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… Up-to-the-minute updates can be found below … see CU Recruiting Class of 2019 – Signed Letters of Intent for updated bios of the Class as they sign in …

CU Recruiting Class – Prospects … By Position

Bold – Signed Letter of Intent …


Running BackJaren ManghamJoe Davis

Wide Receiver Braedin Huffman-Dixon

Tight endJalen Harris (senior transfer)

Offensive LineValentin SennJake WileyAustin JohnsonVaatofu Sauvao (JC)

Defensive LineJanez Jordan (JC)Na’im RodmanAustin WilliamsJeremiah Doss (JC)…

LinebackerJash Allen (JC)Alec Pell

Defensive BackMark Perry … K.J. Trujillo 



The Ticker

8:30 p.m. – It isn’t over until it’s over. Defensive back K.J. Trujillo, who committed to Colorado on May 2nd, then decommitted on November 20th, signed with the Buffs after all. Over a dozen other schools were after Trujillo, including Oregon and Oregon State from the Pac-12. Trujillo also had offers from Iowa State and a number of Mountain West schools, including Colorado State

4:30 p.m. – Two of three from Michigan … Linebacker Marvin Ham joins the Buffs!

1:00 p.m. – The first real loss of the day. Defensive lineman Darius Robinson, appeared to be committed to Colorado late, signed with Missouri. Robinson had offers from over two dozen schools. From the Big Ten, Robinson had offers from Michigan, Minnesota, Maryland, Purdue and Rutgers. Other Power Five conference offers came from Missouri, Boston College, Iowa State, Syracuse and Virginia. Robinson’s announced final four were Michigan, Missouri, Colorado and Minnesota.

Who is still out there?

Announcements expected later today:

Marvin Ham
Jaylen Martin
KJ Trujillo

12:30 p.m. – Offensive lineman Jake Wiley becomes the last of verbal commitments to check in. Wiley at least a half dozen Power-Five conference schools, including Washington State, Oklahoma State, and Arizona State.Now we’re waiting to see what other fish the new coaching staff may have reeled in.

11:15 a.m. – Senior transfer Jalen Harris from Auburn has signed on with Colorado. As a member of the Recruiting Class of 2015, Harris was considered to be the No. 15 tight end in the nation. He had over a dozen Power-Five conference schools out of high school, including Alabama, Nebraska, California, Miami, and Texas A&M. He will have one year of eligibility remaining, so you know he is coming to Boulder to play.

9:20 a.m. – Junior college linebacker Jash Allen has signed on with Colorado. Allen had over a dozen Power-Five conference offers. From the Pac-12, Allen had offers from Utah and Washington State. Other Power-Five conference offers came from schools like TCU, Arkansas, Illinois, and Iowa State …

9:10 a.m. … Who is still out there? Waiting on:

Jake Wiley
Jash Allen
Jalen Harris

Announcements expected later today:

Darius Robinson
Marvin Ham
Jaylen Martin
KJ Trujillo

9:00 a.m. – An even dozen Letters of Intent sent in so far, with six on offense and six on defense … The two remaining big fish from Michigan, linebacker Marvin Ham and defensive lineman Darius Robinson, are still out there …

8:40 a.m. … One we’ve been waiting for … Four-star wide receiver Braedin Huffman-Dixon, from Santa Ana, California, has sent in his Letter of Intent. Huffman-Dixon had offers from at least half of the Pac-12, including USC, Oregon, UCLA, Utah, and Arizona State. Other Power-Five schools to offer Huffman-Dixon included Nebraska, Georgia and Purdue.

8:30 a.m. … Seven of the first 11 signees are from the trenches. Offensive lineman Vaatofu Sauvao, from Modesto Junior College, has sent in his Letter of Intent. CU now has three offensive linemen, and four defensive linemen, in the fold. Three of them, including Sauvao, are junior college players who may be expected to contribute in the 2019 season.

