The Story of Tori

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The Story of Tori

//posted 11.22.2020

Ernest Hemingway wrote: “Every true story ends in death”.

Well, this is a true story …

It was 18 months ago, on a Monday in May, 2019, that I innocently opened an email …

“My name is Penny”, the email began, “and my neighbors Bonita & Larry used you as their estate attorney last year and I know you have had Keeshonds in the past …”. 

Penny continued … “I show Keeshonds and I have an older female that I got from my breeder in Canada and I need to find her a permanent lovely home with a couch to finish out her days.  Her name is Tori and she will be 13 years old on Oct 13 this year.  I currently have 10 dogs but only actively show 4 of them, so I need to get down to a manageable number and I would like to see if perhaps you would consider taking Tori for me …”.