November 2nd

Jon Embree Tuesday Press Conference Quotes

On How USC Looks – “A different color uniform than every team we have played the last five games. It has been quite the stretch. They are a very good team. Defensively, they are not the same as they have been in the past. Offensively, (quarterback Matt) Barkley makes them go. Him and Robert Woods. They have great chemistry, great connection with each other. They are the best combination in the conference, those two guys. Their running game, they got that going some last week with (Curtis) McNeal. They are the USC Trojans. They are a good team. I don’t know where they are ranked. I know they can’t be ranked in one of them. (Head coach) Lane (Kiffin) has done a good job as far as minimizing distractions of what has happened in the past and they are playing very well. They are playing physical. I like their D-line, I like their two guys inside – they do a good job of getting push. You come out Friday you’ll see that they are a good team.”

On If USC Is As Talented As They Have Been In The Past – “No, they are not there at that level, but they are still very talented. I was talking with someone today about Matt Barkley and they were asking me what my thoughts on him. He is to me– following the kid a little bit, and I say kid from when he was in high school and being aware of him – he reminds me a lot of Mark Sanchez, just with a bigger arm. I remember watching Mark when he was coming up and he had all of the intangibles. He had the ‘it’ factor from the leadership standpoint, from how he prepared, all of those things, and you can see that this kid has that. His passion for the game and all of the little things that go into being a great quarterback, he has it.”

On The Importance Of Colorado Getting A Premier Quarterback – “Yes, to be in this conference. This is a quarterback driven conference. There is no doubt and you have to have it. We have two guys on campus, Nick Hirschman and Connor Wood, who we are excited about. We have a kid committed who we are excited about. Between those guys, you have to have that. You really have to have more than one as we are finding out. You can’t go the whole year and count on one guy to be healthy. You have to in this conference. This conference is a lot like the (National Football) League. If you don’t have a quarterback or if you don’t have good play at that position, you are fighting uphill from an offensive standpoint.”

On His Defense – “We just have to find ways to create success. I’ve had people say, ‘Why don’t you blitz?’ Well you blitz, that means you are playing man coverage back there and you are not equipped right now to play man so you are trying to mix your blitzes and mixing your zones. I had a conversation with our defensive coaches today, just about our communication back there with everyone and just to get on the same page. Sometimes we are missing assignments because a guy didn’t hear a call and this and that. Really, the only way we can do it is that we have to have some success. We can’t put ourselves in where they score on four or five drives in a row. When we do get a stop, like we did last week, offensively, we have to do something with the ball. We are not playing well as a team, and by that I mean when we do get stops, we don’t do anything offensively. When we are doing well offensively, we can’t get stops. We have to put ourselves in a position where we are all playing well in the same half. Let’s just start with that and build it from there. But that is really what we have to do and you are kind of stuck because of some of the issues that we have. You have these great quarterbacks and if you blitz them, you can’t cover and if don’t blitz them and they have all day, it is kind of the same thing. You just and try and pick your spots and when you pick them, you are right.”

On Playing As A Team And Competing – “One of the first things I told them when I got here was that they are the University of Colorado’s players, not Jon Embree’s, not Dan Hawkins’. I told them after the game that there are a couple of players here that are comfortable with what is happening. Comfortable because they accept the facts or they accept the situations or circumstances. I know you guys are only around me a little bit and are starting to get a feel for how I am as a person, and I understand all of things that are going against us. Just being a competitor and being a guy in that locker room, you just have to find a reason why you go out there and compete. Just try and find a way. Don’t get discouraged, you have to keep fighting, you have to keep competing. You have to, if you are a competitor and football is really important to you, then you have to have something in you that you are not looking at the scoreboard, but you are playing in a matter that says, ‘this play counts. This play means something.’ And we don’t always do that. Naturally, some of that is us coaching and trying to get them to understand that and keep harping on that. There is a combination of factors in that. That was my take on it.”

On If It Is Hard To Play When You Are Trailing By A Large Margin – “I think it depends who you are playing against. If all of sudden they are emptying their benches and are just running the ball, then it is easier. When it is 7-7, there is more pressure because every play counts. But when I look out there when they are out there playing when you are down 35-7, are you playing like it is 7-7, or are you playing like ‘what time is the bus leaving?,’ and what time is it ‘wheels up?’ Those are the things that I am looking for. Those are the things that I think it is important that they understand that every time they are out there – as we say, ‘you are putting it on tape’ – what are you putting on tape, what does it say about you? Some of these guys have aspirations of playing on Sunday. Well when you are evaluating someone, you are going to look at what has it been like when you are losing, how hard do they play, how hard do you play when you are winning or in a close game? If there is a big difference, then that is a red flag, because as you know on Sundays, you are not going to have situations where it is not going to go your way. I’m sure when (Denver Broncos head) coach (John) Fox looked at that tape, who is playing hard? Who is still competing? Your name is on the back of the jersey and who you are representing, whether it is your owner, whether it is your school, whoever it is, you are representing them and you have to play and do things in a certain manner with a certain mindset at all times.”

