Resolutions for Colorado Buffalo fans – 2011

I have never been one for making New Year’s resolutions. Still, with Colorado heading into the 2011 season with a new coach and a new conference, it seems that this January 1st is an appropriate time to renew our vows as charter members of the Buff Nation. Therefore, I hope you will join me in making the following resolutions …

I resolve not be concerned about the national ranking of the 2011 recruiting class … There is a great deal to be excited about when it comes to the future of Colorado recruiting. Jon Embree is a Colorado native, and has a great story to tell potential recruits about coming to Boulder in a down cycle – his story. Embree was a member of Bill McCartney’s first recruiting class, and came to Boulder – despite offers from major collegiate powers – when the Buffs hadn’t posted a winning season during his high school career. Embree helped lay the foundation for the greatest run of football in Colorado history, and can talk to players about how they can be part of a similar renaissance.

Also there to help Embree recruit top players will be: Eric Bieniemy, who was honored for his recruiting prowess while at UCLA; Kanavis McGhee and Bobby Kennedy, who aim to reconstruct the pipeline from Texas to Boulder; and Brian Cabral and Mike Tuiasosopo, who will work on making Hawai’i and the Pacific islands regular suppliers of talent to Colorado.

But … it won’t happen overnight. Embree has talked about how recruiting is all about “relationships”, and it will take time for the new Colorado coaching staff to make those bonds and build those bridges. This year’s class was already destined to be poorly ranked, as Colorado will only sign 12-to-15 players in this cycle. Add to that a late start, and the reality is that Buff fans will have to be realistic about this year’s rankings. It is not likely that Embree and his staff will be able to find too many diamonds in the rough, or lure star players to change commitments from other schools.

The resolution here – to look forward to February 2, 2011, but to look forward to signing day, 2012, with much greater anticipation.

I resolve to buy CU season tickets, and/or upgrade my contribution to the school, and/or join the Buff Club … If every upset fan who posted on the internet over the past two seasons something along the lines of, “I will not renew my season tickets until Dan Hawkins is fired”, or “I will not spend another dime in Boulder until a new coach is hired’, or “I will find better uses for my discretionary dollars than the mess up in Boulder is corrected”, sent in just a few dollars in the next week, Colorado athletic director Mike Bohn would not be facing a $15-$17 million shortfall as Colorado moves to the Pac-12.

Granted, those who post anonymous declarations on CU websites are few, and most likely are repeat offenders. The sentiments echoed above, though, have been heard by all of us on a regular basis over the past few years. Now, then, is the time to show renewed faith in the Colorado football program. If you are a season ticket holder, up your CU Foundation contribution by ten percent. If you are an infrequent guest at Folsom Field, consider buying season tickets, or going in on tickets with friends (there are only six games in Colorado this fall, including the CSU game in Denver). If you are out-of-state and can’t get to games, consider joining the Buff Club.

The resolution here – we’ve gone into a shell the past few seasons when it comes to supporting Colorado athletics. It’s now time to step up and be counted.

I resolve not to jump off an Hawai’ian cliff when the Colorado defense gives up a bunch of yards in the 2011 season opener … There are factors at work here conspiring against Jon Embree in his coaching debut: 1) The Buffs are on the road, and the Buffs haven’t been able to sing the CU fight song on the plane home since 2007; 2) Hawai’i is a very good team, at least at home. Whether it is the travel or the distractions, some very good teams have fallen prey to the Warriors over the years, and 3) Hawai’i will have a good offense next year. The Warriors ranked first in the nation in passing in 2010, and quarterback Bryant Moniz, who threw for 5,040 yards and 39 touchdowns this past season, returns. Colorado will be breaking in two new cornerbacks against Hawai’i, so look for the Buffs to give up some points.

On the bright side, the Buffs did figure out a way to stop Moniz and the Warriors in Boulder on September 18th, “limiting” Moniz to 330 yards passing. After spotting Hawai’i a 10-0 lead, the Buffs out-scored the Rainbows 31-3 the rest of the way.

