A Tangled Webb

May 18th Update … Texas Tech quarterback Davis Webb will not be coming to the University of Colorado for his senior season.

CU co-offensive coordinator Darrin Chiaverini, Webb’s former coach at Texas Tech, however, sent out the following tweet this morning (which left little to the imagination as to whether Webb was coming to Boulder):

Proud of Davis Webb. That will never change. Was able to be around the young man for two years and saw how he handled himself. In the end he made a decision he felt was best for him. Will never be mad at someone for that.

From ESPN … Sources told ESPN that Webb began to have a change of heart in February, around the time that Cal coach Sonny Dykes hired Jake Spavital as the team’s new offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.

Spavital is from Mike Leach’s “Air Raid” coaching tree, as is Dykes and Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury.

From the Daily Camera … On Wednesday morning, Davis Webb made a phone call to Colorado co-offensive coordinator Darrin Chiaverini, letting him know that he passed all his classes and what set to graduate from Texas Tech this weekend.

The tone in Webb’s voice told Chiaverini there was more to this call, though.

“I could tell that he was a little nervous calling me,” Chiaverini said. “I could tell he wanted to get serious and talk a little bit.”

Unfortunately for Chiaverini and the Buffaloes, the coveted quarterback informed them that, despite maintaining his commitment to Colorado for more than three months, he is spurning the Buffs and transferring to California instead.

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May 14th Update … Adam at BuffStampede.com is reporting that the holdup is, in fact, the issue of Davis Webb being admitted to Cal. No guarantee that Webb will go to Berkeley even if he qualifies, but is keeping his options open until he hears. Webb has repeatedly stated that he wants to be on the campus of his new school upon graduating from Texas Tech … and his graduation is next Saturday, May 21st … so stay tuned.



May 12th Update Report: Texas Tech quarterback to transfer to California instead of Colorado

From InsideCoaches.com … On Saturday sources close to Davis Webb confirmed he has made the decision to transfer to the University of California. INSIDE Coaches also confirmed Davis would make it public this coming week before graduation. The former Texas Tech QB, a graduate transfer, visited Cal in April, and also visited Auburn. The 6-foot-5, 200-pound Webb, who has thrown 46 TD passes against 22 interceptions for his career, committed to Colorado in January, but wasn’t bound to do it. He will arrive in Berkeley in two weeks to begin summer workouts and begin his quest to be the starting QB. He will team up with the new Bears offensive coordinator Jake Spavital, a protégé of Webb’s old coach Kliff Kingsbury.

Kingsbury has said the 21-year-old Webb, ho ended up playing behind Pat Mahomes in 2015, has the tools to be a top-five overall NFL Draft pick because of his size, arm strength and mind. “He has a chance to be very special,” Kingsbury said after Webb finished up his freshman season in 2013. “He has one of the quickest releases and strongest arms I’ve been around. Very smart, intellectual thinker. Processes things very quickly. Sees the field. Great at checking to the right place.”



April 26th Update … CU at the Gamer Ron Ward found a nice article which includes an interview with Davis Webb.

The article is entitled “College Football’s Free-Agent Frenzy“, put out by sportsonearth.com, and can be found here.

Some of the Davis Webb quotes:

— Webb and his father fielded 30 to 50 calls from programs after Texas Tech’s bowl game, when he announced his plans to transfer. For now, he’s committed to Colorado, but he is still fielding calls from various programs in several major conferences. He declined to comment on who he’s still listening to, but recent reports have linked him to California, Mississippi State and Auburn.

“I’m a selfless guy, but I want to make sure this decision is selfish because I only have six months there,” Webb said. “I want to make sure I have a chance to compete and make an impact on a program, leave a legacy and get my master’s.”

— Webb is committed to Colorado, but regardless of where he actually enrolls, he’s planning on showing up to campus on May 21, a day after he graduates from Texas Tech.

“I’m not in a mood to mess around,” he said, “This is a business decision.”

— It’s likely not Colorado coach Mike MacIntyre’s favorite practice, but Webb says he was upfront with what lie ahead when he first committed to the Buffaloes.

