Gut Punch

At just past 5:00 p.m., sunshine was beating down on Folsom Field.

On an otherwise perfect 68-degree fall afternoon, the sun had come out earlier, just as the Oregon State offense caught fire. The Beavers had rallied from a 31-3 deficit to make it a 34-28 game late in the fourth quarter.

As the game neared its four hour mark, the sun hid behind a cloud, giving those of us on the east side of the stadium a bit of relief from the sun’s rays. It had been cloudy as the Buffs build a 28-point lead, so I was hoping that the return of the clouds would also mean the return of order for the Buffs … and somehow the Colorado defense would figure out a way to make a play against an Oregon State team which hadn’t beaten an FBS team in almost two full years.

My wish was not granted.

Instead, the sun came back out, and a defense which had given up only 16 fourth quarter points in the first seven games of the 2018 season, gave up 24 to the worst team the Pac-12 had to offer.

It was a disaster four hours in the making.

In a loss which came down to overtime, there were many chances for the Buffs to take care of business:

— In the first quarter, the Buff defense was dominant, sacking Beaver quarterback Jack Colletto four times in as many drives. Instead of taking advantage, the Buffs turned the first quarter into a punt-fest, with the teams exchanging seven punts;

— After taking a 7-0 lead, the previously dominant Buff defense surrendered a field goal, keeping the Beavers in the game;

— With a 7-3 lead early in the second quarter, the Buffs had a first-and-goal at the OSU four yard line. Instead of taking a two-score lead, the Buffs had to settle for a field goal when Steven Montez fumbled the snap on third-and-goal;

— The Buffs thereafter took control, with a pick-six, a touchdown pass from Steven Montez to K.D. Nixon, and a 75-yard run by Travon McMillian to open the second half. The Buffs, a 23.5-point favorite, had a 31-3 lead, and all was well with the Buff Nation. Then …

— Oregon State switched quarterbacks, but the Buffs did not adjust. In giving up a 17-play, 75-yard touchdown drive, the Buff defense allowed the Beavers to convert a third-and-five, a third-and-nine, and a third-and-five. When the Buffs finally made a stand on third downs, the Buffs gave up a fourth-and-four and a fourth-and-two, with the latter conversion going for a touchdown. Stop the Beavers on any one of those five plays … any one of them … and any thought of an Oregon State comeback would have gone away for good;

— The Buffs could have reasserted control on their next drive, but on a third-and-four at the CU 44, Steven Montez completed a pass to K.D. Nixon for four yards … except Nixon ran sideways – and backwards – surrendering the first down, forcing a CU punt;

— After forcing OSU’s only punt of the second half, Steven Montez took off on a career-best 49-yard run, giving CU a first down at the Oregon State 32. Instead of taking advantage, the drive went exactly nowhere from there, with a blocked field goal attempt the result;

— Still up 31-10 late in the third quarter, the Buffs began to seriously unravel. The OSU gains came in bunches, with the Buffs allowing the Beavers to gain 49 yards in two plays. A sack by Nate Landman help set up a third-and-19 at the Buff 33. The Buffs were one play from putting an end to the rally, but instead, a screen pass to Jermar Jefferson went for 12 yards to the CU 21. It would have been a fourth-and-seven … but Kyle Trego was called for targeting, giving the Beavers a first down. Three plays later, it was a 31-17 game;

— It was still a two-touchdown game early in the fourth quarter when the Buff offense faced a fourth-and-one at the Oregon State 45. Instead of going under center, the Buffs stayed in the shotgun, with a handoff to Travon McMillian being stuffed for no gain, giving the ball – and momentum – back to Oregon State;

— After holding the Beavers to a field goal – and preserving a two-score lead, at 31-20 – the Buff offense responded .. with a three-and-out which took a grand total of 54 seconds off of the game clock;

— With a two-score lead and a chance to make a statement … the Buff defense gave up a five-play, 63-yard touchdown drive (and a two-point conversion) to make it a 31-28 game;

— With a chance to put the game away, the Buffs drove down to the Oregon State ten yard line, facing a third-and-five. Steven Montez scrambled for six yards and a first-and-goal at the Oregon State four yard line … except that true freshman offensive lineman Frank Fillip was called for holding. The penalty forced a field goal, leaving it a six point game with 2:09 to play;

— One final chance to stop what has been the worst team in the Pac-12 for the past two seasons, the Buff defense gave up successive 15-yard penalties, giving up 30 yards of OSU’s 75-yard touchdown drive. Even then, with all of the chances to put the game away, the Buff had one last opportunity. Oregon State had a fourth-and-eight at the CU ten yard line, with 34 seconds to play. One stop, and the Buffs would escape with a win. Instead, the Buffs gave up a touchdown. The missed extra point and the chance to win in overtime just seemed to add to the agony.

