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October 7th – Game Day!!

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Drew Litton on CU v. Arizona

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“Must win” not a cliche in game against Arizona

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From … Every game, players and coaches will tell you, is a “must” win.

But some just fit the bill a little more than others — and the Colorado Buffaloes find themselves in one of those situations Saturday when they play host to Arizona in a 6 p.m. game at Folsom Field (Pac-12 Networks).

The Buffs, 3-2 overall and 0-2 in the Pac-12, still have designs on making themselves part of the Pac-12 South contender conversation when November rolls around. It is not impossible to win a division title with three losses — in fact, it has happened twice in the Pac-12 in the last five years — but it is also definitely not something the Buffs would like to test.

Instead, they would much rather get their first Pac-12 win of the season under their belts in front of what is expected to be the biggest Folsom Field crowd since last year’s season finale against Utah.

“They understand that any game is important,” head coach Mike MacIntyre said of his Buffs earlier this week. “A Pac-12 game at home — we’ve lost two — this is an important game for us to win. A lot of our guys have played a lot football now and understand the sense of urgency and make sure that we’re taking care of business.”

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October 6th

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Neill Woelk’s Five Keys for CU v. Arizona

From …  For defensive coordinators, every week in the Pac-12 is an adventure.

Just ask Colorado’s D.J. Eliot.

Last week, Eliot prepared his team to face one of the nation’s premier pass attacks and one of the country’s best quarterbacks, UCLA’s Josh Rosen.

This week, the Buffs must switch gears in a hurry. Saturday, they will see a premier dual-threat quarterback in Arizona’s Brandon Dawkins, a player who can throw (670 yards passing, five touchdowns in four games this year) and run (341 yards, six TDs on the ground). He is no doubt the catalyst for an UA offense that is averaging more than 41 points and nearly 480 yards per game.

The 3-2 Buffs (0-2 Pac-12) will also see what has all the signs of a much-improved Arizona defense. A Wildcats bunch that last year was near the bottom of the Pac-12 in scoring defense and total defense appears to have taken a big jump this year. Arizona (2-2, 0-1) is fifth in the conference in scoring defense, allowing just 22.2 points per game.

What the Buffs must do Saturday to break into the Pac-12 win column:

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Quarterback Steven Montez continues to show improvement

From … Overshadowed by last week’s Colorado loss at UCLA was one very promising detail:

Buffs sophomore quarterback Steven Montez continues to make strides.

Montez’s numbers against the Bruins were by no means overwhelming, at least in the air: 17-for-36 for 243 yards and a touchdown. He supplemented those numbers rather nicely with a team-leading 108 yards on the ground on just 15 carries, a healthy 7.2-yards-per-carry average.

But perhaps most importantly, Montez did enough to give the Buffs a chance to win. He made plays, did not turn the ball over, and put Colorado in position to score touchdowns (he had two passes dropped in the end zone and a touchdown run nullified by a penalty).

“I thought Steven played well,” head coach Mike MacIntyre said. “The quarterback has to play well and then everybody else around him has to play well. In the UCLA game, he played well enough for us to win. Could he have made more plays? Yes, but you can always say that. I thought he played well enough for us to win that football game, there’s no doubt.”

It was another step forward in the development of a young quarterback whose flashy debut a year ago perhaps eclipsed the fact that he is still a youngster learning the college game.

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October 5th

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Ralphie at 50 emoji sticker











From … Colorado Buffalo fans now have a new way to communicate like never before with the newly released Ree Stickers app that turns CU’s costumed mascot Chip and live mascot Ralphie into emoji stickers.

Colorado has partnered with MyWeb GP, LLC to allow CU fans to spread their love using the Buff-centric emojis on texts, messages and other social media venues as they chat about sports, upcoming events and life. The customized emojis were designed by renowned artists from Marvel, DC Comics, Universal Studios, Disney and Blue Sky.

“It is an honor to work closely with University of Colorado, be trusted with their brands, and have top entertainment talent empower fans with a new voice,” says John Hart, Developer and CEO of Ree Stickers.