“They’ve been very understanding of my situation,” Webb said. “They’ve been nothing but the best. They put their points out there. A lot of other college coaches have made their points, too. Being the youngest captain ever at Tech played in my favor. I’ve been a hard worker. I’ve been motivated. I think I have a lot of doubters. I want to prove people wrong. I have a humongous chip on my shoulder. If I do that, I feel like I have a chance to leave a legacy in a program. I’m disappointed I have to transfer from Texas Tech but I’m extremely excited and that coaches like coach Kingsbury helped me find a new home.”



April 20th Update … CU head coach Mike MacIntyre was on 950 AM Altitude Sports with Tom Helmer and Scott Hastings on Wednesday.

When asked about Davis Webb, MacIntyre said … “I’ve contact with him basically every day. He’s definitely told me he’s still coming. That’s the way I see it, and that’s what I am standing by his word. The rule is kind of crazy – he can sign with us, but since you’re a transfer, you can still look other places. As people have bad springs with quarterbacks, teams have called him everyday. That’s the way that works”.


April 19th Update … From 247 Sports … “I’m still committed to Colorado. I love them,” Webb added. “But I only get one shot at this thing. I’m not like most grad transfers who get two years. I have six months of college football, and I want to make sure it’s the spot for me. That’s why I took another visit.”

Webb said he plans to make a final decision “soon” but maintained he’s still committed to Colorado. The visits to California, and any additional visits he takes, are about making sure Colorado is the ideal destination.

“I’m trying to make sure it’s the perfect fit,” Webb said. “In the situation I’m in, I had the displeasure of not being able to play much last year after playing a pretty good amount the first two years, so you could basically say last year was a waste of my eligibility because I didn’t get to redshirt. So I have six months to play the best game in the world. I want to make sure it’s where I’m supposed to be.”

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April 16th Update … from SEC Country Texas Tech quarterback transfer Davis Webb doesn’t want people to know his business.

After the Colorado commitment told an ESPN reporter last week he plans to visit Auburn, a source told SEC Country no such visit or contact had been made with the graduate transfer. After repeated attempts to reach Webb about his plans, he told SEC Country Saturday he is not going to delve into the details.

“I am keeping this private,” he told SEC Country. “It’s a big choice for myself, that’s why I am keeping it to myself.”

Auburn will have five quarterbacks on scholarship when preseason camp begins in August: Jeremy Johnson, Sean White, Tyler Queen, John Franklin III and freshman Woody Barrett. Webb will be immediately eligible wherever he enrolls this summer. He is expected to graduate from Texas Tech in May.



A Tangled Webb …

Texas Tech senior quarterback Davis Webb is not signing with Cal.

He’s not signing with Colorado, either.

Webb is not signing with anyone … at least until he graduates next month and can actually finalize his commitment

Until then, the saga of Davis Webb will continue, and, as we wait, it’s worth looking at how we got here … and whether or not CU does/should even still want Webb to be its quarterback come September 2nd.

The last week in January and the first week in February were heady times to be a Buff fan – and it’s been over a decade since that’s been true.

Signing Day witnessed the Buffs procuring a late commitment from a four-star running back (Beau Bisharat) and a four-star junior college wide receiver (Juwann Winfree). New wide receivers coach / co-offensive coordinator Darrin Chiaverini was riding high, and was the toast of the town.

And the recently signed four-star recruits were not his biggest achievement.

On January 27th, the week before Signing Day, senior Texas Tech quarterback Davis Webb – who played under Chiaverini in Lubbock – committed to Colorado.

I just know it’s a good fit with Colorado,” Webb said at the time. “I really like what Coach Mac (Mike MacIntyre) and (OC) Coach (Brian) Lindgren are doing with the offense. I like that they are scheduled to play eight preseason Top 25 teams. I’ll have a good chance to showcase my ability on the road at Oregon and at Michigan. I will get plenty of exposure to pursue my dream of playing in the NFL.

“I really feel Colorado is just a couple of players from  taking that next step to where the Colorado Buffaloes have been before (in the Top 25) and where Colorado should be.”

While Webb did sign a financial aid agreement with Colorado on Signing Day, he wasn’t yet a Buff. That didn’t stop head coach Mike MacIntyre from gushing about him on Signing Day, however. “We’re really excited about Davis Webb and his ability to be a playmaker and the things that he does”, said MacIntyre. “He’s excited about our graduate school and getting into the education school there. He’ll graduate in May [at Texas Tech]. He has nine credits left and then he’ll be here in June.”

