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February 10th

Video of CU Class of 2015 Luncheon posted

It took some time (there was a link on the website, but it didn’t take you anywhere), but the full 90-minute video from the CU Preview Luncheon, including a nice intro video, bios and videos of each player, and the introduction of names of the two new CU assistant coaches, Jim Leavitt and Joe Tumpkin, are a part of the Luncheon.

The video can be watched in its entirety by clicking here.




February 6th

A few final nuggets on the CU Recruiting Class of 2015

From ….

Getting to 85 … At the end of the 2014 season, Colorado had 83 players on scholarship. A total of 18 players graduated, with two other players leaving (Terrence Crowder – transfer; Isaiah Holland – dismissed). Assuming Jered Bell gets year a sixth year of eligibility, that would make 63 players on the roster. With seven players enrolling for the spring semester – three junior college players; one early enrollee; and three gray-shirts – CU will have 70 scholarship players on the roster for spring practices.

– The 15 high school signees from the Class of 2015 are the fewest since Gary Barnett signed nine players in 2001;

– Three signees are from the state of Arizona, the most Arizonans to sign with CU in a single class, and matches the number of signees from Arizona over the last six seasons;

– The Class of 2015 features 14 players who were multi-sport athletes in high school;

– CU signed an offensive lineman for the 43rd consecutive year (or every year since freshmen became eligible in 1973). The second-longest streak: 22 consecutive years signing a defensive back;

– Two signees, running back Patrick Carr and defensive lineman Lyle Tuiloma, had never seen snow before their visits to Boulder;

– Junior college transfer Jordan Carrell is the second-ever CU signee from American River College. The other is offensive lineman Sully Wiefels, who lined up against Carrell before becoming a Buff last spring;

– Offensive lineman Aaron Haigler moved from tight end to left tackle during his senior season, making a transition similar to the one made by … Super Bowl ring holder Nate Solder;

Alex Kinney is only the second punter signed by the Buffs in the last ten years (Zach Grossnickle in 2009 being the other). Kinney is also only the second player from Rocky Mountain high in Ft. Collins to become a Buff;

– Offensive lineman Dillon Middlemiss is the third offensive lineman from Pomona high sign with CU, joining two other successful former Buffs (Derek West, ’90; Justin Bate, ’98);

– Defensive lineman Frank Umu is the fourth Buff from Heritage high in Littleton to move to Boulder, joining the Reinhardt brothers (Ed and Tom) and punter Tom Rouen;

– With the four junior college transfers this cycle, Colorado has now signed eight junior college transfers in the past two seasons, the highest total over two seasons since nine JC’s joined the team in 2000-01.



February 5th

Transcript of Coach Mike MacIntyre’s Signing Day Press Conference


Opening Statement
“This is always an exciting day.  We’re excited about this class and the hard work that our staff put in.  Actually, it’s all of the auxiliary staff.  It’s not just our coaches, it’s our recruiting department, all of the facilities and everything that goes into it.  It’s a big deal.  It’s a whole group effort by our whole community, our academic community, and the professors that come help us on recruiting weekends….. It’s a great effort by the University of Colorado and we’re excited about that.  Also, (Athletic Director) Rick (George) getting the facility going and taking guys on a tour through that; that was a big deal.  Going on a hard hat tour through our facility was a big deal in our recruiting weekend.  These young men were very impressed by it.

“We’re excited about the class. I’ll back up and talk about the January group we had come in.  I think that’s significant.  We had seven young men come in in January, four of them were junior college young men that we had signed just now.  Of the seven guys, three of them are defensive linemen that we’re really excited about that can go through spring practice.  They are going through winter workouts now.  Nathaniel (Blake) Robbins, a big defensive end (who is) very athletic out of Georgia Military Academy; J.C. (Jordan) Carrell, a first team All-American junior college player out of American River, a very athletic defensive tackle; Leo Jackson, another young man out of Foothill Junior College, another big 290-pound defensive tackle.  He’s three-for-three.