How many chances is that? Ten? 15? 20?

What difference does it make?

The game should never have been close. It was 31-3 in the third quarter. That has been a big enough lead for the Buffs to come away victors in every game CU has had such a lead in its history … save one.

In 2010, the Buffs led Kansas, 45-17, in the second half, but ended up losing, 52-45. It was the last game Dan Hawkins coached at Colorado, with Hawkins being relieved of his duties for the final three games of the 2010 campaign.

A harbinger of things to come?

Too early to say.

The Buffs seemed to have hit a glass ceiling when it comes to obtaining bowl eligibility the past two seasons.

Last fall, entered November with a 5-4 record. One win in the final three games would have given CU six wins and bowl eligibility. Instead, the Buffs fell to Arizona State, 41-30 (in a game in which the Buffs led, 27-17, entering the fourth quarter) before surrendering meekly to USC, 38-24, and Utah, 34-13.

This fall, the Buffs opened up 5-0. A bowl bid seemed like a foregone conclusion, with dreams of a Pac-12 South title seemingly more at issue that bowl eligibility.

Three games later, the Buffs are 5-3, making it six straight games over the past two seasons in which a victory would have given Colorado a bowl bid.

A few weeks ago, the Oregon State game seemed to be the Buffs bounce back game. Even if CU lost to USC and Washington, a win over Oregon State would give the Buffs a 6-2 record, bowl eligibility, and chance at making a run at the Pac-12 South title.


“I would say it was an extremely bad loss, no doubt about it,” said Mike MacIntyre, who fell to 30-41 in his tenure at Colorado. “It was one we should have won because we were up. We should’ve put it away and didn’t. It is extremely tough, no doubt.”

“Extremely tough”?

Let’s go with excruciating. Eviscerating. Mind-numbing.

Three weeks ago, Colorado was one of the top 25 teams in the nation.

A few hours ago, Colorado looked to be no worse than the third-best team in the Pac-12 South.

Now? All bets are off.

The Buffs could respond. If the Pac-12 has shown fans anything in 2018, it is not to believe projections.

The season began with the Pac-12 having four ranked teams … No. 6 Washington; No. 13 Stanford; No. 15 USC; and No. 24 Oregon.

Those four teams have been huge disappointments. Washington is 6-3; Stanford 5-3; USC 4-4; and Oregon 5-3.

That ain’t great.

Colorado finds itself with a 5-3, 3-3 record at the end of October. The Pac-12 South doesn’t have a single team with fewer than two conference losses. On its face, the Buffs still control their own destiny when it comes to where they finish in the division.

But the Buff Nation has seen how this story ends before.

And it’s not pretty.

Around 5:20 Saturday, as a frustrated Buff crowd silently found its way out of Folsom Field and back to their lives, the sun set behind the Flatirons.

One couldn’t help but wonder … whether the sun was setting on more than just 2018 Homecoming activities.



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  1. I can’t hold the DB’s responsible for the ineptitude observed last Sat. They were playing S-O-F-T on the WR’s. My 3rd grade grandson could have run under the coverage and burnt the
    DB’s. Where was the coaching ???? Zone or Man-“D” in the DB, ya just don’t let receivers loose to run under the coverage and catch balls Willy-Nilly. Nuthin’ like prevent defense in the middle of the 4th quarter.

  2. Most fans knew that our secondary was iffy at best. Right? And the grand reappearance of Udoffia had everyone highly anticipating it. Not only did he stink it up, the others just added to the misery. I guess we are no longer going to be the secondary U, we have been.