8:15 a.m. … The first California LOI has arrived. Defensive back Mark Perry, from Rancho Cucamonga, California, has joined the herd! Perry has been committed to Colorado since July, but, with the coaching change, other schools, including Louisville and Kansas (who took on former CU coaches) made a push for Perry. USC reportedly also wanted Perry to delay his commitment until February, hoping Perry might become a Trojan. Didn’t happen .. welcome, Mr. Perry! …

8:10 a.m. … Almost half of the CU Recruiting Class of 2019 is in … but there are still some big names on the board …

7:50 a.m. … Hinds Community College west? Second defensive lineman from Mississippi (this one we knew about), Jeremiah Doss, is a Buff. Doss is the teammate – and linemate – of Janez Jordan, who sent in his surprise Letter of Intent earlier this morning …

7:40 a.m. … Three in-state signings in a row … Josiah “Joe” Davis, a running back from Valor Christian, is signee No. 7. CU has two running backs, two offensive linemen, two defensive linemen, and a linebacker in the fold …

7:30 a.m. … Two hometown Buffs in a row …  Alec Pell, a 6’4″, 220-pound linebacker from Cherry Creek, Colorado, is a Buff!

7:15 a.m. … Two Austins in 15 minutes … Offensive lineman Austin Johnson, an offensive lineman from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, has sent in his letter of intent …

7:00 a.m. … Austin Williams makes his defection from CSU official. The 6’4″, 306-pound defensive lineman from Tifton, Georgia, is now a Buff!

6:50 a.m. … Still trying to find anything positive about Janez Jordan. He had no other offers, was not rated by either Rivals or 247 Sports, and had no other reported offers. Apparently, Jordan did sign with Old Dominion out of high school, but opted to go the junior college route in hopes of landing a better offer. This week … he did.

6:36 a.m. … First surprise of the morning! … CU signs junior college defensive end Janez Jordan. Jordan is 6’4″, 305-pounds, and will have three years to play two at CU, and will enroll this fall

6:30 a.m. … The first difference maker from the Class of 2019 is in. Running back Jaren Mangham is a four-star performer who had multiple offers from Power-Five conference schools.

6:25 a.m. … The first signee of the Class of 2019 actually checked in last night (Letters of Intent can be faxed in – yes, they are still faxed in – at 7:00 a.m. local time … which was a while ago in Austria). The first signee of the CU Recruiting Class of 2019 is Valentin Senn


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  1. ***Tucker also stressed that he wants to make tight end a bigger focus in CU’s offense. Last year, Buffs tight ends caught just six passes for 56 yards. “We really need to use the tight end,” Tucker said. “The tight end, when used properly, can give the defense fits. That’s what we sold Jalen on.”

    TIGHT END ???…….. WHAT THE HELL IS A TIGHT END ???? ….Doesn’t he mean OUTSIDE TACKLE ??? Guess I forgot what a TIGHT END is. Hopefully we will find out.


  2. Coach Tucker sez, “We wanted to get bigger. We want to be able to run the ball on our terms on offense and we need to be able to stop the run on defense. Both of those things start with the offensive and defensive lines.”

    FINALLY……. a coach/recruiter who understands what it takes to have a team that will be competitive enough to compete for the PAC-12 South title, then on to The Big One at Levis Stadium….. then ON TO A BOWL GAME…. ( DOES ANYONE REMEMBER WHAT THAT MIGHT FEEL LIKE ? )
    ***THANKS TO THE MIGHTY ONE… In RG I trust …… at least, we now have hope !!!


  3. Stars!
    3 ranking systems 247….EsPN…..Rivals. All rate differently. You get a 4 star on any of those you are a 4 star in my book regardless of what the others say. So…………….The Mighty Buff 4 stars and the ones which are 3 but oh so close to 4..


    Davis .0015 away 247
    Ham .0046 away 247
    Perry .0126 247
    Johnson 2 points espn
    Luckett 2 points espn

    So i figure The Buffs got 8 four stars…………..Half the class………………


    Note: Not that stars matter

  4. Welp the Mighty Buffs still have 10 scholarships left as they could go a full 25 if they wanted. Maybe 2 more today and then there were 8. Some nice talent waiting till signing day. Gives HCMT some time to see if his magic will work.