The mutual admiration society continued into the spring, with Davis Webb coming to Boulder on his spring break at Texas Tech to watch a week’s worth of spring practices.

“I wish I was there right now,” he said after returning to Texas Tech. “You go to Boulder and see the flatirons … it’s a little more scenic view in Boulder than it is in Lubbock”.

Of his trip, Webb had nothing but positives to say about the Buffs. “I was in the facility really from 6:30 to 6:30,” he said. “I was up there all day, just trying to get a hold of the offense while I was up there. It was really a business trip, not really a spring break for me. It was fun.”

Then, just as CU fans were checking the Pac-12 bowl calendar for December travel options, Webb pulled the rug out from underneath the Buffs.

Webb – on the weekend of CU’s Spring game – went to Berkeley to visit the Cal Bears. Other stories emerged about a trip to Auburn, but such a visit has yet to be confirmed.

Despite the flirtations with other schools, Webb may still be a Buff come June. After the Spring Game, Mike MacIntyre was asked about Webb, and had the following comment: “He’s told me he’s definitely coming. He’s signed with us. It’s a weird deal with transfers but he told me the other day he was coming, so we’ll see.”

Webb, for his part, has yet to make any public comments about his commitment since news broke of his trip to the west coast.

So, where do we go from here? …

Is Webb coming to Colorado?

Your guess is as good as mine.

There is the school of thought that Webb is just trying to confirm his decision, and that he will, upon reflection, determine that his first choice is his best choice, and he will reaffirm his choice to become a Buff.

Then there is the school of thought – built upon a strong foundation of “what else can go wrong for this program?” mentality forged over the past decade – that Webb is already gone, and is just trying to decide if Cal (or another suitor) would be the best fit.

Does Colorado still want Webb?

That is the more interesting question.

From a personnel standpoint, the answer is obviously: “Yes!”. Colorado has been in the market for help at quarterback all spring (recall the on-again, off-again romance in January with Tennessee backup quarterback Sheriron Jones).

Sefo Liufau is still on the mend, though he has been sounding optimistic about his chances of playing this fall. “In August I fully expect myself to be ready,” Liufau said after the conclusion of spring practices. “I’m in a very good position and the trainers agree that I’m in a very good position. August is realistic and definitely a goal. We’ll have to wait and see, I guess.”

If Liufau is not a go, then it falls to either senior Jordan Gehrke or red-shirt freshman Steven Montez to lead the Buffs to a bowl game in Mike MacIntyre’s fourth season.

Those were the options presented the CU coaching staff four months ago … and they have been actively seeking help at the quarterback position ever since.

So, yes, from a personnel standpoint, CU still wants Webb.

But there is another factor at work here.

The quarterback position is the most important on the field. Leadership is key to success. You not only have to have a quarterback who not only has the talent to make plays on the field, but who is also a leader on the practice fields, in the locker room, and in the huddle.

Davis Webb was already fighting an uphill battle to win over his teammates. Coming in as a mercenary for his senior season, he ran the risk of alienating other players on the team.

Fortunately – it seemed – Webb had the makings of a born leader. His former coach, Kliff Klingsbury at Texas Tech, had nothing but praise for Webb and how he conducted himself after injuries led to his losing the starting position.

Then the past two months Webb said – and did – everything CU fans might have hoped for from a quarterback who could not actually participate in spring drills. He came to Boulder on his own dime on his spring break, going to practices, going to meetings … bonding with his future teammates.

And now?

Even if he comes to Boulder, there will still be the bitter taste left in the mouths of many fans (and perhaps teammates) over his flirtation with other schools after committing to Colorado. This was not like a high school senior flipping his commitment prior to Signing Day. This was a commitment which the CU coaches and players had every reason to believe Webb would honor.

“I love the Buffaloes and I want to be the quarterback for the 2016 season,” Webb said after his visit to Boulder in March.

As a Buff fan who wants to see the team win games, I hope Webb does honor his commitment, and has a very successful 2016 season wearing the black-and-gold. I would love to see him go out a hero to the Buff Nation, returning the program to a bowl game.