  3. Lordy, lordy! What do we have here? Besides losing our chance for a spot in the much anticipated Grilled Cheese Sandwich Bowl against another 6-6 powerhouse, the Buffs face the dire and likely possibility of losing seven in a row. Jon Embree, for far less money, could have done pretty much the same thing.

  4. Where was the leadership on the field when this was all going down yesterday…especially on defense. Saw this last year vs ASU

    1. Great Point. I’ll tell ya, it probably was up in the booth. The only guy with any sense of fire is Chev. A Buff. Not a Vanderbilt guy collecting a paycheck. A Buff. But I agree, I think you hit the nail on the head, where was the leadership? the comment board rats are all fighting over the players vs. xo’s but where is the leadership to 1. overcome adversity in the big games against great teams and 2. not get complacent in a game against OSU?? whats more devastating is the fact that I looked at this team through the first 5 games literally telling people that all the issues that hindered Buffs teams of the past had changed. I thought they had fought through adversity on the road, I thought they had put away the teams they were supposed to. Montez looked like a stud, McMillen cuts and jukes for touchdowns, Shenault beast mode. And ever since we got on the big stage and the hype train with rankings and heisman hopeful talk, we crapped the bed. Big time.

  5. CU has hit a bowl eligibility ceiling because Mac has hit his leadership ceiling. He can turn around bad, low level situations through the skills he has and the effort he puts in. From that standpoint, he brought CU up from some terrible years. He has not shown any skills or ability to deal with higher quality opponents or key, at stake, situations whether they be in game events or winning a game like yesterday. He cannot handle managing and leading with higher expectations. Easy to be a hero with low expectations. Mac appears to have great difficulty in responding to the stress of higher expectations. His consistent response: conservative, play not to lose. My opinion is that this is how he is wired. People respond to stress through either fight, flight, or freeze. There is a lot of evidence of the freeze behavior. I don’t hold out a lot of hope that Mac can change or will want to. That level of emotional intelligence and self awareness appears to be lacking. Blaming players through talking about a play or two more is BS. He should be talking about how coaches needed to respond and put players in better situations. Can Buffs win the next four games? Unlikely given the surge of their opponents and the diminished lack of confidence in their leader. They will start wondering: do you really have my back or will you seize up again? In 2016, we had experienced players with on the field leadership like Lindsay and Liufau and a great D coordinator. In 2018, I don’t see as much on field leadership. If the players rally and fight, perhaps they can pull another one out. If it is left to the coaches, looks like another 5-7 year. I have zero sympathy for Mac, he makes 2M per year.

  6. I found this on another blog, that I think is interesting. The title Epic Meltdown. Fan comments include:

    I get a sense that the program is still being coached as if we were a MWC team. Granted I’m not saying we have the hats to simple pound it against all, but certainly most. Our mindset is simply to finesse a win and when we can’t we are dead. puzzling

    We should have only one loss if not for dumb coaching. Coach needs to realize he ain’t in the Mountain West anymore. He has a talent advantage should use it! You grind up teams like that. You don’t panic… This season is wasted and it’s on…!

    The team is a mess
    Instead of getting better it’s been either struggling or regressing across the board.
    Something is very wrong somewhere, and unfortunately we don’t have the luxury of time.
    … might help in the self-scouting, but it’s far too late in the season to really change anything now.
    This offseason will be critical. Everything needs to be re-examined.

    And, those are about Golden Boy Petersen. You can read more here:

    Over at another place people ‘round here like to point to for “quality coaching” lately:

    This coaching staff is in over its head. The bowl game, Stanford, WSU, and now this. That’s 3.5 embarrassing performances in 8 tries. An inauspicious start at best…

    No idea why they wouldn’t just run it straight at us until we stop them. Our d is gassed.

    They allowed them to score their second highest total of the season.

    utilized his playmakers and embarrassed the defense

    And what about the defense? They’ve looked awful the last two weeks as well.
    Bad offense + bad defense = bad head coach, more often than not. Because that’s who hired these guys and is letting them run the program into the ground.

    Tired of coach’s press conference— the players didnt execute is all he says, he needs to send a message even if he has to pay out their contract… the coaching is bad, stop blaming the players.

