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Bakhtiari, Kasa to NFL Combine … Mac: “I like kids with a chip on their shoulders with something to prove”


Pac-12 Notes – September

//posted 9.28.2012

Half of the Pac-12 teams are ranked in the latest AP poll … Larry Scott confirms discussions on 7th BCS bowl


Pac 12 Notes – October

//posted 10.25.2011

October 31st If you can’t leave ’em, sue ’em! Colorado and Nebraska were required to give 24 months’ to the Big 12 if they wanted to leave the conference. Colorado gave two year’s notice, but Nebraska was willing to pay a penalty to leave a year early. In the end, both teams left after a year, sacrificing television revenue to get out of the conference a year early. The Big East, in an attempt to keep teams from leaving, instituted a 27-month waiting period. West Virginia, though, wants to become …