But, as the Webb saga drags on, what was an expectation just a few short weeks ago, is now looking more and more like a dream.



53 Replies to “A Tangled Webb”

  1. The thing that is interesting since he’s made the decision, I’ve seen A LOT of posts from Tech fans warning Cal fans of ‘buyer beware’. The common criticism was he is very indecisive and has a lot of ‘panic’ throws leading to interceptions. He was also commonly referred to as a choke artist. Sounds a lot like the criticism that we’ve had with our 3 year starter.

    I just hope we really establish a strong running game this year — that will give our QB, whoever it is for the Sept opener, a much better chance to succeed.

    Go Buffs!

  2. Very telling he did not have a path to”showcasing his talent” at school that knew all about him. Something is wrong there…? may be addition by subtraction.

  3. Good luck to Davis Webb. I hope (especially since we don’t play Cal and they are not in our Pac 12 division) that the guy lights up the rest of the league for big numbers. I hope he becomes a first round NFL pick.

    And I hope the Buffs do as well without him as they would have done with him even if he achieves all those things previously mentioned.

    Everybody should remember that a few years ago, Cal was in as bad a position as Colorado. But they produced the #1 draft pick this year and made it to a bowl game last season. The Buffs have the talent to go bowling this year, and things look better than they have in a decade.

    If the Buffs can get over the hump, there will be no stopping them from getting the best talent in the country.

    Go Buffs!


    1. I like the positive outlook. Time to move onward and support whoever is QB and all the Buffs in this crucial season. Regarding the “hump”, there are several key variables which, in their totality, could get CU into a bowl: improving D, maturity from a senior and junior laden team, potentially better offensive play calling (particularly in the red zone), new talented receivers along with improved play by existing receivers, and better special teams coaching and execution. If the team can get into a bowl with the brutal schedule, the talent will continue to come to Boulder. Go Buffs in 2016!!

  4. Good luck Davis Webb. We never had you so we never missed you. I can see him in my rear view mirror as we continue on our path to new found glory. Whoever ends up as the starting QB this year just know the Buff Fans have your back. As we get closer to the season opener I am reminded of that old saying. Be true to your school”

    Go Buffs!!

  5. time to move on with the young men we have just glad the coaches have the type of footballers thinking about CU and maybe coming here to play . keep up the good work coach.

  6. Yo Stuart,

    Webb may indeed be headed to Cal instead of Colorado… but I will wait to hear it from him. I checked out the “Inside Coaches” website and it’s kind of a joke. Certainly not the place where breaking news would be published. Your putting this on CU at the Game probably got them a month or two worth of hits on their site within 24 hours.

    “Beyonce to Launch Vegan Diet Service” is one of “Inside Coaches” stories. Good golly, are we really ready to listen to these folks?


    1. Adam at BuffStampede.com reports that he is receiving conflicting reports – CU coaches still think he’s coming; Cal coaches believe there is “good reason” to believe Webb will be coming to Berkeley (if he qualifies).
      Stay tuned … it’ll be over soon, one way or the other.

    2. Report by Adam M is that Webb was telling Coach Mac that he was coming to CU as recently as yesterday. Keeping options open is one thing. Being a bald faced liar is another.

  7. well if Sefo is ready to go great if not try Montez or who ever can move the team. Tried of hearing about this guy ,if he doesnt want to be a Buff bye ,chicken doesnt want to show he can compete and win the job then bye . you wont be playing on Sundays .

  8. To hell with Webb. The simple fact that Sefo never shied away from the competition and Webb is going elsewhere says all you need to know. Go Buffs!

  9. I get a real laugh out of the Sefo and MM detractors. If I used the word “hater” that would be like these guys who throw the word narcissist around….and you know where they are coming from. Trolls first and fans second.
    1. The chances are the Webb even rides the bench in the NFL are odds that I would bet against in a heartbeat. The guy is a better than average QB but its funny how overrated he gets by fans desperate for a winning team.
    2. The guy who quoted Elway below is right on.
    3. The guys who think MM would risk his 2 million dollar annual paycheck by riding Sefo even if Webb was considerably better need some help with reality. In fact Webb’s arrival at Cal is actually a compliment to Sefo from a peer. All these great football minds that cant wait to get rid of Sefo and MM have no clue that their are 21 other guys out on the field as well. They like to recite picks at the end of the game but they wont mention that Sefo (and his bros on O) had already scored enough points to win most football games. Leavitts arrival will make sure it isnt the reality of the D losing these games.

