October 16th – Boulder           Colorado 34, Arizona 0

The Buffs broke open a close game in the third quarter, with a blocked punt for a touchdown and an interception for a touchdown turning a 6-0 game into a 20-0 advantage, with the Buffs coasting thereafter to a 34-0 win over Arizona. In snapping a four-game losing streak, the Buffs had 365 yards of total offense, with quarterback Brendon Lewis posting his first career 200-yard passing game, going 12-for-19 for 248 yards and two touchdowns. Brenden Rice had his first career 100-yard receiving game, with 111 yards on only three catches, including a 62-yard score in the third quarter.

The Colorado defense posted a shutout, its first since a 48-0 win over Nicholls State in in 2015. The loss was the 18th straight for Arizona, dating back to a win over the Buffs in Boulder in October, 2019. “As soon as the offense scored in the first quarter we said if they don’t score again they don’t win,” Carson Wells, who had a 50-yard interception for a touchdown, said. “So that was our philosophy for the whole game.”

“That was a really good win for us as a program,” head coach Karl Dorrell, who leveled his overall record at CU at 6-6, said. “All three phases scored touchdowns … We had two weeks of really doing some things in detail. I just felt like the dam was going to break at some point and it did today.”

Game Story … The Buff Nation couldn’t have known it at the time, but the opening drive was a bellwether of what was to come on a sunny afternoon in Boulder. The Arizona offense opened the game with a nine yard run … but couldn’t get a first down. Two runs netted a loss of a yard, and a three-and-out for the Wildcats.

After a 17-yard punt return by Dimitri Stanley set the Buffs up at their 31, quarterback Brendon Lewis connected with Brenden Rice for a 31-yard gain. Two plays later, Rice moved the chains again, gaining four yards on a third-and-two at the Arizona 28-yard line. A personal foul penalty against the Wildcats gave the Buffs a red zone opportunity, with a ten-yard run by Jarek Broussard giving the Buffs a first-and-goal at the Arizona three-yard line. Three more plays, though, netted only two yards, with the Buffs taking their first lead in a game since the fourth quarter of the Texas A&M game when Cole Becker hit a 19-yard field goal.

A second straight three-and-out forced by the Buff defense gave CU the ball at their 35-yard line. Another explosion play, this time a 25-yard pass completion from Lewis to Montana Lemonious-Craig set the Buffs up at the Arizona 39-yard line. Three plays later, the Buffs faced a fourth-and-one at the Arizona 30-yard line. This time, the Buffs went for the yard on fourth down … and failed, with Alex Fontenot stopped for no gain.

The Wildcats strung together a pair of first downs in their third possession, but could get no further than the Colorado 45 before punting the ball back to the Buffs in the first minute of the second quarter. The Buffs were pinned inside their five yard line to open the drive, and quickly went three-and-out, but were bailed out when Josh Watts booted a 64-yard punt, putting the ball back on the Arizona side of the field.

Arizona pushed the ball back across midfield, but a holding penalty stymied the drive, with the Buffs taking over at their 20 after the Wildcats’ punt went into the end zone for a touchback.

It appeared that the Buffs were about to give the ball right back to the Wildcats, with CU facing a third-and-seven. Brendon Lewis was forced out of the pocket, but bought enough time to find Alex Fontenot deep behind the Arizona defensive backs. The 43-yard pass gave the Buffs a first down at the Arizona 24-yard line. Rather than take advantage, the Buffs gained only five yards on the next three plays. Cole Becker was called upon again, hitting a 37-yard field goal at the midway point of the second quarter, giving CU a 6-0 lead.

The Wildcats then put together their best drive of the first half, going 74 yards in nine plays. The highlight of the drive came on a fourth-and-two at the Arizona 32-yard line. Rather than turn the ball over deep in their own territory, quarterback Gunner Cruz hit Stanley Berryhill for a 13-yard gain and a fresh set of downs. The next two plays netted the Wildcats 30 yards, with the Buffs being called for a face mask and pass interference penalties on successive plays. It appeared that Arizona was going to take the lead after a 23 yard run by Jalen John gave the Wildcats a first-and-goal at the CU one-yard line.

Then … the play of the first half.

Three straight runs netted zero yards, leaving Arizona with a fourth-and-goal. Going for it, Gunner Cruz dropped back, was chased by linebacker Nate Landman, and misfired on his pass, giving the ball back to the Buffs on downs.

