November 18th

It’s not like we don’t feel bad enough, dept. …

Tim Griffin, the ESPN blogger for the Big 12, did a piece on Tuesday on the upcoming Nebraska/Kansas State game. As the survivors of the Big 12 North race, the two teams will face off this weekend in Lincoln to decide which team will have the honor of being molested by Texas in the Big 12 title game. The fact that Colorado would still be in the race – had the Buffs even been within shouting distance of mediocre in 2009 – makes watching the title chase all the more maddening.

Then there was this in the Griffin article:  “If there’s such a thing as North Division bluebloods, it would be these two teams,” wrote Griffin. “So it’s somehow fitting that that both will be involved in an old-school winner-take-all battle for the division championship Saturday night in Lincoln”.

So there you have it, Buff fans. Colorado, with its fourth straight losing season erasing the memory of the four Big 12 North titles earlier this decade, is out of the mix when discussing the “bluebloods” of the Big 12 North. Kansas State, with no Big 12 North championships to its name since 2003, and which has posted records of 4-7, 5-6, 7-6, 5-7, 5-7, and 6-5 since then, is considered to be Nebraska’s greatest challenger in the North.

This is the state of the Buff Nation today. Kansas State is 32-38 since 2003, and gets to laugh at Colorado (the Buffs are 31-42 over that same span).

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … Yuck. Yuck. And Yuck.

A Whitehair makes ESPN!

And they said it would never happen!

There are millions of people in the world with the last name of “White”. The name “Whitehead” is occasionally seen – but never “Whitehair”. My father is the only son of an only son, and moved out west after graduating from med school, so the only “Whitehairs” I have ever actually met are my grandparents, my parents, and my brother and sister. Other than that – not so much.

So it was a thrill (and a disappointment) to see the ESPN headline, “2011 recruit Cody Whitehair picks KSU”. Cody is apparently a 6’4″, 300-pound offensive lineman from Abilene, Kansas, and, as a junior in high school, has already committed to play for Kansas State, choosing the Wildcats over Colorado State and Oregon State.

Chalk it up to the “can’t win for losing” category. I get to see the name “Whitehair” on the ESPN website – and Cody is picking rival Kansas State.

One more reason not to like the Wildcats …

November 17th

Need a Little pick-me-up?

Below is a poem penned by “ThndringHerd” at, and re-printed with permission. It’s worth your time …

‘Twas the week before Coachmas, and in Balch Fieldhouse
Rumors were stirring, after numerous routs
The pennants were hung from the rafters with care
In hopes that St. Shanahan soon would be there

Allbuffs busy posting speculative threads
While visions of title-games danced in their heads
Donning official Buff sweaters and caps
Resting heads on their keyboards for occasional naps

From the Blogosphere there arose such a clatter
Scanned for some info that mattered
Ignored the formatting (They never heard of Flash?)
Checked to see if Bohn had done anything rash

Understandably, Buff fans, after all of their woes
Viewed innuendos with a Buff-colored glow
And what to our wondering eyes did appear?
The Shanahan Dynasty seemed to be near

A change is a coming – quick as you can say ‘hike’
And by golly, that ‘change’ turned out to be St. Mike
Riding Ralphie down Pearl St. (in a blizzard) he came
Calling out all of his A.C.’s by name

“Come David Gibbs, Alex Gibbs, (Barry Gibb too)!”
“Come Embree, Bieniemy, Elway and Kubs!”
“To the top of the polls! Buffaloes stand stand tall!”
“Respect my authoritah, and we’ll p’own them all!”

Swifter than Phil Savoy running a ‘fly’
They saddled unicorns and took to the sky
O’er the top of the Packer Cafe they did flew
They flew over everything (Trumbo Fountain, too)

They stopped at the Fieldhouse, alit on the roof
The unicorns stumbling, and splaying their hoofs
I ran into Balch to see what had gone down
Through the roof access, Shanny Claus leaped with a bound!

He was dressed all in fur from his feet to his head
(So I checked to be sure Ralphie V wasn’t dead)
Three Super Bowl Rings, displayed on his fingers
(At this point I’ve pretty well run out of zingers)

His rings, how they twinkled! Never seen so much bling!
Their luster convinced me. Bohn had done the right thing!
His jaw jutting forward, brows all a-furrowed
(Non-sequitur reference to Edward R Murrow…)

Wearing a Black-and-Gold headset, and gritting his teeth
Through the tan of his forehead, veins bulged underneath
I offered him a sandwich of PB and jelly
(The latter of which reminds him of Kardashian’s belly)

I told him he looked like a maniacal elf!
(Then he glared at me hard, and I piddled myself…)
But a wink of an eye, and a twist of his head
Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work
He hung the depth charts, and returned with a jerk
He shot me the finger, and then thumbed his nose
Mooned me, then back through the access he rose

Sprang to his unicorn, to the team gave a whistle
From that day on, they could all fly like missiles
I heard him exclaim as he flew out of sight
Happy Coachmas to Allbuffs! And to Allbuffs good night!

[Many thanks to “ThndringHerd” at AllBuffs for allowing me to share this with you!]

November 16th

Dateline Boulder – Hawkins still coach

There are volumes of speculation about who could replace Dan Hawkins as head coach at the University of Colorado. If and when there is a need for a new coach, this site will spend a great deal of time sifting through the options. Until that time, however, we have to deal with what is …

CU Athletic Director Mike Bohn: “There is no timeline” for making a decision about the Buffs’ head coach for 2010. “Our efforts are in creating an environment for him to be successful,” said Bohn. “We are putting every ounce of energy, support and effort into creating an environment for us to be successful. That’s where our energy is.” As to the possibility of former Denver Bronco head coach Mike Shanahan being in the mix: “The position is not open.”

CU head coach Dan Hawkins: Worried about his immediate future? “No, Mike has been great. No, not at all,” said Hawkins. “You keep plugging along. And you do what you can do. I think Mike has an appreciation for that … You can only live by virtue and virtue alone. So you stick with that and keep plugging along.”

Any chance of defeating No. 12 Oklahoma State, on the road, five days after setting a school record for consecutive road conference losses? “Our staff has been very positive throughout the whole year and are doing things right along side our kids, so I think they know we are here with them, and I’ve told them that I love them, I do,” said Hawkins. “And I think as we grow up a little bit and clean some things up – whether it’s penalties or turnovers, or those types of things, we will find ourselves able to win a few more ballgames.”

Okay, coach. 3 & 5/6 seasons – let us know when you plan on having those “types of things” cleaned up.

Until then, there are only two numbers which really count: 16 and 31.

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