  10. From 83Buff:

    Webb shouldn’t have committed if he wasn’t sure. It sounds like he is leery of Sefo’s supposed quick recovery and he doesn’t want to risk not being the starter. I don’t want a QB who is afraid to compete. Let’s hope Sefo is really on the road to quick recovery or it could be another loooooong season.

  11. come on Webb show some balls and come in and give it your a game and just maybe you play . its going to be a chance any where you go unless you decide to go to aa ball.

    1. Webb isn’t coming. Just a gut feeling. Either MSU or Cal. He’s waiting till after the draft. If Cal and MSU have two or more drafted, and we only have Spruce, he’s a goner. Bottom line with Webb as we all know, he wants a program that can get him in the NFL.

  12. Webb expected to walk in as the man at CU; then realized (RE: Sefo) that a poor W/L record as a QB, well documented mistakes late in games, poor situational awareness, inaccuracy and bad footwork ….even Chev…. cant stop MM from playing his favorite guy as a senior if he is even close to healthy.

    This is less about the kid, liking CU, wanting to be there than it is not trusting a head coach who has shown favoritsm to players. MM is in a make or break year and he would trot out a 70% healthy Sefo rather than trust a hired a gun. Webb saw that he wouldnt get a fair shot.

    1. Great , truthful post. MM is a narcissist . Plain and simple. He will play Sefo no matter win or lose till he proves himself right on the horrible decision four years ago when he put them in against the 2’s against ASU. Who was not good that year. Sefo promptly lost two fumbles and threw a pic against their 2’s . I knew right then and there he was not Pac 12 caliber, and at 2-19 as a starter, breaking the 10 year old Pac 12 record of lowest winning percentage of a starting QB with 20 or more starts, I was correct. You’ll never, ever hear that unbreakable record being broke amidst MM always bringing up Sefo’s records. Washington 58-7 loss Sefo played every down every play. What a joke, UW played 4 QB’s. Webb may come, but King Sefo will take all the snaps, believe me.

      1. I don’t think you know what a narcissist is. MM isn’t one.

        Me may be to Sefo to a fault, that doesn’t mean he’s a narcissist.

        1. I agree with 83 Buff,
          I also will defend MM. Mike has done a hell of a good job rebuilding this program. He makes very good decisions and has impressed the hell out of me. I’ve been a Buff fan since 1981 and so far have only seen 2 coaches that rate as good. The Buffs were the worst team in the country in 2012, that is not something that you fix overnight. You are looking at a minimum of four and usually five years to rebuild the foundation. I don’t care who you bring in at QB or coaching staff, it is a painful process. I’ll tell you what, being a hater fan is counter productive. Anybody who knows this game knows that this build is going exactly as planned.

          1. It’s called being a realist. Lufaui is not Pac 12 material. Four years later that’s the best we have? I wouldn’t dare say MM has done a terrific job a recruiting if four years later he hasn’t figured out Lufaiu can’t get it done after 3. I want to win! Dykes did. Anderson will this year. Peterson will this year. They are good, proven coaches. MM with one winning season on laurels of upperclassmen recruited by previous SJS coach is not. SJS was terrible after he left and still is as left as MM’s own recruits were garbage. But that is never brought up, is it? Blind to it. You can back him all you want, but that won’t last long. He will surely be blown out after this year, and that is a good thing.

  13. Yo Stuart,

    Methinks everybody needs to lighten up on Davis Webb. It’s a big decision he is making and NONE OF US know what has been said between Webb and the CU coaches.

    Maybe CU fears he will not graduate and have decided to pull their offer. Maybe the CU coaches are happy with Sefo’s rehab and the improvement from Gerhke and Montez and feel they don’t need him. Maybe CU fears they won’t have the scholarship available and have told Webb to explore his options.

    Webb CANNOT officially commit to Colorado or any other school until he graduates from Texas Tech, so calls for CU to move on unless Webb “re-commits” from some fans and sportswriters are idiotic.