Simply search Ree Stickers at the Apple App Store for a free download featuring several free stickers of Chip and Ralphie (Android version coming soon on Google Play). Stickers can be shared via Facebook, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and even email. Unlock the entire collection of Chip and Ralphie stickers for only $1.99.

Rich Rodriguez praises CU’s Phillip Lindsay

From the Daily Camera … Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez said this week that he believes Colorado’s Phillip Lindsay is one of the best running backs in the nation.

“I’m a huge Phillip Lindsay fan,” Rodriguez said during the weekly Pac-12 coaches teleconference. “The way he plays, not only with the ball, but without the ball. Without question I think he’s one of the most valuable players in the Pac-12.

“If you give him a little space or if he needs a yard or two, he’ll get three or four. You have to do a great job wrapping up because he’ll run through a lot of tackles.”

Lindsay ranks fourth in the Pac-12 with 105.8 rushing yards per game. He’s also got 13 catches for 111 yards and has scored at least one touchdown in each game.

Drew Lewis v. dual threat quarterback Brandon Dawkins a key matchup this weekend

From … Every week, Colorado inside linebacker Drew Lewis feels a little more comfortable in his role.

Now in his second year with the Buffs and first as a starter, the CU junior is also becoming more and more of a weapon every week. He has proven to be a solid pass rusher (he has four quarterback pressures and a pair of quarterback chasedowns), he is fast and agile enough to drop into pass coverage on a tight end or running back, and he is physical enough to play the run (he leads the team in tackles with 55, including two tackles for loss).

“Last year was a good year for him to get his feet wet,” head coach Mike MacIntyre said. “He played on all the special teams and backed up Kenneth Olugbode, who had a phenomenal year. He was able to do everything and learn everything, then we kept the exact same system. He’s a good blitzer and he’s extremely fast and athletic, so we’re able to use him a little differently than we did with Kenneth. (Defensive coordinator D.J. Eliot) has done a great job at utilizing Drew to his strengths and he’s played well.”

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USA Today interviews Bill McCartney on his dementia; his history as a coach

From the USA Today …  Bill McCartney can’t really believe what’s happening to his mind. He has dementia. And it scares him to death at times.

“I’m still in denial a little bit,” McCartney said. “I’m going, ‘Is this really happening to me?'”

In a recent interview with USA TODAY Sports, the former University of Colorado football coach gave a candid assessment of his own mortality and condition. He called his memory problems “frightening” and “sobering.”

He said he’s visited senior living facilities as a possible destination for himself but doesn’t “want to go out that way.” He can’t remember things that happened in the last several hours. He also forgot his appointment for this interview – at 8 a.m. on a Thursday at a supermarket cafe outside of Denver. He was late by about 35 minutes after being reminded of the appointment he set the night before.

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On becoming and being a coach:

McCartney: “When you know early on what you want to do, there’s value in that. You pay attention to details of something that are going to become more and more important. Listen to this statement, because this statement means a lot as it relates to what we’re talking about: Greatness is achieved in the discipline of attending to the details. Even in your work, if you’re detail-conscious, if you don’t miss the subtleties, and you grab the headlines, you’re going to be more effective. Well, it’s the same thing in coaching. The best coaches are detail conscious. They don’t just bark. They don’t just have the best players. They teach them the right way to do it so they don’t make the same mistakes.”

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October 4th

… CU in a few minutes … 

Injury report (gotta like the way Laguda’s injury is being reported)

From …

Safety Afolabi Laguda – back – suffered a lower back contusion from a cheap blind shot from a UCLA receiver (Sept. 30) – DAY-TO-DAY
Cornerback Trey Udoffia – knee – suffered a sprain in the first half against UCLA (Sept. 30) – DAY-TO-DAY

Mike MacIntyre post-practice talk with media (Wed.)

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Arizona coaches looking for better game management from their quarterback 

From … Arizona Wildcats quarterback Brandon Dawkins has his share of detractors. Much of the criticism, particularly about his accuracy as a passer, is valid.

But it’s inaccurate to portray Dawkins as turnover-prone. The three interceptions he threw against Utah on Sept. 22 marked a career high. They were his first picks of the season. Only twice previously had he thrown two interceptions in a game: against Utah last year and against Arizona State in 2015, his first extended playing time as a collegian.

