September 6th – Boulder       Colorado State 23, Colorado 17

Colorado State quarterback Grant Stucker passed for 208 yards, while running back John Mosure had two scores in leading the Rams to a 23-17 victory over Colorado in Boulder. The win was the first in Folsom Field for Colorado State since 1986, sending most of the near-sellout crowd of 53,168 home in dismay.

The Colorado Buffaloes’ 2009 season started about as badly as a season can.

The Rams took the opening kickoff smartly down the field, taking only six plays to cover 80 yards, with Mosure scoring from a yard out to give Colorado State a 7-0 lead just 3:13 into the game. The Buffs’ response? Three-and-out, gaining six yards.

Two series later, the score was up to 14-0, as the Rams took advantage of an interception and a personal foul penalty to start their drive at mid-field. The drive took ten plays, but the result was the same – touchdown, Colorado State, with Stucker and Mosure connecting from 14 yards out.

While the Colorado State offense was moving smoothly, the Colorado offense was anemic. The Buffs generated all of five first downs in the first half, gaining less than 100 total yards. The Buffs did manage a field goal in the second quarter, but it was off-set by two field goals by Colorado State. The Buffs’ score came on a 54-yard field goal by Aric Goodman, but even that came as a surprise, as Goodman had not connected on anything longer than 37 yards before as a Buff.

The halftime score: Colorado State 20, Colorado 3.

The second half started as well for the Buffs as the first half had gone poorly. Taking the opening kickoff, it took only four plays for Colorado to post its first touchdown of the season. A Cody Hawkins to Andre Simmons pass went for 44 yards, with Brian Lockridge scoring on a nine-yard run on the next play to cut the lead to 20-10.

The Colorado defense responded as well, holding the Rams to a three-and-out on their first possession of the second half. The Buff offense, with the crowd engaged for the first time all night, took only three plays to get to the CSU 36-yard line.

Then, the play of the game.

Cody Hawkins hit Scotty McKnight on an 18-yard crossing pattern to the CSU 18. The frenzy of the crowd, though, was tempered, as McKnight did not immediately get up from the hit. A few moments later, McKnight was up, but the cheers were nonetheless gone. The play was reviewed, with the replay official giving McKnight a reception, but also a fumble.

Rams’ ball. Momentum shifted.

The Buffs would not see the Colorado State redzone until it was too late.

The Colorado defense played better in the second half, holding the Colorado State offense to one field goal, but the Colorado offense was not able to muster a challenge until the game was out of hand. A two-yard touchdown pass from Cody Hawkins to Scotty McKnight brought the Buffs back to within one score, at 23-17, with 1:57 to play, but the Rams easily recovered the ensuing on-sides kick, and Colorado State had its upset.

“It was the tale of two halves,” said Dan Hawkins, who fell to 2-2 against the Rams. “I thought we played much better in the second half and made some good adjustments. They just hit us on some plays in the first half.”

The numbers, especially on offense, were not for young eyes. Colorado generated only 251 yards of total offense – 29 on the ground. The Colorado State defense, which had all of ten sacks in all of 2008, sacked Colorado quarterback Cody Hawkins four times. The Buffs actually had more first downs by penalty (two), than by rushing the football (one).

Still, there is no time to dwell on the loss. Toledo, which lost to Purdue, 52-31 in the season opener, is on Friday night. “We have to forget about this,” said Cody Hawkins. “Go back out tomorrow and correct the things we did wrong and the things we did badly. We have to get that gag reflex out and prepare for Toledo.”

“Gag reflex”? So that is what the Buff faithful were feeling as the CSU students stormed the field.

 Game Notes –

– CSU went three-of-four on third down conversions in building a 14-0 lead, but went 0-for-ten on third downs the remainder of the game.

– Eight Colorado players made their first career starts. On defense: linebacker B.J. Beatty; defensive tackles Curtis Cunningham and Will Pericak, as well as safety Ray Polk. On offense: offensive guard Ethan Adkins, offensive tackle Bryce Givens, center Mike Iltis, and wide receiver Jason Espinoza.