The resolution here … hope Colorado can do what Tulsa did in the Hawai’i Bowl. The Golden Hurricanes gave up 449 yards passing and 35 points … but still won going away, 62-35, thanks to six turnovers (including two interceptions returned for touchdowns).

I resolve that I will wear my Colorado gear weekly … Akin to the “I will buy season tickets” thread, above. It’s time to strut your CU stuff, Buff fans. Resolve to wear Colorado gear at least once a week – and I’m not talking about when you are mowing the lawn, washing the car or cleaning out the garage! You need to go public with your addiction! What’s more, you need to be sure to take your gear on the road with you when you travel. Buff fans seem few and far between sometimes when you are on the road, but they are always glad to see another Buff fan in the airport, restaurant, or tourist attraction. Give anyone you see wearing Buff gear a smile and a “Go Buffs!”.

The resolution here … be loud and proud. If you are a CU fan and are reading this post a month after the last game of the 2010 season, and nine months before the start of the 2011 season, you are a true fan. True fans need to show their support of their team, and not just in good times!

I resolve that I will contribute to CU at the Game … No, not financially (but thanks for asking!). I’m talking about posting a memory in the CU at the Game Archives. Team loyalty doesn’t come about after one game or one season. You are a devoted member of the Buff Nation because you have been there – in the September heat and the November chill; through exhilarating victories and agonizing defeats. It’s time to share some of your stories. The unique aspect of CU at the Game is the Archives, and it is my long-term goal to have this site become a repository of memories, and you have time now to do just that.  It’s the off-season. We’re still a month out from signing day. Other teams are playing in bowls, while you are forced to wait for the Buffs until September for the Buffs to once again take the field. Take a few minutes to go to the Archives, click on your favorite game (or least favorite game, or the game when you met your best friend or future spouse), and tell us your story. You’ll feel better when you do!

I resolve to attend a Colorado road game in 2011 … “Great venues, no excuses”. Time to saddle up, Buff fans!  Take a look at what would have been the Buffs’ 2011 Big 12 conference road schedule: Waco; Lubbock; Manhattan; and Ames. Now take a look at the Buffs’ 2011 Pac-12 conference road schedule: Seattle; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Phoenix; and Salt Lake City. It’s time, folks. If you live in the Pacific time zone, you should plan on taking in at least two games. If you are in Denver/Boulder, each of these venues has any number of non-stop flights, and some are within driving distance.

The resolution here … Colorado has a reputation for traveling poorly. The excuse has been that there were no great venues in the Big 12 worth seeing. Now there are great weekend getaways for you (and your spouse, if necessary), and the excuse to not follow your team is gone. Don the colors, and get on board! (And P.S., be good citizens when you are there. Colorado should earn the reputation of the Pac-12’s friendliest, most knowledgeable, and best traveling fans in the conference).

Corollary to the above resolution … I hereby pledge to attend the next bowl game to which the University of Colorado is invited. Years ago, a number of us pledged to get together and road trip to Miami if and when Colorado ever made it to the Orange Bowl. It seemed like a safe enough pledge at the time – Colorado was in the midst of a six year drought without so much as a winning season. Harboring hopes of a trip to Miami as Big Eight champions was laughable. Yet just a few short years later, Colorado was ranked No. 1 and heading for Miami. Only two of us who made the pledge actually made the trip, and you need to do better than that. Pledge today to make attending the next bowl game a priority!

I resolve to participate in the first annual “CU at …. ” contest … I’m still working out some of the parameters, but this spring I will be launching the first annual “CU at ….” contest. What I am looking for are pictures of famous and/or exotic sites where the CU colors are flying. An explanation: A few years back, we were at Stonehenge (bunch of rocks in a circle. I was not particularly impressed – and I was a history major!). I took off my CU hat (remember to wear your CU colors on the road!), and placed it on the grass, taking a picture of the hat with Stonehenge in the background … CU at Stonehenge! I have since added such pictures as “CU at the Statue of Liberty”, and, this past June, “CU at the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach”. I’ll be looking for pictures of CU paraphernalia from sites near and far, though there may be some limitations (e.g., “CU at the Grand Canyon” is not as much a stretch for someone living in Phoenix as it is for someone from Maine, so there may be some sort of bonus for miles traveled or ingenious/creative picture taking). The prizes may include autographed pictures I have of Eric Bieniemy, Bill McCartney, and Darian Hagan.