Dawkins generally has managed games well. The Utah game — a six-point loss in which he also fumbled — stands as the exception.

But taking better care of the ball — a basic tenet of football since its birth — has been a huge point of emphasis for Dawkins and the Wildcats since the Utah game ended and preparations for Colorado began.

“We have to value the football to the point where you understand, that is our program,” Rod Smith, Arizona’s co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, said Tuesday. “You are holding the program in your hands. You don’t carelessly let that thing go.”

Smith and UA coach Rich Rodriguez acknowledged that sometimes plays simply don’t work. Sometimes the offensive play call just isn’t right; sometimes the opposition calls the perfect defense.

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October 3rd 

… CU in a few minutes … 

Evan Worthington: “The mood of this team is that we can’t lose any more”

From …  Pick your favorite description: “Backs to the wall,” “Must win” or “Increased sense of urgency.”

They all fit.

But the bottom line for the Colorado Buffaloes is simple: now staring at an 0-2 Pac-12 record, the 3-2 Buffs know that every game from this point on is magnified in importance.

Magnified, at least, if the Buffs have hopes of being in the Pac-12 contender conversation when November rolls around.

“The mood of this team is that we can’t lose any more,” Buffs defensive back Evan Worthington said at Tuesday’s weekly CU press conference. “We’ve got to keep pushing. This is a big week for us so we’re just really fighting hard during practice. It’s getting physical out there, there were a couple fights today, but it’s all part of it.”

 There’s no doubt the stage is set. Colorado plays host Saturday to 2-2 Arizona (0-1 Pac-12) in a 6 p.m. game at Folsom Field (Pac-12 Networks). The game coincides with Family Weekend at CU, meaning the Buffs could see their biggest home crowd of the season at kickoff.

“We still have a chance to do what our goal is and that’s win the Pac-12,” Buffs senior safety Afolabi Laguda said. “I feel we’re going to come out here and play fast and physical.”

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Mike MacIntyre Tuesday press conference quotes

YouTube highlights, courtesy of


Transcript, from

Opening Statement
“I know everybody’s been talking about Las Vegas, which we should there’s no doubt about it. It’s an absolute tragedy, but I did not realize it would hit this close to home. Darrin Chiaverini lost his brother-in-law and his wife’s best friend got killed in Las Vegas. It’s been rough on them and us helping him. When a 28-year old loses his life and a 35-year old with kids – all of the situations, no matter what they have – is tragic. When you come in to work and all that’s going on, you just think that’s just in Las Vegas. When two of the 59 people are close, a brother-in-law and a life-long friend, it’s extremely tough. You can imagine Darrin’s family and what they’re going through right now with this situation. When we all think about that I think we all get angry. We don’t understand why. It’s an extremely, extremely sad situation all the way around. Please remember Darrin and their family and all the things they’re going through.”

“Arizona is playing really well. They could easily be 4-0, but they’re 2-2. They’ve gotten beat by two good football teams that have played well for the last few years. It’s going to be a very tough contest. They’re much improved on defense compared to where they were last year. Offensively, [quarterback Brandon] Dawkins reminds me so much of Colin Kaepernick when I coached against him when I was at San Jose State. He’s long, athletic, fast and he can throw the ball forever. He has great arm strength. That’s what Kaepernick would do in college, he’d run everywhere and do that kind of thing. We’ve got to be able to stop their running game and hopefully corral Dawkins. They’ve been causing a lot of turnovers on defense too, so we’ve got to be able to take care of the football which has hurt us at times. It’s going to be a tough game and we’re excited to play at home, I know that much.”

On The Mood Of The Team
“They are focused and ready to go. We got in at six in the morning on Sunday, so on Monday I scaled back practice quite a bit. Today was our first day of being physical and I thought they had a good practice, got after it and were very, very focused. I thought it was a good practice. We always say it was a good practice, but some are just a little better than others.”