    No matter the unknown reason for Webb looking around before making his decision, CU fans need to get a grip on reality of how the NCAA rules are set up. “Graduate Transfer” means the athlete must graduate first. Until that happens, anything said or done is just noise.

    I have written frequently of the higher standard at Colorado and the Pac-12 than is expected at many other conferences. I wish all CU fans would hold themselves to that same standard and avoid the name-calling so common among fans around the country. I remember the sickening vitriol slung toward Darrell Scott from Texas Longhorn fans after he chose Colorado instead of UT.

    And no Buff fan should ever forget that Sal Aunese was highly recruited by Nebraska and their fans spewed hatred toward the young man after he chose Colorado. “Sal is dead, Go Big Red” was written across the highway at the Colorado-Nebraska state line. It was disgusting then, and it is still disgusting today.

    Granted, I haven’t seen anything quite so bad from Colorado fans, but it is disconcerting the direction their comments have been going. And folks need to remember that once they put something online, it is there FOREVER. I hope Webb has better things to do getting ready for finals than read the BS written about him. I am sure, however, that other schools have fans that are gathering this stuff and putting it together to share with the young man.

    I can see it now, some enterprising coach or booster talking to Webb. “You know, Davis, we really like the skills you have shown in your career. Our coaches and fans are very excited about you considering our fine institution for your graduate transfer year. We know you’ve given a commitment to Colorado, but you need to realize that nothing is binding until after graduation. Something for you to think about, however, is some of the stuff that is being written about you by Colorado fans. Are those really the people that represent your values? Some of them have been rather critical of you and have vowed to not support you even if you do go there. Do you really want to walk into a maelstrom of discontented fans who are bound and determined to dislike you? We can understand if you want to honor your commitment, but doesn’t that work both ways? Those fans certainly don’t seem to be honoring Colorado’s commitment to you. Just something for you to think about Davis before you make your final decision.”

    Hopefully the CU staff, if the subject comes up, can convince Webb that the nasty comments were due to trolls and not real Buff fans.

    I have been a hard core Buff fan since I got to Boulder in 1984. That’s more than 30 years through good times and bad. I want the Buffs to win, but I want them to do it honorably. I want Buff fans to be passionate, but I also want them to have class. Is that too much to ask?


    1. Rightly said Boulderdevil. I can always count you to be the voice of sanity on CU AT THE GAME. Let me ask you if you are or ever were a coach? You seem to know the intricacies of how the college game works so it would lead me to believe your are an insider of some kind. Which good because I learn a lot from Stuart and you.

      1. Thanks buffnaustin,

        I appreciate the comment.
        Very long time fan of football from back in the 60’s. Bart Starr was the QB of the first pro team I followed since there was no local pro team. But Arizona State’s Sun Devil Stadium was 5 minutes down the road. So I grew up attending college football games. I loved college football and became a serious student of the games since I was not allowed to play due to health issues. Yes, I loved coaching several sports when I was a younger man, but family and work commitments necessitated another path. But the love of the games continues to this day.


        1. I just read this so I am late. Johnny Unitas was my man but never got to see him. But I did shake Bart Starrs hand after a game against the Broncos at Mile High Stadium in ’73 or ’74. It was after the game and my Dad and I were going to the car and Bart was talking to some people at the fence by the field and my Dad pushed me towards the legend and he looked own at me and stuck his hand out.
          What a treat for a bright eyed kid.

    2. I am not sure how much of this stuff Davis Webb would read. Could be all, some, or none. And from a video I saw of what CU players were getting hit with on Twitter, my guess is that they are somewhat used to critical comments and even tasteless name calling.

      While I agree wholeheartedly with the “class” request, I would be surprised if negative comments are something that would be of much use in a recruiting battle, especially where the Big 12 and SEC are concerned. I have seen the SEC make the most foul PAC12 fans look like choir boys. He doesn’t need the fans to support him, he needs his teammates to support him. And Stuart convincingly makes the case that the fact that he is going around to other programs after already having made a “commitment” to CU doesn’t help him when he is already perceived as somewhat of a hired gun by his potential teammates.

      1. Yo WarBuff,

        I appreciate the feedback. If one cared to go back and look at the young men on the Colorado roster, I’m sure that you might find quite a few of the guys who were sought after by Power 5 schools took recruiting trips to other schools even after giving verbal “commitments” to the Buffs. Some of the more highly recruited guys around the country seem to play “commitment roulette” during their recruitment.