Resolution here … Put your thinking (CU) cap on, and think about what would make a great “CU at ….” moment.

I resolve to … ________________. Tell me what you think would be a good resolution for Buff fans to make for the 2011 season.

I strongly believe that Jon Embree and his staff will be successful at the University of Colorado. I am equally convinced, however, that it may be difficult to be able to measure much of that progress in terms of “W’s” in 2011. Colorado faces a brutal schedule, including seven road games. It will take resolve on the part of the Buff Nation to be patient, and to give Embree and his team the chance to be successful.

No better time like the present to being showing that “resolve” … are you willing to take the pledge?

16 Replies to “New Year’s Resolutions for members of the Buff Nation”

  1. Great article and points for all fans. My corollary, I resolve to make my kids CU fans to keep the tradition alive (despite some opposition from the wife’s side of the family). See you in Columbus.

  2. Stuart,
    Get ideas and resolutions. I had stopped wearing buff gear when hawkins was kept for another year (2010 season). The day he was fired Silver/Gold/Black was back on my back. Plus, Santa brought me a new flag pole that will be perfect for my American flag and Buff flag! Returning to Glory!

    My wife and I are already planning a road trip to Columbus, OH to watch the Buffs against the Buckeyes. A great venue for a football game. Hopefully there will be a great Buff stampede to Columbus.

    GO BUFFS!!!

  3. Stuart I’ve had my season tickets since 1964 and even though I don’t live in CO anymore I still renew them. What is great about that is that for the upcoming years I can now get extra tickets for the Buffs will be in AZ every year, and also in So. Cal. What a deal. My one resolution though is to stay alive for a few years in order to enjoy the PAC 12 with the Buffaloes.

  4. Great way to start off the new year Stuart. I’m all in. I will be renewing my season tix for this year (after taking last year off) and plan to up my yearly donations. I’d love to hit the Hawai’i game, but I haven’t been to the Horseshoe for a game, so I think my non-conference roadie will be to Columbus However, if things go right between now and then – I’ll hit both. Since I live in Phx, I’ll always hit the roadie in Tempe, Tucson and LA, so it looks like I’ll be at the ASU and UCLA games as well. I’m loving this new conference already -brought a whole new perspective of watching the Rose Bowl yesterday.

    I love your “Flat Stanley” idea with CU at… I always travel with my CU gear and am amazed at how many “Go Buffs!” I get no matter where I travel to. It’s time for Buff Nation to rise up!

    Also, after watching through another bowl season without our beloved Buffs – I resolve to travel to all future bowl games, no matter who we are playing.

    Go Buffs!

  5. Stuart,

    Thanks again for another great article. I resolve to continue to stand behind the team no matter what happens. I have lots of experience in this, I have been a Cubs fan my whole life :)! I resolve to continue to fly my CU flag every Saturday no matter where the Navy sends me or if the team wins or loses. I resolve to contribute to CU at the Game’s archives with my own favorite memories.

    Thanks again Stuart for you website. No matter where I am it is nice to read articles from a devoted fan who looks at things realistically and without all the drivel that shows up on the Buffzone website.

    Happy New Year Buff Fans! 2011 – Year of the Buffalo!?!

  6. Stuart,
    Thank you for your didication to maintaining this staple of Buff info…. year after year. My thoughts heading into a new season, a new coaching staff and a new conference – very simple… lets all do SOMETHING. Big or small, the collective sum of our efforts will ring loud and clear that CU has arrived in the PAC12 and will dominate. I am as guilty as the next for making the trips to Norman, Stillwater, Ames, Lincoln… ONCE!! Who wants to go back to those places, especially in the cold. As for me and my family, we have made our small commitment…. CU at Aloha Stadium. We have put deposit on season tix for the first time ever. I cut a check to CU the day Hawkins was let go. I’m thinking a trip to Pasadena (to watch CU ruin Slick Rick’s UCLA parade) will be a good primer to Thanksgiving. Notice to the Pac12… Here Comes RALPHIE….Go Buffs !!!

