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September 7th

CBS Sports – Updated bowl projections after Week One

From CBS Sports … “Don’t overreact to Week 1.”  I have been saying that for years.  You can’t get too caught up in style points this early in the season.  Get the win you are supposed to get.  Week 1 can be sloppy, and one week is not a trend.

There are exceptions, though.  If a team is sloppy and loses a game it shouldn’t have, then you might need to reevaluate them.  Also, if a team has a significant injury, then it may be time to jump on the panic button.  I’m thinking of you, Florida State.

…  Our SportsLine experts now project Florida State to finish third in the division and fifth in the conference.  I am not quite that pessimistic, but I have dropped FSU from the College Football Playoff projection.

Pac-12 bowl projections:

— USC … College football playoffs v. Ohio State

— Washington … Fiesta Bowl v. Wisconsin

— Stanford … Alamo Bowl v. Oklahoma

— Oregon … Holiday Bowl v. Michigan

— UCLA … Foster Farms Bowl v. Minnesota

— Utah … Sun Bowl v. Pittsburgh

— Colorado … Las Vegas Bowl v. San Diego State

— Washington State … Cactus Bowl v. Texas

— Not going bowling … Oregon State, Arizona State, Cal, Arizona …

September 6th

CBS Sports … CU breaks into top 25

From CBS Sports … Alabama and Ohio State remain in the top spots of the CBS Sports 130, the most comprehensive 130-team ranking of college football teams, but unlike some of the traditional polls, the reactions to the first full week of action have led to a ton of shakeups in how the many voters here at CBS Sports and 247Sports view the college football landscape.

Washington and USC both started the season with wins but dropped in our rankings, a reaction to their early-game struggles with Rutgers and Western Michigan, respectively. Teams like LSU and Stanford moved up into the top 10 after impressive wins as even Wisconsin took a slight step back (down two spots) following an early deficit against Utah State.

But while there has been a lot of shifting around the top 20, that seems to be what we consider the top tier of teams. There was a good bit of shifting in the rankings from 21-40 — hello, Iowa and Colorado! — but outside of Notre Dame’s bit move up there’s an apparent cut line somewhere in the rankings where the consideration of conference and national title contenders stops.

… Colorado (+18): Any doubts about Colorado’s defense after the loss of handfuls of starters and contributors — not to mention defensive coordinator Jim Leavitt — seem to have been calmed with the Buffs bottling up a Colorado State offense that hung half-a-hundred on Oregon State in Week Zero.

Pac-12 rankings …

10. Stanford (up 4)

12. Washington (down 5)

18. USC (down 14)

22. Washington State (up 2)

25. Colorado (up 18)

28. Oregon (up 5)

29. UCLA (up 9)

30. Utah (down 2)

(47. Colorado State … up six after losing to Colorado)

54. California (up 36)

68. Arizona State (up 2)

69. Arizona (up 3)

(83. Texas State … up 45)

93. Oregon State (down 19)

Colorado one of two Division-I schools which remains undefeated in all fall sports

From CUBuffs.com … There are nearly 350 schools in Division-I of the NCAA, and the Colorado Buffaloes are one of two schools that remain undefeated in all sponsored sports three weeks into the competitive season.

And the other school, Oklahoma State, has only participated in two sports through last weekend while the Buffs have competed in five sports so far.

The Buffs are 27-0-2 against all competition and 19-0-2 against Division I opponents. The volleyball team is 6-0 after winning the Nike Invitational at Oklahoma and then its own Omni Invitational last week.  The soccer team improved to 4-0-2 after defeating BYU 3-0 on Monday.  The men’s and women’s cross country teams are both 8-0 overall and 4-0 against D1 teams with wins at the CSU Invitational on Friday and the football team is 1-0 after beating Colorado State 17-3 on Friday to open its season.

… In terms of CU history, this is the first time the Buffs have been undefeated in those five sports through the first weekend in September.  Soccer was added as a varsity sport in 1996 and volleyball in 1986.

In both 1993 and 1996, volleyball opened up with a few wins and the football team opened the season with a win before the volleyball team lost in the second week of the season.

