July 9th

With Nembot in the fold – who is left to check in?

Fall practice begins August 3rd, but most of the members of the Class of 2011 are already in Boulder. Many signed up for summer school classes, with some taking classes in both sessions (the first beginning May 31st).

Paulay Asiasta and Stephan Nembot remained question marks for most of June, but both are now cleared to suit up as Colorado Buffaloes.

So, as we shift our attention to fall practice, what players from the Class of 2011 are still to check into the Hotel Boulderado?

The only player from the Class of 2011 who did not qualify was Rashad Hall. The 6’0″, 200-pound running back from Oak Ridge Military Academy in Lynchburg, Virginia, did not pass the NCAA Clearinghouse, and will have to go the junior college route to Colorado – if he chooses to resign in two years (Hall’s teammate at Oak Ridge Military Academy, Jermaine Clark, did qualify and is on campus for summer workouts).

Still yet to arrive in Boulder, but qualified for fall practices, are:

Paulay Asiata. The 6’5″, 295-pound offensive lineman had to re-take the SAT’s, but was cleared just two weeks ago (see June 26th entry, below). Asiata is expected in Boulder shortly;

Brad Cotner – A 6’4″, 290-pound center was a late signee (June 15th). Cotner is from Thousand Oaks, California, and comes to Colorado by way of Ventura Community College. Cotner was a grey-shirt at Ventura, and will still have five years to play four at Colorado. Cotner is expected on campus by the end of July;

Stephan Nembot – The 6’7″, 270-pound defensive end comes to Colorado from Van Nuys, California. Nembot’s issue wasn’t his high school grades (where he maintained a GPA over 3.5), but the transfer of his core classes from his native Cameroon. Nembot was cleared just this week (see July 7th and 8th stories, below), and plans on getting to Boulder “as soon as I can”.

Alex Kelley – A 6’3″, 295-pound center from Oceanside, California, Kelley broke his foot while running on the beach a few weeks ago (see June 29th story, below). There was no horseplay involved – it was just a freak accident which forced Kelley to undergo surgery in June. While a full recovery is expected, Kelley will not participate in fall camp, and Kelley is not expected in Boulder until August. Kelley, a likely red-shirt candidate anyway, will spend 2011 getting ready for 2012.

That’s it, Buff fans. Everyone else from the recruiting Class of 2011 is in Boulder and participating in those “voluntary” summer workouts that every player is expected to attend.

Not a bad showing for a coaching staff which didn’t exist until two months prior to signing day …

July 8th

Nembot: Can’t wait to get to Boulder

The news couldn’t come soon enough for Stephan Nembot. “I went running and then worked out with my friend at 24 Hour Fitness so I didn’t have my phone with me for a while. When I got done working out, I saw that I had eight missed calls,” Nembot told BuffStampede.com about learning of his eligibility. “The first was from [Buffaloes defensive tackles] coach Mike Tuiasosopo and he said, ‘I have some great news for you’. The college counselor at my school also called and told me that it is official, that I am eligible.

“As soon as I heard that, I was so happy. My friend and I started celebrating in the gym. People must have thought we were crazy. It feels great because my dream was to play for Colorado and I didn’t want to go to a Junior College when I know I am a good student and I work hard. The news was great for me. Now, I have extra proof that I deserved it.”

Now that Nembot has cleared all of his eligibility hurdles (see story, below), he is anxious to get to Boulder. “Now I know I am eligible so I need to get in shape,” said Nembot. “I am not going to wait until August to get out to Colorado. I need to get out there as soon as I can so I can start working out. By the time training camp comes, I want to be able to practice with the same stamina as everyone else.”

Nembot, who has only been playing football for two years, was tabbed “the most intriguing prospect” of the recruiting Class of 2011 by Rivals.com. Despite being new to the game, Nembot was named the Alpha League’s most valuable lineman in 2010 after he recorded 61 tackles, 11 sacks, two forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries.

As far as Buff fans are concerned – Nembot cannot get here fast enough …

July 7th

Nembot on his way!!!

The transcript saga of Stephan Nembot will have a happy ending!