– Will Pericak became the first freshman (true or red-shirt) to start in a season opener at defensive tackle.

– The victory was the first for the Rams in Boulder since 1986 (a game also played on September 6th). The Buffs went on to open the 1986 campaign 0-4, before rebounding to go 6-1 in Big Eight play and earn a bowl invitation.

– Aric Goodman’s 54-yard field goal in the second quarter was a career-best. His best last year as a Buff was from 37 yards (Goodman did connect on a 52-yarder for Wyoming against San Diego State in 2006).

– Cody Hawkins, with 222 yards passing, moved up to fourth on the all-time CU passing charts. Hawkins now has 4,807 passing yards, moving past John Hessler (4,788) and Mike Moschetti (4,797) on the charts. Up next: Koy Detmer (5,390 yards).

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  2. I can’t stand watching the Colorado offense , they have not changed, or improved for the last 4 years. We were thinking our team was going to resemble Boise State when we hired coach Hawkins, a mutiple set’s wide open offense. Our team does not compare the least bit, what high school recruit would want to come play for that type of performance ? I’m sorry to say but I to think it’s time for a change.

  3. Love your site and your reports and updates. Now for the rest of the story!

    After the CSU debacle, I think CU will go either 4-8 or 5-7, miss a bowl game with the following consequence: 1) In 4 years, Hawk has not had a winning season. 2) He is 2-2 vs. CSU and, most likely, 1-3 vs. Nebraska. 3) From his 2nd season thru the 4th season, CU continues a downhill slide. Conclusion: The odds are 50-50 he will not be back in 2010

  4. Coaches have a lot of responsibilities but two of the biggest are 1) get your team mentally ready to play and 2)Make adjustments during the game to correct what isn’t working. Hawkins and his assistants did neither. I’m afraid we can’t afford to wait on Hawk anymore. Time for a new coach, new assistants and a new approach to Big 12 football at CU.

  5. I can’t understand why we aren’t as successful as a Boise or Kansas or Mizzou since the caliber of our recruits compares favorably to these schools. I can’t understand why we continue to suffer those same problems that plagued us last year that makes us such a mediocre team (no pass rush, blown coverage in the secondary, poor O-line play). I can’t understand how a division I coach at a high exposure program can’t question these same things and do something about it. Yes, this was to be our coming out year; the return to national prominence. I’ll continue to support the football program and Coach Hawkins, but he must immediately react to what we all saw on Sunday and get it turned around immediately. To attain his goal of 10 wins, he now must beat a couple of top 25 teams. In the grand scheme of things, if the Buffs win 10 games, everyone will forget what happened Monday night.

  6. What a catastrophe! These are Hawkins’ recruits so Barnett is not to blame. I haven’t been overjoyed with Hawk’s recruiting classes and to look at commitments for the next class is not promising. I don’t blame the son but the father is another matter. Perhaps the brains behind Boise State was Petersen, not Hawkins. Has Bohn contacted Chuck Neinas yet?

  7. I’ve waited for a few days to speak about the state of affairs in Boulder. My two cents – don’t freak out people.

    1986 and 2001. Two years in which we look back upon very fondly, with great players and great victories that will forever sit in the pantheon of CU greatness. And both of those seasons started exactly the same as 2009 – with incomprehensible opening day losses.

    I’m not happy with Hawk, but to make a coaching change at this point would be suicide. If hawk resigns, thats one thing. But to oust him would kill the team.