“Afolabi Laguda, I know you all were going to ask me how to pronounce that name so there’s how you do it.  He’s a corner(back)/safety.  (He’s a) big, athletic young man.  He’s also three-for-three. Then, we had Grant Watanabe, who we signed the year before.  He broke his foot so he grayshirted.  He’s in here at linebacker.  Isaac Miller, who had a torn labrum that got operated on, he’s in here.  If he would have started in the fall, this is interesting, he would have weighed about 240 pounds. When he reported (last month) he weighed 270, he’s 6’7”.  Then, Dillon Middlemiss is a young man who we signed here in-state also, like Isaac (Miller), who graduated early and he’s already in school (at CU) and doing really well and working out hard.

“Then, we also get back, I consider him a signee, Samson Kafovalu who would have been one of our best players last year. He’s got two years left.  He came back 6’ 5”, 280 and in great spirits and with a great attitude.  He’s doing really well.  So, I feel like those guys in January are a big part of our team and will be ready to go and be ready for spring practice and winter and summer workouts.  The class that we just signed today, I’m very excited about it.  I feel like we have a well-rounded class.  We also have some big guys that can really help us and I’m also excited about the running backs we got.  I think we got some excellent running backs and some guys that can make plays in this league for sure.  Then, Steven Montez, the quarterback, I think is a phenomenal athlete.  He’s 6’4 ¼” and weighs over 200 pounds.  He runs in the 4.5s. He scored over 59 touchdowns this year, 43 passing and 16 rushing, and was player of the year in El Paso (Texas).  He’s also a 3.9 student and he can dunk a basketball any way he wants.  He’s an excellent basketball player.  So, he’s a well-rounded athlete that we’re excited about.”

On Quarterback Steven Montez and Whether The Competition Level in El Paso Has Better Prepared Him For the Next Level
“Yes (I think it has).  He’s an excellent player.  In their playoff games, as they were going deep in the playoffs, I saw a little commentary on one of the guys that was commentating during the games and he said ‘If he would have been in Dallas, he probably would have won player of the year (in the state) because he was up for player of the year in Texas.  He’s an excellent player that (Offensive Coordinator) Brian Lindgren and (Defensive Line Coach) Jim Jeffcoat found.  The other great thing about him: his dad grew up in Pueblo and they love being in Colorado.  So, we’re excited about that.  He’s an excellent, excellent athlete and extremely bright.”

On Whether the New Facilities Are Helping With the Recruiting Process
“Yes we have seen that.  When it’s finished here and we have our junior days, and all the type of things that we’ll have this summer…. When they walk through it this summer, they’ll be blown away by it.  It will make an even bigger impact.  It also makes an impact on the players now.  They walk around with a lot of pride and they see it.  Matter of fact, we’re going to take them on a tour through it the next few Saturdays so they can see it themselves.  They’re excited about it.  So, I think that it brings a whole new level of commitment and they understand that.”

On Whether He Feels The Team is in The Unique Position of Not Needing to Play True Freshman Immediately in Order to Succeed and if That is His Goal Moving Forward
“We didn’t play a lot of true freshmen last year.  If you look at our team, which is exciting, we really only have 10 seniors, but our junior and sophomore class is big.  So, we’re going to be older and more mature this year with our junior and sophomore class.  The year after that, we’re going to have 47-48 players on scholarship in the junior and senior class that are mature and have played a lot of football and that are big and strong.  We’ll be able to keep building those classes as they go and with redshirting guys.  We were able to redshirt quite a few kids this last year.  So, hopefully we’ll be able to redshirt most of these freshmen.  We won’t be redshirting the junior college kids, they’ll be ready to go and play, especially since they’ll be able to go through the spring and do all they can there.  So, we’ll even have more maturity on our football team, which I’m excited about.”