On The Development Of Linebacker Drew Lewis
“Last year was a good year for him to get his feet wet. He played on all the special teams and backed up Kenneth Olugbode who had a phenomenal year. He was able to do everything and learn everything, then we kept the exact same system. We saw of his strengths. He’s a good blitzer, he’s extremely fast and athletic, so we were able to use him a little differently than we did with Kenneth. Kenneth was great at what he did. D.J.’s [Eliot] has done a great job at utilizing Drew to his strengths and he’s played well.”

On Linebacker Drew Lewis Pressuring The Quarterback
“The way we do it with the pressure is they sometimes see him coming up the middle and they get it off. He truly pressures the quarterback; they know where he is. He hurries a lot of throws and causes a lot of incompletions.”

On Defending Arizona Head Coach Rich Rodriguez’s Read Option Offense
“Tackle the running back and tackle the quarterback, those are the keys. It’s easy to say and hard to do. It has option aspects of it. They’re bubble guy is really like the pitch guy. The dive guy is kind of like the fullback and here’s the quarterback. If you brought the wide receivers in and put them in the slot, it’s a little bit similar to what Georgia Tech does. He’ll pull it, he’ll run or he’ll throw it out there. The other thing is it’s similar to the Wing-T with the quarterback runs and the pulling guards. He’s taken a combination of those two and couple different offenses and turned into his own. It’s really the Rich-Rod offense. Not a lot of people run this type of offense. The key is if they can get the running back going, you just can’t stop them. We’ve got to somehow keep the running back from getting going and then we’ve got a chance. If they get the running back going just like you do in the option game against Georgia Tech, if they get the fullback going you can’t stop them.”

On The Difference Between Evan Worthington Than In Years Past
“When he was young we played him quite a bit. I would have liked to have redshirted him the first year, but he was so athletic that we ended up playing him. It’s like all of us, the lightbulb came on and he matured. His athletic ability is still the same, but he’s mature, he doesn’t take anything for granted, he’s focused and he’s always into it. He’s doing great in school, off the field and in football. It’s just like I always say, if you keep developing as a person then you’ll develop better as a player. That’s what I see in him. He’s always had the tools. I’ve always thought he’s had phenomenal athletic ability. Now he’s putting it all together and playing really well.”

On Quarterback Steven Montez Play
“I thought Steven played well. The quarterback has to play well and then everybody else around him has to play well. In the UCLA game, he played well enough for us to win. Could he have made more plays? Yes, but you can always say that. I thought he played well enough for us to win that football game, there’s no doubt. In the Washington game, he played good, but if you look at it he probably didn’t play well enough for us to win the game.”

On The Changes Players Must Make To How They Tackle Due To Targeting Penalties
“It’s hard, but you just have to target differently. It’s kind of like pitching. They kept changing the pitching window. It’s the same way in tackling. You went from you could hit him anywhere to now you can hit him low, but they’re ducking and trying to make you miss. It’s a little bit tougher. The quarterback’s really the hard one to hit. You can’t hit him. You have to hit him in the strike zone. You have to hit him above the knees and below the chin. You’re head can’t hit anywhere up in here. That’s why it’s hard to tackle those guys sometimes. It’s tough. They’re protecting them. I understand all that and agree with all of it. It’s just hard on those guys. We work on it all the time. I think he’s just more conscious that he can get kicked out of the game.”

On Tension Between The Coaches Due To Offensive Struggles
“No. Not any. None whatsoever. You’ve just got to keep working and keep going. Like I said the other night after the game, we could have easily had 17 more points. It comes and goes. You keep working and breaks end up coming your way. I definitely think we’re talented enough and good enough at what we do that we’ll make those things happen.”

On The Experience Of Playing For His Dad And Coaching His Own Son, Jay MacIntyre
“I really enjoyed playing for my dad. He was a phenomenal coach and a phenomenal man. The way he coached me is the secondary coach would coach me. I don’t remember him saying two words to me much, except maybe ‘Move faster’ and ‘Get going.’ With Jay, I let ‘Chev’ (wide receivers coach Darrin Chiaverini) and them handle everything with that. They handle playing time and all that stuff. With him, I just let them do it so there’s no pink elephant in the room. It’s fun getting to see him every day, even if I might not talk to him that day. I’ll see him at practice. It’s good to see him.”

