November 17th – Boulder           No. 21 Utah 30, Colorado 7

In the first game played during a snowstorm at Folsom Field since 2000, the No. 21 Utah Utes dominated the second half, turning a 7-7 halftime tie into a 30-7 rout. Utah gained 390 yards, holding the Buffs to 196 total yards.

Utah quarterback Jason Shelley completed 11-of-23 passes for 221 yards and two touchdowns. The second scoring pass, a 47-yarder to Jaysen Dixon, being the back-breaker for the Buffs, making it a 17-7 game late in the third quarter.

The anemic Colorado offense was held to 34 yards rushing, 4-of-15 on third downs, and turned the ball over three times. Quarterback Steven Montez went 13-for-22 for all of 84 yards, with a costly interception in the second quarter when the score was tied and the Buffs were actually driving. The Buffs were held to one touchdown for the second week in a row, having fallen to Washington State, 31-7, the week before.

“We are just inept on offense right now,” said Mike MacIntyre. “We have to find a way to move the ball better. Defense played okay at times, they just got worn down. We’re really poor on offense.”

The loss left the Buffs with a 5-6 record, with only one game left (on the road at California) to try and avoid turning a 5-0 record and a national ranking into a 5-7 finish.

“I don’t feel like it’s my last game,” MacIntyre said. “We’ve got one more. Hopefully we can win that and go to a bowl game. Going to a bowl game will be big for this program, two out of the last three years when they haven’t done that around here in a long, long time. Hopefully, I’ll get to coach another one.”


Game Story … The Buffs were led onto the field for Senior Day by … Chip. It snowed most of the morning before the early (11:30 a.m.) start, and the Folsom Field turf was too slick to risk running Ralphie.

It was an omen, as the Buffs were not able to run on the slick field, either.

The game started with neither team able to move the ball. The first fourth drives of the game were three-and-outs, with Utah gaining nine yards in two drives; Colorado losing six yards in its first two drives. Utah then picked up the first two first downs of the game on its third attempt, but still could not get past midfield before punting.

On CU’s third drive, the Buff offense picked up its first first down on a 14-yard completion from Steven Montez to Juwann Winfree. On the play, the Utes were hit with a personal foul for roughing the passer, giving the ball to the Buffs on the Utah 41-yard line. Two plays later, the Buffs were faced with third-and-nine. A Montez offering fell incomplete, but the Utes were flagged for pass interference, keeping the drive alive.

A pair of Travon McMillian runs gained only three yards, with Montez then hitting Laviska Shenault for 14 yards and a first down at the Utah 13 yard line. On the next play, McMillian took the ball up the middle, carrying Ute defenders into the end zone. Colorado 7, Utah 0, with two minutes remaining in the first quarter.

The Utah offense put together a drive which dipped its toe into Colorado territory, but the Buff defense forced a punt once the Utes reached the CU 47-yard line.

The Buffs then looked to take control of the game. Steven Montez kept the drive alive with a 10-yard completion to Laviska Shenault on third-and-eight, then hit K.D. Nixon for 13 yards on third-and-nine. With a bit of momentum, Steven Montez got greedy, throwing deep into double coverage, with his pass intercepted by Marquise Blair at the Utah 20-yard line.

The Utah offense, with 63 total yards on four first half possessions to that point, finally found its rhythm. On the first play after the turnover, Jason Shelley hit Jaylen Dixon for 61 yards to the CU 19-yard line. Two plays later, Shelley found Samson Nacua for a ten-yard touchdown, making it a 7-7 game five minutes into the second quarter.

The two teams finished the first half the way they started the game, punting the ball back and forth. The Buffs wasted a 19-yard completion to Laviska Shenault, and the Utes wasting a 22-yard run by quarterback Jason Shelley.

Halftime score: No. 21 Utah 7, Colorado 7

The third quarter was a microcosm of CU’s decline in the second half of the 2018 season. The offense was inept; the defense dominated.

The Buffs picked up a first down on its first two plays of its opening drive, but then stalled, punting the ball away after five plays and two minutes of possession.

The Utah offense, meanwhile, had no problem overcoming its first half issues. The Utes marched smartly down the field, picking up gains of nine, 12, seven, five, and 12 yards. The Buff defense did stiffen inside the 20, however, forcing a 33-yard field goal out of Utah kicker Matt Gay. Midway through the third quarter, Utah had its first lead of the game, at 10-7.

CU’s next drive encapsulated the Buffs’ offensive woes. On third-and-five, Steven Montez completed a six-yard pass to Juwann Winfree … but … Laviska Shenault was called for offensive pass interference. Then, on third-and-20, Steven Montez scrambled for nine yards, being tackled right in front of the CU bench. Mike MacIntyre ran out onto the field, pleading for a targeting call. MacIntyre did see a flag come out … against him for a sideline warning.

Even though it was only a 10-7 score, it seemed like the game was getting away from the Buffs.