Nembot as you recall, was having transcript issues …

“The NCAA is telling me the steps I need to take and I have to provide a transcript [from the high school I attended as a freshman] from my country (Cameroon, located in central Africa),” Nembot, a 6-foot-8, 280-pound lineman told BuffStampede.com last week. “It is taking a long time for it to come from my country. In my country we have five years of high school and here [in the United States] we have four so that is where the issue is but hopefully everything goes well.

“The NCAA told me what to provide and they told me that I have to provide that first before they will allow me to study at Colorado. So hopefully I will get [the transcript] on Monday or Tuesday. Then I will send it there and then it will take two weeks for the NCAA to apply certification. So I don’t know yet. It is not like I can control it. I am doing what they are telling me to do.”

Nembot was an excellent student while at Montclair Prep, which is located in Van Nuys, Calif. He graduated in June with a 3.6 core GPA.

“I am not worried about my grades, I am just worried about how the NCAA is going to count the credits because they don’t take every class. They have their whole requirements,” Nembot said. “I am sad because I can’t control the situation. The NCAA has the last word and final decision. … I want to go to college. That is my dream. I am a good student. I never had any issues in school.”

Today, Nembot texted Adam Munsterteiger at BuffStampede.com that his issues have been resolved! Nembot still doesn’t know when he will make it to Boulder, but he is confident he will be in Boulder before fall camp begins.

Nembot is a defensive line prospect from Van Nuys, California. Considered to be the 51st-best defensive line prospect in the nation, Nembot had offers from most of the Pac-12 teams, including USC, Stanford, both Washington schools, UCLA, and Arizona State. Nembot originally committed to Washington State, then switched to Washington, before committing to Colorado the day before National Signing Day in February.

Welcome – again – Stephan Nembot!!

June 29th

Offensive lineman Alex Kelley recovering from broken foot

“A hole snuck up on me …”, Alex Kelley told BuffStampede.com about how he broke his foot while running along the beach near his home in Vista, California.

“I heard it pop right away and I was hoping that it was a sprain but after about a day, it was getting super swollen and I went to the doctor because I realized it was pretty serious,” Kelley said. “I went to the doctor on a Tuesday and they got me in for surgery on a Friday. They did it as fast as they could because they understood my situation.”

Kelley is still on crutches, but will be “football ready” by late August or early September. “They did x-rays last Friday and he said that I am healing faster than he expected,” Kelley said. “So everything is going well with the recovery. The injury was frustrating but it was a freak accident. I wasn’t doing anything stupid. I was just running on the beach and it happened. Now I just have to come back stronger than I was before.”

Most offensive linemen red-shirt their freshman year, so Kelley will not be rushed into action until he is ready. Still, Kelley is ready, willing and able to become a Buff. “I can’t wait to get out there and start participating”, said Kelley.

June 26th

Buffs top offensive line recruit passes SAT

It was touch and go there for awhile …

With a string of bad news lately, especially when it came to offensive line recruits, the concern over Paulay Asiata’s eligibility was real.

Now, Buff fans can relax. According to Asiata, he has achieved a qualifying score on the re-take of his SAT, and he will heading to Boulder soon.

“Everything is set. I am good to go. It was a big relief,” Asiata told BuffStampede.com when asked about his academic standing. “I am just waiting to find out when I can get my flight to Colorado.” Asiata can now join his high school teammate, linebacker Juda Parker, who has been in Boulder since May. “Juda told me that Colorado is nice,” Asiata said. “He said that everyone there is waiting for me to get up there.”

Asiata is one of three offensive line recruits from the Class of 2011. Joining Asiata in Boulder are incoming freshmen Marc Mustoe and Alex Kelley (a fourth offensive lineman, Alex Lewis, grey-shirted and joined the team in January).

The Buffs do have a number of upperclassmen along the offensive line, including starters Ryan Miller and Ethan Adkins (another returning senior starter, center Mike Iltis, will not return this fall after suffering a career-ending knee injury in the 2010 finale against Nebraska). As a result, Asiata’s clearance to enroll is important to the future of the Colorado offensive line.

That being said, Asiata may not to wait. He may not wind up taking the traditional route for offensive linemen and red-shirt his first year.