The Buffs then ran out the remaining 2:41 of the half, pushing the ball from the one yard line to the 18 yard line to close out the second quarter.

Halftime score: Colorado 6, Arizona 0

The Buffs had the lead, but it was a precarious one, as the second half opened. If the Buffs figured out anything on their offensive scheme, it wasn’t immediately obvious, as CU went three-and-out to open the third quarter. The Wildcat offense did get one first down on its first drive, but ultimately punted the ball back to the Buffs.

The CU offense took advantage of the second opportunity by … going three-and-out again.

With the Folsom Field crowd growing restless, the Buff defense again rose to the occasion. After another fifteen-yard penalty, this time a roughing the quarterback penalty, the Buffs stiffened, forcing another punt.

Then … the play of the second half.

The Kyle Ostendorp punt was blocked, with Trevor Woods scooping up the punt and racing 36 yards for a Colorado touchdown. Suddenly, it was a two score game. Colorado 13, Arizona 0, with 6:46 left in the third quarter.

Just over a minute later, it was 20-0.

On third-and-three at the Arizona 46, linebacker Carson Wells stepped in front of a Gunner Cruz pass, taking the interception back 49 yards for a touchdown. With 5:32 to play in the third, it was now a rout, with the Buffs up 20-0.

Freshman quarterback Will Plummer came in for Gunner Cruz, who was injured on the interception, but didn’t have much more success. Arizona punted the ball back to Colorado after gaining one first down.

Buoyed by the change in fortune, the Buff offense, which at the time had been out-scored both by the CU offense and the CU special teams, scored its first touchdown of the game. After a 19-yard completion from Brendon Lewis to Chris Carpenter, Lewis hit Brenden Rice for a 62-yard touchdown. Colorado 27, Arizona 0, late in the third quarter.

After the teams traded punts, Arizona pushed the ball to midfield thanks to a 27-yard run by Jalen Johnson and another 15-yard penalty (this time a face mask), before Will Plummer was picked off by Mark Perry at the CU 30-yard line.

Next, the CU offense, which was averaging 13.8 points per game entering the contest, scored its second touchdown in as many possessions. After a Brenden Rice run for five yards on a third-and-four kept the drive alive, Brendon Lewis hit Rice for an 18-yard completion, followed by a 22-yard completion to Montana Lemonious-Craig, followed by a 11-yard touchdown pass to Dimitri Stanley. Against a defense which was done for the day, the Buffs went 70 yards in nine plays to make it a 34-0 game with 4:06 to play.

After the Stanley score, the only issue to be resolved was whether the Buffs could preserve the shutout. With backups playing on both sides of the ball, the Wildcats drove deep into CU territory. The 11-play, 55-yard drive, however, was halted when a Will Plummer fourth-and-12 pass to the end zone from the CU 20-yard line fell incomplete with 1:03 to play.

Final score: Colorado 34, Arizona 0 

Brendon Lewis, who had his first 200-yard passing game of his career (12-for-19 for 248 yards and two touchdowns), had a performance which was redemption for the freshman, who had taken plenty of criticism over CU’s losing streak.

“I think his body of work today was pretty good,” Dorrell said. “He still does a great job of protecting the football. He’s very excited about the things that have happened today, no question, but there’s always a handful of things that we’re still going to try to shore up as he moves forward. The big thing about it is the fact that he made a huge step in progress. He should be rewarded for the hard work he’s put in these two weeks that showed today. There’s no question in my mind he’s going to be all in about continuing to stay on that path of playing really good football.”

Video highlights … 

Game Notes … 

— Colorado raised its lead in the series to 16-8 (7-5 in Boulder), raising its record in games after a bye week to 31-24;

— CU had seven tackles for loss in the first half, eclipsing its season high of six for a game (versus Northern Colorado); Arizona ran 29 first half plays, 14 for zero or minus yardage (four gains of 0, three incomplete passes). CU finished with a season-high nine tackles-for-loss;

— When CU took a 3-0 lead with 8:26 left in the first quarter, it ended a run of trailing the opponent for 201:27 (and tied for 47:48);

— CU had two non-offensive touchdowns in the same game for the first time since 2013. It was the first time touchdowns were scored by all three phases of the game since two occasions in 2004;