    That’s from

    Sounds pretty familiar, doesn’t it? Interesting, how we posters know more than the guys who’ve spent their lives coaching.

    I still maintain, Mac, Chev, DJ and co were well aware OSU could surprise them, and coached accordingly. For whatever reason, the team got over-confident and let themselves get beat badly in the second half. The first half showed they could dominate. Is some of that on the coaches? Absolutely. But, not all of it. Not even most of it.

    And, the key – like every week – will be in how they respond.

    The sky isn’t falling. If they lose out? It may be. We can talk then.

    Again, I don’t see that happening. Four games left. Four tough games left. But, they’re all winnable (and losable).

    Hey, in other news, did you know Leach never played football? I guess the door’s open for everyone to go start coaching, and do better than the guys at CU right now. Go for it. Oh wait. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it, making their millions.

    At least we only have to wait until Friday to see how this team responds.

    They still control their destiny in how they finish this season.

    I’m rooting for them, and the staff to pull it together. They can. We’ll see if they do.

    I think I mentioned – at 5 and 0 when VK was proclaiming Chev’s brilliance, and that we hadn’t seen “anything yet” from his offense, “we are what our record says we are” being facetious. Pointing out that we were not a “great” team. We are, however, a good team. But, good teams lose. Sometimes in brutal fashion to teams they would ordinarily have no business losing to. It happens. We’ve all watched enough college football to know that’s true. Even more so in the Pac 12.

    Meanwhile, if Mac is hamstringing his OC’s then, what does that say about 2016’s defense? Hmmmm… it can’t run both ways, really.

    Keep some perspective, people.

    Again, 5-7 would be bad. Possibly making a coaching change bad.
    6-6? Not good, but? 2nd bowl in 11 years. Very young team. Reason to hope.
    7-5? That’s really about what “most” people thought was realistic this season.
    8-4? Now we’re talkin’ a nice follow up to last year’s underwhelming performance. And, that’s still right there in what I thought was realistic coming into this season.
    9-3? Can still be done. Then what? Is Mac a genius again? Maybe it’s bc Chev took over? Nope. Just a group of coaches, and their players, trying to get his program on the winning track.

    You all know this is the Pac 12, right? College football is chaos. The Pac 12 takes that to new heights every year. As Leach pointed out, you take the bottom half of every conference and make a tournament, and ours would crush theirs. It’s true. Worst teams in both divisions just beat top teams. Go figure.

    Four weeks left for even more chaos. And, the Buffs will have to be part of the chaotic upsets, instead of part of staving them off.

    Go Buffs

    1. “Keep some perspective people”
      Who the hell are you? This ain’t your little basement bank gang working on a loan and ripping people off.
      Buzz off you fat ol buzzard. I seen yur pic. It ain’t pretty. Put that big butt down and oh never mind. Stu wouldn’t print it.

      Figures you would avoid the issue and bring in some other teams fans.

      I got one from a Buff fan
      Buffs score to go up 31-3 and he told them to take the foot off of the gas.
      OSU starts getting momentum and he keeps the offense on run only.
      OSU gets to 17 and he keeps the offense run only.
      OSU gets within ****ing 3 points!!! And he keeps the clamps on the offense to run out the ****ing clock!
      The offense was fine when it was allowed to attack. His dumb ass didn’t want to “run up the score” and lost a game that CU was winning in blowout fashion.
      I’ve never been too critical of him because he did a great rebuild, but today was 100% ineptitude and completely on him. I honestly think this team won’t win another game this year. Bowl drought continues.
      **** MM. He let his whole team down.

      And in 2016 Mac didn’t hamstring his DC cause he wasn’t as smart as him.
      Why he drove him out.

      Your lolly gagging babble is indicative on mac. Do you ever watch him on the sidelines. Nobody talks to him. He just be waddling around with that refound belly giving orders in his head seat.


      I am more convinced than ever you are a troll.

      1. To quote another Buff fan, “VK, you’re so full of shit…” Amen, brother. Oh ye of the “big chair, hangin’ with all the major donors, and such”. Riiight.

        Now, enough of the name-calling. Sorry, but you egged me on. Let me again take each attempted point of yours, retort, and… await your reply, which will be either crickets, or more name-calling, and rambling about things you know nothing about.