“I want to play early at Colorado,” said the 6’5″, 285-pound recruit.

Welcome – at last – Paulay Asiata!

News not so good for Alex Kelley

One more in; one more out.

Another recruit from the Class of 2011 has yet to reach Boulder, but not due to academic issues.

Offensive line recruit Alex Kelley broke his foot in three places while running along the beach. The injury, which was just a fluke (Kelley stepped in a hole), will keep the freshman out of action until August or September.

As noted above, almost all incoming freshmen offensive linemen red-shirt. Kelley’s foot injury all but seals the deal that Kelley will sit out this fall.

Meanwhile, Stephan Nembot’s status remains uncertain

Now that Paulay Asiata’s status has been resolved, concern can shift to defensive end Stephan Nembot.

Nembot, from Cameroon, has transcript issues.

“The NCAA is telling me the steps I need to take and I have to provide a transcript [from the high school I attended as a freshman] from my country (Cameroon, located in central Africa),” Nembot, a 6-foot-8, 280-pound lineman told BuffStampede.com. “It is taking a long time for it to come from my country. In my country we have five years of high school and here [in the United States] we have four so that is where the issue is but hopefully everything goes well.

“The NCAA told me what to provide and they told me that I have to provide that first before they will allow me to study at Colorado. So hopefully I will get [the transcript] on Monday or Tuesday. Then I will send it there and then it will take two weeks for the NCAA to apply certification. So I don’t know yet. It is not like I can control it. I am doing what they are telling me to do.”

Nembot was an excellent student while at Montclair Prep, which is located in Van Nuys, Calif. He graduated in June with a 3.6 core GPA.

“I am not worried about my grades, I am just worried about how the NCAA is going to count the credits because they don’t take every class. They have their whole requirements,” Nembot said. “I am sad because I can’t control the situation. The NCAA has the last word and final decision. … I want to go to college. That is my dream. I am a good student. I never had any issues in school.”

Nembot indicated that he has spoken with the Buffs’ coaches, and they have told him to remain patient. “They told me that there is nothing to be worried about,” said Nembot. “It is just going to take a couple of weeks.”


June 13th

More Buffs on their way to Boulder for summer sessions

BuffStampede.com has caught up with several other members of the Recruiting Class of 2011 …

Gregory Henderson – graduates from Norco (Calif.) high this week, and will be heading to Boulder next weekend. Henderson indicated that he planned on taking two classes in the second summer session in Boulder. Henderson is a 5’10”, 180-pound defensive back, who is being counted on to contribute immediately to the Buffs’ secondary.

K.T. Tuumalo –  has graduated, and arrived in Boulder this past Saturday. Tuumalo is planning on taking a class in the second summer session. Tuumalo is a 6’3″, 210-pound linebacker from Honolulu, Hawai’i.

But …

Paulay Asiata – has not yet made it to Boulder. It is being widely reported that Asiata, a 6’5″, 285-pound offensive lineman, may not qualify, and may wind up in a junior college. Asiata was one of the last minute pickups for the Buffs, de-commiting from Washington the weekend before national signing day. Asiata reportedly retook the SAT, and is waiting for his results.

Keep your fingers crossed on this one, Buff fans, as Asiata was a prize “get” this past February. If Asiata is forced to go the junior college route, his recruitment would re-open in two years, and the Buffs would have to fight off other schools one more time in order to get Asiata to Boulder.


June 8th

Nelson Spruce in the fold

The report that Nelson Spruce was cleared of the marijuana charge (see June 6th story, below) is now behind the only wide receiver the Buffs signed back in Febuary.

Now Spruce, who graduated from Westlake Village (Calif.) high today is on his way to Boulder, and is expected to arrive on Sunday.

“I am really excited. I will get to start working out with the team and settle in before camp starts,” Spruce told BuffStampede.com. “I just wanted to get out as soon as possible. I am taking an Ethics class online right now and the second summer school session I am taking Psychology.”

The 6’2″, 190-pound three-star prospect, whose nickname in high school was “spider”, had 1,292 yards and 18 touchdowns last fall – despite not playing in the second half of some of his team’s blowout victories.