That feeling was reinforced a few moments later, as it took the Utes only two plays to extend the lead. After a 12-yard run by Britain Covey, quarterback Jason Shelley hit Jaylen Dixon for a 47-yard touchdown.

It was only a 17-7 score, and almost 20 minutes of game clock remained … but the game was over.

A three-and-out by the Colorado offense was followed by … a seven-play, 53-yard touchdown drive, culminated by a one-yard scoring run by Utah running back Armand Shyne.

A four-and-out by the Colorado offense (the Buffs tried a fake punt on fourth-and-seven, but a Brady Russell run was stopped for no gain) was followed by … a six-play, 15-yard drive, finished off by a 31-yard field goal by Matt Gay, making it a 27-7 game early in the fourth quarter.

On CU’s next attempt at a drive, quarterback Steven Montez was injured when he was sacked. Tyler Lytle came in for Montez, and had a moment of success, hitting Juwann Winfree for a 33-yard gain on a fourth-and-eight from the CU 27-yard line. Three plays later, however, Lytle was sacked, fumbling the ball back to the Utes.

The Ute offense failed to pick up a first down on the ensuing drive, but still came away with points. Matt Gay hit a 51-yard field goal at the 8:09 mark, giving the Utes a 30-7 advantage.

A pass interference penalty on CU’s next possession put the ball back onto the Utah side of the field, but Tyler Lytle turned the ball over for the third time in three drives (dating back to the final drive of the Washington State game, in which he threw an interception). It was an interception this time as well, with Utah taking over at the CU 41-yard line.

Not that it mattered, but the Utes were then held without a score for the first time in their six second half possessions, with Matt Gay missing a 56-yard field goal attempt.

On CU’s final drive, third-string quarterback Sam Noyer got a chance behind center. Noyer did complete four-of-six passes, gaining 23 yards, before the Buffs turned the ball over on downs at the Utah 38-yard line.

Final score: No. 21 Utah 30, Colorado 7

“We have to attack this week,” Juwann Winfree said after Colorado’s sixth straight loss. “It’s either go bowling or go home. You can either start your vacation early or continue with football and continue to spend time with your brothers.”

Talk after the game centered on whether coach MacIntyre, rumored to be on his way out after the season, was long for the CU head coaching job.

“Coach Mac has been positive,” wide receiver Kabion Ento said. “He let us know that we shouldn’t focus on that outside noise. … We’re trying to get to a bowl. To be honest, that’s the only thing we’re worried about.”

“His message was that we need to keep pushing forward,” defensive lineman Mustafa Johnson said. “We have to keep pushing forward and work for a bowl game.”

Game Notes … 

— Official attendance for the game was listed at 39,360, but that figure represented tickets sold. The number of fans who actually went through the turnstiles for a game which was played in the snow, and was at 28-degrees at kickoff … was 16,627;

— Punter Alex Kinney, who was injured in the second week of the season against Nebraska, returned to action and kicked seven times for a 41.3-yard average with three downed inside the 20-yard line. Kinney, a senior, would be eligible for a redshirt season, and said he would like to return, but said that would be up to the CU coaching staff;

— Linebacker Carson Wells made his debut on offense, lining up in the backfield as a lead blocker for McMillian on McMillian’s 13-yard touchdown run;

— CU mascot Ralphie V did not run Saturday because of wet field conditions, just the third time in her 11-year career that she has not run;

— CU safety Kyle Trego made his first career start;

— In the first six games of the season, the Buffs allowed just two field goals in the fourth quarter. In the next five games, they were outscored 61-3 in the final period.


26 Replies to “No. 21 Utah 30, Colorado 7”

  1. **A friend who played in NFL said you can tell how good a coach is by how a team plays in the second half… Guess we found out this last 6 weeks.

    **Hate to see you go Mac…you seemed like a nice fella…. a church goin’ guy just like your mentor, Mac1….. But, we’re not in this to just develop character in these young men. We’re in it to win…. plain and simple. You can also develop character with a winning record and by going to some nice bowl games for once.

    **Lose and come in last in the PAC-12 South with the worst record in the conference after a 6 year rebuilding project ??? Really ??? Sorry MM, ya don’t deserve to stay. I really hope you find success in your next job where ever that is and what ever it is. The old adage about nice guys finish last really sticks in Boulder.

  2. I really hate the Rick George leaving for Vandy talk. It’s not going to happen, and if it does I don’t think I can handle CU fandom anymore.

  3. The past 6 weeks have been awful. I was OK with keeping McIntyre until they lose to Cal next weekend, not anymore. McIntyre’s comments after the game were out of line. Cut bait now and start the search for a new head coach.

  4. I understand that our secondary has injuries and we are undermanned….but Rakestraw is completely unplayable!! He cannot see the field if we are going to win next week.

  5. It was tough conditions out there during the game
    The results showed how tough the conditions were.
    Same afterwards

    Certainly I am believing WacMac had 3 “good” job offers he could have taken but didn’t. I wonder when that was?

    Six losses in a row and i’m gonna be gone tonight. (Sing it baby………………)
    Anyway it sure is great being a Buff Fan.