On Whether the Defensive Line Was His Main Area of Emphasis During Recruiting
“Yes. The defensive line area…. The only way you can actually be good on defense consistently is to have enough good defensive linemen.  You can scheme and do all you want, but you’ve got to be able to have guys up front that make plays on their own, come off blocks, knock the ball loose from running backs, tip balls, harass the quarterback.  We’ve got more guys that can do that.  We’re bigger, we’re stronger.  Also, you have to rotate them in some to keep them fresh, especially with the high-paced offenses that we play.  If a kid has to stay out there seven or eight plays in a row and he can’t get a break, it makes it tough if (the quarterback) is just sitting back there patting the ball  or guys make runs on you or you don’t have good pursuit angles.  So, I’m excited about the look of our defensive line and the athleticism of it.  There will be great competition this spring and in the fall and we’ll be able to play a lot of good football players.  We’ll look different when we walk onto the football field this fall, our whole team will.  They’re doing an unbelievable job in the weight room right now and we’ve got a more mature looking football team.”

On Whether He and the Staff Made a Concerted Effort to “Beef” Up the Running Back Corps During the Recruiting Period
“Last year, we got beat up a little bit at running back even though we were trying to play a few different guys.  So, going into it this year, we definitely wanted to sign two.  Then, (Wide Receivers Coach) (Troy) Walters had done an unbelievable job of recruiting Pat Carr.  So, that kind of came about at the end there and we wanted to take Pat, we’re excited about him.  Aaron Baltazar is another find by (Running Backs Coach) Klayton Adams.  He was a young man that was a highly, highly recruited young man out of high school.  He went to Boise State and started as a freshman in front of a guy that is going out early now (entering the NFL draft).  Then, he tore his knee up, didn’t like it there, left and he was going ton junior college in San Diego. We just found out and kept recruiting him and recruiting him and he really liked us.  (Donald) Gordon, from the (Los Angeles) area, is a strong athlete that (Safeties Coach) Charles Clark did a good job with.

“We feel like we’ve got good young men there that can play and will give us more depth at running back.  So, hopefully we can redshirt one of those freshmen, that’s what we hope to do.  Aaron (Baltazar) is a physical, big back who is very powerful, hard runner and that type of thing.  Gordon is a big one too.  When you see him, he’s got big round shoulders.  He is more of a big, powerful back. Pat Carr is 5’8 1/2” but he’s 197.  You saw him walk in without an ounce of fat on him.  He’ll run a 10.4 in the 500-meters this year.  He ran a 10.6 last year.  So, he can fly. All of them have really good hands, so that helps us using them out of the backfield and when we’re splitting them out.  So, we’re excited about those guys.”

On Where the Team Needs the Most Improvement
“I don’t think we need immediate help right away except for the junior college kids and (defensive end) Samson Kafovalu who came in.  I think they’ll fill the needs that we need.  I think that we have good depth.  We have good experience everywhere and then we’ll see.  Hopefully a couple of these guys will jump out on the field and the guys will go ‘wow, that guy needs to be on the field’ and that’s what we’d expect to see.”

On the State of the Team’s Run Game
“We ran the ball well last year.  I would like us to run it even better.  There’s some situations in games when you can run out the clock so to speak.  If the other team has a little bit of momentum and you’re able to run the ball on some different first downs and keep the clock in your favor a little bit and catch your breath some.  If you can run the football well then it opens up the passing game even more.  I still believe that if you can be more balanced then you have a better chance; when you get the momentum and are up about 14 points, you can run it and come up with some big plays in the passing game or just demoralize a team and score another touchdown.  We didn’t have a chance to do that as much last year.  But defensively, I’ll go back to that, when  your defense is stopping them and doing that it gives you more options to run the football.  You don’t have to put as much pressure on your quarterback to keep scoring all the time. I think that will help us.”