— Trevor Woods blocked punt was CU’s first since Alex Fontenot blocked punts at Cal (Nov. 24, 2018) and against Utah (Nov. 17, 2018), and CU’s first blocked punt return for a touchdown since Lawrence Vickers recovered a punt in the end zone against Washington State in Seattle on Sept. 11, 2004;

— Carson Wells’ interception return for a touchdown was the first since Dante Wigley returned one 27 yards for a score against Oregon State in Boulder on October 27, 2018;

— CU shutout an opponent for the first time since a 48-0 blanking of Nicholls State on Sept. 26, 2015; and CU’s first shut out over an FBS opponent since a 34-0 win at Oklahoma State on Oct. 1, 2005.


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  1. I think we should let earache be our talent expert. He seems to know which 5 stars are and arent. Aint it great how he can tell us which kids playing in college right now wont make it in the NFL? As I understand it Scout, Rivals and 24/7 are engaged in a bidding war to sign him.
    It appears to me he is more of an NFL fan than one of the college game….or the Buffs. Maybe the main reason he is in here is just an extension of his biz schmoozing. Feel free to give him your contact info.

    1. Hey ed, if I’m the talent expert, I guess that makes you and that other guy the coaching experts? What a team we’d make!

      I’ve provided tons of examples of coaches who did well with great players, and didn’t without them. I’ve illustrated this at both the college and pro levels.

      I’ve pointed to examples of coaches who apparently “coached up” their teams, only to fund that when looking at their production of players into the next level it seems to show that they “found” more than “created” good players. And yes, finding good players and getting them on campus is part of the gig. Possibly the most important part of the gig. Much more so than the actual X’s and O’s and schemes and in game play calls. Most of the time. That’s all I’m saying. Have been saying, and will keep saying. I harp on it just to counter the incessant “need better coaching” chatter from your corner of the room.

      You and that other guy have yet to provide any examples of guys who “coached up” or schemed up the bad news bears into perennial winners. Been waiting. Will keep waiting.

      And I’ll reiterate. Yes. Coaching plays a role in a team’s success and failure. But not as much as the players making plays. It’s a great chicken and egg discussion. And a great example of a team currently underperforming their talent is our friends at UW. It seems that maybe I and a lot of others were wrong about ol’ Jimmy Lake. Maybe. Just like Karl, it’s too early to tell. But the early returns on Montlake are not great.

      Go Buffs

        1. The saying Is actually opinions are like assholes. But you knew that.

          I try to back my opinions with examples. Where are yours? Examples that is.

          Go Buffs

          1. Geezus earache…there are a few of em in this thread alone. My comment on USC that started this stupid exchange is one. There is something seriously wrong with your comprehension abilities. Maybe because there isnt a hem and haw 20 minute blab to go with them.
            Maybe you are a lot like the politician these days . When something goes against them they tell everyone it isnt real.
            I think its more like another old saying
            Never argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience. I need to take my own advice

  2. In other news, Ed Orgeron is out. Golly. He was a better coach with a roster full of nfl guys, huh? If I recall they put like 16 or 18 guys into the next level after their natty. Including a pretty good qb.

    I guess we get to watch usc and LSU’s money trucks roll around this fall.

    Go Buffs

      1. Wait a minute, you mean joe Brady? The guy who has helped the Carolina panthers offense explode? That guy?

        What about that guy kingsbury? His offense didn’t amount to that many wins at tt. Suddenly with nfl talent at every position, it works ok, somehow. Golly.

        Go Buffs

        1. Eric while you are all caught up in the players and pretty much disregarding coaching, one hopes that if Lewis continues to improve and reach the upside that many feel he has, you will at least give some tacit consideration to coaching him to a quality level over the next few years. I doubt if what improvement that you saw Sat. is solely his doing.

          1. Az, they have been coaching him for 18 months. Yes, coaching can and does play a role. And we have seen Karl was erring to the side of hugging the kid, vs kicking him, to get some progress. But ultimately, the player has to drink the water the coaches lead them to. Sometimes, they just aren’t able to. I liked seeing his progress each week. It is there. In Tiny increments. Hoping to see more progress this week. And still puzzled that drew only got in to kneel down. He could have played the entire fourth quarter. But I understand what Karl is trying to do to bring Brendon along. And that belief can pay dividends sometimes.