        First of all – who the hell am I? I intentionally gave up the old 93Buff handle, and am now fully present, online, standing for what I say without the anonymity of any handle. Clearly, you’ve spent some time looking me up. You can pretty much see my whole life online. I am many things, but least of all fat. That’s funny. So, who are you? Really? You claim many things, but never really say anything. Why is that?

        As to avoiding the issue? No. I didn’t. I said “brutal loss”. It was. I also said “don’t overlook OSU” a day or three before that game. Most scoffed or said Mac should be fired if that happens. And, before the season, I also commented that it’s pretty much expected that CU would lose a game – at least – that they should not. That’s where they are right now. I also said they’d win one or two nobody thought they would. Some would say they did that in Lincoln. They have four more chances, too, since nobody – least of all you – think they’ll win any other games this year.

        The offense was fine when it was allowed to attack? Are you kidding me? How’d it do with all those punts in the first quarter? Stu outlined them. That TD by Travon, a run up the middle, sure was some sweet aggressive, attacking play calling, huh? Same stuff people like you have been lamenting against all year – “another run between the tackles, wtf?!”.

        And, yes, here’s your story. Leavitt was smarter than Mac, so Mac couldn’t micro manage him, and that’s why he ran him out (had nothing to do with making $1mill+ to be DC at UO… nothing). So, Mac is smarter than Chev, so micromanages him is that right? Three weeks ago, Chev was a genius, and we hadn’t seen anything yet. What happened to that VK, VK? Who is VK anyway? Really.

        Do I watch Mac on the sidelines? Nobody ever talks to him? Yeah, I watch him. He’s talking to his coaches the entire time. Sure, micromanaging, no doubt. Because you have a direct Bluetooth in the headset that your big donor pals give you, right? Ah, yeah. That’s it.

        Now, you don’t like the guy. That’s fine. That’s your opinion. You are entitled to that. But, that has nothing to do with whether or not he is a good coach.

        You are more convinced I’m a troll? I have known you are a troll of trolls for about a decade now. Have seen your true colors forever. They are not black and gold.

        What you got, whoever you are?

        Go Buffs

        1. “I still maintain, Mac, Chev, DJ and co were well aware OSU could surprise them, and coached accordingly.”
          you are insane….and desperately insane. You need to come clean as to your true agenda.

          1. Yeah man, still maintain that. Play calling was not the problem in that loss. Go watch it again. If you have not already. You coached, you know.

            Now, if you want to gripe about the coaches letting the kids be complacent? Fair criticism. But, as a coach, I bet you had one kid, just one, at one point, tune you out. Maybe? I bet so. But, let me know.

            Go Buffs

        2. Into the valley rode the 600. Troll after troll.

          Earache, You never get it.

          Your dislike for CU in your backhanded babbles of truth and love and respect are outdated. Your childish responses as pointed out by AZ and ep limit your ability to be believed.

          You never been in the big chair so don’t babble about it.
          As far as using other fan sites, it is well known that is where you live. Not a Buff fan. Just fake pretender of silver and gold.

          Earache, you don’t know cause you can’t know.

          Mickeymac and lindylu are you idols. You want mickey here cause he has peter principled the Buffs and you like it as you continue to root for them to lose. You can’t hide it anymore.


          1. Atta boy. I predicted crickets, or name calling, knowing you’d come with the latter. Well played. But not really.

            Same ol’ predictable stuff from you for the last decade. You never get specific. Ever. You talk about childish? Nobody on this site rants about people personally – inaccurately no less – more than you do. Very mature indeed. I keep trying to get you to really support your opinions with specifics. Still waiting.

            Even Howell realized, after re-watching the game, what I saw watching it. There was no lifting off the gas pedal.

            Did they choke? Absolutely. And, certainly, coaches – all of them, even Chev – have some responsibility for letting the team take OSU lightly, but, I guarantee you this, the staff did not. And, all that said, the players still had ample opportunities to make plays. Hodgins and Luton just made more (and no, I don’t give credit to Lindgren for the fade call that Hodgins made a miracle catch on; credit goes to Hodgins; everyone in the building knew they’d target the guy who had six inches on our DBs; dude made a play). That started their epic come back.