On Recruiting In Hawaii
“I think they’re all going to flip a coin.  The coaches all want to go to Hawai’i recruiting.  But the thing about going to Hawai’i recruiting is that you fly out, you stay for a day and you fly the red eye back.  It’s not a vacation.  You’re worn out.  Bit, Clayton [Adams] did a great job out there. We’ll review that but he’s made a lot of contacts with a lot of the schools.  He recruited Lyle Tuiloma.  We’ve already made in-roads.  There’s some juniors out there that we know about and so it’s good.”

On the Defensive Line
“With us being able to have more Defensive Linemen and those types of things, we should be able to be better and more stout up front.  We will be.  Our scheme, when we get our defensive coordinator in here, we’ll definitely tweak our scheme or sure and make that more powerful.  The defensive line is the key.  It’s where you start.  I think we have a good secondary.  A lot of guys played last year because of injury.  Some of them really showed they could play and I feel good about our secondary.  The D-Line is where we needed to make the biggest advancement in our team and I think we did that.  I think it’s an immediate advancement too.”

On Whether the New Uniforms Play a Hand in Winning a Potential Recruit Over
“I’d like to say that type of stuff doesn’t help recruiting, it shouldn’t help but it does.  The kids like that different type of thing and I think that if you take a straw poll with the fans, some fans like it and some fans don’t.  I think in today’s world, the 18-22 year old kid does like those types of things.  We have some different things that we’ll unveil this year that is going to be exciting for everybody.  I think it’ll appease everybody too.”

On Recruiting in Arizona
“It is [a new area of emphasis].  (Offensive Line coach) Gary Bernardi does an excellent job there.  He recruited there. He’s coached at Arizona.  He coached at Northern Arizona.  He knows everybody in that state and he does an excellent job.  Us playing in the state of Arizona in the Pac-12, that has opened that up.  That area is growing; they’re adding schools every day.  It’s amazing how many different schools they’ve added.  So we’re excited about recruiting there and that’s an area that we’ll keep continuing to recruit.”

On the Offensive Line
“There is [a lot of talent there].  Timmy Lynott is one young man that, stature wise, could already have an opportunity to play.  The other guys probably are going to need a year to soak so that’s what we’ll do.  But we have (sophomores) Shane Callahan and Gerrad Kough.  Those are just a couple names but you’ve got other guys in there to that can play and are bit, strong young man.  So, I feel good about that area.  We redshirted Sully Wiefels, who was a junior college offensive lineman.  He could play center and Alex Kinney could move or he could play guard.  So, I think we have enough bodies in there to work with.  Our freshmen that we redshirted last year can help us at tackle and do some different things like that. So those guys can help us a lot.”

On the Search For a New Defensive Coordinator
“We’re very close to hiring a defensive coordinator.  I did not have that question asked one time in a house I went in to.  I don’t think it affected our recruiting at all.  Like I said earlier, most of these young men were committed and we ended up getting a running back late and a couple other guys.  But we were pretty much solidified in our recruiting at that point.”

On Whether It’s Harder to Initially Recruit a Player Or to Keep Him Committed
“They’re high school kids.  They date a girl for three months and the girl drops them because they have another guy.  So, they’re young kids.  I think that the commitment level is, as you get to know them, get with them and they come on campus enough, you’re in good shape.  Most of those kids came on unofficial visits and then of course we saw them off campus.   The new rule is that if a kid is admitted to school and he pays his $200 admittance fee, then we can contact them so much more.  The rules change.  A lot of our kids who committed early had already gotten accepted to school.  We could call them more, we could go visit more.  We developed a relationship and they weren’t doing that with other schools because they didn’t get admitted to those.  That helps you to stay with them and they keep a better relationship.  You can only go to the high school once a week but you can go see that kid every night if you want to at his house. That’s a rule change that happened a year ago.  We did that with quite a few kids.  We weren’t there every night but we were there more often.  That helped us on that commitment side to keep those early commitments.  We’ll offer a guy that nobody else has offered and a day later, he’s got five offers.  We don’t operate that way.  All of a sudden we commit a guy and they’re trying to talk him out of the commitment already.  So, it’s kind of interesting how that all works. “