When Spruce gets to Boulder, he will find wide receiver competition perhaps not expected back in February. Since Signing Day, the Buffs have given scholarships to Tyler McCulloch (February 14th), Logan Gray (April 11th – a senior transfer with only 2011 to play), Austin Vincent (May 20th) and D.D. Goodson (May 27th).

Let the competition begin …


June 7th

Two more preferred walk-ons looking to make an impression

Adam at BuffStampede.com has identified two more preferred walk-ons for the Colorado program this fall.

Nick Plimpton is 5’11”, 220-pounds (or 6’1 1/2″, 250-pounds, if you believe his YouTube video), and played offensive line for Chaparral high in Scottsdale, Arizona. Though Plimpton was a very good offensive lineman, because of his size, he was not recruited by any Division 1 schools to play along the line. Plimpton, though, is coming to Boulder to play fullback, where his size could prove ideal. Nick Plimpton’s YouTube highlights

Kyle Koch is a 6’4″, 220-pound defensive end from Cherry Creek high in Denver. Again, size is the main issue, though Koch must possess some strength (he also competed in shot put in high school). Koch has a pair of ties to the University of Colorado. The head coach at Cherry Creek is the brother of Colorado coach J.D. Brookhart.

Kyle Koch is also the son of former Buff Curt Koch, who played for Colorado in the mid-80’s. Koch, a classmate of CU head coach Jon Embree, was a third-team sophomore All-American in 1985, and was first-team All-Big Eight as a junior in 1986. In that junior year, Koch set CU individual records for most tackles for loss (21) and quarterback hurries (30) in a season. Koch also led the Big Eight in sacks in 1986, with ten.

Much was expected of Koch in his senior season of 1987. Koch was named to the prestigious Playboy preseason All-American team, and was a candidate for Outland trophy and All-American honors. Unfortunately, Koch suffered a torn ACL in his right knee during the spring of 1987 – not during spring practice, but as a result of being the victim (along with teammate Don DeLuzio) of a hit-and-run accident on South Padre Island in Texas. In the accident, Koch also suffered a broken fibula and cartilage damage in both knees.

Koch did return for the 1987 season, and did start all 11 games, but his effectiveness was reduced. Koch posted 43 tackles and two sacks, but did not return to his former level of play. His teammates though, did honor Koch after the 1987 season with the “Hang Tough Award”, presented each season to the player who overcame the most adversity.

Think Curt Koch has had a talk with his son – now a walk-on at the University of Colorado – about taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves?

June 6th

Nelson Spruce cleared?

It is being reported on several sites that Nelson Spruce, a 2011 signee from Westlake Village, California, has been cleared of charges stemming from an arrest last month for marijuana possession. The arrest last month came after a drug sniffing dog detected marijuana in Spruce’s vehicle parked in the high school parking lot.

According to the poster, who identifies himself as Spruce’s uncle, the prosecutor refused to press charges even before a plea was entered. Spruce is reportedly prepared to graduate on June 9th, and will be in Boulder June 12th prepared to begin summer workouts and take classes in the second summer session.

Spruce is also reportedly training with a performance enhancement specialist who has been taking him through the CU workouts. He has put on 15 lbs of muscle (gone from 190 to 205 lbs) while increasing his speed and vertical.

Take it for what it’s worth, as this has not been verified by any independent source. However, there is no reason to doubt this poster, as no information to the contrary has been posted.

June 4th

Parker Norton confirmed as a preferred walk-on

Tracking down preferred walk-ons, since they are not on scholarship and will not be acknowledged by the school until fall classes begin, is not always easy to do.

But, with two separate newspaper articles comfirming it, it appears that Parker Norton, from Newport-Mesa (California), is coming to play for Colorado. According to the Los Angeles Times, Norton started at cornerback, wide receiver, and returned punts and kickoffs for his high school team. Norton finished with 64 receptions for 569 yards and five touchdowns. On defense, Norton intercepted four passes, returning one for a touchdown, and broke up 12 pass plays.

An article in the Daily Pilot (which is worth reading in its entirety), you can read why Norton may have been overlooked this past February – and why he may work his way onto the Buffs’ roster this fall.