            So, try again, whoever you are, supposed Buff fan?

            Go Buffs.

      2. What’s even better, is that my point in posting those comments from UW and UO fans – that at least clearly didn’t escape you this time, in fact, completely got your ire – is that you and others here often use those coaches as examples of “better” coaches than Mac. And yet, somehow, I am certain that you’d be railing against them, just like their “fans” are up there.

        So, come again, whoever you are?

        Go Buffs

        1. Those “fans” are spoiled. Our fans, with the exception of your total denial of reality, are just simply rotten from the lack of progress and the same ol game time paralysis by your “heroes.” Your backassward logic has to come from some connection you wont reveal.

        2. Yahoo,

          I never rail against the coaches. I just point out the facts. Facts

          Baer, your idol……………..gone
          His lb coach…………………gone
          your buddy the st coach………………gone
          your protected dl coach…………………gone
          your favorite………..lindy……………….gone
          your most favorite……….mickey……gonna be gone

          See, no railing just facts. As a troll you supported all of them to the end. Hoping for the continuation of Buff failures. You cried on here about the loss of Lindy.

          You don’t want better, you want mediocre.

          Welp it ain’t happening.


          1. Broken clock is all your “this coach sucks and should be fired” posts are. Eventually, the clock comes around, and hey yer a genius.

            Still waiting for you to actually come out of the closet. Who are you, anyway, oh ye of the big chair? My guess is, like most blowhards, you got no clothes, and the sight is rather frightening. So, you cannot show yourself.

            Atta boy.

            Go Buffs

          2. Yep facts kill ya everytime.

            Cause you ain’t got any.

            And using your middle school tactic (per AZ)

            And stated by another poster:

            “Your backassward logic has to come from some connection you wont reveal”

            All you can do is attack what you don’t know. You don’t know me you speculate.

            But I know you. Mediocrity, living it, breathing it, worshiping it………..why its you.

            Plenty on this board (look around earache) do not agree with you. Why is that ?

            Because you don’t know Krap.

            So have a good day pain-in-the-ear.


            win one for ralphie………………..not for Mac 1/2

          3. More blather from whoever you are. So, now you’re using EPs posts to support your opinions? Good call. You guys are an echo-chamber. Although EP usually has a bit more insight supporting his opinions than you do.

            All I can do is attack? Dude, all I do is ask you – and others – to support your opinions. Usually respectfully. Mark/Boulderdevil/GoldenBuff is an example of a guy who sometimes responds, mostly respectfully, as well. And, although we typically disagree, it’s a conversation.

            You’re the first guy to go from foisting your opinions around, to personal attacks. Every time. Good stuff. Very mature, whether you’re a 12-year old in your mom’s basement, or a 65-year old medically retired dude. So, tell us who you are. Why won’t you? You don’t want to shine a light on who you really are? You don’t believe in your opinions enough to stand by them?

            As to you knowing me? More blather. As we know, I purposely removed the veil of anonymity. Knowing full well, you’d get all over google and then toss more personal attacks. It’s cool though, b/c knowing the source, I just laugh.

            Your lack of knowledge of me and my business is only surpassed by your knowledge of football, coaching and the CU program specifically.

            So, why don’t you come clean and tell us who you are?

  7. Apparently there are 2 halves to a football game. Looks like they forgot…fell asleep and never woke up. Quintessential example of a royal choke job. That said…give OSU credit…beavers could have tanked it…but kept fighting, while Buffs folded up like a cheap card table. Do believe Viska would have bailed them out had he been healthy…really miss that guy.

  8. Apparently, they forgot about that fact there are two halves to play in a football game. Fell asleep at halftime, and never woke up. Gave OSU confidence…give beavers credit…they kept battling…Buffs folded up like a cheap card table. Based upon the respective improvements of their next 4 opponents, very likely a deja vu of last season…may not win again. That said…me thinks Viska would have done something to bail them out yesterday had he been playing. Really miss him.

  9. Yo Stuart,
    Not looking good going forward. Sumlin has Arizona turned around. They destroyed Oregon. Cal beat Washington. We have to play them both on the road. Washington State and Utah are ranked…. and Mickey Mac is 0-17 against teams ranked or higher ranked. Not a chance that doesn’t become 0-19 by the end of November.