On Early Commitments From Camps and Satellite Camps
“That is our lifeline to recruiting right now.  For us to see them, work with them, coach them, be around them and be able to do that when they come to our camps or we go to a satellite camp. Our coaches work really hard in the summers.  They’re not playing golf every day.  They’re working at this.  We’re finding these young men that we think are excellent players and we’ve got to work with them and see them and see them move.  You get to see them and compare them to other guys and you say ‘wow he is a lot better than that guy’ even though the other guy might be  ranked better.  You get to work with them and see their intensity and their effort.  We’re excited about them because we’ve gotten to know them, gotten our hands on them so to speak.  I think that’s extremely important.”

On the Fact That CU Was the Only College That Defensive Lineman Leo Jackson III Visited During Recuriting Process
“I think it’s a great testament to Troy Walters and Clayton Adams and all of our guys doing that. Troy [Walters] stayed after.  Pat stayed in touch with the coach and all that type of thing.  That was extremely important for us.  Clayton Adams finding Aaron Haigler and finding out what was going on and researching everything and making sure he was doing all the stuff he was supposed to do at junior college.  He was making excellent grades.  That’s really good.  So, we’re excited for him.  Three of the junior college kids we have have three years to play, which is excellent.  They’re already 20-something years old and mature which gives you a talent that instantly helps you.”

On Two-Way Star Recruit Chris Bounds and Which Side of the Ball He Might End Up On
“A lot of the young men that we recruit out of high school play both ways and that’s usually a good sign because they’re good enough athletes and they’re usually the best players on the team.  Chris Bounds can play tight end, half-back.  He can also play defensive end or defensive tackle.  Chris’ whole situation is that we’re going to have to see where his body goes.  When you meet Chris, his shoulders are extremely wide.  It looks like he might be able to get really big but he might stay at that same time. I don’t know.  But when you have wide shoulders and you’re working out and lifting every day, you have a chance to gain weight.  He could definitely be a tight end for us and also could play on the defensive line.  Right now we kind of have him slated at defensive end but when they come in, we’ll work him on both sides of the ball and kind of get a feel for that.  Hopefully we can redshirt him and see what happens from there.”

On Recruiting in the State of Colorado
“The two linemen are big and athletic, so we are excited about those guys. Tim Lynott Jr. and Dillon Middlemiss are excellent linemen prospects.  Tim was quote a guy that was offered by everybody in the Pac-12 and he’s at an excellent high school, Regis; we got Terran Hasselbach out of there too.  Alex Kinney, in a lot of services, is ranked the number one punter in America.  He won the contest a few weeks ago when he went to Las Vegas, where they bring all the great punters.  He also has a very strong leg as a kicker, which makes me very excited about him as well.  Frank Umu is big athletic young man, 6’5” and 290 lbs., does a great job on the offensive line.  He came to our camps as a junior and came back as a senior.  I was able to go watch him place in person and he is so athletic for a big guy and I am excited about what he will bring to the table on the defensive front.  He will end up be a little over 6’5”, he’s 290 lbs. right now and doesn’t have an ounce of fat on him.  He’ll end up being 315-320 lbs. deep tackle that can run and move, so I am excited about Frank.”

On His Enthusiasm Regarding This Year’s Recruiting Class
“I am excited about this class; I truly am.  I’m excited about where they are and we have some guys, especially the Junior College men that are ready to walk in and play.  We have a couple of freshman that will physically be able to help us a little bit but we would like to red shirt the rest of them and keep developing them.  For you to build a program you better start having a lot of players that are mature in their junior and senior, 4th and 5th year, and that’s where we are getting to and that’s exciting.  These young men have the ability to do that.  I read an article that stated in the Super Bowl out of the 22 starters for each team, the average stars for the Seattle Seahawks was 2.4 and for the New England Patriots the average stars was 2.3.  Fifty-five percent of the players in the Super Bowl were two stars or less; there wasn’t even a five star in the Super Bowl.  So, I think it’s all about work ethic and it’s all about the ability to believe they are going to do well.  We evaluated and saw these young men, every single one of them, at camps and that’s how we try to recruit.  We try to have a bunch of camps here and then do satellite travel camps with other schools, in California and Texas, so we can be able to work with these young men and see what they are all about.”