Parker is 6’0″, and started his senior season at 178 pounds, but, playing both ways, ended the year at 162 pounds. In working on bulking up for playing in college, Parker has bulked up to 188 pounds. “I knew I had to pick it up a notch going to that level,” Parker told the Daily Pilot. Parker has been working with John Iverson, an ex-Recon Marine. To gain strength and stamina, Parker has been running up hills while carrying 50-pound railroad ties – and wearing a 15-pound vest.

“I normally train MMA fighters. I’m used to training pretty hard core people,” Iverson said. “As far as Parker goes, there is no quit in him. He doesn’t know the meaning of the word. And I push people hard.”

Parker’s high school coach is also impressed. “He’s a great player, a great competitor. He does everything correct in terms of getting himself ready,” said Newport Harbor football coach Jeff Brinkley. “He’s going to walk on at Colorado, and he’ll do some great things there because he’s one of those guys who is very driven … I think some good things will happen for him there.”

Parker’s link to Colorado is long-snapper Ryan Iverson, a friend who also played for Newport Harbor. Iverson also started at Colorado as a walk-on.

At Colorado, Parker plans to fill the slot receiver position manned ably for the past several years by another former preferred walk-on, Scotty McKnight.

Austin Vincent to be in Boulder for second summer session

One of the last members of the Colorado recruiting class of 2011, DeSoto (Texas) wide receiver Austin Vincent, is heading to Colorado soon.

“I will be headed out to Colorado soon, so I can take a summer school class and workout with the team and learn the playbook,” Vincent told BuffStampede.com this week. “They told me they have a weight plan they want me to be on. They want me to put on 15 pounds by August.”

Vincent, who played at 6’1″, 185-pounds last season before breaking his leg in November, says that his broken fibula will not keep him from being a threat to the Buffs’ wide receiver depth chart this fall. “It only took me about two months to fully recover from the injury,” said Vincent. “I am running around and jumping the same as I was before.”

 Vincent was originally an Iowa commit last fall, but the Hawkeyes pulled their offer, fearing that Vincent would not qualify academically. Vincent, who was originally scheduled to take a qualifying exam the morning after the game in which he broke his leg, achieved a qualifying score in March, and committed to Colorado this past week after taking an official visit the last weekend in May.

May 26th

More Buffs who are coming in early – Juda Parker; Will Harlos; Brady Daigh

One of the members of the recruiting Class of 2011 Buff fans are most excited to see in action this fall is defensive end Juda Parker. The 6’2″, 245-pound prospect will be heading to Boulder for summer school. “It’s super important for me to get acclimated to Colorado as soon as possible,” the Honolulu native told BuffStampede.com. “I want to get a feel for college workouts and get started on my education. I will be taking two summer school courses: Public Speaking and Religious Studies.”

Parker is anxious to get on the field as soon as possible. “I am not expecting to redshirt,” said Parker. “I am actually trying to contribute as much to the team as much as I can from day one … I can put pressure on the quarterback and I will bring a positive mentality and a winning mentality. At my high school, we won the state championship, and I will try to carry that winning mindset on. A winning mindset can be contagious. Hopefully, with my play and my mindset, I can help change some things at Colorado for the better.”

The four-star lineman remains excited about his choice of schools. “I know that I need to come in and work hard and earn everything that I have an opportunity to have,” said Parker. “But there is an opportunity there, and that is all I can ask for.”

Another defensive player looking for playing time this fall is linebacker/safety Will Harlos. The 6’4″, 200-pounder from Somerset, Texas, recorded 16 sacks and 51 tackles for loss his senior season, and Harlos may be called upon as a blitz specialist in his freshman season. “I am pretty sure Colorado wants me use me as a blitzer on third down, and on special teams this year,” Harlos told BuffStampede.com. “I am not expecting to redshirt. I am going to go in, work as hard as I can to try and play. Hopefully, I can get the opportunity to.”