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September 5th

Buffs getting closer in Associated Press poll; hold position in USA Today coaches’ poll

Associated Press poll (CU No. 29, up from No. 35 in preseason poll):

1. Alabama
2. Ohio State
3. Clemson
4. Penn State
5. Oklahoma
6. Southern California
7. Washington
8. Michigan
9. Wisconsin
10. Florida State
11. Oklahoma State
12. LSU
13. Auburn
14. Stanford
15. Georgia
16. Miami (Fla.)
17. Louisville
18. Virginia Tech
19. Kansas State
20. Washington State
21. South Florida
22. Florida
23. TCU
24. Notre Dame
25. Tennessee

Others Receiving Votes: Utah (1-0) 96; UCLA (1-0) 82; West Virginia (0-1) 70; Colorado (1-0) 65; Maryland (1-0) 45; Oregon (1-0) 44; South Carolina (1-0) 44; Boise State (1-0) 22; Northwestern (1-0) 20; Houston (0-0) 14; San Diego State (1-0) 11; Kentucky (1-0) 4; Texas Tech (1-0) 4; Iowa (1-0) 3; California (1-0) 2; Pittsburgh (1-0) 1; Nebraska (1-0) 1; Michigan State (1-0) 1; Vanderbilt (1-0) 1; Mississippi State (1-0) 1; Navy (1-0) 1

USA Today coaches’ poll (CU remains at No. 27): 

1. Alabama
2. Ohio State
3. Clemson
4. Penn State
5. Southern California
6. Oklahoma
7. Washington
8. Michigan
9. Florida State
10. Oklahoma State
11. Wisconsin
12. LSU
13. Auburn
14. Stanford
15. Georgia
16. Louisville
17. Miami (Fla.)
18. Virginia Tech
19. Kansas State
20. South Florida
21. Tennessee
22. Washington State
23. Utah
24. Florida
25. Notre Dame

Others Receiving Votes: TCU (1-0) 80; Colorado (1-0) 78; Maryland (1-0) 60; West Virginia (0-1) 56; UCLA (1-0) 47; Oregon (1-0) 42; Arkansas (1-0) 37; Boise State (1-0) 36; Nebraska (1-0) 30; Mississippi State (1-0) 28; Memphis (1-0) 21; Pittsburgh (1-0) 19; Northwestern (1-0) 15; San Diego State (1-0) 12; NC State (0-1) 9; Iowa (1-0) 8; South Carolina (1-0) 8; Minnesota (1-0) 6; Kentucky (1-0) 6; California (1-0) 5; Navy (1-0) 5; Syracuse (1-0) 4; Arizona (1-0) 3; Vanderbilt (1-0) 3; Houston (0-0) 3; Texas (0-1) 3; UCF (1-0) 3; Army West Point (1-0) 2; Georgia Tech (0-1) 1

Pac-12 poll Notes ... USC made its 20th appearance all-time in the Top 5 in the AP preseason poll … Washington’s No. 8 preseason ranking is its highest since opening at No. 4 for the 1997 season. The Huskies have been ranked in the AP Top 10 for 17 consecutive weeks, the longest stretch in the Top 10 since 1990-92 (37 straight weeks) … It’s the seventh consecutive season that Stanford has appeared in the AP preseason Top 25. The Cardinal are one of eight teams to have appeared in the AP preseason poll in each of the last seven seasons, joining Alabama, Ohio State, Florida State, USC, Oklahoma, LSU and Georgia … Washington State made its third-ever appearance in the AP preseason Top 25 (also in 1952 and 2002).

Pac-12 Power Rankings

From ESPN … Over the past four days, Pac-12 teams went a combined 11-0, so let’s try to make sense of it.

1. USC

2. Washington

3. Stanford

4. Washington State

5. Colorado (1-0): Beat Colorado State 17-3. Remember those concerns about all the talent Colorado had to replace on defense? A week after Colorado State scored 58 points against Oregon State, the Buffs made the Rams look like a different team.


7. Oregon

8. Utah

9. Cal

10. Arizona

11. Arizona State

12. Oregon State

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  1. Getting inside the top 25 will require wins and improved performance (players and coaches)

    Current PAC 12 rankings

    Defense 7th
    Offense 12th

    A continuation.


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