    The only really good news is that we have a short week and we can start feeling good about CU again in only a few days, if they find a way to turn it around. I think alot of the issues on Sunday were mental – anxiousness, tentativeness, not enough agression in the pass rush or run blocking departments. Mental errors can be fixed alot faster than talent issues, which I don’t think that we have. Go Buffs

  8. In the Big 12 look at the make-up of the players. speed, hands, running ability. look who was on the field with the game on the line. cody will never do it for the Buffs, Hansen has a stronger arm and better speed, but daddy is such a a hole he rather lose all the games and play his son and his ex-teammate son(Scotty McKnight)than give someone else a chance to win it. He hate to play Gary Barnetts recruits because they would show up his recruits. #25 ( Kevin Moyd) was moved from TB to wide out who has more speed than any of his starting wideouts but because he’s a Gary Barnett recruit,Coach dummy won’t play him. Did you see the Hurricanes and Fla. State game? Jacory Harris look better as a Soph.quarterback than Cody ever will.By the way #25 played for the same National Championship High school(Miami Northwestern) which Hawk never visits as Jacory. Go Figured!

  9. Just an overall terrible performance. Lets be clear, there was no fluke here, the Rams just put a total “whupping” on CU. Twice now in three years the team came into their first game looking confused, lethargic and outcoached. Hawkins “inspirational” speeches now seem like the deluded ramblings of an out of touch coach. It is very hard to see how this team can improve enough to be competitive in the conference. There just seems to be a lack of talent on the field and in the staff.

  10. “Can someone please tell me why Darrell Scott and Speedy Stewart are not touching the ball 30-40 times a game combined?”

    Thats’s an easy one! Because our Offensive line is so horrible that they can only gain 1 yard a carry.

    As far as time management goes, I thought that I was the only one who noticed it. I remember looking at the clock when there was still 7+ minutes left and wondering why nobody had a sense of urgency. This was because of poor coaching. I would really be surprised if somebody on the coaching staff does not get a foot up their ass for that one.

    You cannot put this loss on the defense, they did their job. CSU did not have stellar numbers on offense, they had three really big plays because the D broke, big deal. CSU scored 23 points and I would say that is average at best. The problem is very obvious, Eric Kiesau is a total rookie and he was completely unprepared, the defense adjusted and the offense melted down. Not only did the offense melt down, it is going to continue to melt down until Hawk admits this and takes charge. I want Eric to work out eventually you guys but this is not the time to give a rookie the opportunity to destroy what effort has been made to field a real offense! We have waited long enough for Hawks experiment to be fruitful for Pete’s sake. Any coach USA would love to have this group of kids. Not every coach understands how to manage them.

    I would also like to add in Hawks defense that any good coach would not pull his QB in a situation like Cody was in, even if the coach was not his father. Remember Kordell Stewart in the 1993 Nebraska loss? What could have been a bigger game than that one to the fans? Kordell completely fell apart and so did the 93 buffs but Mack would not let him come out, nor did he during the Miami game that year which was just as hard to watch. It made Kordell a better QB. I think Mac realized that Kordell could see over his offensive line though now that I think about it.
    Go Buffs!

  11. (Disclaimer…I usually don’t post comments but I’m frustrated like the rest of the posters)

    I don’t understand why Cody has to run to the sideline for the play call when Hansen is signaling the play…what is the point. As I watched the game on TV I spent most of the time yelling at Cody to snap the ball.

    Also after reading the article regarding Hansen and Evans redshirting I can’t believe the coach staff misled everyone that the qb competition was too close to call, when in reality they knew Cody would be starting for several weeks. They should have named the started at the start of fall camp or as they prepared for CSU, because their sneaky plan backfired.

    I’ve been a Hawkins supporter from the start but after last night I’m a little frustrated and was expecting a lot more. I think Friday’s game against Toledo will tell everyone a lot about the coaching staff. If the Buffs come out flat and lose or squeak out a close victory it will be a long season. But if the Buffs dominate from the start and controll the entire game, then I think a bowl game is still possible.

    It was only the first game and I’m trying to remain positive, so I’m predicting a double digit victory on Friday night.

  12. I have to say that I’ve been pulling for Hawkins to turn it around. I really thought that this year would be “the year”, and it may still be, but I don’t feel too confident about that as of now. I guess the thing that has irked me for the last 3 years and 1 game is I want Hawkins to chew some behind on the sidelines when players screw up in a game, hold them ACCOUNTABLE! I want to see some emotion from the head coach. I’ve read his speeches about not wanting to get too high on the mountain and not live in the valley, where emotion is concerned, but I believe players have to know that there are consequences in non-performance in playing sports and in life.