Harlos will be moving to Boulder in June. “I am leaving for Colorado on June 17th. I can’t wait to get up there and get into a routine, lifting weights and taking classes.” The Texas linebacker, who de-committed from Wake Forest before picking the Buffs, is ready to perform for his coaches. “I was really impressed with the defensive coordinator, coach Brown, and the scheme he is putting in there. I just felt really comfortable around him. Same with coach Embree. I just feel real comfortable around him.”

“I hope that I can bring a little passion from Texas,” said Harlos. “I will put it all on the line for my team. That is how I have always been, that is how I have always played. Just go all out, all the time. That is the only way to play football in my opinion.”

The first verbal commit to the University of Colorado last summer was Mullen linebacker Brady Daigh. The 6’2″, 235-pound prospect will in Boulder all summer. “I will be up there for both summer sessions,” Daigh told BuffStampede.com. “Coach Brian Cabral said he has two good guys (Derrick Webb and Douglas Rippy) up there competing for the middle linebacker spot, which I agree with, but he also said I could be the third guy in there competing for that spot, which I am looking to do.”

The biggest issue for Daigh was the change of coaches. The three-star linebacker committed to Colorado last July, and was one of only two Hawkins’ verbal commitments (offensive lineman Alex Kelley was the other) to sign on with the new coaching staff. “After the coaching change, there was a clear mindset up there, real business-like and disciplined, and I really like that about Coach Embree and the new staff. They seem like they have a clear goal in mind, and they seem determined to achieve it. I am happy to be on board with that.”

Daigh does not expect to redshirt – “I am definitely hoping to go up there to compete for a spot, give everything I got up there and see how it goes where I stand” – but understands that he remains a work in progress. “I think I need to continue to work on my pass coverage and speed,” said Daigh. “I have been working on it realy hard … to improve on that and get ready for the change in speed at the college level.”

“I’m excited to get up there and help return the Buffs to national prominence and start competing for Pac-12 titles.”

May 19th

Offensive tackle Marc Mustoe will be in Boulder beginning May 31st for the start of summer classes. Mustoe, a 6’7″, 273-pound offensive tackle from Arvada West high, has already been heading up to campus twice a week to work out with one of the Buffs’ trainers. “It was definitely eye-opening compared to high school training,” Mustoe told Buff Stampede.com. “It is a different level of intensity. It is done at a lot faster pace.’

Mustoe was a UCLA commit initially, but ultimately decided to stay home. “I wanted to be close to my family,” said Mustoe. “But I wouldn’t have made the change in my commitment from UCLA to CU without the coaching change up there.”

Despite his early enrollment and jump start on his training, Mustoe understands he will not likely be asked to make an immediate contribution to the offensive line. “I expect to (redshirt)”, said Mustoe. “Because almost all offensive lineman do redshirt.” Still, Mustoe is anxious to be a Buff. “I am just going to try and be the best player that I can be. It obviously isn’t going to be just me that changes Colorado around. I am just going to be a part of the team. But I definitely want to help them to be the best team they can be, by being the best player I can possibly be. I want to set an example for others to follow.”

Another incoming freshman who intends to enroll in both summer sessions is cornerback Kyle Washington. The 6’1″, 190-pound athlete is planning on being in Boulder May 27th – as soon as he finishes up with the track and field season in Florence, Arizona. Washington qualified for the state track meet in both the long jump (20-feet, 10-inches) and in the triple jump (43-feet, four inches). “I am really anxious to get out there,” Washington told BuffStampede about moving to Boulder. “I want to get on the field and play. If that doesn’t happen this year, that is okay, but I am going to work as hard as I can.”

While Washington is willing to accept a redshirt season, he understands that the Buffs are in need of an immediate infusion of talent at cornerback. “I want to come in and play,” said Washington. “The coaches have told me that they will give me every chance to come in and play because they need help at defensive back. I am going to compete in the summer while I am there, and when the season comes, we’ll see. But I want to play and I don’t expect to redshirt.”

Working against Washington is his relative inexperience at man coverage. “At my school, we played cover three a lot,” said Washington. “A couple of games I got to man up, but I don’t have a lot of experience with that. So I need to work on my technique and get coached up on that.” Still, Washington does not lack for confidence. “I will bring a physical defensive back (to Boulder),” said Washington. “Kind of like Jalil Brown. I am pretty fast but not a speedster. I am a good, physical defensive back that will come up and hit.”