On What WR Paul Richardson Can Do To Help The Offense In The Final Few Games – “He can do a lot, so can 5 (Rodney Stewart). Both of those guys are playmakers. Both of those guys force defenses to play us differently. Having both of those guys back close to healthy makes a big difference. He gives us the ability to have some big plays. It gives us the ability to take more shots down the field and have a chance of completing them. Nothing against the guys that were playing when he was out, it is just different. A different speed, a different everything.”

On Which Wide Receivers Have Stepped Up While Richardson Has Been Out – “Toney Clemons stepped up the last game. A couple of games before that, Keenan Canty did some good things. Logan Gray. Those guys have all picked up the slack so to speak. But no one has really replaced them from a big play kind of position. But those guys did make some plays, but not like you saw against Cal, 78 yards and 60-yarder. Not that kind of capability.”

On How Many Recruiting Classes It Will Take To Get ‘Up To Speed’ – “I don’t know. I haven’t looked at it from that standpoint. I’ve been really focusing on what we have to do now and the guys that we do have and just are we getting better. I just feel that the guys we have committed now and some of the guys that we are really close on do make us better. As far as up to speed, we’ll have to see as that goes on. The good news is that some of the people we are playing and talking about are seniors. I’ll petition for Robert Woods to leave early if that is what we need to do, too.”

On If It Takes Longer For A Turnaround In Football Via Recruiting Than In Other Sports – “One or two guys is not going to make a huge improvement. It is a process. I think some of the guys that we got last year are doing very well. Paulay Asiata is doing well for us. Stephane Nembot is going to be a real good player. Obviously, Greg Henderson is playing a lot. (Tyler) McCulloch is playing a lot. Kyle Washington and Brady Daigh. Brady Daigh played really good last week. As you kind of go through it, Juda Parker, there are some guys that are playing for us this year that are playing a lot of football and are doing well. So that helps you when you start talking about the future.”

On Playing On Friday Night – “I like it. I told (athletic director) Mike (Bohn) as long as it is a home game; I’ll play on any night. I will. It is just when it is traveling that it is hard. This is a lot like playing after a Monday Night Football game from how we prepare as a coaching staff, with a short week and you lose that day. SC really loses two days because of a day of traveling and all that. As long as it is a home game, I am all for it. I think it is great. I think it is great for our fans. Wearing all black; the fans coming out in all black. We are excited for it. I know how this crowd is for a night game. I’m one of the people that like it. I know some people don’t like how they act, but I think it is great how they are in a night game. They are rowdy, into it, helps us with recruiting. Like I said last week, I know people are frustrated, but one of the best ways out of this is recruiting and they help us with recruiting. They help us when they are in the stands because the kids we are recruiting see that and get a sense of it. A lot of kids I have talked to don’t get caught up necessarily in the record, they want opportunity and know that there is support there. That is how the fans help us because of the support like they showed at the Oregon game and how they are around town. That means a lot to those kids, future Buffs. This is another stage where they can show that the Colorado Buffaloes, people support them and they are behind them and that will help us get guys in here and they will just be coming to cheer on the Buffs and one of these days, one of these big games, it will be about us. One of these days, maybe we can get GameDay back out here. Those are kind of the things that you kind of like to do as a program. Those are the kind of things to me that we need to try to do as we build and get back to those situations. The nature of being in this conference and the history that we have had here at Colorado, we get back to being successful, GameDay will want to come here, but we have to do our part. I say we, Jon Embree and the rest of his staff. It is coaching the guys up we have now and getting guys in here in the future that will help us head down that path.”

On If He Is Concerned About Division Within The Team – “No. I don’t worry about it because, 1) I feel like I have told them the truth, and 2) I think they understand where I am coming from and why I say what I say. I think they see it on tape when it is pointed out by the coaches too. Mac used to say, ‘Sometimes you have to tell the truth, they may not like hearing it, but they’ll respect you for telling the truth because eventually they will understand that is what it is.’ I don’t worry about that with division. I’ve been on winning teams that have had divided locker rooms. I don’t think that it is a winning or losing thing. There are a lot of things that can divide a locker room. I feel this team is closer to being a team. Since I’ve got here, we’ve done a lot of stuff to try and ensure that they get to know each other. From how we travel and what we do when we travel, from how we practice on Fridays, from a lot of things that I have done to try and continue to build team morale and them liking each other and then wanting to play for each other. That would be more for them to answer specifically.”

On If The Threat Of Snow And Cold Weather On Friday Gives CU A Mental Edge – “I remember the first time that we went up to Washington State and UCLA. We came out of the locker room like we were going to go snowboarding, and it was 40 degrees. It can help us. I know how the altitude affects you when it is real cold too, it can get your lungs good. We need it all. I hope we get that Denver Broncos-Green Bay Packers Monday Night Football game (on Oct. 15, 1984) kind of snow. We got to paint the lines yellow and keep shoveling it off after every TV timeout. I would love for that.”

