Colorado State – Off to a bad start

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 —  September 6th – Boulder          Colorado State 23, Colorado 7 — All signs pointed toward a victory for Colorado in their opener against Colorado State. Colorado had gone 4-0 at home in 1985 against unranked opponents.  Colorado State was predicted to be a good team in 1986, having gone 5-7 in 1985, but the Rams were not considered a threat to BYU’s dominance in the Western Athletic Conference, and was certainly was not a Top 20 team.  What was more, the Buffs came into the game against the Rams with …


— National and Big Eight recap – 1984 — In 1984, Brigham Young University became the fourth Division 1-A football team in succession to win its first-ever national championship, capturing the 1984 crown with a 13-0 season. Despite its unblemished record, BYU had its share of critics. The naysayers arguments were only enhanced when BYU just got by an average (6-5) Michigan squad in the Holiday Bowl. Bound by contract to the Holiday Bowl, the Cougars had no option as to bowl or opponent. To its credit, though, BYU did …

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