  6. Those post game interviews were obvious. The tone says Mac is gone. Also the sideline body language says it. After Utah scores their second td of the second half, the players are clustered around assistant coaches but no one was within five yards of Mac the rest of the game. No one.

  7. I’m not sure how this Team can regress in such a big way. It’s not all injuries. What happened to the team that played so well against AZ St? McIntyre should be careful with his statements about how much he’s improved the program since the Embree era. I can’t believe i’m Saying this, but right now, after the last few games, are we significantly better than the Embree teams? I’m not so sure. I have that same sinking feeling now as I did back then…. we are just not competitive.

  8. There is no reason for this offense to be inept. It lays at the coaches feet. The record of 0-9 when bowl eligibility is at stake is not made better by 1-9.

  9. The last 5 games have been really difficult to watch in the second half. In all 5 of those games our opponent’s coaching staff made adjustments to exploit our weaknesses and our staff haven’t seem to make any. And on defense we get absolutely no pressure on the opposing quarterback rushing 3 down linemen. No blitzing??? The time to fire MM is now so available coaches can start sending in their resumes. 6 years as head coach and we are still starting freshmen on the o-line. Damn 6 years as HC and 5 finishes at the bottom of the PAC-12 South. Nuff said!!

  10. So MacIntyre says the offense is inept. Ok, then what are going to do about it? The offense has been inept for 6 weeks. Teams scout you and figure you out. You have to change. This dink to the outside and never going downfield gets old. Maybe Montez is just not that good. Oh well, time to start looking for a new coach and do not even think about Darrin Chivaverini–he just got his head coach fired.

    1. I totally agree. Chiv is in way over his head as an offensive coordinator. His play calling has been really bad the 2nd half of the season. Same plays over and over and a line that can’t block. 5-0 and no bowl game. Who would have thought that could happen.

    2. What in God’s name goes through MM’s mind? You would think with his job on the line he would throw downfield. People have always said Montez has a great long ball. On top of that we have more good receivers than Viska. Why the hell did he recruit them all if he isnt going to use them?
      Sorry MM….YOU and your cohorts that call yourself coaches are inept. Horribly inept.

      1. The problem is that the defensive line is five yards up field the same time our receivers are five yards downfield. Absolutely no chance for a long ball with that kind of pressure.

  11. Mac keeps on using words that apply to him: gutless and now inept. Teams take on the characteristics of their leader. Mac is soft, timid, unimaginative, and unadaptable. I said I was ok with going through the Cal game but now feel time is of the essence to send a clear message, in the best interests of the program, to let Mac go. Early signing day looms.

  12. That was turrible. Again. The offense is the worst it has been in how long? With overall better talent? I get that the offensive level e sucks, but it has for a while. Mac sure isn’t helping himself. Nor are Chev, Adams, or any of the offensive staff. So turrible. Man, can they move the ball at all?

    Go Buffs

  13. Wow…what a surreal, epic collapse of a season. They may have never psychologically recovered from that Oregon State nightmare…weren’t the same after that. Most teams improve over the course of a season. There is player talent, certainly enough to have qualified for a bowl game this year.

    Yes, MM is a good guy, nice man, graduates players, mostly stay out of trouble, etc…but other programs also do these things, yet manage to win. Just witness Utah…Whittingham seems to have a good team every year, as do other programs around the country.

    It looks like Buffs have bagged the season…anyone out there actually believe next week will not be a blowout?

    Sorry, but just way beyond frustrated at this point. IMHO, Rick will have no choice but to make wholesale changes at season’s end. Overall a bummer.

    1. In a year when the South was up for the taking by almost every team in the South, except the Buffs who kept getting worse.

  14. Hey Rick George, our new coach will be the quality coach we desperately need, IF we notice at least some difference the very first year (see Scott Frost at Nebraska). Then, the second year we will notice a distinct difference (see Justin Wilcox at Cal). It’s that simple. If we don’t notice some significant positive change in the first or second year, then fire the next guy too…and keep going this way until we find “that guy” (see Kyle Whittingham at Utah). Another clue, Rick, will be that the quality coach will start by working from the inside out by building quality lines, not from the outside in with wide receivers and cornerbacks.

  15. Fire him now. Dont even wait till tomorrow. Its my opinion he lost this team before the OSU humiliation.
    MM was actually serious about trying to establish the run. The box score read, with a little more than 8 minutes left in the game at 32 rushing attempts vs 22 pass attempts……FOR 45 STINKIN YARDS. Add to that they were, once again (imagine that) trying to ride Viska almost exclusively even though Winfree’s 2 receptions went for major yards.

    Nothing has changed and nothing will under MM. Time to say thanks and goodbye. Hopefully he will get an assistants job in his dear ol SEC where the assistants get a million a year.

    1. Yo ep,

      The problem with the college assistants job is that it does not count against his
      CU buyout. Only a college HC job, a NFL assistants job and an NFL HC job count against the buy out.


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