CU at the Events Center

Dear Friends,

This Sunday, I am going to start a new banner here at CU at the Game!

With the CU men’s basketball team doing so well (back-to-back 24 win seasons; a Pac-12 title; a No. 23 national ranking!), it seems only natural to tap into the growing enthusiasm in Tad Boyle’s team. As a result, CU at the Game will be taking on a second sport for the first time.

To start, I am going to devote only one banner to basketball, leaving four for football (I may, once Pac-12 play begins, separate out “Pac-12 Notes – Football” from “Pac-12 Notes – Basketball”, giving basketball a temporary second banner). So purists, please take heart: The focus of CU at the Game will remain football. There will be no drop off in coverage of all things related to the goings on in and around Folsom Field. Whether it’s changes in the coaching staff, official visits, recruiting commitments (or de-commitments), or other CU news, please trust that CU at the Game will keep you informed.

As to the basketball coverage, I have to admit upfront that I do not have the same background as I do for football. I am an ardent fan, to be sure, but certainly no expert. I will, however, strive to keep you up-to-date on stories about your team, previews and reviews, injury reports, and notes and quotes from the lockerroom.

There remains one order of business left before we start basketball coverage this weekend (in time for the Buffs’ next game, this Sunday against Air Force) … how to label the banner.

So … why not have a contest!?

Some of you have already sent me emails or posted comments under the “Hopelessly Devoted” essay with suggestions for a name. “CU at the Events Center” seemed a natural to me, but you might have a much better idea. If you have a thought, either post a comment, below, or send me an email at “CU at … ” is not required, so be creative.

The banner should be clever, but also let a new reader understand the topic (e.g., “Who’s Your Taddy” would be cute, but doesn’t really let the reader know the topic of conversation). There is also a length restriction – 26-28 characters, including spaces – as it must be able to fit on one line on the front page of the website (e.g. “CU at the Events Center” fits on one line, “CU at the Coors Events Center” does not).

The winner will receive a CU at the Game hat and mousepad … and I might give out some honorable mention mousepads as well.

I hope you are as excited as I am about this addition to the website. As always, your comments and suggestions are much appreciated.

We’ll see how it goes …



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