        As you point out, the Pac-12 is NOT the SEC (with the possible exception of USC). Here the players are expected to be students who are expected to follow the rules and play for scholarships as opposed to wads of cash from boosters.

        As for the “hired gun” part, my response is that anyone who is on a full ride scholarship is a hired gun. And anyone on the Buff team who wants to win first and foremost also wants the best players on the field.


        1. I enjoy your comments Boulderdevil, so please take this as respectful disagreement.

          It’s one thing for a high school senior to take stock of all offers, and then commit to (hopefully) 3-4 years to a school, coaching staff, and program. These kids often recruit other student athletes once they have made their decision. I don’t consider them hired guns. They are still young enough to “ride for the brand”. They are truly Buffs.
          What graduate transfers end up doing IS being a hired gun. This isn’t just Webb, but all graduate transfers. If he comes here, it will be for one quick year, no more no less. He is potentially coming here because he can’t stay where he is at and he can’t get drafted as highly as he would like, so he needs to show off his skills. We need him, he needs us (or the opportunity). Unless there is a NC involved, he most likely will consider himself a TT player first, CU player second. Hence a hired gun.

  14. Sefo’s best days are ahead of him. He still has plenty of potential. If Webb does actually show up it would be a great situation for the Buffs and for Sefo. It would give him two more seasons to prepare himself for a shot at playing on SUndays.
    Sefo and Montez have the physical tools to play a long time. Colorado has the best depth at QB in over a decade. It would be outstanding to see Davis Webb in the mix. If Davis Webb knew he wasn’t going to be a Buff, he would have said so. He has a choice to make. Play for pay at Auburn, or, play for honor at CU. That’s a tough choice when your a kid.

    1. He has ZERO potential! After 3 years, all he has proven is that when it comes down to it on close games, he chokes each and every time! He’s selfish, how can you not see that? Threw a pick six two years ago VS Utah and could have easily made the tackle, but dropped to the ground and pounded the turf like an 11 year old pop warner kid. Some captain. Was apprehensive last year on throwing to wide open guys as he didn’t want to be benched cause of all the turnovers a year before. Some captain. Admitted he shouldn’t have played early on as he was hurt. Some captain. If MM plays him, we are doomed once again!

  15. Here’s my speculation: From Webb’s point of view, his top priority is to transfer somewhere he can start next year, otherwise why wouldn’t he just stay at Texas Tech? I think, that in his mind, the commitment he had with CU was he would come here as long as there was a good chance that he would start. If Sefo returns next season, realistically, what chance does he have to start here?

    Fall camp is not about competition for positions. Good teams don’t “try guys out” in the fall – they are putting in game plans and getting the starters ready for the first game and the rest of the season. Also, CU demonstrated last year that they are extremely hesitant to substitute at the QB position. Last year, despite a serious shoulder injury, several sub-par performances, and garbage time, Sefo took every snap until he eventually broke his foot and was physically unable to play. If I’m a CU QB I know that healthy Sefo is going to get all the snaps again this year. And that’s not what Webb thought he signed up for.

    1. That is a beyond excellent post, cricky. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over with failure expecting different results. Hense the playing of Sefo no matter what. Your post defines McIntyre and what is truly is. He can’t get fired soon enough for me.

  16. In the words of John Elway, We want players that want to be Broncos. Well Mr. Webb we want players that want to be Buffs. You are not an 18 year old kid out of high school, your lack of commitment at this age is all we need to know. See ya and don’t let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out!

  17. pardon me if I seem a little immature but his flirtation with the Buffs leaves me feeling like a jilted high school kid. uuhhhhh…..or is it Webb that is acting like a high school kid?
    Our football program is looking for a hand up from the depths of years of failure. To extend a hand and then jerk it back makes it look real bad in this situation.
    I dont fault him for thinking off the NFL first. I would do the same thing even though its money that will finally ruin the aura of college football if it hasn’t already.
    High school student or not I think I know how most of the other players probably feel about him right now. If he decides to finally come to Colorado he may have already poisoned the water.