On Getting Commitments From Players Early in the Recruiting Process
“Well, we saw a lot of them at camps and really liked them, so that’s the way it worked out.  The process has sped up so much, which personally I wouldn’t prefer, but that’s just the way the process is today.  There’s a big talk around the early signing day, which I think would be a very good idea.  That way you don’t have so many de-commitments and all the other stuff that goes on in college football.  It is tough on those young men when grown men are trying to talk them out of their commitments.  So, if you push up the signing date you would have a little more character involved and a little more integrity in the recruiting process.”

On How the Lack of Wins Over the Last Two Years Affected the Recruiting Process
“I definitely think that anyone who has watched us play, and those we are recruiting do, we are right in there in the Pac-12.  The very first words said to me by everyone that I met when I got here, ‘Just make us competitive.’  Well I think we were competitive this past year in the Pac-12 week in and week out.  Now we are at the point where I believe we can start winning those games more often, and we should have won more last year, which the recruit see.  When you bring them on campus and they interact with our young men they hear them talking that way all the time.  They hear them believing in how close we are to get over the hump and how we are going to be successful.  It’s a combination of them understanding and believing that and then when they see the commitment of everything they see a tidal waving forming, so that’s how we talk to them about our vision for this program.”

On The Joy of Giving Young Men the Opportunity to Play Division-I Football
“It’s really exciting.  There are a lot of situations I have been in every type of household; I’ve talked to a lot of different members in a family.  You have a lot of different emotions.  Some kids have witnessed the process through their older siblings’ opportunities, you have some young men who will be the first one to go to college in their family, so all of those attributes are exciting.  It’s a very emotional day and a very prideful day for those young men and their families.”

On Getting a Kicker of Alex Kinney’s Caliber
“We lost our punter and our kicker last year, so we felt like we definitely had to have one and when the best one in the country, according to everybody, is right down the road that makes it really exciting.  Alex is going to be a big part of this program and we plan on him having an opportunity to punt, and maybe even kick, in our very first game there’s no doubt about it.  So, we are expecting very big things from him in his very first game as a Buff.”

On the Process of Recruiting a Highly-Touted Player Like Alex Kinney
“It was pretty tough to recruit him, he had a lot of programs going after him.  He got on him early and (Special Teams Coach) Toby Neinas did an overall great job working with Alex, which lead to a great recruit.  He came to our different kicking camps and junior day, so I think him being around made him excited about being here; I think this is where he wanted to be all along but he definitely started getting a lot of interest, there’s no doubt about it.”

On the Three Running Backs Commits and Their Chance to Make an Immediate Impact
“I definitely think they have a chance to factor in, there’s no doubt.  All three of them are built really well, so they have the stature to handle Division I level football. Sometimes you bring in a young guy and you can tell that you cannot throw him out there at 165 lbs. or a lineman needs to gain another thirty pounds, you just can’t do it.  Patrick Carr is built really well along with all of the RB recruits are, so to me they would be physically ready to play.”

On Which Recruits Might Have the Potential to Start in 2015
“One thing I do when I recruit young men is I never tell them that they are going to start; if you are doing that you are lying to them.  I tell them that they have an opportunity to come in and compete, especially the young men that are physically already built.  I would expect all of our Junior College young men are built and ready to play.  We just talked about some of the RB’s and we have a Linebacker that is built well.  Grant Watanabe came aboard in January, so those types of guys that have had the opportunity to do winter and spring workouts will be ready to go.  I think also both of our secondary guys that we signed, Isaiah Oliver and Nick Fisher, are very athletic and come from great weight programs at their high school will probably have a chance to help us out in the secondary.”