    Biggest dive ever by a 5-0 team. Mickey just needs another five years, right? This is not the Mountain West. The Pac-12 is big boy football. Yesterday showed that the lower half of the conference can beat the upper half if they play well. AZ over Oregon. ASU over USC. Cal over Washington. And a school that hadn’t beaten a FBS team in almost two years took down the Buffs.

    Anyone can win against the higher ranked teams… except 0-17 Mickey Mac.

    Oh such woe for the mighty buffalo and hopefully good riddance to the coach who never ever takes the blame. Pressure changes everything. Some people shine and others look to start blaming everyone else while never looking in the mirror.

  10. First, hats off to an Oregon State team that never stopped playing.

    Now then, I will always be thankful for MacIntyre raising this program out of the depths. He is good at identifying talent, and coaching up that talent. But he is, plain and simple, a terrible game-time coach. A good coach has his finger on the pulse of every moment of a game and doesn’t just let a game get out of hand for lack of effort. Yesterday’s loss was as much on the coaches as the previous two losses. Only this wasn’t a team dripping with 4 and 5 star talent like USC (and a terrible game plan to attack that team), nor a team that plays smart, hard nosed football like Washington (where a single go-at-them drive at the start of the game netted their only TD, only to be abandoned the rest of the game). No, this was a team that hasn’t won on the road in 2 years, who came to Folsom Field and played the second half like THEY were at home and THEY were the ones used to the altitude. There was no fire or urgency from CU the whole 2nd half. It was like MacIntyre thought “there is no way we can lose this game” and thus his players reflected that in their efforts. Playing not to lose will always lose.

    MacIntyre might be a good lower-level coach, but right now it is remarkably clear he is not a Power-5 coach.

    I wonder if we can get Rick George a phone number for Matt Campbell at Iowa State. No coach does more with less right now.

      1. Campbell is already beyond us…NFL wants him. We need to find the ‘next’ Campbell…

        Point is right though…crazy upsets every week in CFB…never the Buffs…it’s COACHING when you are so outmanned from a talent perspective.

  11. Recruiting will probably suffer
    Attendance will definitely suffer
    This is what 2 million a year gets you.
    What does a D back coach make at Davidson?

    1. Just so you know

      MacIntyre’s base salary is $500,000 in the first year (2017) and will increase by $75,000 each year.
      MacIntyre will receive $1.15 million per year in supplemental salary for radio, TV and other media and public appearances.
      MacIntyre will receive $1.15 million per year in supplemental salary for sponsorship support (Nike).
      Here’s the breakdown of MacIntyre’s annual base and supplemental salary:

      2017: $2,800,000
      2018: $2,875,000
      2019: $2,950,000
      2020: $3,025,000
      2021: $3,100,000
      If employed on Dec. 31, 2021: $100,000
      Total of base and supplemental salary: $14,850,000

      If MacIntyre is fired without cause, he is entitled to claim the remaining balance of his base and supplemental salary, as well as the total amount for items 1, 2 and 3 of incentive salary listed above.

      And don’t forget the bonuses. Note: A couple of those are real safe eh?

      . Academic progress towards graduation for football players: Up to $100,000
      2. Welfare and development of football players, including citizenship: Up to $100,000
      3. Development of football program outreach, culture and reputation on campus: Up to $100,000
      4. If football team attains graduation success rate of 75% each year: $50,000
      5. If football team attains an APR rating of 980 after the academic year: $25,000
      6. Football team wins 7 games in the regular season: $50,000
      7. Each regular season win after 7 wins: $25,000
      8. MacIntyre is selected Pac-12 Coach of the Year: $50,000
      9. Football team wins Pac-12 Championship game: $50,000
      10. MacIntyre wins AP and/or Walter Camp coach of the year: $100,000
      11. Football team plays in a bowl game not affiliated with the College Football Playoff system: $200,000
      12. Football team plays in a College Football Playoff bowl game: $250,000
      13. Football team appears in College Football Playoff championship game: $400,000
      14. Football team wins national championship: $750,000

      1. WITHOUT CAUSE??? Not only is Eric is insane the entire world of college athletics is insane.
        0-17 isnt cause? Coaches have infinitely more power than refs when it comes to contracts.
        Rick, when MM’s replacements apply for the job please put 0-17 in there AS CAUSE.

