be in the limelight and in charge. That is the sign of an insecure leader and a weak organization. But it makes him feel comfortable. Can’t grow and achieve great things being comfortable.

    2. doesnt make any difference. Fire em now and give it to Hagan to run out this lost season. The idea is we need to get the jump on the rest of the losers when we go to hire again.

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