November 1st

Richardson, Stewart plot return to starting lineup

And not a minute too soon …

It is being reported that both senior running back Rodney Stewart and sophomore wide receiver Paul Richardson may be available when Colorado takes on USC on Friday night before a national audience on ESPN.

Both practiced on Monday. If available, the Buffs’ leading rusher (out for the past 2 1/2 games) and the Buffs’ leading receiver (out for the past four games) would be a shot in the arm for an offense which has been anemic since posting 33 points against Washington State a month ago.

“My mind is pretty much made up,” Stewart told the Daily Camera when asked what the chances are that he will play. “It’s a great percentage.”

Stewart leads the team in rushing with 473 yards and is second in receiving with 435 yards. He also was the Buffs primary kickoff return man at the time he was injured.

Richardson, despite missing half of the Buffs’ games to date, is still the leading receiver and scorer, with 483 yards receiving and five touchdowns.

Despite being ineligible for a bowl game, Stewart believes the Buffs still have a great deal to play for.

“As a Division I player, no one wants to lose,” he said. “It’s just about how much pride we’ve got and coming out here and finishing strong so the players next year can have something to look forward to.

“… The goal is to win every game. The coaches do a good job of getting us prepared. The players just got to step up. We’ve got to do our job.”


October 31st

Trick or Treat!

Just when you thought the 2011 season couldn’t get any more strange …

According to the Daily Camera … University of Colorado sophomores Parker Orms and Paul Vigo have been reinstated to the football team and are practicing today as the Buffs prepare to host Southern California at Folsom Field on Friday night, coach Jon Embree said.

Orms and Vigo are not expected to play against the Trojans but both could return for next week’s home game against Arizona. CU announced Monday that game – the final home game of the season – will kickoff at 12:30 p.m., and will be televised by Fox College Sports Pacific.

Embree said both Orms and Vigo worked diligently to resolve the issues that led to their suspensions. Each has missed the past four games.

Embree suspended five players in the first week of October for team rules violations. Three of those players have now worked their way back into good standing with coaches and their teammates. Redshirt freshman defensive back Josh Moten was the first to be welcomed back and he scored a touchdown for the Buffs in last week’s loss at Arizona State.

Embree said fellow sophomores Ayodeji Olatoye and Liloa Nobriga remain suspended, and that both players are working toward regaining their good standing on the team.

USC loses safety for first half of CU game

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. – The Pac-12 Conference has suspended USC junior safety T.J. McDonald for the first half of USC’s next game for his hit on a defenseless opponent during USC’s game with Stanford on Saturday, Oct. 29, Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott announced today.

McDonald will miss the first half of USC’s next scheduled contest, which will be this Friday, Nov. 4 at Colorado.

“While Mr. McDonald was appropriately penalized on the field, I have deemed it necessary to add a a half-game suspension,” said Scott. “This process was part of our weekly review of all targeting and unnecessary roughness hits.”

“Mr. McDonald had been previously warned about illegal hits above the shoulders on defenseless opponents. In order to protect our student-athletes, it is imperative that we enforce these penalties for the safety of the game.” added Scott.

When there is a foul called for initiating contact on the head/neck area of a defenseless opponent that does not result in a player disqualification, NCAA Football Rules specifically call for a video review by the conference office for possible additional sanctions before the next scheduled game.

Lane Kiffin also cited

WALNUT CREEK, Calif.–University of Southern California head football coach Lane Kiffin has been reprimanded and fined by the Pac-12 Conference for comments he made on the officiating after last Saturday’s game with Stanford, Commissioner Larry Scott announced today. Kiffin’s comments first appeared in various Los Angeles media outlets following the contest.

In addition to the reprimand, Kiffin has been fined $10,000 by the Conference for his public comments.

“The Pac-12 has specific rules that prohibit our coaches from making public comments about officiating, and this prohibition specifically includes comments that create doubts about the credibility of the Conference’s officiating program,” stated Scott. “The Conference expects each Pac-12 coach to adhere to our standards of conduct and to conduct himself or herself in a manner which will reflect credit on the institution and the Conference.”

Colorado a three-touchdown underdog at home

The more things change, the more they stay the same …

Colorado has been listed as a 21-point underdog to No. 21 USC, marking the fourth straight game in which the Buffs have been picked to lose by at least two touchdowns.

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  1. a half a game? that sounds like an Osborne “punishment”
    Kiffin cant help himself either. I expect more mouth problems in the future.
    It looked to me like he was trying to convince the refs he called time out in the fraction of a second between the time his man went down….in bounds….and the end of the clock.
    Gimme a break Lane. The character issues continue at the highest levels at USC. The desperation to never leave the top seems to be overpowering.

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