    I really don’t feel like if we beat Toledo my ill feelings will just be washed away by one game. I feel that if we don’t turn it around before the Texas game, we need to seriously think about hiring Tommy Tuberville. To me, Tuberville would be the perfect fit – he’s coached in the SEC, he has recruiting ties to the south (which I feel our lack of recruiting down there since Coach Mac left has KILLED us competetively) and he is a coaches coach and will get in someone’s ear when they need it.

    I guess we wait and see how Coach Hawkins reacts to all the negative press and holds his feet to the fire a little.

    Go Buffs!

  13. Once the DC articles settle down I will probably post something like this: To start, CSU does not have more talented players than CU but watching last nights game would indicate to the casual observer that CSU had superior players on both sides of the ball. That little fact reflects on the CU coaching staff. CU was beaten in every phase of the game except for the field goal kicking and that was a tie. Cody is obviously not the answer for this season but if the schemes that CU used are utilized the rest of the season I really don’t think that Hansen will be that much more effective. Could it be that the non utilization of some of our perceived talent means that they really aren’t that talented at the college level? It is becoming more and more apparent that Hawk doesn’t get his teams very inspired to play like their hair is on fire, every play. All coaches have different ways of conducting themselves on the sideline and Hawkins just seems to be one of those guys that is “never going to let’em see you sweat”. That is ok if your players are playing with passion but the players lacked fire and passison at least last night and also in various previous games. If this team doesn’t show some progress over the last 3 years in the next 3 games I’m afraid we’ll have to go through a coaching change again. Hopefully if that happens the cupboard will not be as bare as when the Hawk arrived.

  14. Hawkins never showed an emotion whenever the camera was on him-Are his ass’ts that good that he lets them run the game? I’m afraid he’s from Texas–All “Hat”-no cattle !!! I bought seas tix in 1969-1999 I’m 66 now and no tix but, at least give me something as a fan of 40 yrs.The Hawkins family has made a DAMN fine livin from
    CU and we’re stuck with “DADDY AND THE JUNIOR”, Fire his ass and go find a coach so not to waste another 4 years on this BS…..Why does CU put up with losers…I guess it’s the “Peoples Republic of Boulder” that really cares less about college sports—that would be TOO REDNECK for their liking. About time to kick some ass and take names–There many proud followers of CU sports and not the time to roll over and let this crap continue. Thank you Stewart for all you do for us—I appreciate it very much Jim Lyons….St George, Ut.

  15. Just read on buffzone that qb’s hansen & evans will be redshirting this season unless something happens to cody.Looks like it’s cody all year again.

  16. That seems pretty obvious. The reason CU didn’t run the ball down CSU’s throat is because the coaching staff is enamored with the possibility of checking down to the 4th receiving option . . . which obviously for the last 3 years has been the dump off to a player in the flat 2 yards from the line of scrimmage.

  17. I have given hawk 3 years and 1 game to turn things around and no change.Hawk needs to go asap name cabral interm hc and see where they are at seasons end.Bring in tommy tuberville or dave logan or even the broncos old coach if things don’t improve.I know we can’t lay all the blame on cody hawkins but he is not the guy to lead this team and dad has already said cody will start at toledo.This makes no sense when everyone knows he will never play in the nfl and in todays college game you need an nfl calliber qb as your starter.Seems like most big 12 schools have that type of player and we will never know if tyler hansen is or is not that type of guy unless he becomes the starter(i am thinking he could be).I will still be cheering on the buffs all year long but if this is what we are to going to sell all year than it’s going to be a rough year and mike bohn will have no choice but to replace him.Congrats to the rams and GO BUFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Can someone please tell me why Darrell Scott and Speedy Stewart are not touching the ball 30-40 times a game combined?

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