On Balancing A Sense Of Urgency
“I know they understand that any game is important. A Pac-12 game at home, we lost two here, this is an important game for us to win. A lot of our guys have played a lot football now and understand the sense of urgency and make sure that we’re taking care of business. The only way you can do that is to take care of it during the week. You can’t all of sudden get excited on Saturdays. That doesn’t do anything. It’s their work ethic and how they’re preparing. I’ve seen them prepare well the last couple days. I didn’t see anybody dragging. I’ve seen them prepare and kept working. That all builds. You can’t all of a sudden just turn it on this week if you didn’t do it the week before and the week before that. Their sense of focus, understanding and hopefully their intensity level keeps rising as the games get more and more important. They understand what we want to do.”

On If There Will Be Any Coaching Changes During The Week To Accommodate Coach. Darrin Chiaverini
“Not right now. I talked to ‘Chev’ about it. They’re trying to figure everything out at this moment. He went home early after they found out. I told him the other day, whatever he needs to do, go do it. If he needs to go, he can go for sure. I’m going to let him take it. They’re could be or they’re could not be. It depends on what their family decides. He’s completely free to go do what he needs to do. It’s a lot more important than football. Other people are ready to jump in”

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Cornerback Trey Udoffia “doing better” 

From the Daily Camera … Mike MacIntyre said Monday that redshirt freshman cornerback Trey Udoffia, who left Saturday’s game with an apparent leg injury is “doing better.” Udoffia was injured late in the first half and did not return. MacIntyre said he’s not sure if Udoffia will play this week.



October 2nd

… CU in a few minutes … 

Buffs going black-and-white for home game against Arizona







Buffs begin practicing for multi-dimensional Arizona quarterback Brandon Dawkins

From … Last week, the Colorado Buffaloes saw a prototype pocket passer in UCLA’s Josh Rosen.

This week, they’ll see a dual-threat quarterback in Arizona’s Brandon Dawkins, a player equally capable in the run and pass game. The 3-2 Buffs (0-2 Pac-12) will get their chance to slow him down Saturday when they host the Wildcats (2-2, 0-1) in a 6 p.m. game at Folsom Field (Pac-12 Networks).

Thus far, Dawkins has been the major catalyst for an Arizona offense that is averaging more than 41 points and nearly 480 yards per game on the ground. In four games, he has completed 66 of 105 pass attempts for 670 yards, five touchdowns and three interceptions, while also running 52 times for 341 yards and six touchdowns. In a 63-16 win over UTEP earlier this season, Dawkins ran for 143 yards and three touchdowns, passed for 143 yards and three touchdowns — and even punted once for 36 yards.

It means CU’s defensive line will not only have to contend with Dawkins from a pass rush angle, but also do their best not to allow him to escape from the pocket and turn broken plays into big plays.

“You always have to account for him in the run game, you always have to account for him in your pass rush lanes, making sure you’re not getting too far up the field and giving him a lane to tuck it and run it,” Buffs defensive coordinator D.J. Eliot said. “Those things are always in consideration in your game plan and your techniques for that week for an athletic quarterback.”

It won’t be CU’s first look at Dawkins. In last year’s 49-24 Colorado win in Tucson, they limited Dawkins to a 9-for-19, 107-yard day in the air and 76 yards on 18 rushes, which included two sacks.

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Mike MacIntyre post-practice talk with media (Mon.)

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Dante Wigley sees first significant playing time against UCLA

From the Daily Camera … Dante Wigley wasn’t expecting to get a lot of playing time against UCLA on Saturday.

When his name was called, however, the sophomore cornerback was ready.

Wigley replaced injured starter Trey Udoffia late in the first half of the Buffaloes’ 27-23 loss at the Rose Bowl and played nearly the entire second half.

“I thought he did great from what I saw,” starting corner Isaiah Oliver said. “To be able to come off the bench randomly like that off an injury and play as well as he did, I thought that was really good for his confidence and really good for this defense.”

Udoffia, a redshirt freshman, has been playing well in his first season as a starter. After the game, head coach Mike MacIntyre said he didn’t know the extent of Udoffia’s injury.