            Go Buffs

          1. How many of those five stars from usc have made the next level lately? Maybe, just maybe, the recruiting star ratings aren’t that accurate?

            And besides, just like your uber talented high school team that underperformed, if the players don’t buy into the coaches vision, underperforming can happen.

            Go Buffs

        2. You ol pick and chooser ep is correct about you.

          Coaches there during championship………….and not there today.
          mmm. Brady was a minor piece……………Mirror eh?
          Coach got fired. Lost his staff after success……………It is how it works…………..

          No, not Brady, I mean
          Coaches there during championship………….and not there today.
          Steve Ensminger OC
          Dave Aranada DC
          James Cregg OL coach
          Bill Johnson DL coach
          Tommie Robinson RB coach

          Big Ed had no talent you say?
          Got to know the deal
          2016 #2
          17 #7
          18 #15
          19 #5
          20 #4
          21 #3

          Kingsbury? What kind of question is that.
          He had Chev on his staff.

          How it goes, unless your are at AZ……….cheater bugs


      2. Yep. And he was also the OC in 2020. And is still an offensive analyst (so was that a demotion?). How’s that offense cranking since putting basically the entire offense into the NFL, including a heisman winning QB – who actually seems to be able to succeed at the next level too?

        Joe Brady was the hailed coaching genius of the 2019 offense. I still maintain it was having a roster loaded with NFL talent.

        Go Buffs

          1. I read it.

            Coaches…………….all about the coaches…………Ed screwed up.

            The writer miss spoke. Brady was not the OC…………..he was passing game coordinator………….. and the wunderkid is a flop………..


            Same perspective as mine…………………..Lots of good recruits but no coaches ……..case closed

          2. Last time.

            Yup offense was off in 2020
            Linehan was a disaster. Bad coached. Fired

            But defense was way off.
            Bo pelinuss lasted just in 2020 then fired.
            Aranada was a big loss.

            Team game ya know.

            Ensminger retired. He was there a long time

            Well at least you did some research after writing a blank check with your mouth on Fresca……………

            Anyway last time.

        1. But you said it was Fresca? You said it was fresca………….No you babble rumors about Brady.
          Then you admit you were wrong? No you jump on my bandwagon………. BS. now after looking incompetent you now start posting lsu articles . Sheesh. Have you no courage? None?

          You are BS. You turn on you mouth and your brain has to go back and see you were incorrect. Then the earache dancarama starts. Every time. Change the subject go look something up…………….Are you a banker.


          sigh ignore.

          Note: Write the damn expose on the real mac.

          Yur headed down the rathole again.

          Sheesh, not even gonna read your crap again……………one gets dummer reading it eh?

          1. That’s a lot of words to not say a damn thing. Ensminger. Good effort. His offense didn’t do crap n 2020. Why was that? You have no answer.

            I posted the LSU story because I happened to see it.

            You got nuttin’ Danny.

            Go Buffs

  3. Haven’t been able to watch the Buffs for the last two games…….probably didn’t miss much but just becoming more disappointed though. Today it seems like Lewis started slow but hung in there and as the game progressed he did look better and more sure of himself. There were some athletic plays that he made that look like with more work, experience, obviously some better play calling that he will eventually be the QB that we had hoped for. Probably by the end of the season will be playing at a level where he might even have the ability to carry the team on his shoulders at times. Hopefully we won’t even recognize him by next year. Think about the Daniels kid at ASU and look how much he has improved since his Frosh year. I still think Lewis can be better as he is bigger and stronger than Daniels.

    Yes AZ is not a good team but they have played some teams this year pretty close and tough at times so it was not an automatic win for CU as they had to play pretty good football to win and they did. We should be happy that they didn’t play the whole game down to the level of the their competition but kept the pressure on and blew’em out.

    Sure wish CU could get their running game going more on a consistent basis between the tackles though. With the hope of a new OC next year, hopefully this team can give all of us some hope and play some decent football the rest of this year.

    1. Yo AZ,

      Hope you are doing well man.

      Let’s have dinner.

      I’ll buy

      Stuart can give you my contact info

      See ya…………………soon

  4. Beautiful weather, great crowd, and what a relief to see more aggressive play calling! Nice day to be at Folsom! Hopefully, this was the beginning of better things to come from the O. The D was simply awesome. Go Buffs!!!

