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— Buffalo Sports News makes some eerily uncanny preseason predictions — In its two editions leading up to the start of the 1994 season, the Buffalo Sports News captured more about the upcoming year than could have been known at the time. In prophetic tones, the August 18th edition featured a cover photo of quarterback coach Rick Neuheisel giving directions to quarterback Kordell Stewart with the headline reading:  “On Target:  Rick Neuheisel has quarterback Kordell Stewart and CU’s passing attack aimed to win in 1994.”  The next issue, dated August 29th, …


— Adios, Southwest Conference — Quick – Name the last eight members of the Southwest Conference. Not so easy, is it? Entering the 1994 season, the long-anticipated demise of the SWC became official.  The 1994 and 1995 campaigns would be the last for the storied conference.  After 80 seasons, the Southwest Conference would fold up its tents; its teams left to a new future. Arkansas, the only Southwest member outside of the state of Texas, had defected to the Southeastern Conference in 1990.  Now Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, and Texas …

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