A junior college transfer who came to Boulder in January, Wigley provided a smooth transition, filling in nicely for Udoffia.

“Coach Mac and (secondary coach ShaDon) Brown, they prepared us,” Wigley said. “We’re all ready to step up. We do our role. He preaches that every time. Everybody is ready to step in if their number is called. I was ready and I feel like I did pretty good. I could have made more plays, but I feel like I played well.”

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Neill Woelk: Ten Takeaways from UCLA game

From … Sitting at the bottom of the Pac-12 South standings is not where the Colorado Buffaloes expected to be just two games into the conference season.

Still, the Buffs (3-2 overall, 0-2 Pac-12) can gather a little consolation in the fact that only one team in the division — Utah — is still unbeaten in Pac-12 play, and the Utes have played just one conference game.

It means the Buffs’ hopes of being a part of the Pac-12 contender conversation are still alive, albeit bruised.

But this week, in the wake of a difficult 27-23 loss at UCLA, it’s safe to assume the Buffs aren’t going to be focusing on any long-term goals. They will take a look at Saturday’s loss — a game they had plenty of chances to win — and then set their immediate sights on breaking their two-game losing streak next Saturday when they play host to Arizona (2-2, 0-1) in a 6 p.m. game at Folsom Field (Pac-12 Networks).

What we learned from Saturday’s game at the Rose Bowl:

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October 1st

… CU in a few minutes … 

Missed opportunities doom Buff chances

From … Missed opportunities.

Still with a razor-thin margin for error, Mike MacIntyre‘s Colorado Buffaloes made too many mistakes Saturday night to survive what everyone figured would be a down-to-the-wire game with UCLA.

The game definitely followed form, but it was the Bruins made plays when it most mattered.

Not that the Buffs didn’t make plays. Colorado’s defense made UCLA star quarterback Josh Rosen work for every yard, holding the Bruins to 27 points — 18 under their season average. CU’s offense rushed for 191 yards and threw for 243. Colorado won the turnover battle, 1-0, getting an interception from Evan Worthington.

But at the most crucial junctures, the Buffs came up short. Dropped passes, penalties that nullified touchdowns, missed tackles, fake field goals that came up empty — all contributed to an evening that left the Buffs 3-2 overall and 0-2 in Pac-12 play.

Now, the obvious question for a team that began the season with a very public eye on a Pac-12 South title is simple: with seven conference games remaining, are their backs to the wall?

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Arizona starting safety arrested in domestic violence incident

Related … “Arizona Wildcats safety Scottie Young shoved, spat on girlfriend in residence hall” … from the Arizona Republic

From the Arizona Republic … Freshman safety Scottie Young Jr., one of the top young players during the Arizona Wildcats’ 2-2 start, was arrested Wednesday in connection with a domestic violence incident, court records show.

Young, 18, was cited for assault by University of Arizona police. He made an initial appearance in Pima County Justice Court Thursday.

He’s facing one charge of misdemeanor assault/knowingly causing injury and is scheduled for arraignment in front of Judge Adam Watters on October 11, according to court records.

Young’s UA career had gotten off to a promising start. Praised since the beginning of training camp by coaches and teammates, Young became the starter at free safety.

Through four games, Young had accumulated 20 tackles, third most on the team. He also had 1 1/2 stops for losses.

Pro Football Focus rated Young as the fifth-best freshman in the country, regardless of position, entering this weekend’s games. Young attended Helix High School in San Diego.

Continue reading story here ..

Washington State leapfrogs USC in national rankings

A 30-27 victory over USC allowed Washington State to jump over the Trojans in the national polls. Washington State moved up five spots in the Associated Press poll, to No. 11 overall. Meanwhile USC dropped nine spots to No. 14.

Washington, which turned a 7-0 halftime lead over Oregon State into a 42-7 romp, remained at No. 6, while idle Utah remained at No. 20.

Oregon and Stanford remained on the “others receiving votes” listings, while Colorado and Cal disappeared.