  18. He’s not coming here. Wasted breath all over the boards. No, not afraid of a 2-19 QB that has only won vs. winless in conference games, no, with our O Line he knows he won’t be standing by midseason. Yes, probably and should be concerned about three dismissals , two covered up till after signing day, and one pending in just a few short weeks, and yes, McIntyre and Dykes both started out with crap teams, both with true frosh QB’s. While Mcintyre went 4-8, 2-10, and 4-9 and no bowls, Dykes went 2-10, 5-7, and 7-5 and a bowl. That’s called improvement and getting it done and earning a hefty paycheck. Goff went from a true frosh “real” Pac 12 QB to either a #1 or 2 upcoming pick, to Sefo who is…… well, Sefo. Big difference. What would you do? That’s the question. He’s gone, believe me.

  19. Yo Stuart,

    I’m so glad that the majority of folks commenting here are a little more mature in their view of Davis Webb than those commenting over at my old stomping grounds the Daily Camera.

    Webb has all the skills to play on Sundays, but unfortunately for his career at Texas Tech, Patrick Mahomes is a guy who might very well turn out to be a top 5 pick when he turns pro. Webb has only one year to show off his skills as a graduate transfer. It makes sense that he is exploring every available option to demonstrate his skills to NFL scouts.

    It bothers me that some of the more “vocal” commenters that claim to be Buff fans are acting more like jilted high school students than grown ups understanding that Webb’s decision might very well make the difference between becoming a young man on an NFL roster or just another of the more than 2 million students leaving college for the real world.

    I say let the man graduate first and foremost. The Buffs have had other graduate transfers planned in the last several years that didn’t pan out when the student in question failed to graduate in time. I hope that Webb does indeed graduate and end up with the Buffs, but if he chooses to go elsewhere I say good luck to him and hope his NFL dreams come true.

    Buff fans need to remember that Webb’s skills are what makes him an intriguing prospect for lots of other colleges. If no other schools were going after Webb, it would mean that maybe the Buffs were not getting in a great player after all. For now, Webb has committed to the Buffs. That’s the preferred position to be in.


  20. I feel that he will go where he has the best chance to start and to position himself for the NFL. Can’t fault him for that. It appears that Sefo’s faster than expected recovery may have contributed to him re-evaluating his options. My only concern here is that when you “commit” and give your word, you stick with it. In hindsight, he probably should have evaluated his options first, then “committed”. At this point, it is what it is. It would be nice to have him come as that would enhance the bowl prospects. If he does not, I have difficulty, even though the rest of the QBs are good guys and work hard, seeing the Buffs going to a bowl game.

    1. I’d rather win without him. His performances with the higher quality support group at TT is not the equivalent of Sefo’s who had one weapon besides himself last year, and who was constantly running for his life as a result of terrible line play. Take away one of Ross’s two drops vs UCLA, make another field goal in another game, and make a tackle in a 3rd and you have a winning season and a bowl game. As romantic as he may be right now, he did lose his position to a red shirt freshman 3 years into his career. His grass seems greener but reality and records look otherwise.

  21. I had more but got excited and hit the wrong button. Anyway to continue. Montez needs to keep working hard and concentrate on the things he does not do well. Mac needs to keep doing what he is doing and coach the kids up and show at least another game improvement this year. You play who you have and do the best you can.

  22. If Webb shows up, Great. I f he doesn’t then Gehrke needs to step in and take reposibilit for the team.

  23. I won’t have a bitter taste. My employer asked me about why they found my resume online and I said “I’m always looking at my options, it is up to you to keep me.” Davis can do as he will, but hopefully Coach Mac and the gang will keep him focused here.

  24. Agreed 100% with this article Stuart. If nothing else, the flying around looking at other programs will hurt him with his final team regardless of his ultimate decision. It would seem that he isn’t confirming his initial choice after his recent travels, so I would tend to believe that he is not coming to Colorado. It would be too easy for him to end this nonsense with a simple, “I felt it necessary to confirm that Colorado was the place for me, and I know it still is”.

    Challenges are nothing new for this program, so one more would not be a shock.

  25. I got a feeling he’s gone. If he were coming, he would have attended the Spring game. That obviously meant nothing to him. He should honor his commitment but in the end will show he’s just a college kid looking for the best deal.

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