    Not a bad class. Losing the QB was MEH. Glad he was reunited with Roper. The big loyalty quotes don’t ya know. Interesting how that all worked out eh? Hope they do great things together. Also appears the Mighty Buffs have an upgrade at the QB coach position.

    Class ranked 10 in the pac.

    Go Bu ffs

    1. Down to 8 left.

      Go Buffs make em count.

      Need Safeties……………2(can you believe that ep?) At least one.
      Need WR…………………2 At least one (Sheanault)
      dl ..1

      Buffs rock eh?

  5. The “trenches”….YES, an area foreign to MM which contributed to his downfall.
    We have three 4 stars in the fold and all the CO kids being recruited.
    Got fingers crossed over Ham and Robinson.
    Feel good about those guys who are going to delay their decision as it will give Mel more time to get to know them.
    No spilled tears over that self described Buff for life and wimp Evans.
    Overall I think this class addresses needs much better than MM’s.

    1. Can we stop ripping on the de-commits, specifically Evans? He’s a HS senior. These kids are making decisions based on a combination of institution and coaching staff. When the staff goes, they have every right to try and decide if there’s a better situation for them. They aren’t Buffs until they sign their LOI. Good luck to Ty. Good luck to those who chose to become Buffs.

      1. Max, that is far too reasonable a perspective.

        This is a space for hate fueled vitriol, whether towards coaches who pour their hearts and souls into our program – and it doesn’t quite go as they’d like – or the kids and their families who make decisions they feel are in their best interests, that don’t involve CU. Or heck, even towards fellow fans who have differing opinions.

        Oh no. There goes my childish sarcasm again.

        Go Buffs

      2. geez Max….so sorry for all the “ripping”
        seriously? its more disgust for all the past gushing about CU by Evans. Go back and check it out again.

        1. Evans and Roper………………..together again……………..Sweet. Hope they do well.


          Note: Pouring ones heart and soul in a program…..and it doesn’t quite go as they’d like.. “Quite” That right there is funny. Times are tough out there don’t ya know. Ya gotta execute. Peter can give em all participation ribbons cause they tried and cried.

          1. Since you love the participation ribbons thing, do you hand them out to the 80% of D1 coaches who don’t consistently win 8 games, or to the other 15-20% (that’s like 20 guys) who do?

            If it were easy to build a consistent winner, you’d have done it. No doubt. After all, you can still become an unpaid intern. Go for it. I’m sure your high football IQ would help.

            In the meantime, here’s to hoping Mel puts himself among the ranks of the top 20%. Consistently. If he doesn’t? It sure won’t be for a lack of effort, football knowledge and experience.

            Go Buffs

          2. Ok okay typo……….not enough coffee

            should be 30-44 (14-39) as his CU coaching record. Oh boy
            Yo stu can you fix that

        2. Participation ribbons. Well they are designed for the non performers such as a HC who goes 34- 44 (14 and 49) and finishes last in the division 5 out of 6 years. Course as a flimflammer, he got the money too.


          Note: I told you and your other boobaloos he was a flimflammer 4 years ago. But with your expert lack of knowledge you said he’ll get it turned, give him time, they are working hard, i know they have a plan baa baa bluesheet. (Peter never loses.)

          1. Please post a link (or a date and a headline) where you “told you … he was a flimflammer 4 years ago) …

            We’ll wait …

  6. Stewart ~ I found a Janaz Jordan from the his JC Football he is listed as 6’3″ 325 lbs played HS ball in Virginia. Now for the interesting news he was both a RB and NT in high school on their videos he was used as a Cookie Gilchrist [ for those of us of a certain who saw him play in the CFL and AFL] style RB and his HS #25 ; probably the first time I’ve ever seen a NT wear a RB number.

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