  7. I am a sailor in the US Navy, and have been an avid Buffs fan all my life, just two days ago I came across free tickets to the Holiday Bowl but we had to sit in the Nebraska section. Well after reading the Buffs New Years Resolutions I knew what had to be done, I wore my favorite Buffs hat and a CU jacket and headed to the game. The next best thing to cheering for the Buffs is cheering against Nebraska and once Washington was running the ball all over the Huskers in the second half I let out a “Ha there are the old Blackshirts we all love and know!” The look on the faces of all the Red fans around me was better than anything Santa could bring. Have a great New Year and Go Buffs!

  8. Some of these are easy. I rarely worry about the placement of the recruiting class. Great classes can pan out to nothing. I will give to the Buff Club as usual. I always wear my Buff gear. Good or bad. I do resolve to go to an away game. With family in Seattle, it is perfect. Free room, mostly free board, and a weekend to see family. I resolve to resolve to post on CU at the Game. My new resolution is to ask as many of you as possible to join myself and Stuart at the Totally Biased Buffaloes podcast next year. (shameless plug) Check us out on iTunes. We will have a recruiting podcast, a Spring Training series and start up full time again in the fall.

  9. Stuart

    Thanks for all you do in the name of Buff Nation! I am renewing my season tix, with the annual donation to the Buff Club. My wife, though my new rival (Washington Huskies), contributes to the Buffs Marching Band as well. We are already set to go the UW game in Seattle in October and I’m trying to work the OSU game into my sked, as well. Gotta see a game at the horseshoe!

    Go Buffs!

  10. from a selfish standpoint I will miss the convenience of the Texas triangle games (College Station, Austin, and Waco). Especially Waco. Easy drive, easy ticket, easy parking, plenty of room to stretch out. Stillwater is a fun place to watch a game too, especially because the Buffs almost always played well there. But I along with various Buffs and my brothers have attended a lot of CU games in PAC 10 stadiums over the past 10 years, and we have always had a blast. Except for the Cal game this season. Only the 2nd time I have walked out of a CU game at halftime.

    Shoulder to shoulder in 2011 and beyond. Go Buffs!

  11. Love the move to the PAC 12… I now have the opportunity to attend Buff games here in Oregon,,, better days ahead Buff Nation… better days ahead!

  12. I was one that complained about locations in the Big XII for away games. NOW we are planning on 3 road trips this year. Looking forward to the new conference and getting in the motorhome for a little fall travel and great Buff football.

  13. Great article Stuart. I resolve to “keep the faith.” I graduated in 1981 and have been a loyal fan and supporter ever since although I contributed less the last couple of years due to Hawkins. GO BUFFS!!!!

  14. Already planned to watch the Buffs take down the Huskies in Seattle Oct 15th(5 of us going)!!! Living in the NW and only getting to go to a few CU games every so often has been a downer (like the Hawkins era). I VOW to go to ALL Buff games played in Oregon and Washington, and if I have to, Northern Cali, every year. LOVE the move to the Pac-12, LOVE the Hawk getting clipped, and LOVE your site. Keep up the good work Stuart and keep the posts coming. I need the Buff info to get me through the work day!!!!

  15. Sorry, I sent that comment a little early…

    I also agree with your idea of supporting the team financially . I donated a year ago to the Buff Club but just couldn’t pull the trigger to write that check this year due to Hawkins. I have donated to the B-school, but I will write that check now.
    Ad for the wearing of CU gear…I never stopped. Go Buffs!

  16. Montana, I love this post!
    A two years ago my friends and I made a pledge that we would do everything possible to go to one CU game a year no matter the team. It worked. Now, we lost both games (badly CSU & Cal) but what a great time and we’re already planning for next year – thinking Stanford and/or Oregon – I’ll also be heading to the Ohio State game since I live in Ckeveland

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