  5. Amazing how good the coaching was, suddenly, today. Was glad to see Brendon make progress. Again. Just in tiny bits. Karl is clearly going with the love em up style. Az is not good. We are not gooder better. Cal should be a fun game of more mediocre to not good gooder teams.

    I love the win.

    Go Buffs

  6. It was indeed a subtle win.
    Regardless of the 34-0 score. ( A frigging shutout…Ye haaa)

    What was subtle was that CU ran only 58 Plays. AZ ran 70.
    Yet time of possession was so close. CU-29.02 and AZ-30.58

    Same time and less plays. Running the clock down? Changing plays by coaches. Taking longer
    to get the plays in. Subtle indeed!

    Okay it was lowly AZ but:
    12 for 19. It was a subtle 19, it just felt like he threw a lot more than that.
    248 yards. Yup ep there were some long balls and a couple more that should have been caught!
    13.1 yds. per pass. How bout them Buffs!
    2 touchdowns
    Zero interceptions.

    The kid looked pretty good. And like the announcers mentioned a hundred times he played with a confidence not seen this season. And they were right

    Dang good days work by the young-un.

    And the receivers got to show some of there stuff. Finally. Sheesh it was pretty.

    Lots of good stuff in this game. Gonna watch it again.

    Can’t wait for Ro(bench Brendon)bO does his analysis. He is pretty good at it eh?


    Note: The defense was mean today. Dang right-out mean. Like it………………

    1. A great deal of commentary from someone who said that he was going to be mowing his lawn during the game …
      My thanks to the other 49,803 who came to the game to support their team.

      1. Sheesh Stuart,

        I got a bridge in South Dakota I will sell ya.

        I didn’t make it but the kids and their buds and the wife did. Had my Ipad lashed on to the mower handle. Worked pretty good.

        Thanks for listening to me


    2. Sorry to need to write this, but: Your stream of (semi) consciousness critiques of others who comment in this otherwise friendly forum appear incoherent and are often unnecessarily rude. You seem to rely on your seniority in life as an excuse to present your facade of all knowingness. Lighten up. I think you’ll agree that all want the same thing in the end.

      1. Yo,

        I am used to it. Why I made a bunch of cash. Always picked to do the tough job….Ya know? Maybe ya don’t. Anyway that’s it

        Anyway if you really look at the ones i “engage with the way you describe” they are always the same type

        This is as light as I get

        Yes Buffs win Buffs win.

        You know what I mean

  7. I’m happy we won. I flew all day and got home in time to listen to the radio broadcast at the end of the 3rd quarter. We were winning 6 to 0 (2 field goals) with 4 minutes (more or less) left in the 3rd quarter. Brendon Lewis was still qb. If I remember correctly he had thrown for 99 yards. I’m not sure what the subtle changes were today. I had to listen to the game on the radio. Again, I’m glad we won. I am very pessimistic that this coaching staff changed or is even capable of changing anything. I’m positive that is going to be the last win of the season. I hope I’m wrong.

  8. So KD calls me last night (Chev wont talk to me) and I said “Karl, just do what I always tell you….throw the damn ball downfield. Took him too long in my book but they finally did
    I know its Arizona but
    Brendon Lewis emerges from under the fan bus being driven by at least 3 posters in here and HE IS STILL ALIVE.
    Having said that I am disappointed Carter didnt get any worthwhile time.
    The run game still needs work

    1. You know that was earache disguising his voice now don’t ya? He is always messing with you.
      He was probably in his cubby hole finishing up his “Why I hate the Real Mac”


      Note: Gonna be a lotta different kinds of hype and non-hype talk this week. Looking forward to it……………Really I am.

      Note 2: 6 to go………………need 4

      1. so far that twerp hasn’t got my number. Unless he is one of those dipsh–s that never quit trying to sell me an extended warranty. He seems like that type.
        Once in a while, when I’m bored, I will wait for the robo part to quit and tell the “real” person to quit being an annoying parasite, have some self respect and get a real job. There are plenty out there right now.

    2. But they made sure to get Carter in there to kneel the ball twice!

      As a driver of the anti Lewis bus, i have to admit it was good to see him actually get some confidence and throw the ball. That offsides bomb to Rice was exactly what he needed : the realization that if you just act like only good things can happen (on an offsides free play) rather than act like only bad things can happen (every game prior to this) you can actually accomplish things!

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