Another defensive back who could make his presence known early is Sherrard Harrington. The 6’1″, 175-pound cornerback from Washington D.C., plans on being in Boulder by May 28th, and will enroll in both summer sessions. “I am really eager to get back on the field and start the next chapter in my life,” Harrington told BuffStampede.com. “I have this urgency, this confidence, and anticipation that is hard to explain. I will keep working hard to be successful because my dad expected so much for me. I want to continue to do this, and I want to be the best I can be.”

Harrington has had to mature more quickly than most. Last July, Harrington’s best friend Joshua Hopkins, was murdered, and his father lost his battle with prostate cancer. Then, in February, one of Harrington’s aunts passed away. “A lot of friends asked me, ‘Why didn’t I give up after all the things that happened to me this year?’,” said Harrington. “During the time I spent talking with my father before he passed away, he gave me invaluable advice, and he told that he always wanted to play football, and he wanted me to be the best football player I can be for him. I was fortunate, he said, because otherwise I might have taken another path.”

Harrington will be living with senior safety Anthony Perkins this summer. “He is basically a philosopher of the game,” said Harrington of Perkins. “The guy knows the game. He studies the game. I want to be a sponge and obtain as much knowledge that he can give me so I can become a great player.”  

Quarterback Stevie Dorman plans on being in Boulder by mid-June. The 6’4″, 210-pound prospect from Somerset, Texas, is playing baseball this spring for his high school team, but is anxious to get to know his new Buff teammates. “I hope I can live up to the expectations that they have for me,” Dorman told BuffStampede.com. While the Buffs have a senior starter at quarterback by the name of Tyler Hansen, and also have two backups who have had a spring of practice with the new offense, Dorman has no current plans to red-shirt. “The coaches haven’t decided on that, so I don’t have any expectations as far as red-shirting goes,” said Dorman.

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  1. Phew! Way to go Nembot! I was sweating some serious bullets. Welcome to Colorado and good luck to ya bro.

  2. I concerned that Nembot’s credits will not transfer over to the USA smoothly. If this indeed the case then Nembot will be back on the market for other schools next year…..Ouch!

  3. My daughter is an incoming freshman and is in Boulder for orientation this week. Great weather and lots of cool kids running around, I’m sure the new players will be having a warm welcome form Buff Nation.

    Bummer about Paulay, gotta hope that works out as he’s a BIG get!

  4. I was happy to read about Kyle Koch coming to the Buffs as a walk on as well. I wen’t to middle school and high school with Curt in Littleton and am reminded of how quickly the years have passed. He must be tremendously proud right now. It’s been a fantastic off season for me with another high school acquaintance Jon Embree back, Bring Scooter Bienemy with him, seeing Ed Reinhardt involved at the school and local kids opting to stay home and play there and all this coming with a move to the Pac-12! I can’t wait till this fall!!

  5. Nice to read that Curt Koch’s son is coming to CU as a preferred walk-on. I remember when he was hurt while on spring break. There was some chatter as to whether he would be able to play the following season in the immediate aftermath of that incident (I was going to say “accident” but considering he was run down by someone who then fled the scene I’m not certain accident fits the bill). He was not the same force on the field his final season as he had been before he was hurt but just the fact that he returned to play showed the kind of guy he was.

  6. It is great to see the maturity and intense drive of several of these recruits. Having their head on straight allows for a quicker adaptation to the classroom and team requirements and should prevent any “THE Ohio State” problems. Mature players know the difference between arrogance and confidence.

  7. Stuart–Thanks fore the news on Norton. I know how much we all appreciate your hard work in updating the site. Keep up the great work.

  8. I’m looking for some big uglies to start committing to Colorado they should be
    able to see how we are gonna need them and with early playing time available.

  9. Parker Norton is my new favorite walk-on! You gotta LOVE his attitude and work ethic! Every solid team needs guys like him that refuse to be outworked. Don’t be surprised if he cracks the line-up, especially on special teams. He’s got the same look in his eye that Jeff Smart had, and that turned out pretty well.

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