The Associated Press poll

1. Alabama
2. Clemson
3. Oklahoma
4. Penn State
5. Georgia
6. Washington
7. Michigan
8. TCU
9. Wisconsin
10. Ohio State
11. Washington State … up five from last week
12. Auburn
13. Miami (Fla.)
14. Southern California … down nine from last week
15. Oklahoma State
16. Virginia Tech
17. Louisville
18. South Florida
19. San Diego State
20. Utah
21. Florida
21. Notre Dame
23. West Virginia
24. NC State
25. UCF

Others Receiving Votes: Oregon (3-1) 19; Florida State (1-2) 15; Georgia Tech (3-1) 10; Texas Tech (3-1) 10; Stanford (3-2) 8; Navy (4-0) 7; Kansas State (3-1) 3; Texas A&M (4-1) 2; Memphis (3-1) 2; Maryland (3-1) 1; Troy (4-1) 1

USA Today Coaches’ Poll

1. Alabama
2. Clemson
3. Oklahoma
4. Penn State
5. Washington
6. Georgia
7. Michigan
8. Wisconsin
9. Ohio State
10. TCU
11. Washington State
12. Miami (Fla.)
13. Auburn
14. Oklahoma State
15. Southern California
16. South Florida
17. Louisville
18. Utah
19. Virginia Tech
20. Florida
21. San Diego State
22. Notre Dame
23. West Virginia
24. NC State
25. UCF

Others Receiving Votes: Florida State (1-2) 55; Kansas State (3-1) 35; Georgia Tech (3-1) 31; Navy (4-0) 30; Texas A&M (4-1) 27; Stanford (3-2) 18; Oregon (3-1) 17; Kentucky (4-1) 14; Troy (4-1) 9; Maryland (3-1) 6; Michigan State (3-1) 2; Arkansas (2-2) 1; Mississippi State (3-2) 1; Colorado State (2-2) 1; Memphis (3-1) 1



9 Replies to “Colorado Daily – Arizona”

  1. So I have been very supportive of Mac but he is not moving the team forward. They are right back to being outplayed at every level of the game. Sad to watch. Don’t think we have the staff to change the program.

  2. My thoughts are with the Chiaverini’s and all families effected by the senseless idiotic never should have happened tragedy in Las Vegas.

  3. Yo Stuart,

    Mike MacIntyre’s future depends upon this game against Arizona perhaps more than any other since he arrived in Boulder. Arizona is a horrible Pac-12 road team the last several years. Last year they were 0-4 and outscored in the Pac on the road 192-71. In 2015 they were outscored 225-125 on road with a 1-4 record.

    The last time Arizona won on the road in the Pac-12 was when they beat Colorado in 2015.

    Colorado has looked pretty uninterested and uninspired this year so far. That falls on MacIntyre and the coaches. If they lose this game at home, the rest of the season will be lost. The fans and the players will stop caring.

    Colorado needs to win the game and win big to get this season salvaged. If they struggle at home to a clearly inferior team, the rest of the Pac-12 schedule looks like murderer’s row in comparison.

    If the Buffs lose, it will be clear that MacIntyre has lost the faith of his team, and that will not likely be restored. The countdown to reality is on.


    1. Good points

      I feared bringing up the “faith” issue cause Stuart
      would beat me up. But I believe that possibility


    2. Agree 100%. Go 3-3 and the season will go downhill with a losing, bowl less season looming. Win this one, go 4-2, then hopefully 5-2 with OSU and things are looking up. Pivotal game not only for season but the positive flow of the program from last year to this year and into the future. The mantra for this game should be: “Coaches own wins and losses, players make plays”.

  4. We have a QB with a rocket arm, Phil and a bunch of good wide receivers yet we run the QB 15 times. Certainly that points to some busted plays due to less than stellar protection but it all points to incompetence at the OC position.
    The D is still good but not as good as last year’s which could have won the UCLA game like it did some other close ones last year.
    If the O continues to prove Einstein’s theory of insanity my optimism for the rest of this season is out the window. If Mac absolutely refuses to fire Lingering this team has gone about as far as it can and I dont see a Tennessee in Mac’s future.

  5. Assuming like last year the team captains select the uniforms, it appears White is the favorite color. I gotta say I like it. All black is best though and the traditional is nice too.

    But my fav is the “Storm Trooper” look.


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