February 4th – Signing Day

The Ticker

12:15 p.m. … All in; all done … Jeremy Kelly has opted to sign with San Jose State instead of Colorado. Now, before you go ballistic, know this: Colorado wanted Kelly to play wide receiver, but Kelly had his heart set on playing safety. The Spartans gave him that opportunity, so Kelly is staying in state.

10:20 a.m. … The Colorado Recruiting Class of 2015, with the possible exception of the addition of wide receiver Jeremy Kelly, is now complete with the addition of defensive lineman Lyle Tuiloma from Hawai’i. That’s 15 new Buffs this morning, to go with the seven names added to the roster since the end of the 2014 season. A busy – and successful – morning for the Buff Nation.

10:00 a.m. … With the exception of defensive tackle commit Lyle Tuiloma (who lives in Hawai’i), the CU Recruiting Class is in … But wait, there’s more … Three-star wide receiver/athlete Jeremy Kelly from Salesian, California, will be making his choice of school later this morning. Kelly has offers from several Pac-12 schools, including Arizona State, Cal, Utah, and Washington, as well as schools like San Diego State, San Jose State, BYU and Wisconsin.

9:47 a.m. … Defensive back Nick Fisher becomes commit No. 14 this morning. Fisher is listed as a three-star cornerback by Scout; a three-star athlete by Rivals.

9:39 a.m.Justin Jan becomes the first (and perhaps only) wide receiver commit from the Class of 2015. Jan had 48 catches for 918 yards and 16 touchdowns this past season.

9:29 a.m. … Running back Donald Gordon is now a Buff. Gordon was rated by ESPN as a four-star prospect, though he was given three stars by Rivals and Scout. If he can keep his academic act together (he moved from Louisiana to Long Beach, California, and has been trying to get his academic profile in order), he could be a steal for the Buffs.

9: 16 a.m. … Only four prospects who gave CU verbal commitments are still left on the board … Athlete Nick Fisher … running back Donald Gordon … wide receiver Justin Jan … and Defensive tackle Lyle Tuiloma. Though there is at least one high school signing day surprise still out there (and we might not know about him until around noon)

9:06 a.m. … Defensive lineman Brett Tonz has sent in his Letter of Intent. Tonz is listed at only 6’3″, 265-pounds, and so is considered to be a work in progress, but is “still growing”. With the large number of defensive lineman signings this cycle, don’t look for Tonz to be a contributor until he has a season or two in CU’s strength and conditioning programs.

8:55 a.m. … Transfer running back Aaron Baltazar has become a Buff. A transfer, Baltazar was a member of the Recruiting Class of 2013, played as a true freshman for Boise State, was injured, and sat out last season (he transferred to Washington State, but never played for the Cougars)

8:50 a.m. … Offensive lineman Aaron Haigler has joined the team. Haigler is a three-star prospect from Sherman Oaks, California. Depending on how he develops (he’s 6’7″, 250-pounds), it is worthy of note that Haigler also played tight end in high school.

8:44 a.m. … Tight end Chris Bounds, from West Hills, California, has sent in his LOI … Bounds played for Chaminade, and joins former teammates wide receiver Elijah Dunston, sophomore wide receiver Donovan Lee and red-shirt freshman linebacker Rick Gamboa, who all played for Chaminade.

8:37 a.m. … Outside linebacker N.J. Falo from Sacramento, California, has joined the Buffs. A three-star prospect, Falo is considered one of the top linebackers in the nation, and helps solidify a unit which is thin in depth and talent.

8:29 a.m. … Defensive tackle Frank Umu has sent in his LOI … Umu is a three-star prospect from Heritage high in Littleton. Umu was a Colorado State commit until the Ram head coach defected to Florida, giving the Buffs to sign the No. 6 player out of the state of Colorado this fall.

