CU at Hawai’i – Prediction Thread

Post your prediction … and any thoughts you might have about the game … by clicking on  “Comment Now” above. Then scroll down to the “Comments” section to see how other Buff fans are seeing the game (Thursday, 11:04 p.m., MT, CBS Sports Network, KOA radio, Sirius radio channel 84).

I’ve gone on record with my “T.I.P.S.” preview for the game … Colorado 35, Hawai’i 27

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  1. Because this is the first game of the year, CU has the benefit of no distractions, CU 38 Ha 13. Defense is much better given that two starters were supplanted by transfers.

  2. Im just guessing, but i bet we wear silver helmets, silver pants and white jerseys. We win in style while representing our new style of uniforms. CU win 38-17, up 38-3 going into the 4th quarter when we pull the starters and give up a few who cars scores.

  3. Hawaii has a new HC AND new OC and DC. I see both offenses struggling a bit in the first half, assuming the rains come, with the Buffs up 10-0 at the half. In the second half, Sefo gets off a deep TD to Spruce in the first series, and then Awini gets a pick 6 on an ill-advised pass to the flat by the Rainbows QB. Buffs up 24-0, and it is all gravy from there, as the Buffs get the run game going, with Powell and one of Adkins, Lindsay or Carr both getting over 100 yards rushing. Sefo has a nice, efficient day. No picks.

    Final score CU 41 Hawaii 3.

  4. After some early jitters, both CU & Hawaii, the Buff’s are in their best early season form in a decade. My prediction Colorado 45. Hawaii 17

  5. Liked the article on Devin Ross on BuffZone. With our corps of receivers (please don’t forget the TE’s) we can run the DB’s crazy and have them in 5.4 sec./40 mode in the 4th qtr.

    Yes. Run their arses off.

    I reiterate: Buffs 35 ‘Bows 24.

  6. I think the key is that the Warriors have new coordinators on both sides, whereas the Buffs should be clicking on offense.

    CU 45
    Hawaii 27

  7. Seems I remember a game a couple years ago where everyone thought we would roll over Sac. St. I predict 21-17 C.U. Weather conditions could also play a part.

  8. Buffs follow McIntyre and find a pot o’ gold under the Rainbows- CU 62, UH 13. Buffs try to let off the gas in the second half by feeding Powell and Adkins. Doesn’t work, they channel Chris Brown and Bobby Purify, each going over 200 yards while the defense forces a half dozen turnovers. GO BUFFS!

  9. CU 31 – Hawaii 14

    Super excited about the game, but the 12am(cst) kick off will test my stamina. Taking Friday off and planning on wearing my Buffs gear with pride!

    Go Buffs!

  10. While this won’t define the whole season it will define the next few weeks of the season. CU won’t go bowling with a loss in my opinion so CU 45 Hawaii 34.

  11. Colorado overcomes a slow start and rolls over Hawaii 52 to 36. All the talking heads will forget all about the W and bash the Buffs 3rd string secondary for getting torched during garbage time. You heard it here first!

  12. I’m going to nervous about every game until they can actually prove they can roll over an inferior team.


  13. Colorado 38, Hawai’i 24. I think Wittek’s got nothing to lose, is talented and has weapons to throw to. Norm Chow is an offensive genius and will test our defence, but they don’t break.

  14. Mighty Buffs put together a complete game and frustrate a dangerous/desperate Hawaii squad for a 35-15 victory and carry momentum into the Home Opener! Go Buffs!

  15. I’m a pessimist. CU’s defense is shredded, while the players struggle to understand coach Leavitt’s scheme. (The defense improves as the season progresses)

    CU 31
    Hawaii 34

      1. No, it just seems like, everytime a new defense is introduced they get hammered the first couple of games. I hope I’m wrong.

  16. Buffs are the aggressors from the start, defense forces some turnovers and offense converts with methodical drives. Three touchdown lead by half, second half the offense maintains the lead and the defense keeps Hawaii from making a comeback.

    CU 34
    Hawaii 12

  17. I think the whole “Hawaii plays tough at home” aspect is overrated… If the Buffs are as ready as I think they are, this should be a cakewalk.
    I get why people are concerned because they haven’t proven anything yet… but this will be the first statement.

    CU 48- UH- 22

  18. Will start out to be a barn burner, but CU dominates in the end (hate to say it, but the reverse of what we saw CSU do to us last year). CU 42- Hawaii 28

  19. From Bufftrax,

    Too many unknowns for me to hang my hat on then “Bet The Farm”….. although I am confident we will win.

    I expect to see considerably more “Fire-Power” in our Buffs’ offense with a much higher percentage of plays going over 10 – 20 yds and our runs avg’ better than 4 yds p/c. Key: Be effective and keep the ball out of Wittek’s hands.

    I also expect to see a “D” that is enthusiastic but making a few adjustment mistakes on critical downs in the first couple of games but not enough for the ‘Bows to win. I am expecting to see Wittek being effective and our improved “Leavitt to D” yielding too many key 3rd down conversions. Key: Bend but don’t break guys.

    As much as I love Leavitt, its going to take a couple of games for the seasoning to take effect and the “recipe” to ripen. Thankfully, we have a good lineup before we enter into any PAC-12 games.

    My prediction: Buffs 31 – Hawaii 24

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