  12. Great take on the game. I was also in the east stands. It was eerie when we could clearly hear the OSU players on the side line getting jacked at how easily they were coming back. The confidence oozed. It was twilight zone for us fans. A bright note with your coffee this morning, CU has the 40th ranked recruiting class coming in next year at this time. A solid improvement.

  13. Sad Day in Boulderville.

    Did you know the Mighty Mickey Buffs were outscored 38 to 3 in the last 40 minutes if you include overtime.?

    In the first half the Buffs O was shaky but they wheeled out 17 points It did look like a continuation of the last two games as the went
    7 plays punt
    3 plays punt
    3 plays punt
    Sad very Sad
    In the 2nd half nothing. Accept for that 75 yard opening run that scored and accounted for 1/3 of the total rushing yards. Sheesh what a joke (Oline is worse than the normal bad oline of the last 5 years………….Coaching………..there is none.

    In the first half the defense was stellar, aggressive, blitzing fired up. Scored a touchdown. And in the second half,? Nothing.

    So what the heck happened?

    Mac 1/2 happened.
    His team got the lead. 28 points.
    Mac is sweet and is not gonna run up the score.
    Especially on his old midland OC.
    He put the O on hold and the D on relax it’s over.

    He took them off of aggressive football.
    Just like he was a listless walking machine on the sideline so were the Buffs.
    The Buffs became what he is.

    Middle note: Those who say Lindgren won the game are clueless. LIndgren (not that he won it ) would have lost that game had he been on the Buff sideline. Lindgren is what he is, a midland coach who took advantage a gift from a ‘peter-principled’ friend. I am just gonna say it. Mike McIntyre is ‘Hawkins II’

    This is such a sad loss. This team has top 30 talent and bottom 100 coaching.
    Clearly Chev is a slow learner an can’t see the big or even little picture. Or is being bitten by his boss and Roper. Or Both. 3 jobs. Too much for him. No question.
    Adams is a disaster. Spent a bunch of time watching the oline get whipped. Whipped bad. Those frosh and rsfrosh are not ready. And it’s a sad state eh? He has 3 jobs. Co-Oc, run game coordinator and OL coach. 1 + 1 + 1 = 0. He can’t handle it. 5 years as Oline and the Buffs got nothing. (You do know why Timmy was benched now don’t ya? Remember the DE from last year? If ya don’t I can’t help ya)

    Another Note: These Coordinators got too many jobs.

    A win would have put them in the position of totally controlling their own destiny. Yesterday proves they wouldn’t have been able to do it anyway. But at least they would have gotten a bowl bid. (Maybe recall I wrote I had a hunch about USC losing one. You saw it yesterday. I never bet, work too hard for the cash.

    There is a distinct possibility they don’t win anymore. ( I don’t predict ever) The 4 remaining games are against team who are rolling into November. Cal may be the “can the Buffs get a bowl game”

    Lotta heat on Mickey for not taking ANY of the blame for the loss. Whoa his 850 interview was a disaster and he got crucified everywhere. Mac certainly has Narcissist tendencies but that may just come with the job. Coachy Woachy Speak.

    Go you Mighty Buffs beat somebody, anybody please. (It’s on you coaches)

    Note: Cost too much to fire Flimflam II
    Note 2: May cost too much to not fire Flimflam II

  14. Well there goes the bowl game chances. Arizona looked like world beaters, Cal, Utah and wash st. the same. We will be home for bowl time. Frantically searching for a new head coach.

  15. Why did wigrey continue to be assigned to their best receiver while getting burned/committing penalty after penalty for basically the entire second half??? 🤮

  16. Extension was a huge mistake, Levitt was the MAN. Hate being right fire him bc have believed all along we would never be truly back with mac2.0. He is not intelligent enough for today’s game seriously.

  17. Stuart, last week you wrote about taking off the Band Aid. I think after today we Buff fans are all in the ICU and recovery is iffy.

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