Colorado vs. Colorado State – Prediction Thread

Post your prediction … and any thoughts you might have about the game … by clicking on  “Comment Now” above. Then scroll down to the “Comments” section to see how other Buff fans are seeing the game (Saturday, 5:00 p.m., MT, CBS Sports Network, KOA radio, Sirius radio channel 145).

I’ve gone on record with my “T.I.P.S.” for the game … Colorado 24, Colorado State 21.



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  1. The score I’m predicting will seem like a rout. But, after thinking it over it is just a case of 4 CU (Offense)TD’s, 2 CU FG’s and 1 Buff (Defense)TD

    I believe this game will turn on great CU Defensive execution and adequately solid play by the Offense and Special Teams. All of that limiting the Ram’s time of possession and scoring. So rout it is!!

    CU 42 CSU 6 (The additional point comes from a Buff 2 pt conversion)

  2. assumptions:
    Buffs can stop the lamb backs, controlling the line on D.
    CSU qb play indeed is a weak spot
    The coolaid is real
    45-9 CU

  3. Buffs loss to Hawaii is a wash with CSU’s loss to Minnesota. Buffs lost on the road in the middle of the night, Rams lost to Minnesota at home in a regular day game. A good friend of mine is a huge Ohio state fan and he was not happy with how the Hawaii defense frustrated the Buckeyes’ offense, in Columbus.

    Umass would be favored by at least 20 points against savannah state.

    CU 34
    Csu 19

  4. I guess we have all forgotten how bad this team is. We lost to Hawaii. I appreciate the fact that everyone thinks we will win, but at the end of the day tomorrow we will be 1-2. Rams 24 Buff 13

  5. For the win, Buffs need to run the ball and win the turnover battle. I see this one as close at halftime (e.g. 14 to 14), with CU pulling away in the 2nd half, as the physical running game takes over.

    Final score – CU 31, Lambs 21

  6. I would like to see CU play like a good PAC-12 team, and not like a middle of the pack Mtn. West team.

    A win with improved play and I am happy.

    CU 24 – CSU 17

  7. Unfortunately, I believe that at this stage the BUFFS O and the csu D are about even; that makes it “2TD’s and 2FG’s for the BUFFS” for 20 pts.
    Fortunately, our D will have its best game so far limiting the ewues to “1TD and 2FG’s” for 13 pts. CU 20,CSU 13 and the season now feels a lot better !!!

  8. Lots of haters and doubters out there. Did I miss the point in TIPS that the rams of turned the ball over 9 times? That is the biggest difference in this game. With a Buffs D that is fired up and looking for turnovers I see good things happening.
    Plus they benched their starting QB and are trying to start him again meaning they have no options at QB. I do see our CB getting beat deep on a few, but in the long run CSU with in essence beat themselves.
    Our offense looks about the same, which is great, a strong running attack and Sefo keeping plays alive with his feet.
    I would actually like to see Bobo break out, and Fields go figure it out.
    Prediction: CU 31 – CSU 17

  9. Gonna be close. I think the buffs have a bit more talent, but from the looks of the CSU loss to Minnesota, CSU looks like the tougher team at this point, which will likely make the difference. 27-20 CSU

  10. its hard for me to predict this game. i feel if CU wins they win in the ball park of 3-10 points. if they lose to CSU it will be 10 plus considering Mike Bobo doesn’t like to take a knee.

    Also, anybody else, who is a CU fan sitting in the northern part of the stadium, annoyed with the CSU students with their booing and cheering due to the Video monitor? they boo when they chow anything CU and Cheer when Anything CSU shows up. god i can’t wait to end this series so CSU’s wallet will get increasingly tighter. this is their Super Bowl and their only time they will play in a big stadium.

    Also, Stuart. could you do a piece on the financial impact of the rocky mountain showdown. how its a lose lose for CU and CSU needs this game for their revenue stream? if you already have please show me the way.

    1. Couldn’t agree more Michael. Is it really about watching and reacting to the video screen now? CU needs to stop subsidizing the Rams’ athletic budget.

  11. Sefo will continue to struggle against halfway good teams. He simply doesn’t have what it takes to win these big games. Disappointed us time and time again in three years. CSU blitzing scheme has Sefo make many mistakes. I hate to say, it. CSU 31 Buffs 23

    1. Scott, I understand why you are saying Sefo is a loser (my take on what you said), however I would defend Sefo because he has not had good pass protection.

      His decision process in the past would also bolster your claim… and I wouldn’t argue. With some, it’s a process that takes time to be able to “settle-in.” Others have that gift from the get-go as they have the gift of seeing the whole field and of making an instant (correct) decision. At this point, Sefo requires an extra second for that process.

      I think Sefo will continue to improve, however, especially as his protection improves over time. I did like the way he was making quicker decisions on pulling the ball down and running so far this year and his ability to run quick and run hard…. let’s face it, he’s a load.

      He may not have the ingredients to play QB at the next level, but I maintain (like in Tebow’s case) that he might make a really good TE in the pros.

      It would be good to get Stuart’s read on this.

      1. At this point, it is hard to see Sefo playing at the next level at any position.
        He doesn’t have the arm strength or field vision to impress the NFL (at least at this point, he still has two seasons to prove himself).
        Sefo will leave CU with most of CU’s career pass records, but that doesn’t mean all that much, I’m afraid. He’ll be breaking many of Cody Hawkins’ records …

  12. The Rams defense will throw some wrinkles at the CU offense. Will be interesting to see how they handle it. I believe w/ the blossoming run game – even w/ shifting linemen – and the increasing efficiency of Sefo and Co. overall, the offense continues making progress, and scores 30+ points.

    The kicker will be the Buffs’ defense vs. two (or one) young QB. I think whoever it is will see a lot of pressure, so if CU’s defense can stop or slow the Rams’ rushing attack, which I think they will, it’ll be hard for CSU to score a lot and keep up w/ Sefo and Co’s production on the other side.

    Special teams need to be special. Someone, maybe Lindsey, busts a return for a touchdown.

    Go Buffs.

  13. CU 42, CSU 21

    CU turns the corner and plays a full 60 minutes. They play the way they are capable of playing.

    Love this site by the way

  14. 24-13, CU……Efficient but not spectacular on offense, defense limits the lambs to FGs. Buffs dominate time of possession with the running game

  15. The buffs began the new era of unrelenting run offense. We stay committed to running even though the game stay tight through 3 quarters. CU dominates time of possession throughout and intThe 4th quarter the dam breaks and cu wins strong by 10-14 points. Highlights include: CU has 285 yards of run offense. Spruce is on fire and has a big game because every time they load the box up he comes open. This keeps the Rams honest for the most part. 34 – 20.

  16. I hate to give the Buffs the kiss of death by picking them, but I have to believe that the combination of CU’s desperation for a win, and CSU not being able to prepare a month for the game, will make the difference.

    CU 24, CSU 21 … C’mon Buffs, get ‘er done!

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