8:25 a.m. … Defensive back Isaiah Oliver has become a Buff. Oliver is rated as a three-star talent, the No. 16 overall player out of the state of Arizona this year.

8:13 a.m. … Three-star quarterback Steven Montez has sent in his Letter of Intent. This past season, Montez passed for 2,967 yards with 46 touchdown passes. He also had over 1,000 yards rushing

8:05 a.m. … Three-star offensive lineman Tim Lynott, who played at Regis in Aurora, has joined the Buff Family. Lynott has been a CU commit since June, and was rated by Rivals to be the No. 3 overall prospect out of the State of Colorado this season.

7:50 a.m. … Shows you what I know about the timing requirement … K/P Alex Kinney, the three-star dual threat becomes the second name on the board this morning. With both Will Oliver and Darragh O’Neill graduating, and no set backups at either position, this was an important get for the Buffs. Kinney is the No. 3 rated punter in the nation.

7:40 a.m. … In case you are wondering, in the archaic world of Signing Day rules, prospects are not allowed to commit (fax in their Letter of Intent) until 8:00 a.m. local time. This is how CU was able to get Patrick Carr from the Central Time Zone signed early. Look for a wave of Mountain Time Zone confirmations (including four in-state players) shortly after 8:00 a.m.

7:30 a.m. … Well, we didn’t have to wait for 8:00 a.m., MT, to get started. Houston running back Patrick Carr becomes the first new prospect to join the Buff Nation this morning! (His bio has been posted under Class of 2015 – Signed Letter of Intent).


11 Replies to “The Ticker”

    1. Thanks – One quick correction for those who were listening:
      The 410-pound offensive tackle (Motekiai Langi, BTW) signed with BYU, not Utah …

      … I may be on tomorrow night, if Kyle Ringo cancels (Don says that may happen). If so, we’ll spend a lot of time talking about the new Defensive Coordinator!

  1. I do not pretend to know a damn thing about how these recruiting touts designate this youngster worthy of two stars and that one worthy of three but this group – using “star power” as my guide – seems pretty solid. I’m also enthused to have seen this morning that Buffs apparently have their DC and announcement will come this week.

    It’s been winter in full force here in NJ for the past several weeks. Just the thought of college football makes me smile. Go Buffs!

  2. No drama momma’s , no suspense , no fun today , business as usual , they could
    have had Kelly if they really wanted him just had to let him play DB.

    Drama how about the DC that seems to be all that’s left to do.

  3. Stuart, you seemed to be really up to speed this a.m.

    Do you drink an extra cup of stiff “Joe” on days like this ?

    Really Superman effort Stuart, Thanks, Al

  4. This signing day actually turned out better than I expected. Buffs seemed to pick up some good players, good speed, some players that seem to have a chip on their shoulders. Considering how bad the Buffs have been, a pretty good haul. Patrick Carr, the RB from Houston looks like a young EB, 5’8″, runs a 4.5, low center of gravity and just bounces off would be tacklers like a pinball. Nice. Also great to see Buffs get, what, 4 or 5 of the top 6 guys in the state of Colorado.

  5. Great job Stu and thanks for all your hard work. Regarding Kinney, can you speak to how unusual it is for one player to handle punts/kick offs/field goals. Thank you.

    1. It’s unusual now more than in year’s past, as players have become more and more specialized.
      The concern is if Kinney doesn’t work out or gets injured … there’s currently no Plan B at the punter position.
      CU may have to find a junior college/transfer/walk-on solution this spring as a backup.

      1. Thank you for the reply and again for your efforts. Coming off a two win season I think this is a very good recruiting class. Eager to hear who our new DC and Def Line coaches will be.

  6. With regards to Alex Kinney (to steal from Alan Jackson), it’s 8:00 somewhere.

    Now to make sure the systems administrator doesn’t harass me for being locked onto your site all day long……

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